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What is Behind Algeria’s Severance of Diplomatic Ties with Morocco?

“Algeria has decided to sever diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco as of August 24,” Algerian Foreign Minister Ramdan Lamamra told a news conference, accusing the neighboring kingdom of “hostile actions.” Although the termination of diplomatic relations has already taken effect, consulates in each country will nevertheless remain open, Ramtane Lamamra said. Algeria is considering […]

Algeria arrests 22 suspected arsonists over deadly blazes

Algeria has arrested 22 people suspected of being involved in the country’s deadly wildfires that killed at least 69 people, the country’s president Abdelmadjid Tebboune has said. Dozen of forest fires have hit mountainous areas in northern Algeria since Monday, mainly in Tizi Ouzou of the Kabylie region east of the capital, Algiers. At least […]

Iran expresses condolences to Algeria over wildfires

TEHRAN— In a statement on Thursday, Khatibzadeh offered condolences to the Algerian government and nation, especially the families of the victims of the tragic incident, and wished recovery for those injured. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh expressed regret over massive wildfires in Algerian forests, which have claimed dozens of military and civilian lives and […]

Deadly Wildfires Ripping Through Algeria: Criminal Hands behind Hundred-plus Fires Breaking Out at Same Time

August 13 2021 Source: Al Mayadeen Hana Saada Algeria did not rule out the possibility of a criminal act; “the rise in temperatures could not be the sole cause of these forest fires”. Algerian Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Aimene Benabderrahmane, declared that, following the investigations launched by the relevant departments, scientific evidence has […]

Dozens killed in wildfires in Algeria

At least 25 soldiers died saving residents from wildfires ravaging mountain forests and villages east of Algeria’s capital, the president announced Tuesday night as the civilian toll rose to at least 17. President Abdelmadjid Tebboune tweeted that the soldiers were “martyrs” who saved 100 people from the fires in two areas of Kabyle, the region […]

Algeria: largest Islamic party refuses to join new government

The largest Islamist party in Algeria, the Movement for Society of Peace (MSP), announced on Tuesday that it will not take part in the government being formed after the recent legislative election. The announcement was made by MSP leader Abdel Razzaq Makri after an emergency meeting of the movement’s Shura (Consultative) Council, to consider an […]

Algeria’s Political Vectors

Algeria remains one of the few countries in the Arab world that has retained the ability to conduct an independent foreign policy and has not been affected by destabilization. The situation in this country remains relatively stable, despite the noticeable deterioration of its economic situation and the decline in the cost of energy resources on […]

Algeria: Sonelgaz to supply Libya with electricity

The Algerian national company for electricity and gas, Sonelgaz, announced that it would start supplying Libya with its electricity needs through the Tunisian network. Sonelgaz affirmed Algeria’s intention to back Libya in its new economic launch as a source of constructive support to the Libyans in the upcoming path of development. The company explained that the CEO of […]

Arab Parliament congratulates Algeria on holding election

Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel Bin Abdulrahman Al-Assoumi, yesterday congratulated Algeria for holding the legislative election on Saturday. “Conducting these elections represents an important stage in the process of democratic development and strengthening political participation in the Republic of Algeria and represents a necessary step forward,” Al-Assoumi said in a statement. He commended: “The […]

Algeria election: Turn-out low after opposition calls for a boycott

Initial reports point to a low turn-out in Algeria’s parliamentary election on Saturday. It’s the first such poll since the gas-rich North African nation’s longtime President Bouteflika was forced to resign two years ago. The Hirak protest movement had called for a boycott of the election over a crackdown by authorities on weekly rallies. New […]

Could Chad be a ‘time bomb’ affecting Algeria, Sahel in Africa? – analysis

The death of Chad’s president Idriss Deby, who came to power in 1990, could spell trouble for neighboring areas in Africa’s Sahel region. The Sahel is a swath of geography expanding from Senegal to Somalia that is often a euphemism for instability and infiltration by armed groups, including jihadist.Many publications, from France24 to Brookings to […]

Muslim Delivery Man Who Refused Service To French Jews Deported Back To Algeria

French immigration authorities deported a 19-year-old immigrant from Algeria who was jailed for refusing to deliver food to Jews after it was discovered he was living France illegally: Dhia Edine D. was sentenced in January to four months in jail for declining to deliver food made by a kosher restaurant in Strasbourg while he was […]

Rising Tensions Between Algeria And Morocco Since Israel Normalisation

Since Morocco chose to normalise ties with Israel late last year, tensions with neighboring Algeria and the Kingdom of Morocco have not stopped escalating. Many now fear that in one way or another, the war of words may escalate into violence. Back in December, Algerian Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, immediately warned of “foreign manoeuvres” conducted […]

Algeria frees imprisoned journalist and pro-democracy activists after presidential pardon

Algerian authorities freed an imprisoned journalist and more than 30 other pro-democracy activists on Friday in a conciliatory gesture ahead of the second anniversary of their Hirak protest movement. Chanting “Free and Democratic Algeria,” dozens of people gathered at the prison where journalist and activist Khaled Drareni had been held in Kolea, west of the […]

A threat to family life in Algeria: Women who can’t make couscous

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Christian in Algeria Imprisoned for Cartoon on Facebook

Photo Credit: Maya Anais Yataghene/Wikipedia TIZI-OUZOU, Algeria (Morning Star News) – A Christian who had received and reposted a cartoon of the prophet of Islam on his Facebook account three years ago was not too concerned when gendarmerie showed up at his door on Jan. 20. By the next day, the 43-year-old father of four young children […]

Jews from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria were killed by the Nazis at Sobibor

ID tags unearthed at the site of the death camp reveal that hundreds of the victims had roots in North Africa 00

A taste of diplomacy: Couscous added to Unesco list after Algeria and Morocco agreement

The United Nations has added couscous to its intangible cultural heritage list in a symbolic, but minor, diplomatic breakthrough for archrivals Morocco and Algeria. Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, states that continue to be embroiled in major conflicts, came together to highlight their shared history of the traditional Berber food by submitting a request to […]

Perpetrator of brutal 2014 Paris robbery and rape arrested in Algeria

Perpetrator of brutal 2014 Paris robbery and rape arrested in Algeria – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement 00

Algeria: Eleven Africans Convicted of Spying for Israel

One Liberian with Lebanese nationality and ten Africans have been convicted in an Algerian court on charges of spying for Israel, the Anadolu Agency news service has reported. According to the report, the Algerian court sentenced a “Liberian national of Lebanese origin” to death and another seven African nationals from Guinea and Mali to 10 […]

Peugeot has to procure 30% of parts for Algeria from Iran

“According to the signed contract, 30% of the parts necessary for production should be sourced from Iran,” said Mohammad Reza Najafi-Manesh, a member of the presiding board of Iranian Auto Parts Manufacturers Association. He said Iranian auto parts manufacturers will attend Equip Auto Algeria International Trade Fair for spare parts, equipment, services and maintenance for […]

Desert town in Algeria is covered in snow for the second time this year (PHOTOS)

     Locals were stunned to see snow on the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert yesterday – after it snowed in a small Algerian town for the second time this year. Following a 37-year spell of no snow which ended in December 2016, Ain Sefra in the country’s northwest, has seen snow no less than […]

Navy Commander: Iran to send fleets of warships to Italy, Spain, Algeria

FNA- Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi announced the country’s plans to dispatch flotillas of warships to Italy, Spain and Algeria. “The Italian fleets of warships have made several visits to Bandar Abbas (a Southern port city in Iran) so far and we have friendly relations with the Italian Navy now and […]

Zohra Drif’s Algeria memoir shows how occupation leads to terrible violence

At first, Zohra Drif’s act of placing a bomb on September 30, 1956 in the Milk Bar in Algiers, a place frequented by French civilians, looks like a clear violation of the laws of war. A closer look at the specific historical circumstances may qualify that judgment — and also expose the hypocrisy of some […]

Zohra Drif’s memoir of Algeria’s fight for freedom is stunning

Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter By Zohra Drif. With an introduction by Lakhdar Brahimi. Translated from the French by Andrew G. Farrand. Just World Books, $29.95, ebook $27.95. Anyone who has seen the classic film “The Battle of Algiers” will remember the mesmerizing segment in which three Algerian women […]

Between our life and our mother Algeria, we chose our mother: Excerpt from ‘Inside the Battle of Algiers: Memoir of a Woman Freedom Fighter’

In November 1954, freedom fighters in Algeria, which had long been occupied by the French, launched a war of liberation against their occupiers. Two of those happiest to hear this news were Zohra Drif and her close friend Samia Lakhdari, both of them young Algerian students at the (French) Faculty of Law in the capital, […]

Kicked out of Qatar, Hamas leaders eye move to Algeria

Gaza Amid Qatar crisis, Hamas lays groundwork for official presence in Algeria Al-Monitor 28 July by Adnan Abu Amer — Hamas and Algeria are in talks about accommodating Hamas leaders as well as opening a new office in the sympathetic North African country — Hamas’ foreign relations chief Osama Hamdan told Al-Monitor, “We have visited Algeria […]

Franc’s Marine Le Pen Says French ‘Colonization Gave A Lot’ To Algeria

Marine Le Pen Thinks Colonisation Was A Good Thing ‘Colonisation gave a lot.’Far-right leader Marine Le Pen thinks French colonisation of Algeria was a “good” thing… Posted by Middle East Eye on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 In an interview with French television channel BFM last week, presidential candidate Marine Le Pen stirred controversy […]

Labour MPs references Hitler comments, Ken Livingstone suspension

     Ken Livingstone claims embittered Blairite Labour MPs pushed for his suspension after comments he made about Hitler and Zionism, and said party leader Jeremy Corbyn had no say whatsoever in the move. Speaking at the Oxford Union on Wednesday, Livingstone maintained the comments, which saw him chased and harangued by a Blairite MP, were […]

The Turkish “Hitler”?

  May 21, 2016 by Uncle Vania translated by Vox Populi Evo On May 22nd, Turkey will have a new Prime Minister instead of the current leader of the Cabinet of Ministers — Ahmet Davutoglu. On May 5, 2016 he was forced to resign his post as a head of the ruling Justice and Development […]

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