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Ukraine war shows West’s dominance is ending as China rises, Blair says

The Ukraine war shows that the West's dominance is coming to an end as China rises to superpower status in partnership with Russia at one of the most significant inflection points in centuries, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, Reuters reported. The world, Blair said, was at a turning point in history comparable with […]


» New lamp generates light for 45 days with half-liter of salt waterYesterday at 1:08 pm by PurpleSkyz » Mystery of ‘cube’ on the Moon has been solvedYesterday at 12:42 pm by PurpleSkyz » Australia: Thousands rally against vaccination of childrenYesterday at 11:42 am by PurpleSkyz » Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID VaccinesYesterday […]

Blair’s knighthood triggers public outrage

Blair’s knighthood triggers public outrage – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN- More than one million people have signed a petition calling for former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair to have his controversial knighthood removed with the number rising literally by the minute. The fact that the knighthood was announced on New Year Eve, and the petition has reached […]


Sinead O’Connor has announced that her 17-year-old son Shane (pictured) has died. [embedded content]… Nicola Horlick and Georgie. ‘There were thuds as photos and paintings mysteriously fell from the walls of our London home.  ‘More extraordinary still was the glass chess board that seemed to float in the air, unsupported, before crashing to the ground […]


[embedded content]… Netherlands ‘In 2032, 18 years after an attempt to stop global warming via stratospheric aerosol injection catastrophically backfires and creates a new ice age, the remnants of humanity have taken to a self-sustaining circumnavigational train, the Snowpiercer, run by reclusive transportation magnate Wilford. ‘The passengers on the train are segregated, with the elite […]


BODY DOUBLES, LOOKALIKES?Unknown commented – IN COURT, GHISLAINE MAXWELL ‘LOOKED LIKE SHE JUST STEPPED OFF A YACHT’ “Questioned about the evidence against her on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, her brother Ian Maxwell said that conditions in her remand prison were grim … “But Maxwell in court looked fantastic, as if she had stepped off […]

Outrage As Tony Blair Recieves Knighthood

Former British prime minister Tony Blair has received a knighthood with the highest possible ranking in the Queen’s new years honours list. While the decision has been sparked outrage from Brits who accusing the former Labour leader of being a war criminal, Blair said it was an “immense honour” to have been made a Knight […]

Tony Blair’s Christmas Message: “The Unvaxxed Are a Bunch of Idiots!”

Former prime minister Tony Blair angrily lashed out at unvaccinated people on Wednesday, declaring them “idiots” for refusing to take the experimental shot. The former Labour PM told Times Radio that he thinks unjabbed individuals need to be bully and harassed into receiving the jab. “Frankly, if you’re not vaccinated at the moment and you’re […]

Tony Blair Says People Who Are Eligible But Choose Not To Get Jabbed Are Idiots

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has lashed out at people who have chosen not to get jabbed against covid, branding them “irresponsible idiots”. Blair, the notorious war criminal also says he has backed the Governments decision not to impose further Covid restrictions before Christmas but described the move as a “gamble”. MSN reports: Speaking […]

UK Must Prepare For Fourth Covid Jab Says Tony Blair

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair is urging the government to create a ‘command-and-control’ team that could help it remain “ahead of the curve” and roll out more vaccines quickly. The war criminal also recommended that a vaccine infrastructure that could be mobilised within 48 hours be put in place, in anticipation that a fourth […]


Valérie Pécresse and friend. Unknown commented – In polling for France’s April Presidential election, just behind Macron at 24%, is Valérie Pécresse from the mainstream conservative party surging forward at 17%.  Pécresse is now thought to have the momentum to get through the first round in April and win the run-off in May. Pécresse is […]

Scotland’s Blair Atholl Man Was Actually From the West, Says Study

People migrated long distances in early medieval Scotland, concluded a new study on the Blair Atholl Man published in the Tayside and Fife Archaeological Journal . The study reveals that he was not from the Scottish village in Perthshire he was named after. This 45-year-old man was buried in the Pictish style (the Picts were […]

Tony Blair Tells Brits ‘Its Your Civic Duty To Get Jabbed’

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has claimed that getting vaccinated is a ‘civic duty’ for Brits. According to the war criminal, the UK should be administering at least 500,000 covid booster shots every day. Blair made his remarks on Thursday after his foundation, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, published a paper calling […]


The UK’s Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer has said the Labour party should be “very proud” of Tony Blair’s record in government.Sir Keir Starmer: Labour should be proud of Tony Blair’s record Blair supported the foreign policy of George W. Bush and ensured that the British military participated in the War in Afghanistan from […]

Tony Blair: Govt Should Forcibly Inject Nursery-Age Children

Former British Prime Minister and Iraq war architect Tony Blair has urged the government to begin forcibly vaccinating nursery age children and impose vaccine passports in order to avoid another lockdown this winter. In written comments in the foreword to a coronavirus report from the Tony Blair Institute, Blair baselessly claimed that children are becoming […]

No one should listen to Tony Blair on Afghanistan, here’s why

For about a week, mainstream outlets in the English speaking world ran stories about former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair’s opposition to the admittedly chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan by the United States and its NATO allies, including Britain. Tragically, 13 civilians and at least a dozen U.S. soldiers were killed in two suicide bombings claimed by the […]

Tony Blair: Afghanistan withdrawal is ‘tragic, dangerous, and unnecessary’

Tony Blair lambasted the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in an article on his institute’s website, stating that the decision to leave is “political” rather than “strategic”. “The abandonment of Afghanistan and its people is tragic, dangerous, unnecessary, not in their interests and not in ours,” the former British prime minister wrote. Blair, who was prime […]

Labour Leader Keir Starmer: ‘I Am Extremely Proud of War Criminal Tony Blair’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says he is extremely “proud” of war criminal Tony Blair and has urged the public to forgive him for his crimes against humanity. Sir Keir, a Blairite and fierce opponent of Jeremy Corbyn, made the remarks in an interview with the Financial Times. “Many Labour activists despise Blair, notably because […]

Tony Blair: Unvaccinated Should Be Sent to Prison (at Home)

Former British Prime Minister Tory Blair has declared that unvaccinated people should be imprisoned in their homes while the remaining vaccinated population get to enjoy basic freedoms. In an interview with ITV News, Blair was asked if he would delay the June 21st deadline, when all social distancing, mask mandates and other lockdown rules are […]

Tony Blair Suggests Unvaccinated Should Remain Under Lockdown Restrictions

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair implied that those who choose not to be vaccinated should be discriminated against by remaining under lockdown restrictions if the UK’s June 21st “freedom day” is to be accomplished. During an interview with ITV News, Blair was asked if he would delay the June 21st deadline, when all social […]

Tony Blair Claims It Is Possible To Vaccinate The Whole World By End Of Year

Tony Blair has warned that the whole world must get vaccinated “fast” before the vaccine-resistant mutations occur and believes it’s possible to get it done in just eight months. Blair has also been urging UK prime minister Boris Johnson to launch a major publicity blitz to boost the vaccine take-up rates and allay fears about […]

Tony Blair urges UK govt to use G7 presidency to implement GLOBAL Covid-19 Vaccine Passport

    Tony Blair has called on the British government to lead the way in the creation of a global ID that shows Covid-19 vaccine and disease status, arguing that the development of such a passport was inevitable. The former UK prime minister’s think tank, the Tony Blair Institute (TBI), said in a newly released […]

Tony Blair Demands Implementation Of Global COVID Passports

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has urged the government to implement a global COVID vaccine passport system immediately. The die-hard globalist issued a report urging the UK government to “place the creation of a global Covid-19 travel pass as a key item” on the G7 agenda. In an interview with British newspaper the Telegraph, the […]

Tony Blair Wants UK Government To Create Global Vaccine Passport

Tony Blair is urging the British government to take advantage of the fact that it is to preside over the G7 this year, to implement the ‘inevitable’ global vaccine passport. The former British PM’s think tank, the Tony Blair Institute (TBI), said in a newly released report that the UK should use its position as […]

Tony Blair: ‘Inevitable’ Global Vaccine Passports Should Be Implemented Now

Remember Tony Blair? Been off the radar for a bit. To jog your memory think Iraq war & the big lie that was … he’ll be a globalist I’m sure Nwo Report Complains that if nations do “their own thing” it will be “more chaotic and difficult to manage” Source:Steve Watson Former British Prime Minster […]

Tony Blair Says Britain Must Dramatically Accelerate Its Covid Vaccination Drive

Former British prime minister Tony Blair says the UK needs to dramatically accelerate its coronavirus vaccination programme. On live TV Wednesday morning, Blair claimed that it was “not complicated” as he launched a ‘blue-print’ for improving the country’s vaccine roll-out. He believed that restrictions could ease significantly in February if the NHS scales up to […]

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Miketz with Blair Nosanwisch

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Tony Blair Should be Prosecuted over Iraq

Tony Blair Should be Prosecuted over Iraq By Jonathan Power, President Barack Obama was not [?] a war criminal despite US involvement in wars in Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan and against Daesh.  His predecessor George W. Bush was. Apart from anything else, his administration tortured captives. Was the former British minister, Tony Blair, the closest […]

Going Underground – Tony Blair’s Attorney General Lord Morris on Kosovo, Syria & Legal Justification of War

Going Underground – Tony Blair’s Attorney General Lord Morris on Kosovo, Syria & Legal Justification of War Going Underground with Afshin Tony Blair’s Attorney General, Lord Morris, explains what makes a war legal or illegal. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the original video for Going […]

War Lobby Rolls Out Tony Blair! to Plead for War

Informed citizens the world-over collapsed into a mass paroxysm of hysterical laughter upon hearing the news. The political acumen of the war lobby is now being seriously questioned, even by ignorant housewives in remote places with poor internet. We now eagerly await George Bush’s wise counsel on this weighty matter. Comments Source Article from

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