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‘Real Housewives’ Star Heather Dubrow Praises 12-Year-Old Daughter for Coming Out as Transgender: ‘It’s International Sons Day!’

Real Housewives star Heather Dubrow celebrated her 12-year-old child, Collette, who is now going by “Ace” after declaring herself transgender. “It’s International sons day!” Dubrow exclaimed. “It’s International sons day! We love you, our youngest son, Ace,” the Real Housewives of Orange County star wrote in a Saturday Instagram post, suggesting that her pre-teen’s new […]

Hamas praises Jerusalemites for confronting Israeli demolition policy

Hamas has praised Palestinian residents of the occupied city of Jerusalem and their collective efforts in confronting the Israeli attempts to demolish their homes. It called on Palestinians in the neighbourhoods of Silwan, Jabal Al-Mukaber, Khan Al-Ahmar and all of towns in occupied East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank to be more united in […]

‘I Love Nazis’: Kanye West Repeatedly Praises Nazis and ‘Especially Hitler’ in Wild Interview With Alex Jones

Kanye West, the rap mogul who now goes by the name Ye, recently teamed up with Nick Fuentes, the racist, misogynistic, America-hating, Christian fascist leader of the white nationalist America First movement. Brought together by their mutual virulent antisemitism, the two recently had dinner with former President Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and Fuentes […]

French General Praises Unjabbed Citizens: ‘You Embody the Best of Humanity, You Are Superheroes’

French General Christian Blanchon has praised citizens who refused the experimental Covid jabs, declaring them “heroes” for not caving into pressure from the elites. In a powerful letter, General Blanchon writes that the unvaccinated are strong, […] The post French General Praises Unjabbed Citizens: ‘You Embody the Best of Humanity, You Are Superheroes’ appeared first on […]

‘A phenomenal, phenomenal military’ — US ambassador praises Israeli army in wake of Abu Akleh killing

“My north star is maintaining a democratic Jewish state. That is the single most important thing I believe that I can do as American ambassador” –US ambassador to Israel Tom Nides on his job description. And that means praising the Israeli military repeatedly despite the fact that it killed a Palestinian-American journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh. […]

‘Friend of our country’: Putin praises separatist Bosnian Serb leader during his Kremlin visit

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik met with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on Tuesday, in a rare visit by a European dignitary that came just one day after he openly endorsed Moscow’s aggression against Ukraine. Bosnia is inching closer to a general election on 2 October, in which Dodik is running for the […]

US ambassador praises Israel’s ‘relatively calm’ actions in Gaza, leaves out slain Palestinians

US ambassador to Israel Tom Nides yesterday praised Israel’s treatment of Gaza, saying that it had been able to “lean in” and make life better for Gazans, with the result that last month’s onslaught was “relatively calm.” Nides did not mention the 49 Gazans, among them 17 children, killed by Israeli missile strikes in those […]

WEF Praises California As ‘Climate Role Model’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is hailing California and its strict climate change measures as a model for the world to follow. Praise for the Democrat stronghold can be found in a paper published by […] The post WEF Praises California As ‘Climate Role Model’ appeared first on News Punch.

Obama Sings The Praises Of Fauci’s “Once-In-A Century Public Health” Leadership

Former President Barack Obama has heaped praised onto Dr. Fauci following the White House chief medical adviser’s resignation announcement this week. In a tweet posted just hours after Fauci announced he would be ‘stepping down’, […] The post Obama Sings The Praises Of Fauci’s “Once-In-A Century Public Health” Leadership appeared first on News Punch. Source

Trump Praises Harriet Hageman’s Victory over Liz Cheney

Former President Donald Trump celebrated Harriet Hageman’s victory over Rep. Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Republican congressional primary.  Source

Joe Biden Praises Democrats and Republicans for Working Together on Gun Control

President Joe Biden sent a tweet Sunday praising the “bipartisan” work after the Senate announced a gun control agreement. 

Elon Musk Praises World’s Worst Polluter China for ‘Renewable Energy’ Push

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Sunday praised China for “leading the world in renewable energy generation and electric vehicles.”

U.N. Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet Praises China, Claims It Has ‘Dismantled’ Concentration Camps

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet praised China’s “tremendous achivements” in human rights this weekend and claimed that the Communist Party had “dismantled” all of its concentration camps in the Uyghur region of East Turkistan, concluding a visit to the region.

World Economic Forum Chief Praises China for Planting Trees to Fight Climate Change

A propaganda website is reporting the chief of the World Economic Forum praised the Chinese for planting trees to fight climate change.

Soros-Funded Group Praises Biden Plan to Open Border: ‘Step in Right Direction’

The Center for American Progress, an influential lobbying group financially linked to billionaire George Soros, is praising President Joe Biden’s plan to open the United States-Mexico border by ending the Title 42 border control first imposed by former President Trump.

Trump Praises Canadian ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesting Trudeau’s Vaccine Mandates

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday praised the “freedom convoy” of Canadian truckers protesting against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s coronavirus health mandates. Trump said the truckers were doing more to defend freedom than some of America’s elected officials. “The Canadian truckers, you’ve been reading about it, who are resisting bravely these lawless mandates are […]

Serbian president praises Russian arms shipment in alleged arms race with neighbouring Croatia

Serbia’s president on Monday praised another shipment of arms from Russia despite fears in the Western Balkans that the country’s recent acquisition of military equipment could lead to even more tensions in the region. President Aleksandar Vučić attended a training exercise at a military base near Belgrade that included recently purchased anti-tank Kornet guided missiles. […]

Pope praises role of women as peacemakers in his New Year’s address

In the Roman Catholic calendar, January 1st is dedicated to world peace, and Pope Francis has used the occasion to praise the role of women as peacemakers. Addressing a mass in Saint Peter’s Basilica, Francis said mothers “know how to overcome obstacles and disagreements, and to instil peace.” “How much violence there is against women,” […]

Analyst praises Raisi administration’s view toward neighbors

Analyst praises Raisi administration’s view toward neighbors – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — Director of the Office for the Study and Compilation of Iranian History has praised the policy of the new administration of Ebrahim Raisi toward neighboring countries. “The doctrine of the current administration towards the countries of the region is such that one can expect […]

President Biden Praises Big Bird for Getting Covid Jab

President Biden has congratulated the fictional character ‘Big Bird’ for getting a covid vaccine, as the administration starts a major new push aimed at getting 5 to 11 year old children injected. Biden’s Twitter account replied to a message from Big Bird’s social media account after telling everyone about being jabbed. “I got the COVID-19 […]

Trump Praises Republican Glenn Youngkin on Election Day Eve: ‘Flood the System and Get Out and Vote’

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the eve of Virginia’s highly anticipated gubernatorial election, urging Virginians in a statement on Monday to “flood the system and get out and vote” for Republican Glenn Youngkin. Trump bashed the “fake news media” for “trying to create” a false narrative about Trump’s relationship with Youngkin, accusing media […]

Barack Obama Praises Jay-Z at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

Former President Barack Obama poured on the praise for rapper Jay-Z at his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction on Saturday. “I’ve turned to Jay-Z’s words at different points in my life, whether I was brushing dirt off my shoulder on the campaign trail, or sampling his lyrics on the Edmund Pettus Bridge on the […]

Hezbollah Praises Minister Kurdahi’s Stance in Defense of the Oppressed Yemeni People حزب الله يُشيد بقرداحي: الحملة ضدّه «ظالمة»… و«ابتزاز مرفوض»

29.10.2021 [embedded content] Translated by Al-Ahed Staff, Hezbollah Media Relations Hezbollah praises the honorable stance taken by Lebanon’s Minister of Information in defense of the oppressed people of Yemen. Hezbollah issued the following statement: Hezbollah praises the brave and honorable stance taken by His Excellency the Minister of Information, Mr. George Kurdahi, as a media persona and […]

Nancy Pelosi Praises Pope Francis for his ‘Immense Moral Clarity’

ROME — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi described this weekend’s private audience with Pope Francis as a “spiritual, personal and official honor.” The pope’s leadership “is a source of joy and hope for Catholics and for all people, challenging each of us to be good stewards of God’s creation, to act on climate, to […]

Friday prayers imam in Kabul praises Taliban ascent

An Afghan cleric welcomed the fall of the former government and the return of the Taliban during a sermon at a mosque in Kabul. The imam told worshippers that “the Americans and the Crusaders” had helped to overthrow the Taliban 20 years ago. “They thought that no one will take the name of Islam in […]

Trump praises Robert E. Lee while denouncing statue’s removal in Virginia

Lee was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans as he led the fight to defend the South’s ability to own Black people as property. Lee has been lifted up as a heroic figure in the South, even today, an ideology that historians call the Lost Cause — a campaign designed to […]

CNN Praises Taliban For Wearing Masks During Attack

KABUL—Approximately twelve minutes after U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan, Taliban fighters have completely taken over the entire country. “Woah, that’s a bummer,” said the Biden Administration’s foreign policy team. “We didn’t see that one coming.”  As the Taliban began its campaign of shooting and killing, as is their time-honored tradition, CNN anchors gushed with praise after noticing […]

Mitch McConnell Praises Joe Biden for Successful Infrastructure Deal

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell praised President Joe Biden on Wednesday for working with Republicans to pass an infrastructure bill. “I think the president deserves a lot of credit for getting the Democrats open to reaching a bipartisan agreement on this bill,” McConnell said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. The president reciprocated […]

‘NOOOOO!!!’ Screams Imprisoned Elon Musk As Evil Clone Praises China, Denounces Bitcoin

‘NOOOOO!!!’ Screams Imprisoned Elon Musk As Evil Clone Praises China, Denounces Bitcoin UNDISCLOSED—”Huh? Where am I?” billionaire Elon Musk said in a slurred voice as he awoke from a tortured rest. He winced and groaned as he felt anew the pain from the bruises on his face and all over his body. He tried to […]

Serbian president praises Belt and Road at Communist Party China summit

BEIJING, CHINA— China’s President Xi Jinping (R) welcomes Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic at the Second Belt and Road Forum, April 27, 2019. (Photo by Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images) By Belt and Road NewsJuly 9, 2021 Anno Domini As China becomes an indispensable part of the global economy, relations with the Asian Country will bolster […]

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