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WATCH: Indian Villagers Attack & Chase Away Experimental COVID-19 Team

According to the police, a team of health workers was in the village to create awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination. Additional Superintendent of Police Akash Bhuria told reporters here that some villagers even verbally abused the members of the team and hit the husband of the medical secretary. “Some villagers verbally abused them and hit […]

Indian villagers use sticks and stones to chase out “vaccination” squad (Indians report the vaccinated are dying)

From via Posted Apr 30, 2021 by Martin Armstrong “I have been getting reports from readers in India that claim that the people who die are the ones who were vaccinated. I have not been able to verify this, but it seems to be a rising theme in India. There are recorded deaths […]

Hasidic pilgrimage worries Hungarian villagers under COVID strain

About a thousand Hasidic Jews from around the world made a pilgrimage to a small northern Hungarian village on Thursday, but their presence has made some locals nervous as Hungary fights a third, destructive wave of the pandemic. The village of Bodrogkeresztur has recently become a pilgrimage site for Hasidic Jews to commemorate a rabbi […]

In Myanmar’s hinterland, army uproots ethnic Karen villagers

In the jungles of southeast Myanmar, the army was shooting and otherwise oppressing civilians long before last month’s military coup. This largely unseen repression continues even now. In the country’s remote southeast, an army offensive has driven as many as 8,000 ethnic Karen people to flee their homes in what aid groups say is the […]

Coal Pollution Puts The Lives Of Villagers Into Misery And Land Them In Jail For Protesting It

On 19th March I along with Ananta , social activist, Advocate Pradosh Mohanty and Adv. Gaiendra Pradhan visited the villages like Kandadhuda, Beleimunda and Ratanpur in Hemagiri Block of Sundargarh District severally affected by acute pollution by MCL coal transport since 2012. We met with villagers including women who were ill treated, beaten by the […]

Shell Oil defeated by Nigerian villagers in oil pollution case

After a 13-year legal battle, a small group of Nigerian farmers won their pollution case against Shell Oil.  These four farmers, along with Friends of the Earth Netherlands, took Shell to court after the oil giant contaminated their lands with years of oil spills.  #Shell has today been defeated in court by Nigerian farmers. This […]

Villagers from Sanlizhuang village in Nangong, northern China’s Hebei Province waiting to take shuttle buses to quarantine center Jan. 13, 2021. (Screenshot/Video Provided to The Epoch Times by interviewee)

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Bulgarian villagers chase away evil with bonfire feast and dancing

Villagers in western Bulgaria donning large, frightening masks depicting mythical creatures took to the streets Wednesday, in an age-old Orthodox New Year carnival believed to ward off evil spirits. The traditional Kukeri dancers banged drums and shook loud copper bells around bonfires in the villages of Svetlya and Kosharevo, some 60 km (37 miles) west […]

Democracy: Israel delivers eviction orders to villagers in Negev desert despite the fact they are Israeli citizens

     Eviction and demolition orders posted on buildings in Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran that has been the subject of a years-long legal battle Residents of the Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran in the Negev (Naqab) desert in southern Israel on Wednesday received eviction and demolition notices which were posted on their doors by Israeli […]

Kashmir: More than a thousand villagers flee as India and Pakistan trade heavy border fire

     As fighting along the border between India and Pakistan rages, more than 1,000 Kashmiris flee the violence. Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir .- Hundreds of residents have fled their homes along the border following an escalation of cross-border attacks between India and Pakistan. Nasir Ahmad Naqash, deputy commissioner of northern Baramulla district, told Al Jazeera ceasefire […]

Photos: Many villagers left with nothing after earthquake in west Iran

‘I Am Alive’: Survivors of Iran earthquake mourn as government scrambles to help The New York Times |  THOMAS ERDBRINK: In Kuik-e Hasan, a village of 800 people in the foothills of the Zagros mountains,… Source Article from 00

B’Tselem: Israel to commit war crime against Palestinian villagers

Israeli rights group B’Tselem said on Monday afternoon that Israeli government is to commit war crimes against Palestinian villagers in Khan al-Ahmar. B’Tselem Executive Director Hagai el-Ad said: “Following the state’s response submitted earlier today to the [Israeli] High Court of Justice, that the state was asking the court to authorise a war crime.” He […]

‘I see a drone, I remove my SIM card’: Afghan villagers live in constant fear of US airstrikes

As a stronghold of both the Taliban and the emerging presence of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group, Nangarhar province saw 358 airstrikes by US forces in July alone – half of all the airstrikes in Afghanistan over the month. On August 11, the Afghan government said that at least 16 civilians, including […]

Signs and Portents: Superstitious villagers living in fear after sheep gives birth to ‘half-human half-beast’ creature that was ‘sent by the devil’ in South Africa

     Superstitious villagers have been living in fear since a sheep gave birth to this creature that was said by elders to be half-human half-beast and ‘sent by the devil’. Many of the 4,000 residents and farmers of Lady Frere in Eastern Province, South Africa, were convinced that bestiality and witchcraft had led to the […]

Prisoner Dies As A Result Of “Systematic Torture” In Egypt

A political prisoner in Alexandria’s notorious Burj al-Arab prison died as “a result of torture” on Saturday. The incident was reported by Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood and a human rights group monitoring the disappearance of dissidents at the hands of security forces in the country. Middle East Monitor reports: The Egyptian Coordination of Rights and […]

‘Abdication of moral & legal duties’: MSF slams EU for shipping refugee suffering to Turkey

“Instead of focusing on alleviating the crisis, EU and Member States have decided to simply walk away and push it on to others. This deal threatens the right of all people to seek asylum and violates your obligation to assist each man, woman or child asking for protection,” Joanne Liu, MSF International President, wrote in […]

In 2015, the US Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim Countries, Nearly 1 Bomb For Every Terrorist

Washington, D.C. – In a recent report, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, Micah Zenko, noted that the United States has dropped an estimated 23,144 bombs in the Muslim-majority countries of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. That is over […]

Russia and Turkey Have a Long Historical Rivalry

  The current tension between Russia and Turkey is the latest in a long historical rivalry that has tended to favor Russia   by Soner Cagaptay Of Turkey’s near-dozen neighbors, there is just one that Ankara really fears: Russia. This is rooted in history stretching back to the Ottoman Empire. At some point in the […]

Climate Change Hoax Exposed

The recently released report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is comprised of an international group of scientists sponsored by the United Nations (UN), is extremely alarmist in nature, despite the fact that numerous top climate scientists have admitted that many of their “global warming” predictions were wrong or seriously exaggerated. ~ […]

U.S. Total Debt Soars By $674 Billion In November

U.S. Total Debt Soars By $674 Billion In November December 2nd, 2015 Via: ZeroHedge: When the US reached a debt ceiling deal in the beginning of November, it was common knowledge that there would be a debt accrual “catch up” to make up for […]

The Next Twilight Stop… The Obama Zone

You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of narcissism and meekness, but of arrogance; a journey into a ludicrous land whose boundaries are that of the Oval Office. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: The Obama Zone! ~ Ray Starmann Picture the late Rod Sterling standing in the corner of […]

Are These the Deputies That Killed Jack Yantis? Was One An FBI Sniper? Many Questions Still Unanswered

The post below was written by By Martin Hill, of, and consist of his own research and conclusions. It’s sad that anyone has to speculate who the shooters are or go through such lengths to find information. If you’re unaware of the murder of Jack Yantis click here to read Asa’s post at about it. […]

Large Hadron Collider creates matter similar to 1st moments of universe at record-high energy

The latest accomplishment of the world’s largest particle collider saw the LHC smash together lead-ions at 1,045 trillion electron-volts – two times higher than any previous experiment of this kind. “It is a tradition to collide ions over one month every year as part of our diverse research program at the LHC,” CERN Director General […]

Cop in Court for Sexting Teenager

Emporium, Cameron County, Pa. An Emporium police officer finds himself on the other side of the law. Francis Johnson, 51, is charged with three felonies. He’s charged with criminal use of a communication facility, permitting filming of sex acts, and unlawful contact with a minor. Police say the Johnson was placed on leave in August after “sexting” messages were discovered with […]

Dear President Putin

Thursday, 15 October 2015 10:0  Dear President Putin, As members of the global reality-based community, we’d like to extend our appreciation and support for the Russian Federation’s decision to provide humanitarian and military assistance to Syria, its armed forces and its democratically elected leader, President Bashar al-Assad, in their fight against international US-backed terrorists. The launch […]

Coca-Cola Drinkers… An Eye-Opening Infographic Reveals the Extensive Internal Organ Destruction Caused by Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola logo is commonplace and well-established; the slanted white lettering on a red background is recognized by virtually everyone around the globe. However, a Nicaraguan graphic designer by the name of Fabio Pantoja is changing things up, and not in ways that would please the soda giant. ~ Jennifer Lea Reynolds – Infographic In […]

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