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Christian Widow Accused of Blasphemy Released on Bail

Musarrat Bibi, Christian widow unjustly accused of blasphemy in Pakistan. (Morning Star News) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A court in Pakistan on Saturday (May 13) released on bail a Christian woman charged under a blasphemy statute that calls for life in prison, her attorney said. Lazar Allah Rakha told Morning Star News that Arifwala… Source

Christian Widow, Muslim Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan

Location of Pakpattan District, Pakistan. (Map data © 2023 Google) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A Christian widow and a Muslim gardener were arrested in Pakistan this month on blasphemy charges after they were accused of intentionally burning papers containing koranic verses, attorneys said. The accusations arose when 46-year-old Mussarat… Source

Sati Widow-Burning: A Dark Chapter in Indian History

Sati, the practice of a widow self-immolating on her husband’s funeral pyre, remains one of the most controversial and emotive issues in South Asian culture.  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Kobe Bryant’s Widow Awarded $16M Over Leaked Crash Photos; Uvalde School District Police Chief Fired | NTD Good Morning

Kobe Bryant’s widow was awarded $16-Million dollars by a jury on Wednesday. The lawsuit was over leaked photos of the helicopter crash site where her husband and daughter died. Uvalde school board votes unanimously to fire police chief Pete Arredondo. The embattled police chief didn’t show up at Wednesday’s meeting. President Biden announced his student […]

Syrian refugee widow learns to overcome affliction

Photo Credit: Alexas Fotos/Pixabay (Christian Aid Mission) — Neighbors who came to help a 48-year-old refugee widow from Syria thought she was 70. The mother of seven children, Ranim* showed the signs of affliction from the suffering she’d endured before and after arriving in Jordan. Islamic State (ISIS) invaders in Syria had seized her oldest […]

Laotian widow under house arrest for leading villagers to Christ

Laos (Mission Network News/Christian Aid Mission) — A 45-year-old widow in Laos was sharing Jesus with her village — and paid for it with her freedom. Christian Aid Mission says Rina* began following Christ after police came to her Prai tribal village and announced on loudspeakers that they were banned from worshiping the Christian God. […]

Yankees’ Josh Donaldson Apologizes to Jackie Robinson’s Widow Over ‘Inappropriate’ Remark

Yankees’ Josh Donaldson apologized to the widow of baseball great Jackie Robinson for calling White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie”

Christian Widow, Daughter Beaten Unconscious in Uganda

Jenifer Nakirya and her daughter Oliva Apio were attacked in Pallisa District, Uganda on Dec. 30, 2021. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda beat a widow and her 16-year-old daughter unconscious on Dec. 30, leaving the girl unable to walk a year after killing her father, sources said. […]

Why Boycotting Apple is WISE; Job’s Widow Stated Unvaccinated People Belong on the No-Fly List

NEW – Atlantic Magazine billionaire owner and widow of Steve Jobs publishes that unvaccinated should be put on the no-fly list, owns two private jets. October 21, 2011, – 1:00 pm Comment: These are actually ZIONIST Agendas and they ARE SATANIC. By Debbie Schlussel It should be no surprise that Steve Jobs’ wife, Laurene Powell […]

Widow of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat dies in Egypt’s capital, aged 87

Jehan Sadat, widow of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, the first Arab leader to make peace with Israel, died in Egypt on Friday. She was 87. In recent weeks, Egyptian media press reported that she had been hospitalized and was battling cancer. Last year, she received medical treatment in the United States but was hospitalized […]

John McAfee’s Widow Says He Was Not Suicidal

John McAfee’s widow says that her husband was not suicidal when she last spoke to him and told her he would call her later that evening. McAfee was found dead on Wednesday hours after a Spanish court ruled that he would be extradited to the U.S., where he faced the rest of his life in […]

Heartbroken Widow Looks 20 Years Younger After Radical New Look From ‘Makeover Guy’

A widow who was feeling defeated after the death of her husband was in desperate need of a new look to help restore her joie de vivre. Little did she know that she would soon leave the makeover studio looking 20 years younger. Maggie, then 52, from Vero Beach in Florida, was left heartbroken after […]

Huge Permanent Rift Between LaRouchePac and His Widow Helga Zepp; I Have My Own Opinions & You Should Too!

Comment: I don’t agree with Helga Zepp that China is beyond Criticism-No Country Is! However I also do not agree with promoting COVID as a death sentence and the “We Need the Vaccine Bullshit either! I was the first and only person to wear a mask in a nsg home 20 years ago. Only one […]

Israeli general Moshe Dayan’s widow dies at 103

Browse > Home / News / Israeli general Moshe Dayan’s widow dies at 103 February 8, 2021 by JNS Read on for article Ruth Dayan, the first wife of the late Israeli defence minister and politician Moshe Dayan, passed away Friday morning at the age of 103. Ruth Dayan, Oct. 6, 2015. Dayan was the […]

Joanne Rogers, pianist and widow of TV star Fred Rogers, dies at 92

Joanne Rogers, widow of the late Fred Rogers, star of ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,’ died on Thursday at the age of 92, Fred Rogers Production reported.Joanne, who was an accomplished musician, “continued their shared commitment to supporting children and families after his death as chair of the board of Fred Rogers Productions,” according to a statement […]

The Merry Widow: an operetta review by Victor Grynberg

January 6, 2021 by Victor Grynberg Read on for article So there we were in the Joan Sutherland Theatre of the Sydney Opera House, about to see our first Opera Australia production since their magnificent production of the early Verdi masterpiece “Attila” had its season dramatically curtailed by the arrival of COVID fears 10 months […]

Wife of Imprisoned Pastor Finds Support From Widow of Christian Martyr

TAJIKISTAN (Voice of the Martyrs) — [O]n April 10, 2017, agents raided the Sonmin Sonbogym Church and arrested Bakhrom. Citing as evidence the Christian songs found on his computer and the Josh McDowell book “More Than a Carpenter” found among his possessions, authorities sentenced Pastor Bakhrom to three years in prison for his “extremist” views. […]

David Dorn’s Widow Delivers Plea for Peace: ‘Violence and Destruction Are Not Legitimate Forms of Protest’

Fallen police officer David Dorn’s widow delivered an emotional plea to end the violent demonstrations across the country on Thursday night. “David is never, never coming back to me,” Ann Dorn said during her speech on the fourth and final day of the 2020 Republican National Convention. After giving a detailed account of the night […]

Widow of David Dorn at RNC: Looters Streamed My Husband’s Execution as Our Grandson Watched on Facebook

Ann Dorn, the widow of murdered 77-year-old retired police captain David Dorn, told her husband’s story on the fourth night of the Republican National Convention (RNC). On June 2, according to police, Dorn was guarding Lee’s Pawn and Jewelry in St. Louis as riots, fires, and looting broke out. Surveillance footage, police said, shows Dorn arriving […]

Cops thought alligators ate Florida man in 2000. Now, his widow faces murder charges

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A Florida woman is accused of killing her husband more than 17 years after he vanished ahead of a celebration for their sixth wedding anniversary. Denise Williams, 48, was arrested Tuesday on first-degree murder charges, reports the Tallahassee Democrat. It was a dramatic turn in a cold case broken […]

Widow Sues Ex-Portsmouth Police Chief, Claiming Husband was Unarmed When Officer Killed Him

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U.S. Soldier, Widow to Seek Injunction to Halt Ottawa’s Payout to Terrorist, Omar Khadr

The widow of an American soldier killed in Afghanistan and another former U.S. soldier partially blinded by a hand grenade plan to file an emergency injunction to stop Ottawa from paying $10.5-million to former child soldier Omar Khadr. Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris allege Mr. Khadr was responsible for the death of Sergeant Christopher Speer […]

After Husband Dies, Widow Looks Back At Wedding Photo, Spots Telltale Sign Others Missed

Oftentimes when our loved ones are acting a bit off, we blame it on life events that may alter their mood and behaviors. That’s what Emma Cotillard thought when her husband had been acting a bit strange shortly before they tied the knot. Her fiance, Justin, had shown signs of erratic behavior, but Emma assumed […]

CPAC STUNNED To Learn What Obama Did To Stacey Dash AFTER She Voted For Him…

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Actress and Fox News contributor, Stacey Dash said on Thursday that President Barack Obama was elected because Americans believed the first black president could heal racial divides in the country but, in fact “the exact opposite” has happened. “I think he bamboozled us,” she said at the Conservative Political Action Conference. […]

Black Indicted Over Terroristic Car Attack That Killed White Mother of Three

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BREAKING: Philly Cop Ambushed, Shot By Man Who Says He Did It “IN THE NAME OF ISLAM!”

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– A Philadelphia police officer was ambushed in his vehicle and shot multiple times in the arm as he sat in his vehicle. The assailant gave a full confession, saying he committed his crime in the name of Islam, sources told KYW-TV. The suspect was wearing “Muslim garb.” From CBS News: Police here say an officer […]

Fire Erupts At The Address In Dubai

A major fire is raging at a deluxe skyscraper hotel in Dubai. The luxury Address Downtown Dubai hotel is on fire, just hours before a planned fireworks display. Crowds had gathered for the New Year’s Eve celebrations outside, when the fire broke out. Officials say that at least 16 people have been injured. mosalsalat hindiya […]

US Air Force Goes Full-PhD Economist Retard, Blames Lack Of October ISIS Strikes On "Poor Weather"

On September 30, a Russian general walked into the US embassy in Baghdad and told US diplomats that Moscow would commence air operations in Syria in “one hour.”  It would be best, he said, if the US stayed out of the way.  The general was affiliated with the newly created Iraqi […]

US Air Force Goes Full-PhD Economist Retard, Blames Lack Of October ISIS Strikes On "Poor Weather"

On September 30, a Russian general walked into the US embassy in Baghdad and told US diplomats that Moscow would commence air operations in Syria in “one hour.”  It would be best, he said, if the US stayed out of the way.  The general was affiliated with the newly created Iraqi […]

Bank of America ‘Called Grieving Widow 48 Times a Day to Remind Her of Husband’s Debt’

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

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