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Google Doodle Celebrates First Indigenous Transgender Water-Skier With No Legs

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — Google is honoring Anitteb Opal, the world’s first Indigenous transgender water-skier with no legs in a special redesign of their search engine logo for Tuesday, May 23. Anitteb Opal was a member of the Tongva Indian Tribe who famously made waves in 2021 by joining a waterskiing tournament despite having no […]

Google’s New AI Plan To Demolish Journalism Industry

Google’s New AI Plan To Demolish Journalism Industry May 12, 2023 Journalism, as we have known it, is headed for a massive train wreck, thanks in bulk to Google. Google dominates the Internet and its content. With Google as the sole opinion-maker for acceptable content, how long will it take for the whole world to […]

Elon Musk: Google Wants To Create An AI GOD

During his bombshell interview with Tucker Carlson, aired Monday, Elon Musk revealed that Google has long planned to create an AI God and that Musk has repeatedly warned the company’s owners against it. Musk stated that Google’s ultimate goal is to “create digital super intelligence” or what he describes as a “digital god.” The Twitter […]

Google tightens belt, implements cost-cutting measures like removing snack bars and staplers

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Search engine giant Google has begun implementing cost-cutting measures, as confirmed by the company’s chief financial officer.Google CFO Ruth Porat broke the news in a March 31 email sent to all employees of the Mountain View, California-based technology firm. Her email said the cost-cutting measures aimed to “deliver … [Read More…] Source

Top Google Executive Subpoenaed in Epstein Elite Pedophile Ring Case

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has been subpoenaed by proseuctors in the Virgin Islands in an elite pedophile ring case involving Epstein and others. Brin was served the legal papers alongside billionaire Thomas Pritzker, media mogul […] The post Top Google Executive Subpoenaed in Epstein Elite Pedophile Ring Case appeared first on News Punch. Source

Google Co-Founder, Other Billionaires Are Issued Subpoenas In Lawsuit Over JPMorgan’s Ties To Jeffrey Epstein

The U.S. territory’s attorney general has issued subpoenas in a lawsuit over JPMorgan’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein, including to Google co-founder and other billionaires. Source

Nanobots will live in our brains in the 2030s, says Google boss

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: Web Log: Engineering director Ray Kurzweil predicts what future holds for AI and humans Thu, Oct 19, 2017, 07:35 Marie Boran Ray Kurzweil’s prediction rate has been rated 86 per cent accurate to date Ray Kurzweil is director of engineering at Google but he is better known for… […]

Google Launches ChatGPT Rival Called ‘Bard’ For testing in US and UK

Google launched its ChatGPT rival, “Bard” for testing in the United Kingdom and the United States to rival the currently popular ChatGPT. The tech company invited people in both countries to test its new AI chatbot in a bid to catch up with its Microsoft-backed competitor. Google announced the development of Bard last month, just two […]

Google’s New Bard AI Is More ‘Woke’ Than ChatGPT

Google’s Bard AI program is even more ‘woke’ than ChatGPT and is riddled with far-left political bias, refusing to acknowledge Donald Trump or criticize abortion, while heaping praise on Joe Biden and urging its users […] The post Google’s New Bard AI Is More ‘Woke’ Than ChatGPT appeared first on News Punch. Source

Google’s New Bard AI is Riddled With Political Bias

Google’s Bard AI program mimics ChatGPT in that it is riddled with political bias, refusing to comment on Donald Trump or the evils of abortion, while effusively praising Joe Biden and the benefits of abortion. The company released its Bard chatbot to users in both the UK and US yesterday as part of an “experiment” […]

Twitter v. Taamneh & Gonzalez v. Google

What Policymakers Need to Know About the First Amendment and Section 230 The Supreme Court just heard two cases – Twitter v. Taamneh and Gonzalez v. Google – that could dramatically affect users’ speech rights online. Last week, EFF hosted a panel in Washington D.C. to discuss what legislators need to know about these cases, […]

Ex-Google engineer warns Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing chatbot could be sentient

A former Google engineer fired by the company last year after claiming the company had developed a sentient artificial intelligence (AI) now believes Microsoft’s AI-powered chatbot may have also gained sentience. Lemoine gained prominence last June when he went to the press to warn that Google’s language model program, the Language Model for Dialogue Applications, […]

British journalist shows how the CIA played a Direct Role in the Creation of Google

Google “fundamentally started as a CIA project,” according to journalist and author of Propaganda in the Information Age, Alan MacLeod, who has warned that tech giants’ ties with intelligence agencies pose big problems for freedom of information as well as freedom of speech. MacLeod, who has extensively researched the ties between the national security state […]

Privacy Win: Texas Legalizes Shooting Google Maps Car On Sight

LEWISVILLE, TX — In a move privacy advocates are hailing as historic, Texas’s state legislature has passed a batch of new laws allowing civilians to shoot Google Maps camera cars on sight. Source

British Journalist Releases Evidence That CIA Created Google

Google “started as a CIA project,” according to journalist Alan Macleod, who has warned that Big Tech ties with intelligence agencies pose a huge problem for freedom of speech. MacLeod, who has extensively researched the […] The post British Journalist Releases Evidence That CIA Created Google appeared first on News Punch. Source

Agents of Israel’s Unit 8200 Now Have Top Positions at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Other Big Tech Firms

Hundreds of Unit 8200’s agents now have top positions at some of the West’s largest and most successful corporations such as Facebook/Meta, Google, and Microsoft. Many of these assets of the Israeli state have decision-making capabilities at these big tech giants. Source

Are Google and Bing’s Chat AI Going to Change Search Forever?

Chat-driven artificial intelligence may be one of the oldest forms of hype around—it’s literally been a point of discussion since the 60s (hi ELIZA)—and now it’s coming for your search engine. That’s been the big hype train of the last few weeks, and it’s one that seems to be flattening every other tech discussion in […]

Google shares lose $100 billion after new AI chatbot gives an incorrect answer in demo

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Shares in Alphabet, the parent company of Google, fell by 7.7 percent on Wednesday, causing it to lose a remarkable $100 billion from its market value after its new AI chatbot gave an inaccurate response to a question in a public demo this week.Google’s new AI chatbot tool, which is known as […]

Apple and Google Asked to Ban TikTok From App Stores

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) has called on Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their respective app stores, arguing that no company subject to “dictates” by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should be allowed such broad access to American audiences or harvest their data. Bennet made the appeal in a Feb. 1 letter to Google […]

Google is being sued by the US government and eight states over online advertising

Google’s facing a lawsuit from the US Department of Justice and eight states over its alleged monopoly on the digital advertising market. The agency accuses the company of abusing “monopoly power” at the disadvantage of websites and advertisers who use other advertising tools, according to a lawsuit filed on Tuesday (PDF). “Google’s anticompetitive behavior has […]

Google Blocks Users From Accessing Project Veritas Expose of Pfizer

Google has been caught censoring and blocking users from accessing information regarding the recent Project Veritas expose of Pfizer. According to reports, when you attempt to search “Pfizer Project Veritas” Google presents users with a […] The post Google Blocks Users From Accessing Project Veritas Expose of Pfizer appeared first on News Punch. Source

Tech sector collapse continues in Bidenflation economy as Google latest to announce thousands of layoffs

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The technology sector under Joe Biden’s inflationary economy continues to downsize rapidly, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to rebound any time soon, with Google becoming the latest to announce massive layoffs.The division of Alphabet announced this week that the company would be laying off 12,000 people, many of … [Read […]

Department of Justice Sues Google over Digital Ads Practices

Google is facing its second antitrust lawsuit from the Department of Justice in two years, over its dominance in the digital ads market, which has seen the tech giant operate in both the buying and selling of ads in addition to running its ad exchange. The DOJ is joined in its latest lawsuit by the […]

Google Must Face Privacy Lawsuit for Tracking Children Without Parental Consent: Appeals Court

By Naveen Athrappully December 29, 2022  Google is set to face a class action lawsuit that accuses the tech behemoth of collecting information and tracking children’s behavior online without consent, according to the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit was filed in 2019 by children, through their parents, against Google, YouTube as […]

Researcher Reveals Google Home Speakers Could’ve Been Hijacked And Turned Into Wiretaps

Security researcher Matt Kunze revealed a serious vulnerability in Google smart home speakers that could’ve enabled threat actors to gain remote access over the devices. Kunze was experimenting with his own Google Home speaker in early 2021 when he found a hacker could install a ‘backdoor’ account on the device over the web. He detailed […]

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is helping to fund the salaries of dozens of Biden officials

Eric Schmidt, a former Google CEO who has also advised the United States (US) Congress and the White House, has helped to pay the salaries of more than 24 Biden administration officials via donations from his research and investment firm, Schmidt Futures, to the nonprofit research and advocacy organization, the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Source

Google ‘Psychosis’ & You Get: “You May Be Worried That The Government Is Trying To Harm You.”

It feels irresponsible to take a basic and widespread belief that “people don’t trust their government,” and tie it in so closely with a mental illness. Source

Google Rejects Hong Kong’s Request to Remove Protest Anthem From Top Search Results: HK Official

Hong Kong requested that Google remove a protest song from its top search results for Hong Kong’s national anthem and replace it with China’s national anthem, but the request was denied, the city’s security chief said Monday. Hong Kong’s security secretary, Chris Tang, said that Google refused to change the top search results for Hong […]

Google ordered to delete lies and pictures of private individuals from its search results

The search engine giant Google must start deleting lies about private individuals from its search results, according to a new ruling from the European Court of Justice. At the same time, the view of images is sharply sharpened. According to the ruling, private individuals generally have the right to have pictures of themselves deleted from […]


November 26th, 2022 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step december 4th. One step at a time, hand in […]

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