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Superman’s Partnership with the Feds

When I was a kid growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, the same thing was going on with respect to the Cold War racket. Back then, the big scary thing was communists rather than terrorists. The federal government’s Cold War propaganda convinced most everyone that the Reds were coming to get us, either from […]

New Rumble Partnership Promises a Caffeine-Infused Boost for Freedom of Speech

Coffee with the secret ingredient of free speech is the latest edition to the parallel economy. Rumble, the high-growth video platform and cloud services provider, often known as the biggest anti-censorship alternative to YouTube, has announced a major partnership with 1775 Coffee to bring an exclusive Rumble-branded product. This new collaboration with 1775 Coffee, which […]

Could the war in Palestine potentially undermine the U.S.-Israeli strategic partnership?

Israel had convinced the U.S. that Palestine issue was no longer an obstacle to normalization. But October 7 shattered Israel’s image of military might, raising doubts about its abilities to protect U.S. strategic interests. Source

Xi, Assad Announce Strategic Partnership in China Summit

September 22, 2023 Source: Agencies Chinese President Xi Jinping and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad held Friday a summit meeting in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, wherein the two leaders announced strategic partnership between the two sides. Three partnership documents were signed in the summit. The first document was an economic cooperation agreement, while the second was a joint memorandum […]

Xi, Al-Assad announce milestone China-Syria ‘strategic partnership’

Sep 22, 2023 Source: Agencies By Al Mayadeen English China’s president Xi says this move is a “milestone” in the history of relations between the two countries. China and Syria announced the establishment of a strategic partnership, Chinese President Xi Jinping revealed on Friday, just one day after China’s Foreign Ministry stated that this week […]

The Rise of the Public-Private Partnership in Tyranny

The slogan cuius regio, eius religio (whose the reign/realm, his the religion) was adopted in Europe in the mid-16th century to end the religious wars. It was an agreement among the monarchs that he who governs the territory decides its religion. Faith therefore was not a matter of individual choice of beliefs, values, morality, and […]

14 US Cities Initiate New Globalist Climate Plan In Partnership With Soros & The Clintons

BY TYLER DURDEN TUESDAY, AUG 22, 2023 – 02:05 PM Authored by Jack Hellner via, The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is a globalist enterprise with at least 14 partners right here in the U.S., and, they have set an “ambitious target” to convince the masses to give up meat, dairy, and private car […]

Mongolia and India – an unusual but ambitious partnership

Mongolia is currently putting the finishing touches to its preparations for a visit by the Speaker of the House of the People, the lower house of India’s Parliament, which will take place from July 6-9 this year. The visit was announced in a meeting between India’s ambassador to Mongolia and the speaker of the State […]

Moscow-Algeria: on the way to deepening a partnership

“Moscow-Algeria: closer than ever before,” “Algerian-Russian Axis: New Prospects for Cooperation,” “Summit of Friends.” These and similar headlines in Algerian media reflect the reaction to President Abdelmadjid Tebboune’s recent state visit to Russia. During the visit, the Russian Federation and the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria signed an in-depth strategic partnership declaration, as well as […]

Russia-China Partnership: What is the use of it for Africa?

President Xi Jinping undertook a landmark visit to the Russian Federation from March 20 to 23. It was full of events and symbolism, which will be analyzed by political scientists for a long time to come. It is now clear nonetheless that this visit signaled the beginning of a profound transformation of the entire international […]

World Bank agrees $7bn, 5-year partnership with Egypt

The World Bank said, on Wednesday, it had approved a new $7 billion partnership agreement with Egypt for 2023-2027 with a focus on boosting private sector jobs, provision of better health and education services, and adaptation to climate change, Reuters reports. The Country Partnership Agreement (CPF) will entail $1 billion per year from the International […]

Turkey applauds Iran-Saudi partnership

TEHRAN – The recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to repair their ties after seven years of estrangement, according to the Turkish foreign minister, would bolster the Muslim world and enhance cooperation among Muslim governments to assist tackle regional issues. Mevlut Cavusoglu appreciated the deal between Tehran and Riyadh in a telephone call with […]

China’s Top Diplomat Meets Putin, Vows to ‘Deepen’ Partnership With Russia

Communist China is pledging to deepen its cooperation with Russia, further cementing the ties between the authoritarian powers. China’s top diplomat Wang Yi met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Feb. 21, where the two expressed a desire to evolve the nations’ strategic partnership. Wang told Putin that the myriad crises of the current era […]

Malaysian exhibitors in Tehran to foster partnership

TEHRAN – Following years of coronavirus-related restrictions, Malaysian travel insiders and exhibitors seek to promote partnership with Iranian counterparts at the 16th Tehran International Tourism Exhibition, which runs from February 7 to 10. Tourism Malaysia, which operates under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia, is set to provide an avenue for Malaysia tourism […]

UK, Greece Seek Strengthened Defence Partnership

 Greece and the United Kingdom on Tuesday signed a new defence and security agreement, targeting closer collaboration to benefit each countryآ’s military, Britain’s Defense Ministry said. Greeceآ’s Minister for National Defence, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, signed the Joint Vision Statement (JVS) with UK Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace, on a visit to the UK, which included a Guard… […]

Iran and Saudi Arabia – rivalry or partnership?

Iran and Saudi Arabia stand out among many Middle Eastern states in terms of their status, historical content, natural resources, and scale. The regional security of the Middle East is also affected by the state of relations between Tehran and Riyadh, because each of them represents one of the Islamic world’s currents (Shiism and Sunnism), […]

Russian-Turkish partnership in the area of another Turkish-Syrian crisis

In today’s geopolitical dynamics, Russia and Turkey maintain a relevant regional presence in strategically important regions of the Near and Middle East, where the interests of the two powers can combine and diverge. However, the ruling elites have a high sense of maintaining a balance of power, respecting national interests, avoiding the prospect of radicalization […]

South Korea and Saudi Arabia open up a new level of economic partnership

South Korea and Saudi Arabia have had diplomatic relations for more than 60 years, but since 2015, when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman became actively involved in state affairs, relations between the two countries have received a new impetus for cooperation, expanding from the traditional sectors of oil trading and construction to developing alternative energy […]

Beyond the Trump Dinner: Dangers of the Ye-Fuentes Partnership  

Analysis At the beginning of 2022, white nationalist youth leader Nick Fuentes declared that he had no time for intimate relationships because he had chosen to be “an historical figure” leading “an historical right-wing movement.” It seemed like a ridiculous level of hubris coming from a then-23-year-old who had been kicked off both mainstream and conservative social […]

ADIDAS, a company founded by NAZIS, terminates partnership with Kanye for tweeting about Sean “Diddy” Combs being a puppet for Jews

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Adidas, a German shoe brand, whose founders were members of the Nazi party and cooperated with Hitler, who also led the execution of over 6 million Jews, does anything and everything that is commercially advantageous, with no scruples, and right now, that means dropping Kanye West from their advertising platform. Kanye, now … […]

Adidas Shares Slump On Reported Kanye West Partnership End, Morgan Stanley Downgrade

People familiar with the matter told Bloomberg that Adidas could announce plans to end its partnership with the US rapper and designer as early as Tuesday after a rash of offensive behavior.  Source

Adidas Ends Partnership With Kanye Amid ‘Anti-Semitism’ Accusations, ADL Takes Credit For ‘Pressure’ Campaign

Adidas announced on Tuesday morning that they’re formally ending their partnership with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, for violating their company’s “values of diversity and inclusion.” Source

Yuval Harari’s Unipolar Dystopia vs the Greater Eurasian Partnership: Two Technological Paradigms Clash

by MATTEHRET POSTED ON JUNE 21, 2022 By Matthew Ehret [Originally published on The Strategic Culture Foundation] During a May 2022 interview, World Economic Forum Guru of the Great Reset Yuval Noah Harari shared his dystopic view of humanity’s next phase of evolution. In his assessment, the primary problem for the governing elite managing the world will not […]

UHC2030:The United Nations’ Global Public-Private Partnership For Healthcare

In our continuing series exploring sustainable development and the associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we turn our attention to SDG 3 which promises to “ensure healthy lives.” Once again, when we scrutinise this promise it is empty. Through the 2030 Agenda for Universal Health Coverage (UHC2030) it seems that debt-based neocolonialism and oppressive global governance […]

UHC2030: The United Nations’ Global Public-Private Partnership For Healthcare

In the first part of this series, we looked at the United Nation’s (UN’s) Sustainable Development agenda. Contrary to most people’s perception of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), this agenda has little to do with environmentalism or reducing CO2 emissions. Instead, it is a mechanism for introducing global governance and particularly global financial governance into every […]

Iran’s military chief warns of U.S.-Israeli partnership in the region

TEHRAN – Iran’s Armed Forces chief on Tuesday gave a stark warning to the U.S., Israel and their regional allies, saying his country will enhance its military and intelligence activities and hold various drills to display its readiness. “In recent months, the terrorist U.S. army has tried to make up for its absence, which has […]

McGill-Tel Aviv University Partnership: Why I Interrupted Major Funding Announcement

Atlanta Medical Center’s impending closure “is incredibly tragic and disruptive to the patients,” said Grady Health System CEO John Haupert. It will create “a public health emergency,” said Dr. Mark Waterman, president of the medical staff at AMC. Patients used to AMC’s services, from regular medical ailments to its links with midwife clinics, scrambled to […]

Esin Attorney Partnership

In Lawyertys we’re happy to speak that we get rid of many attorneys near Bairiki Village, who work day by day making efficient strategies and infallible arguments to obtain the success the clients want. The army also occupied different state institutions, together with state-owned radio and TV stations, the Supreme Court, and the parliament, in […]

Esin Legal Professional Partnership

Our lawyers are litigators and represent its purchasers in actions at courts involving nearly each substantive area of the regulation. We have the flexibleness to work with our clients’ personal lawyers or attorneys at regulation in different jurisdictions or to cooperate with our international law consultants and alliance partners in other international locations through our […]

Washington’s Partnership (for Primacy) in Blue Pacific

In Washington’s ongoing efforts to confront and contain China’s rise on the global stage, it has announced yet another bloc, the “Partnership in Blue Pacific.” The Financial Times in a recent article titled, “US and allies launch initiative to help Pacific Island nations,” would claim, regarding the stated objective of the new bloc, that: The […]

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