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Austrian Health Minister and Medical Profession Dispute Responsibility for Massive Covid “Vaccine” Deaths and Health Damage

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Ukraine war: Austrian chancellor Karl Nehammer downbeat after face-to-face talks with Putin

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said he urged Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine in a face-to-face meeting on Monday. Nehammer is the first EU leader to meet with the Russian president in Moscow since the beginning of the invasion. The chancellor described “very direct, open and tough” talks in a statement from his […]

German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Dropping Dead

German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Dropping DeadPublished on April 11, 2022Written by When did so many young and healthy middle-aged people, described as fit and sporty, drop dead before 2020? Since December 2020, many sudden and unexpected deaths of mayors under 60 years old have occurred in Germany and Austria. Questions are swirling […]

Late-Romantic Chamber Music by Austrian Composer Robert Fuchs

By Brilliant Classics This is almost unknown, lovely, unfailingly melodious late-Romantic chamber music, a treat for anyone who values the wistful themes, powerful developments and mahogany textures of Brahms and his contemporaries. Indeed Robert Fuchs became a good friend of Brahms, and elicited the older man’s praise (remarkable in itself given his famously caustic opinions […]

Austrian Holocaust Survivor ‘Mrs. Gertrude’ Dies At 94

BERLIN (AP) — The Holocaust survivor Gertrude Pressburger, who became famous during Austria’s 2016 presidential campaign with a video message in which “Mrs. Gertrude” warned of hatred and exclusion triggered by the far right, has died at 94. Pressburger died Friday after a long illness, her family told the Austrian press agency APA on Saturday. […]

Former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz ‘to work for US Thiel Capital’, local media say

Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz will work for the controversial US investment company Thiel Capital where he will serve as a global strategist starting next year, Austrian media outlets reported on Thursday. The California-based company was founded by German-born Peter Thiel, a billionaire venture capitalist who has known Kurz for several years. Thiel was previously […]

WHISTLEBLOWER DR. ANDREAS NOACK renown Austrian chemist is dead just hours after speaking out about the effects of the adjuvant Graphene oxide

WHISTLEBLOWER DR. ANDREAS NOACK, renown Austrian chemist, is dead just hours after speaking out about the effects of the adjuvant Graphene oxide. WHISTLEBLOWER DR. ANDREAS NOACK, renown Austrian chemist, is dead just hours after speaking out about the effects of the adjuvant Graphene oxide m, a nanotechnology added into the injection; explaining that it is […]

Austrian medical ‘expert’ suggests monthly tax for unvaccinated citizens as part of mandatory jab system

An anti-vax Covid-19 protester in Vienna holds a sign ‘Stopp Impfpflich’ or ‘Stop Mandatory Vaccination’ Austrians who refuse to take the experimental COVID-19 jab could face a monthly tax if one medical expert’s recommendation is implemented, Breitbart reported Thursday. According to the outlet, Gerrit Loibl, the vice president of the Lower Austrian Medical Association, suggested that the Austrian […]

Global Blackout in Europe: It’s not IF but rather WHEN says Austrian Defense Minister

Just days after the WEF video warning people of ‘What if Extreme Weather Froze Your Bank Account?‘, the Austrian defense minister has come out to confirm those claims. Klaudia Tanner, the Austrian Defence Minister has already given advance warning. After having supervised military maneuvers and actions, there is a high possibility of an electrical blackout […]

Austrian Police & Army Join the Unvaccinated Revolution to Overthrow the Dictatorship

    Austria announced another total Covid lockdown just last week, and now the government is imposing penalties for those who have yet to be vaccinated. As of now, almost 40% of the population remains unvaccinated. On Monday, footage went viral online showing Austrian police patrolling shopping malls and asking citizens for vaccine passports as […]

Austrian Police & Army Reportedly Refusing to Enforce ‘Health Dictatorship’ – Will March in Protest Against It

Austria has been jettison to the forefront of the media this week as they devolve into what’s become a police state wrapped in a humanitarian crisis. Their society is being split in two — citizens are being segregated and discriminated against based on weather or not they have undergone a medical treatment. The vaccinated are […]

Italy, Germany, Slovakia & Czech Republic Move To Impose Austrian Style Lockdown Rules On The Unvaxxed

Germany Germany is preparing to follow the example of Austria by imposing new lockdown measures that will exclusively apply to the unvaccinated. As highlighted yesterday, Austrian authorities are enforcing the new measures by having police patrol supermarkets and highways, stopping people, and checking their vaccination status. Similar scenes could now be about to unfold in […]

Austrian Police Begin Hunting for Unvaccinated Citizens

After the government locked unvaccinated people in their homes, video out of Austria now shows police literally hunting the streets looking for unvaccinated people to arrest. In a move that was confirmed over the weekend, the Austrian government have now imposed a lockdown that only affects the unvaxxed, meaning they can only leave their homes […]

Austrian Police Patrol Shops, Highways Hunting for the Unvaccinated

A poll which correlates with results from other countries shows that the average French person grossly exaggerates the threat posed by COVID, believing the infection to fatality ratio is over 16 per cent, when it is actually 0.1-0.3 per cent. The survey results appeared in a study published by Frontiers in Psychology and were also […]

Lockdown of the unvaccinated: Austrian police randomly check papers of the shoppers. Negative Covid test is not an option

On Sunday, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced that the Austrian government was implementing a nationwide lockdown for unvaccinated individuals that would restrict anyone who has not taken the jab from leaving their homes for almost any reason. Over 2 million Austrians were affected by the mandate, which kicked in at midnight last night. If any of them […]

Great hypocrisy in idea of ‘alliance of the democracy’: Austrian professor

Great hypocrisy in idea of ‘alliance of the democracy’: Austrian professor – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – In an exclusive interview with the Tehran%20Times, Austrian Professor Heinz Gartners says “there is a lot of hypocrisy involved in the idea of the alliance of the democracy.” Gartners also notes that the Abraham Accords underlines the tendency towards a […]

Paintings by Austrian Artist Eduard Büchler

Eduard Büchler was an Austrian painter who was born in 1861. I really do not know much more about him than that. He apparently liked painting reclining nudes, landscapes, and reclining nudes in landscapes. Oh, and there is a nice one of Rome burning too. There are some more images of his paintings that you […]

Murder of Austrian teenage girl sparks row over deportations policy

The murder of a teenage girl in Austria has sparked fresh debate over how the country deports asylum seekers who break the law. The body of a 13-year-old girl was found on Saturday on a grass verge in a residential area of Vienna. Authorities suspect she had been drugged, and sexually abused before being killed. […]

Austrian FM says still major issues remain unresolved to revive JCPOA

TEHRAN – Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg has said important issues regarding a possible revival of the 2015 nuclear deal – JCPOA – still remain unresolved, ISNA reported on Sunday. Speaking with Der Standard, Schallenberg said the time to restore the nuclear deal is passing but “certain important issues are still open and unresolved.” He […]

Austrian man convicted of deliberately infecting his ex-wife with COVID-19

An Austrian man has been convicted of intentionally infecting his ex-wife with COVID-19 by coughing at her. Judges at Linz regional court heard how the defendant had coughed at his former partner after learning that he had tested positive for the virus. He had not worn a mask at home and tried to infect the […]

Isabel Frey is a 26-year-old Yiddish singer and Austrian politician

Isabel Frey stands outside the Austrian chancellor’s residence atop a white van with her guitar surrounded by speakers and protesters.  It’s the day after the Ibiza Affair was made public in May 2019. The scandal centered on a video showing Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache and Johann Gudenus, both members of the far-right nationalist Freedom […]

Israel’s President Rivlin and Austrian President Van der Bellen have attended at a Holocaust remembrance ceremony in Vienna.

Browse > Home / News / Israel’s President Rivlin and Austrian President Van der Bellen have attended at a Holocaust remembrance ceremony in Vienna. March 18, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article President of Israel Reuven Rivlin and President of Austria Dr Alexander Van der Bellen have attended a ceremony held at the […]

In Austrian antisemitism study, 31% of respondents made biased statements

 In a survey of antisemitic attitudes in Austria, 31% of the 2,000 respondents agreed with statements that the poll’s authors said exemplified anti-Jewish biases — a significant drop in that sentiment from a similar study in 2018. The Austrian government commissioned the survey from the Institute for Empirical Social Studies and presented the results on […]

Austrian, Danish leaders to visit Israel for talks on joint vaccine efforts

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen are expected to visit Israel next week for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau on cooperation on the procurement and development of coronavirus vaccines. Kurz made the announcement Saturday on Twitter, saying the three countries “have been in close contact” since last spring when the […]

Austrian chancellor, Danish PM to visit Israel for COVID cooperation

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Twitter that he will travel to Israel with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on March 4 to expand cooperation on the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. “We have been in close contact with our partners Denmark and Israel,” said Kurz, who said the partnership has been ongoing since spring.  […]

French village inherits 2 million euros from Austrian Jew it housed during WWII

The remote village of Chambon-sur-Lignon in southern France has received an unexpected donation of 2 million euros, a fortune for this small hamlet of 2,500 inhabitants. Austrian Jew Erich Schwam bequeathed his inheritance to the town. The residents of Chambon hid him when he was a child during the Second World War. Schwam died at […]

Austrian rapper arrested for neo-Nazi songs tied to Halle synagogue shooting

VIENNA, Austria — Austrian authorities said Tuesday they have arrested a rapper accused of broadcasting neo-Nazi songs, one of which was used by the man behind a deadly anti-Semitic attack in Germany. “The suspect has been arrested on orders of the Vienna prosecutors” and taken to prison after a search of his home, said an […]

‘Not a trivial offense’: Austrian police discover dozens of foreign revelers flouting lockdown to get to top ski resort

Austria’s police have found almost 100 people from Europe and beyond, who found a way to circumvent the nation’s strict Covid-19 lockdown and relax at one of its top ski resorts despite a ban on foreign tourist activities. A Friday police raid in the town of St. Anton am Arlberg – one of Austria’s most […]

New Austrian national antisemitism strategy presented to ministers, EU officials

A new national strategy for combating antisemitism in Austria to bolster the security and safety of the country’s Jewish community was presented to Austrian ministers and officials on Thursday morning.The new initiative will see the creation of a coordinating staff unit in the federal chancellery to tackle antisemitism and its consequences, a tripling of investments […]

YouTube removes video of Austrian MP over ‘COVID-19 misinformation’

YouTube has removed a video of a prominent opposition politician in Austria under the platform’s policy against COVID-19 misinformation. The video showed Herbert Kickl, parliamentary leader of the opposition Freedom Party (FPÖ), speaking in parliament on Wednesday. In his speech, Kickl criticised the Austrian government’s decision to close schools during the pandemic, claiming – without […]

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