WEF Memo Orders Devastating Cyber Attacks on US Water Supply

The World Economic Forum in Davos has ordered globalist authorities to unleash a series of devastating cyber attacks on the US water supply as part of an initiative to manufacture a global water crisis with far-reaching consequences for humanity.

Recent footage out of Davos reveals the global elite have admitted the Covid pandemic was a failure because the people of the world refused to be terrified into submission and far too many people refused to submit to the vaccine.

But evil doesn’t sleep and disturbingly the elite are now talking about manufacturing food and water crises as their new modus operandi to seize total control over humanity.

As the WEF and UN order world governments to prepare to ration people’s water supply as part of their ‘Great Reset’ agenda for humanity, it has never been more important to spread the word about their evil plans.

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The global elite have been warning us that we will “own nothing and be happy” in a world controlled by an authoritarian one-world government that enslaves humanity in a totalitarian system featuring mass surveillance, mandatory vaccinations and desperate servitude.

Klaus Schwab has openly bragged about his organization’s ability to infiltrate governments across the world. At the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, the WEF co-founder discussed his technique of overthrowing democracies by installing his cult of “Young Global Leaders” in positions of power.

Now we have seeing Schwab’s modus operandi play out. The WEF has infiltrated governments across the globe, with every left-voting nation firmly under their control.

Make no mistake, these Young Global Leaders, including Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, are working hand-in-glove with Davos to roll out the globalist agenda of the elite.

Now, in a disturbing development, the globalist elite have ordered a series of devastating cyber attacks on the US water supply and critical infrastructure to initiate a manufactured global water crisis that will have far-reaching effects for everybody on the planet.

Nobody should be surprised the New World Order elite in tandem with their favorite country China are waging war on the West and targeting the water supply.

Here at the People’s Voice we warned the world about this probability more than four months ago.

The elite always tell you what their plan is. The world just needs to pay attention and wake up.

WEF executive Professor Mariana Mazzucato was caught spilling the beans about what the elites were planning for humanity in a clip from the group’s meeting in Davos last year.

In the disturbing video, Mazzucato shares her disappointment that the climate change and COVID-19 narratives have so far proven unhelpful in furthering their cause, but admitted that a water crisis would succeed where those approaches have failed.

Did you catch that? Maazucato admits the elite are going to “experiment” on humanity again. As though the experimental Covid jabs, which are now wreaking havoc on the vaccinated, weren’t enough experimentation for one generation. The elite really do hold us in complete contempt.

Now, in a disturbing development, the globalist elite are claiming that water is not a human right and the world’s water supplies must be privatized and rationed into people’s homes by the elites.

The World Economic Forum is teaming up with the UN to set its sights on seizing control of the world’s water supplies and holding humanity to ransom.

The globalist organizations hosted a conference on water in New York for the first time in 46 years as part of the U.N. quest to accomplish its 17 sustainable development goals, a list that if fully enacted, will give the globalist elites total control over all human activities.

“[T]he conference aims to raise awareness of the global water crisis and decide on action to achieve internationally agreed water-related goals,” the World Economic Forum wrote in a recent post.

“The Global Commission on the Economics of Water, launched at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 2022, will report on game-changing ways to value and manage water as a common good,” the World Economic Forum wrote in this same recent post.

The key phrase there is “common good.” This is how the elite are trying to justify their seizure and control of the water supply.

According to the elite, a world government is needed to manage the global commons, by which they mean the environment, climate, water, and other trans-border concerns.

Just as the Paris Agreement promised an end to pollution — if only humans would stop taking airplanes and driving cars and heating their homes and using gas stoves — now this blossoming water treaty will no doubt promise an end to thirst. Yes, an end to thirst — after they manufacture a crisis, the elite will arrive with a solution, forcing humans of the world to unite and abide by all the coming WEF water dictates.

The elites have long set their sights on seizing control of the water supply.

Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe admitted as much during a shocking interview during which he accidentally exposed the psychopathic mindset of the elite.

At a time when inflation has gone double-digit, food production plants are burning down, the supply chain is in crisis, and food shortages are on the horizon, we now understand that the elites are making moves behind the scenes to seize control of our water supply.

So, is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and the psychopathic elite?

Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these so-called “water offsets” be forced to allow the state to euthanize them because of their poor social credit score?

That is the future of humanity according to the New World Order.

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