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Artistic Cycling in Breathtaking Austrian Landscape

Viola Brand (born June 28, 1994) is a German cyclist specialized in artistic cycling. She has won national and European championships twice each. Source

Aurignacians: The First Artistic Culture?

Since the evolution of Homo sapiens approximately 1.8 million years ago, humans have advanced in many aspects of life, especially art. According to historians, the earliest record of humans engaging in the creation  Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read Later 

Artistic resistance: Experiencing the first Palestine exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago

The Sunday after the AMP Convention in Chicago, AMP members and guests visited the Art Institute of Chicago and went on a guided tour of the exhibition by Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rhame: “If only this mountain between us could be ground to dust” curated by Maite Borjabad.  This is the first exhibition by Palestinian […]

Early Artistic Skills Amaze at Turkey’s Neolithic Karahantepe Site

Turkey’s Karahantepe site (also written as Karahan Tepe) is believed to be nearly 11,500 years old, and some of the recent finds are truly sensational. Archaeologists have recently discovered early Neolithic artworks that are “crude” three-dimensional depictions of human and animal figures. And what is truly astonishing is that these huge artworks were carved into […]

#Romanovs100 reveals rare artistic photos of Nicholas II in perfect physical shape

Exercising was an essential part of Nicholas II’s life: he enjoyed a great variety of activities and did his best to share his interest with his five children and entourage. From a young age to his last days in captivity (aged 50), Nicholas II found ways to keep his body in fantastic shape.  Horse-riding, fencing […]

OY VEY: Distribution of Mein Kampf May Cause Another Lampshading

Benjamin GarlandDaily Stormer June 17, 2016 (((Michael Laitman))) In response to the recent widespread distribution of Mein Kampf by the Nazi trolls who run the Italian newspaper Il Giornale, The Jerusalem Post has published an article warning that the Jews might now be gassed and then converted into lampshades and soap by Nazis again. In […]

This 12 Year Old Turned $20 Into A Charity With 5,000

“Stop!” yelled 4-year-old Joshua Williams as he sat in the booster seat in the back of his mother’s car as they were on the way to church one sunny day in Miami Beach, Florida. Joshua’s grandmother had just given him a $20 bill as a present, and he was busy imagining all the different ways […]

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