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Were The Romans Israelites? A Look At The Historical Arguments (Part 1)

To many readers, this may seem like a strange question. “Obviously the Romans were not Israelites,” they might say — “they were from the Genesis 10 nations.” We do not disagree. However, there are Christian circles who do indeed believe that the Romans were Israelites — and we would like to address that view in […]


by Suraj Gogoi and Nazimuddin Siddique We are shaken and frozen. Is this the last sky? We can hardly gather words to write this. Assembling them to describe the heinousness of the crime we saw is both painful and difficult. On Thursday, a body, a Muslim body was not only gunned down in cold blood […]

Historical Heroes: Cincinnatus, Washington and Whipple

We have so many hypocrites in American politics today that it’s worth looking back and considering men who are honorable heroes.  These are examples who should be followed today. Consider what Lord Byron wrote about Washington: “The Cincinnatus of the West, / Whom envy dared not hate, / Bequeathed the name of Washington, / To […]

Historical bridge, madrasa, fortress added to Iran national heritage list

TEHRAN – Seven historical structures including a bridge, madrasa, and a fortress, situated in Iran’s Semnan province, have recently been added to the national list for cultural heritage. Two hammams (public bathhouses), a kiln, and an oil workshop are other properties added to the prestigious list in a decree issued to the governor-general of the […]

15 historical monuments restored in eastern Iran

TEHRAN –A total of 15 historical buildings and aging structures, which are located in South Khorasan Province, have recently been restored, the deputy provincial tourism chief has said.  Historical mansions and Hosseiniehs – spaces where Shia Muslims come together to observe religious ceremonies – underwent some rehabilitation works in close collaboration with the private sector, […]

Lyd, Where Historical And Contemporary Zionist Oppression Meet

Above Photo: Israeli police officers stand guard as the home of Hana al-Nakib and her four children is being demolished, in the city of Lyd. Yotam Ronen. Activestills. Palestine Stretches From The River Jordan To The Mediterranean And Goes Right Through The Ancient Palestinian City Of Lyd. Lyd, Palestine — One of the toughest challenges facing […]

Eduard Veith’s Pretty Portraits, Frescoes and Historical Paintings

From AskArt: Eduard Veith (1856 – 1925) was active/lived in Austria. Eduard Veith is known for Portrait, frescoes, and historical painting. Eduard Veith was born in Vienna, where he attended the art school and was a pupil of Ferdinand Laufberger. He continued his education in Paris. Veith created primarily frescoes, theater curtains as well as […]

On Contact: WWII America’s Historical Myths

 On the show this week, Chris Hedges discusses the historical myths about World War II with Danny Sjursen, Retired US Army Major, author and historian. Knowledge, or what the historian Howard Zinn called the knowledge industry, is a vital form of power. Yes, the ruling elite’s monopoly on force is a direct form of […]

Ancient Stones of Australia: Rock Arrangements that Defy Conventional Historical Accounts

My son Evan and I have written extensively about the site Frederic Slater, President of the Australian Archaeological Education and Research Society, proposed was “Australia’s Stonehenge,” which we refer to as the Standing Stones site, and a complementary site we have named “Adam’s Garden.” What hasn’t been made clear, and nor is it still fully […]

Ancient Evidence Of Historical Jesus From Non-Christian Sources

“Although there is overwhelming evidence that the New Testament is an accurate and trustworthy historical document, many people are still reluctant to believe what it says unless there is also some independent, non-biblical testimony that corroborates its statements,” writes Dr. Michael Gleghorn. Here Dr. Gleghorn examines evidence from ancient non-Christian sources for the life of […]

Article by Vladimir Putin ”On the Historical Unity of Russians and Ukrainians“

July 13, 2021 July 12, 2021 During the recent Direct Line, when I was asked about Russian-Ukrainian relations, I said that Russians and Ukrainians were one people – a single whole. These words were not driven by some short-term considerations or prompted by the current political context. It is what I have said on numerous occasions and what I firmly believe. I therefore feel it necessary to explain my position in detail […]

Eventful 12 hours marks historical day for presidential election

Eventful 12 hours marks historical day for presidential election – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — The 2021 election has been one of a kind so far, yet events occurred on May 24 and 25 made the presidential elections all the more interesting. It all began at 00:00 of May 25, when Fars News published a list of […]

30 historical sites, monuments under restoration across Sistan-Baluchestan  

TEHRAN – Restoration work is currently underway on some 30 historical sites and monuments, which are dotted across the lesser-known Sistan-Baluchestan province. Historical houses, mansions, strongholds, castles, graveyards and windmills are amongst travel destinations being restored, ILNA quoted Mansoureh Molla-Elahi, the deputy provincial tourism chief, as saying on Tuesday. The collective province — Sistan in […]

No harm to Bushehr historical sites by quake

No harm to Bushehr historical sites by quake – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN –A moderate 4.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the city of Bandar Ganaveh in southwestern Bushehr province on Thursday caused no damage to historical sites across the province. Based on field visits by experts of the province’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Department, no damage […]

Historical watermill starts rotating once again 

TEHRAN – An underground watermill, which is located in the village of Tiran, Isfahan province, has been fully restored to be a new destination for sightseers and history buffs. Dating back to the late Qajar era, the watermill is situated near the seasonal river of Morghab that is one of the constituent elements of the […]

The Menehune: Historical Accounts of the Mythical ‘Little People’ of Hawaii

The Menehune: Historical Accounts of the Mythical ‘Little People’ of Hawaii The mention of the name conjures up images of little people, tiny artisans fervently working through the night to complete their secretive task, before quietly slipping back into the seclusion of the forest before day breaks. This mythical clan of Hawaiian people are known […]

70 historical petroglyphs discovered in central Iran

 TEHRAN – A total of 70 historical rock-carved petroglyphs, which experts believe date back to the Sassanid era, have recently been discovered in Mahallat county of Markazi province in central Iran. “Yesterday, 70 petroglyphs were in Sanjeh Bashi district of Mahallat county,” CHTN quoted Mehdi La’lbar, the tourism chief of Mahallat, as saying on Thursday. […]

Three historical objects discovered in Siraf port

TEHRAN – Three historical objects have recently been identified in the ancient port of Siraf in southwest Iran. The discovery includes two pieces of plaster and a stone object that has been cleaned and transferred to the cultural office of the port city, a local tourism official said on Wednesday. “The objects were found during […]

‘Gleichschaltung Gaslight’ – The Eradication of Scots Historical-Cultural Identity

Gaslighting Gilligan by Johnny McNeill – unpublished author of ‘Gaslighting Gilligan‘ (released via Berlin on 25th June 2017) National Trust Scotland ‘Trademarking’, Neil Oliver NTS appointment, the Culloden Housing Development & their collective role in ‘Gleichschaltung‘ – the (continuing) deliberate British State policy by gaslightomission of Scots cultural-historical identity. “Who controls the past controls the […]

Historical castle restored to former glory

TEHRAN –Parts of the walls of the Kalat Ahram Castle, also known as Zaer Khezr Khan Castle, in Tangestan county, southwestern Bushehr province were restored, the deputy provincial tourism chief has announced.  A budget of four billion rials ($95,000 at the official exchange rate of 42,000 rials per dollar) was allocated to the project, which […]

Ruins of majestic historical gateway unearthed near Persepolis

TEHRAN – The ruins of a majestic historical gateway, built upon the order of Cyrus the Great, who was the founder of the mighty Achaemenid Empire (ca. 550 – 330 BC), have been unearthed near the UNESCO-registered Persepolis in southern Iran, Iranian researchers said on Monday. Supervised by a joint mission of Iranian and Italian […]

The historical problem with Poland

February 7, 2021 by Ben Cohen Read on for article The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) launched a new website last month titled “Protect the Facts” for the purpose of addressing Holocaust “distortion.” The Polish flag with Warsaw in the background. Credit: Velishchuk Yevhen/Shutterstock “Distortion” is not quite the same thing as “denial.” The claim […]

Ending the Historical Atrocity of Virginity Tests?

Since medieval times, many Muslim communities have regarded the hymen, the tiny piece of skin known as the vaginal membrane, as proof of virginity and a woman’s moral virtue. Even today in the United Kingdom, girls and young women are being charged between £150 and £300 (about $200 to $400) for “certification of their purity,” […]

Atlas of historical Masuleh, its legal boundaries determined  

TEHRAN – A comprehensive atlas of the historical village of Masuleh and its legal boundaries have recently been determined and announced by the Iranian ministry of tourism and cultural heritage. Legal boundaries and historical texture of Masuleh has been announced to Gilan Governor-General Arsalan Zare’ is a letter inked by Mohammad-Hassan Talebian, a deputy minister […]

Experts restore historical cistern surmounted by windcatchers

TEHRAN – Cultural heritage experts in Yazd have begun work to restore a historical Ab-Anbar (cistern) which is surmounted by two windcatchers, the city’s tourism chief announced on Monday.  The restoration project involves removing debris, cleaning the surrounding area, strengthening the walls using thatch material as well as repairing its windcatchers (also called wind towers), […]

A chance to right a historical wrong

December 1, 2020 by Gilad Erdan Read on for article Some 850,000 Jews have been deported from Arab countries and Iran, but their stories are not heard in E.U. meetings and their photos cannot be found hanging in exhibitions in the corridors of the United Nations. Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Gilad Erdan, in his […]

Was Rama Based on a Real Historical Figure?

Rama, one of the principle figures of the Hindu text the Ramayana is revered throughout India and the world. Many historians doubt that Rama was an actual person, however, many Hindus believe he was a real historical figure and argue that there is enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that the legends about Rama, although written […]

Take an Eye-Opening Journey into the Past: Top 10 Historical TV Series

Ancient history and some of its famous faces have inspired countless TV series over recent years, ranging from drama and action, to fantasy and sci-fi. We all know that “based on actual events” or “inspired by real events” rarely means we’ll watch a true-to-life reenactment of historical events. Not to mention that historical facts are […]

Hundreds Of Illegal Historical Artifacts Recently Recovered By The Polish Police!

The looting of archaeological sites is a problem all around the world and it’s also a huge illegal business. Recently in Poland, authorities have recovered hundreds of stolen historical artifacts in a targeted police operation. These illegal historical artifacts are believed to have been illegally obtained. This latest incident is just another indicator of the […]

Statue of Liberty Historical Meaning-You Will Be Shocked!

September 29, 2020fightingmonarch When I was a boy, I grew up in a luciferian enclave masquerading as a cute little town. Westfield, New Jersey, was spitting distance from New York City, and it was loaded with satanic symbolism. There I was abused at a programming center, disguised as a soccer camp, where CIA sought to promote… Continue readingTHE […]

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