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Just as the Twin Towers were, the Zionist State of Israel was specifically created to be completely destroyed at the…..

…appointed time by The Powers That Be when an “Armageddon” event is needed the most in order to trigger the hot phase of World War III.    Israel Could Be Will Be Destroyed (Sept 2012 – He is just one year off) Makow- I believe in the two-state solution but I fear that Israel is, in the words of banker […]

The NZ Police made changes to the sudden death reporting form in May 2021, relating specifically to the covid injection

This interesting interview is from Liz Gunn speaking with former Snr Police Constable Dan Picknell. The changes were by verbal order, not officially on paper. The tweaks to the form included the number of covid (experimental) jabs the deceased had received, the time frame for those, the batch numbers, who administered them and the time […]

NY BLM Leader: De Blasio’s ‘Vaccine Mandate Is Racist and Specifically Targets Black New Yorkers’

One of the leaders of Black Lives Matter’s Greater New York chapter slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the city’s vaccine mandate, explaining the “mandate is racist and specifically targets black New Yorkers,” in a statement to Fox News. Chivona Newsome cofounded the Greater New York Chapter of Black Lives Matter and ran as a […]

18 Examples Of How Christians Are Being Specifically Targeted By Big Brother

The American Dream Sept 28, 2011 When the freedom of speech of one group is being threatened, it is a threat to all of us.  Just because you may not be a Christian, don’t think that what you are about to read is not a problem for you as well.  The truth is that any […]

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