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Ryedale Roman Bronze Artifacts Found By Detectorists Head for Auction

A marvelous collection of Roman bronze artifacts that were unearthed in the year 2020 by detectorists in Yorkshire, England, is set to be auctioned next month. The rare Roman bronze collection, includes a bust of Marcus Aurelius , a statuette of Mars and a horse-headed knife handle. If you have the spare cash, you can […]

Super League is over, fans can thank Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

It only took a few days for the brand-new European Super League to collapse, and its demise can be traced to one man: Russian-Jewish billionaire Roman Abramovich, who owns the British club Chelsea. The Super League, a proposed breakaway league of 12 of the best European soccer clubs, was announced on Sunday to immediate public […]

The Curious Red and Black Inscriptions Found at Spanish Roman Quarry

The Roman quarry of El Mèdol , located in modern-day Tarragona (Tarraco in ancient times) in Catalonia is literally a man-made marvel. This limestone quarry was used by the Romans to build the city center of ancient Tarraco and other major Roman monuments in the area. Virtually, at the center of the Roman quarry lies the […]

Roman Villa Unearthed in Northern Yorkshire is First of its Kind

Excavations at a proposed construction site in suburban Scarborough in northern Yorkshire, England have revealed the remains of a grand and stately Roman villa, which would have been constructed sometime in the first three centuries AD. The site is covered with an expansive complex of buildings, including a large, circular central room with auxiliary chambers […]

Christian Hunting has Begun just like in the times of Roman Emperor Nero, Canada becomes first Demon of Persecution

Home » Injustice, North America, Suppression » Christian Hunting has Begun just like in the times of Roman Emperor Nero, Canada becomes first Demon of Persecution     What you are about to read is in no way shape or form some isolated case or a one time event. This is just the beginning and […]

Ancient Roman Baths and Sanctuaries Found at San Casciano dei Bagni

In the culturally and historically rich province of Tuscany in central Italy there is an old way of blessing someone verbally. It translates into the phrase “…from the warm waters of San Casciano dei Bagni,” in reference to the healing powers of the hot springs in the Tuscany region. San Casciano dei Bagni’s long history […]

Baalbek Reborn: Virtual Tour Brings Roman Temples Back to Life

Baalbek in Lebanon has been known by many names, ruled by many different kings and emperors, and has been under the dominion of many faiths in its long and storied history. Some 2,000 years ago, around 27 BC, when it was known as Heliopolis or “The City of the Sun”, Baalbek served as the premier […]

Did The Roman Empire Reach The Brochs Of Orkney?

Greatly simplified, one of the primary reasons for the decline of the Roman empire was its rapid expansion, and ultimately its vast size became too expensive to manage effectively and it fell to external, as well as internal forces. From its origins in a small Italian city the empire would come to control all of what is […]

Roman Funeral Pyre in France Contained Rare Metal Curule Chair

Recently, two amazing discoveries were made in the commune of Epagny Metz-Tessy, in the Haute-Savoie department in southeastern France, near Annecy. After an SNC group carried out routine inspections and excavations prior to giving the all-clear on new housing construction on the site, they stumbled upon two Roman funeral pyres from the 1 st century […]

Historic Roman Monastery and Stunning Mosaic Unearthed in Turkey

Recently, two unidentified men, conducting an illegal excavation, stumbled upon an invaluable piece of history in western Turkey. The robbers had inadvertently unearthed a rare mosaic that was once part of a Roman monastery, built nearly 1,500 years ago during the Byzantine era of the Roman Empire. As reported by the Anadolu Agency , a […]

Politics Behind The Jewish-Roman War: Vespasian Versus Izates Manu

A few years ago, the world of biblical archaeology was treated to a spectacular mosaic find from the ancient  Huqoq synagogue , an archaeological site just north of Tiberias.  The image-exclusive was published by  National Geographic , and it depicts a complex scene with a king and his army meeting with a group of people […]

Pompeii: First Ever Roman Ceremonial Chariot Discovered in Italy!

Archaeologists excavating the ruins of a settlement north of Pompeii have discovered an exceptional ceremonial chariot that is almost intact. The ancient carriage is made from iron, bronze and tin and contains well-preserved bronze decorations. The discovery is ‘without precedent in Italy’.  The four-wheeled carriage was found inside a double-level portico near the stables of […]

Ancient Roman ‘Lamborghini’ chariot discovered at Pompeii in immaculate condition (PHOTOS)

Archaeologists are gushing after “an extraordinary find” of a perfectly preserved chariot with “no parallel in Italy thus far” was made at Pompeii. The “exceptional discovery” has already been described by one expert in the ancient world as the equivalent of discovering a Roman-era sports car.  “Many of the vehicles I’d written about before … […]

Archaeologists Unearth Two Luxury Roman Townhouses In Nimes, France

Archaeologists conducting an extensive survey in the historic city of Nimes in southern France have unearthed two opulent and expansive Roman domus townhouses. These upper-class, multipurpose townhouses were apparently the family dwellings and official headquarters of prominent Roman citizens, who lived in Nimes in the first or second century AD.   Digging in anticipation of an upcoming […]

Unexpected Iron Age Settlement and Roman Villa Found in Oxfordshire

In the vicinity of a hill fort site located at Wittenham Clumps, Oxfordshire, a team of archaeologists from DigVentures uncovered something unexpected and marvelous. While digging in anticipation of an upcoming construction project, unearthed a cornucopia of archaeological and historical treasures from two distinct eras, according to the DigVentures website . Amongst the find were […]

“Rediscovered” Judean Roman Coffins Decorated For Afterlife Protection

Construction workers in Israel have rediscovered a pair of ancient stone Roman coffins that had been found 25 years earlier and then forgotten. The two Roman-era (63 BC-324 AD) stone sarcophagi were unearthed at the Ramat Gan Safari Park in Tel Aviv, Israel. Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) say the pair of highly-ornate […]

Humanoid Figurine Found In Wimpole: Man Or God, Roman Or Celtic?

Archaeologists in England have discovered an ancient humanoid figurine but they’re unsure whether it represents a god, or an everyday person. What do you think? The ancient humanoid figurine is finely detailed with a moustache, a short back and, possibly, a mullet hairstyle. Researchers say it offers a unique insight into the trends among native men […]

Rare Ancient Millstone Found Decorated With A Roman Phallus Carving

When archaeologists pieced together a broken millstone they were shocked to find an ancient Roman phallus carving. Experts say that the Roman phallus decoration is both “highly significant” and rare. The broken millstone bearing the ancient carving was discovered during major roadworks between Cambridge and Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, England between 2017 and 2018. It is […]

Ancient Pay Slip Shows That This Roman Soldier Slaughtered for Nothing

An ancient pay slip details how a Roman soldier had partaken in a battle that ended up with the  mass suicide  of hundreds of innocent Jews. But what is the interesting fact that comes out of this piece of ancient evidence, is the fact that, after deductions, the warrior had literally worked for nothing. Zilch. […]

Segóbriga: Vestiges of Roman Grandeur in Spain

Segóbriga was a Celtic, and later Roman, city located in Castilla-La Mancha, in the central part of Spain. Today, the ancient city is an important archaeological park and one of the best-preserved in Spain’s Meseta Central. Segóbriga is most notable for its Roman theatre and amphitheatre, which are located on the fringe of the site. […]

Vatican City’s Necropolis Shows How Roman Non-Elites Lived and Died

Beneath Vatican City, excavations of a Roman era necropolis have revealed fascinating details about Roman burial rituals and funerary practices from the first through to the early fourth centuries AD. Archaeological work in the Santa Rosa necropolis, or  Necropolis of the Via Triumphalis , has been going on since 2009, and so far approximately 250 […]

Archaeologists Uncover Mix of Greek, Roman, And Coptic Ruins In Egypt

Archaeologists exploring a site in southern Egypt unearthed a mixture of ruins and artifacts that chronicle human activity during three separate eras in Egyptian history. During excavations at the Shiha Fort in the Aswan Governorate, in southern Egypt, members of the archaeological mission of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities found evidence that proved […]

Tacitus on the Roman War with the jews

The Works of Tacitustr. by Alfred John Church and William Jackson Brodribb [1864-1877] Yet the endurance of the Jews lasted till Gessius Florus was procurator. In his time the war broke out. Cestius Gallus, legate of Syria, who attempted to crush it, had to fight several battles, generally with ill-success. Cestius dying, either in the […]

Restoring The Roman Retreat Of Herculaneum Beach, Buried By Vesuvius

Herculaneum beach in the ancient Roman town of Herculaneum, buried along with Pompeii by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on October 24th 79 AD, is to be excavated and restored. When the archaeologists finish, visitors will be able to stroll along Herculaneum beach, as elite Romans once did, before the lethal surge of nature wiped […]

Jug of Priceless Ancient Roman Coins Discovered in Special Turkish City

A “very special and unique collection” of ancient Roman coins have been unearthed at an equally special 5,000-year-old archaeological site in Turkey. More than 650 priceless coins were found at Aizanoi, which is located in the Kutahya province and has been compared to the famous ancient city of Ephesus. A Jug of Rare Ancient Roman […]

Russian Divers Discover Ancient Roman Sea Fortress at Tartus

Dmitry Tatarkov, director of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations, recently told Almasdar News that Russian scientists from Sevastopol State University have made a series of remarkable discoveries off the coast of the Syrian coast at Tartus. Not only have they found three ancient naval structures, but a full blown ancient port and […]

Islamic Tower Found “In” Roman Villa On A Spanish Beach

Researchers in Spain have unearthed the foundations of a rustic Roman residential seaside villa at Guardamar, like none other ever discovered. Why is it so unique? Well, this one had the later addition of its very own Islamic tower and mosque! Translated literally, “Guardamar” means “guardian of the sea.” Located at the mouth of the […]

Roman Wine Barrels Reveal Details Of Intricate Roman Trade and Craft

Archaeologists digging on the banks of the Vesle River near Reims in northern France in 2008 unearthed something unusual. They found three large and remarkably well-preserved ancient Roman wooden wine barrels. They were certain the barrels were constructed at some time in the far-distant past but it  was initially impossible to place the wine barrels in […]

Ancient Treasures Discovered in Roman Shipwreck at Kasos

Greek underwater divers and marine archaeologists have discovered hoards of ancient treasures onboard shipwrecks off the coast of Kasos Island. But now, a rare Roman shipwreck has been discovered, and the distant origins of its cargo are helping to paint a clearer picture of international trade in the ancient Mediterranean. Kasos, or Kassos, is the southernmost […]

WWI British Spy Used Ancient Roman Lookout Island

Spanish researchers excavating Roman ruins on the tiny islet of Fraile (Isla del Fraile) now have a set of new targets: artifacts of espionage. A recently discovered WWI diary reveals the Spanish island was owned by an eccentric British spy, and the archaeologists will now be looking for signs of an undercover “British spy ring.” […]

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