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Grab Yourself a ‘Medieval’ Castle… in Australia!

An English couple in Australia are selling a home. Read more Section:  News General Read Later  Source

Medieval Black Death Origin Traced to Central Asia

The Black Death or Black Plague killed somewhere between 75 and 200 million people in just seven years, from 1346 to 1353. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology History Important Events Read Later 

Jus primae noctis: Did Medieval Lords Really Sleep With Serf Brides First?

The jus primae noctis, droit du seigneur, or “right of the first night,” is an alleged medieval custom which permitted lords to engage in sexual intercourse with the brides of their male subjects on the first night after marriage. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe History Ancient Traditions Read Later 

Blood, Emeralds, Snakes & Poop: Bizarre European Medieval Plague Cures

Originating in China in the 1300s, plague arrived in Europe aboard a ship, bringing fearsome death in its wake. The Black Death ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1351, carrying away at least a third of its population, Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe History Important Events Read Later 

Killer Rabbits Terrorized the Pages of Medieval Manuscripts

In early medieval art and literature fluffy white rabbits, bunnies, and hares were typically motifs of innocence, venerability, and purity. However, more in sync with these animals’ rate of reproduction Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News Weird Facts Read Later 

The Visions of Ermine de Reims – Supernatural Forces in Everyday Medieval Life

Ermine de Reims was a relatively inconsequential peasant woman who moved to the town of Reims, in northeastern France, from rural Vermandois with her elderly husband in 1384.  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Famous People Read Later 

Furta Sacra: Medieval Trafficking In Saintly Relics

It is hard to imagine that the gruesome topic of bodysnatching and the ghastly, gory and gorgeous world of relics would be a main focus of religious veneration throughout the Middle Ages. Through time it has been a human instinct to revere physical objects that have been infused with the character or persona of the […]

Medieval Justice: Pig Was Tried in Court, Sentenced and Executed for Murder

In the Middle Ages, animals were put on trial just like human beings. A wide range of crimes could be committed by these animals including murder, being an accomplice in bestiality, Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Medieval Aphrodisiacs: Body Scented Bread Dough!

People in Europe in the Middle Ages boosted libidinal sexual intimacy through the use of medieval aphrodisiacs, some of which are truly bizarre. Dr. Eleanor Janega, a medieval historian based in London, Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Vikings Shipped Walrus Ivory to Medieval Islamic Merchants 4000km Away!

With the accelerated pace of climate change and global warming wreaking havoc on the ice sheets of the world, particularly Greenland, new evidence emerges from the ice-capped country. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Polish Dog Unearths Rare Booty of Revealing Bracteate Medieval Coins

Out on his daily constitutional, a dog in Poland unexpectedly struck gold, or rather, silver. The dog was being taken for a walk by his owner near the city of Wałbrzych in southwestern Poland Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Massive Medieval Hanseatic League Ship Found Near Tallinn, Estonia

One of the largest ports in the Baltic Sea, Estonia’s Tallinn Port is also one of the oldest in northern Europe, famous as trade center between Rurik Novgorod and Viking Scandinavia. Yesterday,  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Europe Read Later 

Stunning Lost Medieval Altar Found in the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

For many years in an obscure back corridor of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem there was a large stone slab leaning against a wall. The eight-feet-by-five-feet (2.5 meter-by-1.5 meter) Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Martin Guerre: A Much Celebrated Medieval Tale of Stolen Identity

On the 16th of September 1560, in the small rural French town of Artigat, a man named Arnaud du Tilh was put to death by hanging for a most unusual crime: for over three years, he had assumed an identity that was not his own, living as Martin Guerre, a native of Artigat who had […]

Medieval Cambridge Elites Used Saffron to Pay Rent

The world’s most expensive spice by weight, saffron, has been valued and coveted by many ancient civilizations for a multitude of purposes, and debates over its origins still continue. Worth its weight in gold or higher, literally, the flowers of this labor-intensive crop yield two or three wispy saffron pieces that can only be hand […]

Medieval Mediciners, Administering Miraculous Cures During The Crusades

History fails to record the names of any of the mediciners who accompanied the chivalric orders on their Crusade, but when each of the noblemen of western Europe pledged their oath to take up the cross and follow their king to the Holy Land Read more Section:  News History Read Later  Source

Game Pieces Of The Medieval Norwegian Dope Addicts

Game pieces from the gaming and gambling history of Norway have been discovered in medieval Oslo. So bad did gambling addiction become that the king had to change national gaming laws. An excavation in Oslo’s Medieval Park has unearthed a solid wooden gaming-piece, a wooden gaming-board, a chess piece , and three soapstone game pieces. While […]

Medieval Caltrop Defense Weapon Coming to the Aid of Ukrainian Resistance

When nations go to war, the most tragic aspect is the disruption and annihilation of civilian lives. International media has been reporting the robust resistance put up by Ukrainian citizens in many cities against advancing Russian troops in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The Telegraph has a riveting account of the unique contribution […]

Was Medieval Black Death Really That Bad? A New Pollen Study Says No!

Black Death is said to have killed over half of Europe’s population. However, a new pollen study suggests many parts of Europe were not affected by the bacterial onslaught. Black Death was a bubonic plague pandemic that affected Afro-Eurasia between 1346 and 1353 AD. The disease was greatly perpetuated by flea-ridden rats inhabiting overcrowded mediaeval […]

Medieval Loo and Strange Foundation Walls Found at UK’s Berwick Hospital

An archaeological dig prior to the demolition of the Old Berwick Hospital site, built in 1874 in the town of Berwick in Northumberland, continues to unveil interesting discoveries about the town’s medieval past. The latest finds, though, have thrown up some questions and caused quite a stench. These include questions about the strange remains of […]

Medieval Horses in England Were Shockingly Small, Research Reveals

Medieval battle scenes in movies or television shows usually feature heavily armed warriors mounted on huge horses, thundering across the plains to attack their cowering and quivering enemies. While it is common knowledge that film producers will distort or exaggerate reality for dramatic effect, few would have suspected just how much this particular type of […]

Medieval castle tower not seen for 450 years uncovered

Medieval castle tower not seen for 450 years uncoveredPublished on December 22, 2021Written by A team of archaeologists from Durham University have uncovered the remains of Auckland Castle’s medieval tower that has not been seen for over 450 years. The university’s archaeology department worked in partnership with archaeologists and volunteers from the Auckland Project […]

Long-Distance Trade Revealed at Medieval Danish Viking Center

Revolutionary new advances in radiocarbon dating techniques have enabled scientists to more precisely determine the chronology and dynamics of Viking Age trade networks based on a medieval Danish Viking center near Ribe, Denmark. To be published today in the journal Nature, the Danish Viking center study uses a technique that pinpoints radiocarbon data to a […]

Small Gold Medieval Cross Found in England Linked to Mysterious Eadruf

An unusual item unearthed by metal detectorists in 2020 in northeast England is puzzling scholars. In this case it is not the archaeologists who are puzzled, but linguistic experts who study the origins and evolution of the English language. The item in question is a small golden medieval cross that was found along the banks […]

Dance Until You Drop: The Mysterious Case of Medieval Dance Mania

St. John’s Dance was a social phenomenon involving a type of dance mania that gripped mainland Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries whereby participants literally danced until they dropped. Also known as St. Vitus Dance, these dance mania outbreaks involved afflicted individuals, who could number into the thousands, dancing hysterically through the streets for hours, […]

Medieval Walls Discovered Underneath Dutch Parliament

Archaeologists stumbled upon medieval material underneath the Dutch parliament building last week. The area is being prepared for a major renovation that’s long overdue. Fortunately, as a matter of procedure archaeologists are involved in scanning the site’s soil for anything of historic value. Whilst conducting this research, they were overjoyed to find the remains of […]

Romanitas in Early Medieval Wales: The Evidence of Latin Standing Stones

There are very few texts that survive from early medieval Wales, an era spanning the moment when the Romans left Wales until the Normans arrived. This is one of the reasons that historians have generally assumed that the peoples of early medieval Wales were uncivilized barbarians. In the absence of Roman literary culture, some thought […]

A Truly Historic Rest: 10 Unforgettable Medieval Castle Vacations

Any enthusiastic lover of history undoubtedly dreams of that perfect castle vacation filled with ancient stories and thrilling historic sights. Alas, holidays don’t always turn out quite as planned. Every year, hundreds of history buffs find their hopes running aground when faced with the same old options. But now you can change your vacation rut […]

Slavs and Vikings: Medieval Russia and the Origins of the Kievan Rus

This video covers the history of Russia, starting with the ancient origins of the Slavs, formation of the early Eastern Slavic states, how the Varyag (Varangians) Vikings led by Rurik took over these states and started to expand towards Byzantium and the Khazars. [embedded content] Share now! Source

Queen Cynethryth of Mercia: Victim of a Medieval Smear Campaign?

The Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia was unique because the queens of Mercia left enough of an impact on their world as to be worthy of remembrance. History has not been so kind, however, to some of Mercia’s most notorious queens. The most notable being Queen Cynethryth, wife of King Offa, who was the source from […]

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