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The Sophisticated Water Technologies of the Ancient Nabataeans

The Nabataeans were an ancient Semitic people, dating back to 586 BC, who inhabited northern Arabia and the southern Levant. The desert climate created agricultural difficulties for the Nabataeans Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News Ancient Places Asia Read Later 

23 year-old Romanian water polo player is dead… Sudden heart attack during game

23 year-old Romanian water polo player is dead… Sudden heart attack during gameDate: April 9, 2022Author: Nwo Report Source: CITIZEN FREE PRESSTRANSLATIONA water polo player for Dinamo Bucharest, Andrei Drăghici, aged 23, died during the game against Rapid Bucharest today. He felt sudden chest pain during the second quarter. According to the available information, he […]

Right-wing Supreme Court justices ‘just further poisoned your water’

Image Credit: Flickr Environmental advocates and other critics of the right-wing U.S. Supreme Court were outraged Wednesday by a 5-4 decision reviving a Trump administration policy that undermines the power of states and tribes to protect water quality from energy infrastructure projects. The Supreme Court “just further poisoned your water,” journalist Jordan Chariton tweeted in response to the unsigned decision, […]

The Importance of Clean Water

Water is the most important thing you take into your body. Your body is 60-75% water, depending on your hydration and muscle mass. We are told to drink half our body weight in ounces of water per day, to fully hydrate and flush toxins out. Unfortunately, water quality is a major issue in our country […]

Guatemalan Water Defenders Celebrate Ten Years Of Resistance

An Attempted Assassination, Criminalization, And Violent Eviction In 2014 Didn’t Stop The Peaceful Resistance Of La Puya In Guatemala, Which Won Legal Action Suspending Harmful Mining Activities. In Central America, as in many other parts of the world today, communities are being thrust into life and death struggles up against powerful interests to ensure clean […]

Unique 13th-century-BC Water Wells Discovered Near Fortress in North Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula, the only part of Egypt located in Asia, sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, is a land bridge between Asia and Africa. This peninsula has been the subject of intense archaeological scrutiny and excavations over the past few decades, as Egypt seeks to re-establish its prominence as a cultural, […]

Unique 13th-century-BC Water Wells Discovered Near Fortress in North Sinai

The Sinai Peninsula, the only part of Egypt located in Asia, sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, is a land bridge between Asia and Africa. This peninsula has been the subject of intense archaeological scrutiny and excavations over the past few decades, as Egypt seeks to re-establish its prominence as a cultural, […]

Israel sprays skunk water at Palestinians marking Israa and Miraj

Israeli forces yesterday attacked dozens of Palestinians, and arrested a child and a young man near Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem. Local sources told the media that 23 Palestinians were injured after occupation forces used heavy handed measures to disperse Plestinians who had gathered to mark the ascension of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be […]

The Truth About Nitrates and Nitrites in Your Food & Water

From Nitrates and nitrites are in some of the healthiest and unhealthiest foods around. So what’s the deal? Are nitrates bad? Should we avoid nitrates and nitrites whenever possible? Does the source matter? This article summarizes what you need to know to get the good out of these compounds while avoiding the bad. READ […]

How nitrate water pollution is posing a threat to people and ecosystems in Spain

How clean is Europe’s water? It’s estimated around half of Europe’s rivers, lakes and coastal waters contain dangerous substances. In Spain, the pollution from pig farms poses a threat to both people and local ecosystems. Zamora: home to contaminated water Zamora in Spain is just one of several provinces where the tap water is contaminated. […]

IAEA to Check the Release of Fukushima Water into Ocean

The run-up to the discharging of chemically treated, but still radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is once again taking center stage in the eyes of many of Japan’s neighbors. The Japanese authorities opted to release Fukushima water last April to advance the decommissioning process that has lasted for more than […]

New lamp generates light for 45 days with half-liter of salt water

New lamp generates light for 45 days with half-liter of salt waterby Asociacion RUVID Credit: Asociacion RUVID   The Waterlight lamp was awarded a Silver Cannes in the design category and two bronzes in innovation and social responsibility, at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2021 held in France. Miguel Mojica is a Colombian […]

Water Protectors Lead A Movement To Close Navy Fuel Site After Leak

Above Photo: An action in front of the headquarters of the U.S. Navy Pacific Command. Greg Noir / Twitter. In the wake of a major leak by the Navy that contaminated O’ahu’s water supply, water protectors found unlikely allies among outraged military families. Upwards of 100 water protectors rallied outside the Hawaii State Capitol in Honolulu […]

Native Hawaiians Fight US Navy For Polluting Island’s Water

 Under the cover of pre-dawn darkness, Native Hawaiians surprised the gates of the US Navy Command with a civil disobedience action over the #RedHill fuel leak. Empire Files producer Mike Prysner was on the ground. Support the efforts to #ShutDownRedHill! Learn how to join the campaign, donate and get the latest updates on the […]

Prosecutor Sought Enbridge Funding To Prosecute Water Protectors

Above Photo: Water Protectors lock down to construction equipment at a Line 3 pipeline pumping station near the Itasca State Park in Minnesota as police in riot gear line up on June 7, 2021. Kerem Yucel / AFP / Getty Images. The Center for Protest Law & Litigation has obtained documents through our ongoing investigation […]

Attacks in Idlib by Russian warplane left 300,000 civilians without water

Russian warplanes have bombed a pumping station that provides water to Idlib in north-western Syria, left 300,000 civilians without water, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says. Russian Sukhoi jets dropped bombs in Idlib and several surrounding villages on 2 January. “Reliable sources said that Russian fighter jets have so far carried out nearly […]

Exceptional water reservoir undergoes urgent restoration

Exceptional water reservoir undergoes urgent restoration – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Cultural heritage experts have commenced an urgent restoration project on an exceptional Ab-Anbar in central Iran. The underground water reservoir is of high importance in the realm of traditional Persian architecture as it is surmounted by seven mudbrick wind towers. “The Ab-Anbar of Hosseinabad is […]

Thanks to the Infrastructure bill, the US will work on replacing all lead water pipes across the country

15 billion of federal money from the Infrastructure bill will go to funding a project that would replace all old lead water pipes across the country. While early EPA bans on leaded gasoline and lead paint dramatically reduced the burden of lead poisoning in the nation, old lead water service lines can leach the toxic […]

Imminent Peril Of Drinking Water Contamination By US Navy Fuel Tanks

Above photo: Military Spouse who reported fuel poisoning symptoms. Ann Wright. Risk Outweighs Military Claims of National Security. Red Hill is a Ticking Time Bomb. In a strongly worded proposed decision and order, on December 27, 2021, David Day, the Hawai’i State Department of Health Red Hill case Hearing Officer and Deputy Attorney General announced […]

Israel Poisons Gaza’s Water, Refuses Access to UN Mitigation Team

Israeli bombing of a massive fertilizer warehouse in May caused a huge fire and toxic smoke, and resulted in leakage of chemicals into Gaza’s groundwater. UN experts agreed to travel to Gaza to assist with mitigation and creating a report on the incident – but Israel barred their entrance. [embedded content] Share now! Source

How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass of Water?

61K Shares There are so many techniques that can help you detect negative energies in your home. Today we’re going to show you the simplest one which will detect negative energies and clear them from your home and maintain the harmony in your family. We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space […]

Optimal cultivation key to preserve water resources

Optimal cultivation key to preserve water resources – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran has been grappling with water stress since 2006 and the situation is forecast to be exacerbated by the next 15 years while reforming the irrigation method from traditional to modern will reduce water consumption and waste at least by half. Last week, President […]

Solidarity Action Rebukes Navy Over Toxic Water Pollution

Above Photo: One of the messages displayed onto the USS Balao Conning Tower outside of the U.S. Navy Museum in Washington D.C. on December 12, 2021. CodePink. ‘Shut Down Red Hill.’ “Any amount of petroleum in our water is too much. 350 times the ‘safe limit’ is absolutely intolerable.” Activists with CodePink, in solidarity with Hawaii-based […]

California To Cut Water To Cities And Farmland Amid Persisting Drought

Above-average temperatures and the lack of precipitation began in early February 2020, and by the summer, conditions worsened following heatwave after heatwave. Some of the state’s largest reservoirs registered near or at record low levels, which prompted some to believe state officials were preparing to announce the first-ever federally declared water shortage. Dry conditions also sparked one of the worst […]

California Faces Statewide Mandatory Water Restrictions as Drought Worsens

California Faces Statewide Mandatory Water Restrictions as Drought Worsens Date: December 3, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Cristina Laila2021 California drought mapCalifornia is currently facing mandatory water restrictions as drought grips the state.“Despite a wet start to the water year, conditions have dried out since that first storm and we are still planning for a below-average […]

The Water of Life: Alcohol as Medicine Through the Ages

While no one knows exactly when alcohol was first produced, it was presumably the result of a fortuitous accident that occurred at least tens of thousands of years ago. However, the discovery of late Stone Age beer jugs has established the fact that intentionally fermented beverages existed at least as early as the Neolithic period […]

Why Is This Mammoth Tusk In Deep Water Off the Californian Coast?

A 100,000-year-old mammoth tusk has been discovered by a robot more than 10,000 feet below sea level. But rather than in Arctic wastes, where they’re usually found, this one was uncovered in the Pacific Ocean off the California coast. So what on Earth was it doing there? In 2019, while exploring for new deep-sea species […]

Jordan, Israel, UAE sign ‘declaration of intent’ on energy, water exchange

Jordan, on Monday, announced signing a declaration of intent for exchanging water for energy with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel, Anadolu News Agency reports. The three countries will start talks to explore the feasibility of a joint energy and water project, according to Jordan’s Ministry of Water and Irrigation. The Ministry said in […]


‘William A. Tiller, a physicist at Stanford University dedicated over four decades of his life to investigating the effects of human intention on the properties of materials and what we call physical reality.  ‘His research discovered that it is possible to effect a significant change to the properties of physical materials simply by holding a […]

Thousands of Iranian farmers protest against severe water shortages

Thousands of protesters have converged on Isfahan in central Iran to voice their anger after the city’s lifeblood river dried up due to drought and diversion. The massive protest, that drew in farmers and other people from across Isfahan province, was the biggest since demonstrations over the water crisis started on November 9. “Thousands of […]

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