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Why Shinzo Abe Was Assassinated: Towards a ‘United States of Europe’ and a League of Nations

February 06, 2023 Source By Cynthia Chung As already discussed in my paper “Is Japan Willing to Cut its Own Throat in Sacrifice to the U.S. Pivot to Asia?”, to which this paper is a follow-up, Japan has become the ticking time bomb for the world economy. This is not an unexpected outcome for Japan but […]

Americanization Would Mean the End of Europe!

By this late in the war many Germans had assumed that it would be better to be conquered by the Americans rather than the Soviets, a point National Socialist propaganda vehemently combatted..This page proves that an American victory would be just as bad as a Bolshevist victory. Source

Iran-Europe: Where will the political pendulum swing?

Relations between Iran and Europe, particularly the three European giants France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (E3), which signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran in 2015, are steadily deteriorating due to the hostile actions of the Europeans in recent months. The Europeans have increased diplomatic pressure on Iran since last September, […]

260,000 illegal immigrants have been stopped by Greece from Invading Europe in 2022

An official said on Saturday that Greek authorities stopped 260,000 migrants from entering the country illegally from Turkey in 2017. Takis Theodorikakos, Greece’s Minister for Citizens’ Protection, accompanied ambassadors from the European Union and the United Kingdom to the country’s border wall with Turkey, which is now being expanded. In order to lessen the burden […]

Erdoğan – “Europe’s Sick Man”?…

As the date of the Turkish presidential elections approaches, the contours of outside interference in Turkish society become clearer. In the first month of 2023, John Bolton, former national security adviser to US President Donald Trump, said that if incumbent Turkish President Recep Erdoğan remains in power, the question of suspending Turkey’s membership in NATO […]

Europe’s gas emergency: A continent hostage to seller prices

Mohammad Hasan Sweidan Source Europe’s reliance on Russian gas imports has been upended by sanctions against Moscow. With few options for practical alternatives, the continent will remain energy-dependent and financially-vulnerable regardless of who it imports from. The 2022 outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine revealed the importance of energy security in bolstering Moscow’s geopolitical […]

Ursula von der Leyen: ‘Europe pulled together when it mattered the most’

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen commends Ukraine for ‘moving the world and inspiring all of Europe’ in her speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Von der Leyen also promises there will be no let-up in Europe’s steadfast support for Ukraine. Source

Britain’s bid to launch first satellites from Europe ends in failure

Virgin Orbit said its rocket had suffered an ‘anomaly’ that prevented it from reaching orbit. Source

The Ukrainian crisis and Europe – the opinion of experts

January 10, 2023 Source by Batko Milacic Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, we have been bombarded with mass information and opinions about the war and Europe’s attitude towards it. As someone who deals with geopolitics, I carefully followed the conferences and debates of European experts and politicians and their arguments. That is exactly […]

Giving Europe ‘a voice’: Television news network Euronews turns 30

Creating a European identity is not just a matter of treaties, currencies and borders, it’s also about people knowing and understanding each other. Source

Looking for Christmas Cheer? Six of the Oldest (and Best) Christmas Markets in Europe

​If you visit any large European town or city during December, there’s a very good chance you’ll see a Christmas market. The traditional Christmas market is a centuries-old European tradition, and it really isn’t Christmas without visiting one.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe History Ancient Traditions Read Later  Source

Snow hits Europe: London turns white as eastern Europe battles blizzards

A blanket of snow has descended on London and other parts of the UK on the same day as a national rail strike, adding to the travel chaos. Source

Watch: Thick blankets of snow across parts of Europe

Snow storms hit many European countries Sunday evening as temperatures struggle to rise above freezing during the day. Source

Treacherous weather conditions in Europe cause disruption to travel

Snow in the UK, Poland, Estonia causes widespread travel chaos to public transport and airports as heavy rain in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia causes rivers to burst their banks Source

Overworked, underpaid and quitting: Europe’s health workers slam ’empty’ post-pandemic promises

Euronews interviewed public health professionals across Europe and they all agree: working conditions have only worsened since the pandemic and they are demanding action. There was no shortage of public appreciation for hospital workers during the pandemic, across the world people stood on their doorsteps and balconies in the evening to cheer on the heroes […]

Washington wants Europe’s total Dependence on the US

In March 2022, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) reported that “Europe is the new hotspot” of global arms import. While this development is attributed to the ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine (US/EU/NATO), what’s equally, or even more, important to understand is how most of this European purchase is coming from the […]

Die Einsatzgruppen – Death Squads – Eastern Europe: 1941-44

DECEMBER 05, 2022 Source By Francis Lee During the Second World War in Europe, particularly in the East, special corps of mobile German extermination units known as “Einsatzgruppen” (literally “operational groups”) were recorded has having exterminated well over one million civilians, primarily in mass shootings in the greater Soviet Union and also included the Baltics, […]

France’s Greatest Living Author Says Europe Will be “Swept Away” by Mass Migration

France’s greatest living author Michel Houellebecq says Europe will be “swept away” by mass migration, adding that he was “shocked” that the ‘great replacement’ is treated as a conspiracy theory. Houellebecq made the comments during a conversation with French philosopher Michel Onfray. “The Great Replacement, I was shocked it’s called a theory. It’s not a […]

How Europe’s Energy Crisis Could Turn Into A Food Crisis

Runaway energy inflation has taken a toll on European industry, but another threat is looming. Source

Leftist ‘Big Pharma’: Cancer rates are skyrocketing in Europe because of Russia and COVID

OMG…. Jesus Christ….. we’ve said it so many times in some of our previous articles… Lefists of today are so stupid they aren’t even proper leftists. Here’s the latest idiotic thing leftists are saying. The number of cancer cases have skyrocketed recently in Europe…. guess why!!!! PUTIN! Yeah they actually just said that…. it’s Russia’s […]

Background to current US policy in Europe

It is said not in vain that one man’s problem is another man’s opportunity. And the military actions in Ukraine against Russia, unleashed by the US and NATO, has clearly demonstrated this. Every day there is more and more evidence to show what huge dividends the US tycoons are reaping from the policies that the […]

Europe and payback for US adventure in Ukraine

“The European Union is paying the price for the war in Ukraine, how long will it hold out?” “Who benefits in Ukraine?” These and similar headlines in the Middle East media reflect the regional response to European policy in Ukraine following the launch of Russia’s special operation against Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime. The authors reflect on […]

Child Excess Death In Europe Up 755% In 2022 & WHO Calls Mask-Induced Infection ‘Worldwide Threat’

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (10/28/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

US Nitrogen Exports Jump as Europe Scrambles for Fertilizer

CHICAGO/LONDON—U.S. exports of nitrogen fertilizers jumped to a multi-year high this summer after surging natural gas prices in Europe drove up costs of producing the crop nutrient there, making U.S. shipments more competitive. The brisk U.S. sales highlight the effect of the war in Ukraine on global food and energy supplies. Russia, under financial sanctions, […]

Pope Francis: ‘Peace Is Gravely Violated, Wounded, Trampled’ in Europe

Pope Francis joined an assembly of global religious leaders Tuesday in praying to God for peace, especially in Ukraine. Source

New Trend: Muslims ‘escape’ to Europe on jet skis

In order to get to Spain on jet skis, illegal immigrants from Morocco currently spend up to 10,000 euros. In recent months, the use of jet skis to enter Spain illegally from Morocco has increased. Since the jet skis are hard to spot on radar, it is challenging for law enforcement to apprehend both immigrants […]

Over 29,000 migrants died on route to Europe since 2014 – UN agency

More than 5,600 migrants have died since January 2021 trying to reach Europe, according to the International Organisation for Migration. Source

Iran Protests Trigger Solidarity Rallies In US, Europe

WASHINGTON (AP) — Chanting crowds marched in the streets of Berlin, Washington DC and Los Angeles on Saturday in a show of international support for demonstrators facing a violent government crackdown in Iran, sparked by the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the custody of that country’s morality police. On the U.S. National Mall, thousands […]

VIDEO: Children Already Being Fed Bugs In Europe

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Russian Threats Revive Old Nuclear Fears In Central Europe

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Two stories beneath a modern steel production plant on Warsaw’s northern edge lies an untouched Cold War relic: a shelter containing gas masks, stretchers, first aid kits and other items meant to help civil defense leaders survive and guide rescue operations in case of nuclear attack or other disasters. A map […]

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