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History of Teutonic Era Castle Unearthed in Poland Goes Deeper

Investigation of a Teutonic era castle in Poland has revealed deeper secrets of its past. The excavators discovered not only weapons from the medieval period, but an earlier tribal fort and artifacts from a prehistoric Iron Age settlement. In ancient days “Warmia” was a very profitable, therefore important, region in northern Poland. Founded as a […]

Montezuma Castle: Arizona’s Strange Monumental Cliff Dwelling

Montezuma Castle is a national monument located in the western US state of Arizona. Although the name of the monument suggests a connection with the Aztecs, Montezuma Castle was in fact built by the Sinagua, a pre-Columbian culture that lived in the area. Moreover, the monument is not a castle, but a cliff dwelling consisting […]

Mysterious Medieval Castle Found Near Historic Shropshire Manor Home

Archaeologists from the British firm Dig Ventures have been excavating a mysterious mound located near Soulton Hall , an ancient manor house turned tourist attraction near the village of Wem in Shropshire, West England. What they’ve just discovered during these explorations may dramatically alter everything historians thought they knew about the Soulton Hall site. Believe […]

Lost Swedish Mythical Castle Found In Dry Lake By Clever Archaeologist

Lost for over three centuries, the so-called Swedish mythical castle of Sörby has been rediscovered in an ancient, ritualized landscape knitted together with sacrificed humans, animals and over a kilogram of gold. Until now this ancient mythical castle had only been a rumor among historians and archaeologists. The castle was the largest castle in, which […]

Turkish Archaeologists Find Byzantine Castle at Akyaka, Western Turkey

A team of Turkish archaeologists have been busy since 2020 performing excavations at one of western Turkey’s richest historical and cultural sites. Within the borders of the coastal village of Akyaka, located on the Gulf of Gökova in the southwestern Turkish province of Muğla, they have been searching through ruins associated with the ancient city […]

Rare Ancient Dutch Castle is Bigger and Better than Expected!

The Netherlands isn’t known as a country that announces archaeological discoveries every week. However, there are countless ancient sites of medieval interest in the Netherlands, ranging from Anglo-Saxon holy wells, churches, cathedrals and missionaries, to stone landmarks commemorating medieval murders. But one find, hidden beneath the country’s medieval top soils, according to a news report […]

Dover Castle: The Key to England at the Gateway to Europe

Dover Castle has been dubbed the “Key to England” due to its location at the frontline of defense. Dover has played an important role in Britain’s history, both as a trading port and as the gateway to England, due to its being the closest town to continental Europe. Although the current castle dates to the […]

Spectacular Caerlaverock Castle Is Under The Climate Microscope

Climatology experts are working with archaeologists in examining the impact of medieval climate change on one of Scotland’s oldest stone castles. Caerlaverock Castle lies less than 3 miles (4.8 km) from the sea in a well-known wetland preservation zone. If you like your 13th century castles with a degree of  spectacular, then Caerlaverock Castle is for […]

Something in the Water: Kenilworth Castle and a History of Rebellion

Kenilworth Castle is a ruined castle located in the market town of Kenilworth, in Warwickshire, a county in the West Midlands, England. It is believed the site was occupied by a fortified structure as early as the Anglo-Saxon period, but that this had been destroyed subsequently. What is certain is that a castle was built […]

The Medieval Mayhem of Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle is a Medieval castle located in Framlingham, a market town in the eastern English county of Suffolk. The first castle was built during the 11th century and was originally a timber structure. Soon after, this wooden castle was replaced by a stone one. In the centuries that followed, Framlingham Castle was witness to […]

Researchers Discover Ancient Urartian Castle in Eastern Turkey

A team of archaeologists from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University recently unearthed the remains of a 2,800-year-old castle in eastern Turkey, which was first reported by Turkey’s Anadolu Agency , one of the country’s top media outlets. The team discovered the buried castle at an altitude of 8,200 feet (2,500 meters), on a rugged mountain peak […]

Bolsover Castle: 11th Century Fort Bloomed Into Stunning Residence

Bolsover Castle is a famous and unusual castle in Derbyshire, a county in England’s East Midlands. Although the current building was constructed during the 17th century, the history of Bolsover Castle stretches back to the 11th century. Whilst the original castle primarily served a defensive purpose, the 17th century one was constructed as a luxurious […]

President Biden Meets With Queen Elizabeth At Windsor Castle

WINDSOR, England (AP) — President Joe Biden and his aviator sunglasses met Queen Elizabeth II on a bright Sunday afternoon. The queen hosted the president and first lady Jill Biden at Windsor Castle, her royal residence near London. Biden flew to London after wrapping up his participation in a three-day summit of leaders of the world’s wealthy democracies in […]

Carlisle Castle: The Most Besieged Castle in Britain

Said to be “the most besieged place in the British Isles,” Carlisle Castle was built towards the end of the 11th century in the border city of Carlisle in the north of England. The site has seen a lot of action over the centuries, having previously been occupied by a Roman fort and particularly due to […]

Why Have Centuries-Old Monkey Bones Just Been Found inside Nottingham Castle?

Once a proud symbol of the British Middle Ages, Nottingham Castle was closed for redevelopment and refurbishment in 2018. In the midst of the excavations, the  BBC reports that archaeologists came across something that was completely out of the blue! During the £30 million (about $42 million) refurbishment, the bones of three monkeys dating back to […]

Spain’s Sagunto Castle: From Iberian Arse To Roman Sagunto and Beyond!

Sagunto Castle is located not far from the city of Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. The parts of Sagunto Castle that are most visible, i.e., its defensive walls, date largely to the Islamic period, with modifications from later times. Nevertheless, the site also contains remains from earlier eras, such as the Roman period. […]

Satanic Illuminati Mothers of Darkness Castle

by Admin · May 4, 2021 Tags: British Monarchy & EmpireMurder/Violent CrimePedophilia NonprosecutionSatanic illuminati You may also like… The Fukushima SABOTAGE! Engineered by Illuminati Criminals of USA! June 2, 2018 September 17, 2016 April 21, 2016 Source 00

In pictures: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh laid to rest at UK’s Windsor Castle

Prince Philip was laid to rest on Saturday in a ceremony at Windsor Castle that honoured his lifetime of service to the United Kingdom, the crown and his wife of more than 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II. The funeral ceremony at St. George’s Chapel was attended by just 30 family members due to coronavirus restrictions. […]

Entrance gate of Bahabad Castle restored 

TEHRAN –Restoration of the façade of the entrance gate of Bahabad Castle in the central province of Yazd has been completed, a local tourism official announced on Sunday. Over the past centuries, the historical castle has sustained damage due to erosion, and currently many parts of it are on the verge of destruction, Alireza Kazemi […]

Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle – One of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine

The Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle is a fortress located in the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi, in the western part of Ukraine. According to written sources, the city existed as early as the 12th century, while the castle was built at a later date, i.e. during the 14th century. The archaeological evidence, however, suggests that there was already a […]

Historical castle restored to former glory

TEHRAN –Parts of the walls of the Kalat Ahram Castle, also known as Zaer Khezr Khan Castle, in Tangestan county, southwestern Bushehr province were restored, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced.  A budget of four billion rials ($95,000 at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) was allocated to the project, which […]

Bluebeard’s Castle: Sumegi’s vocal mastery a triumph

March 2, 2021 by Victor Grynberg Read on for article Bela Bartok, the most famous of the 20th Century Hungarian composers only wrote one opera, a one-hour one-act piece with only two singers, Bluebeard and his new wife Judit…writes Victor Grynberg. Carmen Topciu as Judith and Daniel Sumegi as Bluebeard in Opera Australia’s 2021 production […]

Bluebeard’s Castle to be performed in Sydney for the first time

Booming bass-baritone Daniel Sumegi will assume the role of the treacherous Bluebeard. Known for his powerful performances, his recent engagements with Opera Australia include Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg and the 2016 Ring Cycle. Sumegi will bring his dramatic timing and resonating tones to the role, drawing on his wealth of experience to give another unforgettable […]

9,000-Year-Old Camping Hotspot Found Near Welsh Castle

In the shadow of famous  Rhuddlan Castle , just a few short kilometers from the northern Welsh coast, archaeologists have unearthed a  Mesolithic camp site  that predates King Edward I’s 13 th century turreted stone fortress by 8,000 years. Literally just down the hill from the castle, no more than a long stone’s throw away, archaeologists […]

Someries Castle: Ruined Manor Of English Soldier Sir John Wenlock

Although very grand, Someries Castle is not really a castle; rather, it is a manor house. It is believed that the estate was purchase by Sir John Wenlock from William de Someries sometime in the 1430s AD. Wenlock started to build Someries Castle on the grounds but did not complete it because he was killed […]

Caernarfon Castle Dig Reveals More Ancient Secrets

In January 2019, a team of archaeologists from the University of Salford launched a large-scale excavation at Caernarfon Castle, one of Wales’s most famous historical sites. This grand and breathtaking fortress-palace was constructed by King Edward I in 1283, on the western end of the Menai Strait in northern Wales, and stands today as one […]

Urquhart Castle – Guardian of Loch Ness and The Site of Bloody Scottish Battles

Urquhart Castle, overlooking Loch Ness from a rocky outcrop, is strategically placed in terms of defense and saw a great many conflicts during its 500 years as a medieval fortress , embroiled as it was in Scotland’s battles for freedom. The ruins tell the story of the castle’s medieval history, the history of the region, […]

Sloup Castle: Bohemia’s Salt Trade Defense, Hermitage and Tourist Spot

Sloup Castle is a rock castle located in the northern part of what is today the Czech Republic. The castle dates all the way back to the 14th century AD, when the area it is in was part of the Kingdom of Bohemia. Due to its strategic position, Sloup Castle was a formidable stronghold. Nevertheless, the […]

Seb Castle reigns magnificent again

TEHRAN – Seb Castle reigns magnificent again over an ancient Iranian village it is named after. The castle, which is one of the biggest in the country, has recently undergone a round of reinforcement and restoration works, Abarkuh tourism chief announced on Wednesday. Located in Abarkuh county of Yazd province, the mudbrick monument dates back […]

A Storybook Setting: The Famous German Fairytale Castle of Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein Castle is a grand castle in Bavaria, Germany that was built during the 19th century by Ludwig II, the King of Bavaria. During that century, castles were no longer the formidable defensive structures that they once were, as gunpowder and artillery had already changed the face of warfare for several centuries. That didn’t make […]

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