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The “Soft Landing” Lie: A Global Economic Slowdown Is Already Underway

The reality is, governments go begging hat in hand to central bankers and the banks decide whether or not to give them that sweet stimulus nectar. Politicians engage in collusion with central banks on a regular basis and they defer to bankers on an array of economic decisions. Economic advisers to the US president almost […]

Green revolution destroying Germany’s economy as economic bloodbath continues

(NaturalNews) The more Germany tries to abolish carbon, the worse its economy is getting.Companies in Germany are shutting down or fleeing elsewhere. Energy… Source

Global uprising: Protests erupt worldwide against economic support for Gaza conflict

Image Credit: Ayaka McGill/AP Pro-Palestine activists from around the world executed a day of direct action protests on Monday, aiming to “block the arteries of capitalism and jam the wheels of production” in response to what they describe as Israel’s ongoing genocidal assault on Palestinians in Gaza. The protesters, coordinated by the group A15Action, assert […]

Milei’s Argentina Seems to Slowly Recover from Economic Disaster but its too Soon to Tell Yet

Home » Economy, South-Central America » Milei’s Argentina Seems to Slowly Recover from Economic Disaster but its too Soon to Tell Yet     Argentina finds itself grappling with significant economic challenges, yet there remains a glimmer of hope for a turnaround, contingent upon the successful passage of a comprehensive reform package proposed by President […]

COVID-19 Lockdowns Had High Health, Economic Costs: Swedish Study

Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Imposing restrictive lockdown measures during the COVID-19 pandemic led to higher excess mortality in such nations while also damaging their economies, according to a recent Swedish study. A worker waits on a bench in a residential area during the COVID-19 lockdown in the Huangpu district […]

Why China’s Strong Commodity Imports Defy Weak Economic Data

By Tsvetana Paraskova of Despite continued weak economic performance, China’s imports of major commodities in the first two months of 2024 held strong and exceeded last year’s levels. Imports of crude oil, LNG, coal, and iron ore were all higher at the start of the year compared to the same period of 2023, although […]

Global Economic War Is Coming And The Threat To The US Dollar Is Real

In a recent statement posted to social media, Tucker Carlson explained succinctly his many reasons for traveling to Russia to interview President Vladimir Putin. His decision, mired in an avalanche of outrage from leftist media talking heads and a multitude of western politicians, was inspired by Carlson’s concern that Americans have been misdirected by corporate propaganda […]

Another puppet working to rebuild trust in the World Economic Forum (WEF)?

I’d bet on the latter… Photo: Source

World Economic Forum Declares “Disinformation” to be the World’s Greatest Threat

The World Economic Forum has surveyed the world’s experts and issued its 2024 “Global Risks Report.” The international elite of experts have declared that the number one threat to humanity is not terrorism or pandemic or even climate change (which is second), but “misinformation and disinformation.” Of course, that means that the only hope for […]

Trump warns of ECONOMIC COLLAPSE worse than the 1929 Great Depression if he loses 2024 election

(NaturalNews) Former President Donald Trump has warned that the U.S. will suffer an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression of 1929 if he does not win… Source

IMF Praises Argentina’s Economic Reforms as ‘Bold, Should Help Private Sector Growth’

In response to the recent protests against Argentina’s economic reforms led by President Javier Milei, the new government has declared that organisers of the demonstrations will be held financially accountable for the associated security costs. The security expenses, totaling 60 million pesos, will be invoiced to the social movements responsible for orchestrating the protests, according […]

This is how the World Economic Forum, UN, WHO and the Chinese Communist Party Collapse Countries…

And the Holiday Sale for lifesaving products that they do NOT want you to have access to continues… Source

World Economic Forum Stripped Naked

18 dec 2023 Dr Vernon Coleman (Taken from `Their Terrifying Plan’ by Vernon Coleman.) The World Economic Forum (pompously and arrogantly announced as ‘Committed to Improving the State of the World’) was set up in 1971 by a man called Klaus Schwab, though the organisation wasn’t called that then. When Schwab began what was to […]

Biden’s approval wanes amidst economic challenges and Israeli policy scrutiny

A dive into the factors influencing President Biden’s declining approval ratings, including economic concerns and contentious foreign policy decisions. Source

Chicago Fed president says ‘too early to declare victory’ on economic ‘soft landing’ 

The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago warned that it is still “too early to declare victory” on the U.S. achieving an economic “soft landing.” President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Austan Goolsbee cautioned on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that there are still numerous “concerning data points” that may affect a… […]

YCP – The Global Economic Collapse Is Happening Now

YAHWEH’S COVENANT PEOPLE YCP – The Global Economic Collapse Is Happening Now Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share The debt spiral is a death spiral. Share this: Source

New York Times Claims ‘Economic Turmoil’ if Trump Enforces Border Laws

The nation will be pushed toward “social and economic turmoil,” if a reelected President Donald Trump tries to enforce Congress’s border laws, the New York Times claimed on November 11. “Sweeping Raids, Giant Camps and Mass Deportations: Inside Trump’s 2025 Immigration Plans,” declared the headline for an article about President Donald Trump’s campaign promises to enforce […]

Yellen To Meet China’s New Economic Czar This Week Ahead Of Biden–Xi Meeting

Authored by Dorothy Li via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is set to hold economic talks with her Chinese counterpart this week before a potential meeting between the top leaders of the world’s two largest economies. U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (L) shakes hands with Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng […]

The U.S. and Israeli war agenda will bring the world into an economic DOOM LOOP, Andy Schectman warns Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) President and owner of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, Andy Schectman, appeared on a recent episode of the “Health Ranger Report” to discuss with… Source

Fed Holds Rates Steady, Expects Economic Growth, Hiring, and Inflation to Slow

Growth is up. Inflation is up. Job openings are up. The Fed’s interest rate target, however, is not. Source

The Road to Economic Freedom: Gab’s Parallel Economy Vision

An Amazon Alternative For The Parallel Economy oct 3 2023 The concept of the Parallel Economy has gained significant traction in recent years largely thanks to Gab’s multi-year effort to mainstream the concept. A Parallel Economy is a network of businesses and consumers who prioritize values, ethics, and principles over sheer commercial interests. People are […]

Biden to visit Boebert’s district in Colorado to tout economic agenda

President Biden is expected to travel Monday to GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert’s district in Colorado to tout his economic agenda. The president heads to Pueblo in Colorado’s 3rd District to visit CS Wind, the largest wind tower manufacturer in the world, according to the White House. Biden will deliver remarks on what the administration touts… […]

World Economic Forum Calls For “Collective Action” To Fight “Misinformation” and “Disinformation”

First, they purposefully destroy something, and then they want to “get the contract” to rebuild it. Would you trust somebody with the job – if the above statement referred to, say, your house? Source

PA denies Israel offered economic measures to prevent its collapse

The Palestinian Authority denied on Monday reports in the Hebrew-language media that the Israeli government has offered economic incentives and financial aid to prevent its collapse. “Contrary to what was reported in the Israeli press, the current Israeli government has doubled its illegal unilateral deductions from Palestinian taxpayer funds in an unprecedented way,” explained Louay […]

Trump Mocks ‘Pro-Union’ Biden: ‘His Entire Career Has Been an Act of Economic Treason, Union Destruction’

Donald Trump mocked Joe Biden for declaring himself the “most pro-union president” despite supporting job-killing free trade. Source

Donald Trump Promises ‘Revival of Economic Nationalism’ to UAW Strikers

Former President Donald Trump promised a “revival of economic nationalism” to United Auto Worker (UAW) members during a speech in Clinton Township, Michigan Wednesday evening. Source

(Globalist) Chris Hipkins With Klaus Schwab at World Economic Forum Summer Davos

From CoronavirusPlushie @ Rumble Sources: For posts on other topics, check out our sister site Source

Escobar: War Of Economic Corridors – The India-MidEast-Europe Ploy

Escobar: War Of Economic Corridors – The India-MidEast-Europe Ploy Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Cradle, The India-Middle East-Europe transportation corridor may be the talk of the town, but it will likely go the way of the last three Asia-to-Europe connectivity projects touted by the west – to the dustbin. Here’s why. The India-Middle East-Europe […]

War of Economic Corridors: the India-Mideast-Europe ploy

SEP 25, 2023 The India-Middle East-Europe transportation corridor may be the talk of the town, but it will likely go the way of the last three Asia-to-Europe connectivity projects touted by the west – to the dustbin. Here’s why. Pepe Escobar The India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) is a massive public diplomacy op launched at the recent […]

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: The Fabian Society and the World Economic Forum

By Dr. Mathew Maavak Their end-goal is a totalitarian Socialist World Government. The wolves were there in plain sight Source

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