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The NZ Police made changes to the sudden death reporting form in May 2021, relating specifically to the covid injection

This interesting interview is from Liz Gunn speaking with former Snr Police Constable Dan Picknell. The changes were by verbal order, not officially on paper. The tweaks to the form included the number of covid (experimental) jabs the deceased had received, the time frame for those, the batch numbers, who administered them and the time […]

Report: Court Documents Relating to Jeffrey Epstein Allegations to Be Released

A number of documents relating to the disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein are soon to be unsealed, according to a report. Source

Judge Orders Unsealing of Names of 8 Anonymous Individuals Relating to Jeffrey Epstein

A federal judge on Friday ordered the unsealing of documents featuring the real names of some of the “John Does” relating to deceased sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, according to multiple media outlets. Source

All your employer questions relating to the CV V, answered by the Government

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Conscious Relating: A Beautifully Powerful Path to Enlightenment

October 21st, 2020 By Richard West Guest Writer for Wake Up World There are many paths up the mountain towards enlightenment, and none so beautiful as the path of love. However, this path is littered with challenges that can hinder our progress. Think of it as the scenic route: it can be awe inspiring and […]

Removal of “Form 5 Cremation Certificate” for U.K. Deaths Relating to COVID-19. Under Britain’s “Coronavirus Act”

Counter Information Investigation by Lisa Jane Waters By Lisa Jane Waters Global Research, October 09, 2020The Wall Will Fall 5 October 2020 As we head in to winter watch death statistic manipulation go into overdrive, check out this “Medical Practitioners” guidance on death provisions.  Did you know that the UK Government have removed Form 5 of the Cremation […]

“The Truth About the Gas Chambers”? Historical Considerations relating to Shlomo Venezia’s “Unique Testimony”

Carlos Telleldin Argentina

“The Truth About the Gas Chambers”? Historical Considerations relating to Shlomo Venezia’s “Unique Testimony” By Carlo Mattogno Published: 2010-04-01   1) A last-minute witness Shlomo Venezia, self-proclaimed ex-conscript of the so-called “Sonderkommando” of Birkenau, only decided to “speak out” in 1992. I discussed his testimony in 2002, in an article entitled “Another Last-Minute Witness: Shlomo […]

Question for the Israeli left: Why do you discount the possibility of a second Nakba?

Some may argue that the Nakba is an ongoing process, or rather, that it never really ended. Yet, bearing in mind the frightening political processes that are unfolding within Israel, one should wonder whether we are heading towards another catastrophe. So let us ask: how likely is is it for an ethnic cleansing of Palestinians […]

Assassination of a leader: Eva Golinger on the West’s murder of Hugo Chavez

     “Hugo Chavez defied the most powerful interests, and he refused to bow down….I believe there is a very strong possibility that President Chavez was assassinated.” — Eva Golinger MW – Do you think that Hugo Chavez was murdered and, if so, who do you think might have been involved? Eva Golinger – I believe […]

Hamburg Police “Surrender” in Face of Massive Nonwhite Invader Crime Wave

Police in the second largest city in Germany, Hamburg, have “capitulated” in the face of an uncontrollable rise in crime caused by the nonwhite invader influx, a confidential report leaked to Die Welt newspaper has revealed. The newspaper revealed that the police report says they are helpless to confront a spike in crimes committed […]

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