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Putin promises to DESTROY all those U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets piloted by Ukrainian soldiers

Putin promises to DESTROY all those U.S.-made F-16 fighter jets piloted by Ukrainian soldiers Any United States-made F-16 fighter jets that are spotted making their way into Ukraine in the coming days, or that are being piloted by Ukrainian soldiers anywhere in the world, are open game for Russia to destroy them, warned Russian President […]

Trump Promises Christian Nationalists ‘[Political] Power At A Level That You’ve Never Used It Before’

Former president Donald Trump delivered a campaign speech at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Tennessee on Thursday, promising the right-wing Christian audience that they will wield political power “at a level that you’ve never used it before” if he is returned to the White House in 2024. Trump’s audience and the larger convention were […]

New Rumble Partnership Promises a Caffeine-Infused Boost for Freedom of Speech

Coffee with the secret ingredient of free speech is the latest edition to the parallel economy. Rumble, the high-growth video platform and cloud services provider, often known as the biggest anti-censorship alternative to YouTube, has announced a major partnership with 1775 Coffee to bring an exclusive Rumble-branded product. This new collaboration with 1775 Coffee, which […]

Broken promises: How marijuana legalization failed communities hit hardest by the drug war

In the long and contentious fight for marijuana legalization, lawmakers across the country won over skeptical colleagues by promising social justice: The economic benefits of cannabis sales would be targeted at communities marred by decades of racist drug enforcement policies. New York’s plan would be “transformative” for afflicted communities, said Majority Leader Crystal D. Peoples-Stokes […]

More than half of world’s largest companies’ net zero pledges are false promises, study finds

The recent InfluenceMap study, assessing the climate commitments of nearly 300 of the world’s largest companies, has uncovered a troubling trend: over half are at risk of ‘net zero greenwashing.’ This finding highlights a significant disconnect between corporate pledges to support the Paris Climate Accord and actual policy actions, casting doubt on the integrity of […]

DESPERATE MOVE: Zelensky BEGS Western allies for more money, promises to pay back all loans after the war

(NaturalNews) In a recent interview with MSNBC, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a plea to his country’s Western allies for urgent financial… Source

Apple’s LIES: iPhones have been exposing your unique MAC despite Apple’s promises otherwise

“From the get-go, this feature was useless,” researcher says of feature put into iOS 14. Three years ago, Apple introduced a privacy-enhancing feature that hid the Wi-Fi address of iPhones and iPads when they joined a network. On Wednesday, the world learned that the feature has never worked as advertised. Despite promises that this never-changing […]

WWIII: If Israel follows through with Gaza ground invasion, Iran promises “huge earthquake” attack by Hezbollah

(NaturalNews) If Israel follows through with its planned ground invasion of Gaza in the coming days, then Hezbollah will retaliate with a “huge earthquake” attack,… Source

Trump promises IDEOLOGICAL SCREENING for potential immigrants if reelected as president

(NaturalNews) Former President Donald Trump has pledged to implement strict ideological screening for all immigrants seeking entry to the U.S. if reelected in… Source

Why your elected politicians aren’t able to keep their election promises

“Why don’t the elected politicians that we elect to parliament or congress keep their election promises? – ANSWER: they can’t!” ” Our decisions on monetary matters, social welfare matters, energy matters, food matters, internal matters, external matters, all are being dictated to us”. Barry Smith, Postscript, 1992, pp 36, 38 The late Barry Smith, a […]

Netanyahu promises to turn Gaza into “rubble” following Hamas attack – they will pay “unprecedented price”

(NaturalNews) Following the surprise attack by Hamas in southern Israel over the weekend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement vowing to defeat… Source

Donald Trump Promises ‘Revival of Economic Nationalism’ to UAW Strikers

Former President Donald Trump promised a “revival of economic nationalism” to United Auto Worker (UAW) members during a speech in Clinton Township, Michigan Wednesday evening. Source

Trump Promises Largest Deportation in US History

READ HERE:   Source

Biden Promises Gas Prices Will Go DOWN. REALLY????

US US Gas Prices Keep Going Up By infostormer  – September 18, 2023 3 Gas prices continue to rise.     Joe Biden and the various Jews around him are claiming they are going to get gas prices down again.     Really? By doing what? You assholes cancelled drilling in Alaska and have already […]

BREAKING: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. throws down the gauntlet on rigged DNC, promises to “look at other options” if democrat party bosses won’t allow a fair and free election

(NaturalNews) In a live town hall event that took place Sunday, September 17th, 2023, hosted by Stand For Health Freedom, US presidential candidate Robert F…. Source

Kim Jong Un Promises Putin North Korea’s Full Support For Russia’s ‘Sacred Fight’

The two leaders’ interests are aligning in the face of their separate, intensifying confrontations with the United States. Source

Russia Promises Retaliation After Ukrainian Drones Hit Russian Tanker

As Kyiv’s naval capabilities grow, the Black Sea is becoming an increasingly important battleground in the war. Source

UK Government promises to Stop Bank Terror

The UK government says it is preparing legislation to force banks to stop shutting down and refusing customers because of their political views. Ideological blacklisting should be able to lead to revoked banking licenses. The background is that Nigel Farage, former party leader of the Brexit party Ukip, had his accounts suspended by the bank […]

Bill Barr Promises To Jump Off a Bridge If Trump Wins GOP 2024 Nomination

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has promised he will jump off a bridge if Trump wins the Republican 2024 presidential nomination. Barr, who has become a prominent Trump hater in recent times, told NBC News: […] The post Bill Barr Promises To Jump Off a Bridge If Trump Wins GOP 2024 Nomination appeared first on […]

NATO Promises a Tricky Long War on Russia

The latest NATO summit has been ‘successful’ insofar as it brought Sweden’s membership very close to becoming a reality. At the same time, the summit also made clear that the alliance, even though it fell short of offering membership to Ukraine, is gearing up for a long war with Russia. The most prominent proponent of […]

France promises to supply Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, putting a target on itself for Russia’s nuclear weapons

France promises to supply Ukraine with long-range cruise missiles, putting a target on itself for Russia’s nuclear weapons In concert with Great Britain, France has decided to send long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine so Volodymyr Zelensky’s armed forces can strike Russia’s armed forces from deep behind front lines. Emmanuel Macron announced the move in tandem […]

Trump promises to “sign a law prohibiting child sexual mutilation in all 50 states” if elected in 2024

(NaturalNews) At the recent Faith & Freedom Coalition convention in Georgia, Donald Trump promised to sign a bill outlawing all transgender mutilation… Source

UK Promises More Arms For Ukraine As Zelenskyy Meets Sunak On European Tour

The Ukrainian president is seeking more aid as his country prepares a long-anticipated spring offensive to retake territory seized by Russia. Source

Thailand’s opposition parties win big in election on promises of reform

Thailand’s main opposition Move Forward party set to outdo predictions in Sunday’s general election. The vote is seen as a pivotal chance for change nine years after incumbent Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha first came to power in a 2014 coup. Source

Video: Fauci Promises ‘There Will Be Another DEADLIER Pandemic Soon’

Anthony Fauci has promised that will be another deadlier pandemic very soon, and has warned that Americans will need to be locked down even harder than before. During an appearance at a townhall discussion at […] The post Video: Fauci Promises ‘There Will Be Another DEADLIER Pandemic Soon’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

Video: Fauci Promises That “There Will Absolutely Be An Outbreak Of Another Pandemic”

Anthony Fauci has promised that there is going to be another pandemic soon. During an appearance at a townhall discussion at James Madison University with Jim Acosta earlier this week, Fauci stated that “there will absolutely be an outbreak of another pandemic.”  Wouldn’t be a surprise if they pulled that shit again. Except this time […]

Trump’s Promises ‘Quantum Leap’ for a New America

Former President Donald Trump has revealed his dream for a new America ahead of the 2024 presidential race, promising to bring back the country’s boldness “in a very big way” and heralding a “quantum leap” in living standards. “Past generations of Americans pursued big dreams and daring projects that once seemed absolutely impossible. They pushed […]

Scholz and Biden pledge to keep pressure on Russia, as US promises €376m in support to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz vowed to maintain pressure on Russia after meeting privately in Washington on Friday. The White House announced $400 million [€376 million] in further US assistance as their meeting began. The conversation came at a delicate moment in the conflict. Ukraine and Russia are preparing for spring […]

Moderna Backpedals, Promises ‘Free’ Covid Shots After Demand For mRNA Vaccines Plummets

In January Moderna announced plans to charge consumers between $110 and $130 per dose of Covid-19 vaccine when the US government stops buying shots. However, the Big Pharma giant has been forced into a humiliating […] The post Moderna Backpedals, Promises ‘Free’ Covid Shots After Demand For mRNA Vaccines Plummets appeared first on News Punch. […]

Even more curious developments on those ‘dangerous’ eggs as WEF promises to ban them following scientific discovery that eating them cures covid naturally

Hammering the eggs again. I heard the other day also that tying your shoelaces can have a detrimental effect on your heart. Seriously. It was in mainstream news. Here is one article, if you search for yourself plenty more can be found. I’m wondering why they didn’t warn us of this long ago? Mysterious isn’t […]

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