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STUDY: Out-of-hospital cardiac arrests resulting in DEATH spiked nearly 30% after COVID “vaccines” were unleashed

(NaturalNews) In 2021, the year of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” – Operation Warp Speed was launched by the Trump regime in late-2020 –… Source

Deadly Medieval Weapons: The Spiked Flail (Video)

The spiked flail, one of the more unconventional medieval weapons, boasts a unique design with a swinging head attached to a handle.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News Videos Read Later  Source

Spiked Proteins Given Off By Vaxxed Can Be Inhaled By Unvaxxed Source

The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked!

The Riddle Of Jewish Success…Spiked! November 2, 2022 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ More! Secession Is The Only Way! Here! Making Secession Work Here! Prepping For Secession Here! +BN Classics! Secession Now! Here! How Secession Works Here! Signs Of Secession Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE! ___________________________________ Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation! Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax […]

Demonic Possession Did Not End When Rome Spiked Jesus the Christ Ass To A Tree Trunk

First off, crosses are symbols of spiritual communion with God. The Romans were brutal, but efficient. When crucifying someone there is no need to use a cross when a straight post will work just as well. It would be stupid, a waste of time and resources to put a cross bar on a tree trunk […]

Oops, Minnesota Accidentally Legalized THC-Spiked Seltzer

Collage by Cathryn Virginia | Photos by MirageC, Tripod, and Jamroen via Getty Images On July 1, 2022, Minnesota breweries received a windfall.  That day, the Minnesota State Legislature passed a law allowing the sale of products containing THC. It was a baffling development, considering state Republicans’ longstanding opposition to marijuana legalization, yet Statute 151.72 passed—unanimously, with zero debate, in a […]

NHS: Gout-related hospitalizations in the UK spiked by over 20 percent

(Natural News) Recent data from the United Kingdom revealed that hospital admissions for gout in the country increased during the last three years, mainly driven by binge-eating and sedentary lifestyles. Digital statistics from the U.K. National Health Service (NHS) attested to this increase, with gout cases surging by 20 percent in the last three years…. […]

Fauci’s NIH Research Proves 5G Spiked Sars Cov 2 Breakout in Wuhan and Globally-Proving 5G is Deadly .

Fauci’s NIH Research Proves 5G Spiked Sars Cov 2 Breakout in Wuhan and Globally-Proving 5G is Deadly. Tap News / Weaver Fauci’s NIH Research Proves 5G Spiked Sars Cov 2 Breakout in Wuhan and Globally-Proving 5G is Deadly. Confirming our Warnings. Published online Sept. 29, 2021 Fifth Generation [5G] Wireless Communications Radiation [WCR]) and (SARS-CoV-2) […]

Exit Poll: Donald Trump Spiked His Votes Among Married Women in 2020

President Donald Trump spiked his poll ratings among married women to a 13-point advantage over Joe Biden — but Biden won the votes of unmarried women by 25 points. The resulting 38-point marriage gap is three times as large as the sex gap, which is the 13-point gap between Trump’s 43 percent share and Biden’s […]

Vegans issue death threats against British chef who "spiked" their vegan pizza with real cheese… but "vegan" cheese in the grocery store is made from milk protein!

(Natural News) The vegan internet mafia has gone off the rails, this time hurling death threats at a candid chef in Shropshire, England. The death threats led to the closing of two restaurants. The threats are aimed at Laura Goodman, a head chef who made a joke online about a “pious, judgmental vegan.” “Pious, judgmental […]

Science Paper Documents The Depopulation Chemical Covertly Spiked Into Vaccines

Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, “HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World,” the paper […]

Coolest Guitar Invention Ever

Founder of WorldTruth.Tv and Eddie (6954 Posts) Eddie L. is the founder and owner of WorldTruth.TV. and Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and […]

Journalist Killed After Exposing Turkey’s Support For ISIS

Three Turkish journalists have been arrested following their exposure of corrupt Turkish government officials arming ISIS militants in Syria.  Cumhuriyet Editor-in-Chief, Can Dündar, one of those arrested (alongside Erdem Gül, the papers Ankara bureau chief) said “We are accused of ‘spying.’ The president said ‘treason.’ We are not traitors, spy [sic], or heroes; we are journalists. What […]

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