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Mote Than Likely Blackmailed “judge” Pisses In The Face Of Jesus The Christ While Protecting Mossad’s Child Rape Madam

Amazing what a Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Video in the right hands can do! 19.5 years. Let the sheep’s attention wanner off as it always does, she will be turned loose in some kind of “swap” with Israel, she will return to occupied Palestine where she will be welcomed as a hero just as the […]

Treasure, Jesus and an Elaborate Hoax: The Story of Bérenger Saunière

A potentially corrupt priest, an ancestral link to Jesus Christ and hidden treasure, the story of Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Château is like something one would expect to see in movie theaters, not in history books.  Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Europe Unexplained Phenomena Read Later 

Father James Martin: Pride Month ‘Shows Us Whom Jesus Calls Us to Love’

ROME — Jesuit Father James Martin declared this week that Gay Pride celebrations show us “whom Jesus calls us to love” and therefore are “deeply complementary” with devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

BHP-210425-Jesus was a Jew, or was He? Part 5

Was Jesus a Jew by religion? Did Jesus teach Judaism? We’ll examine the differences between Judaism and Christianity (side-by-side chart on the document). Follow along:   To download: Part 5   Sorry guys, sometimes I can’t get the podcast to post on EFR so I have to do it this way. The post BHP-210425-Jesus was a […]

Doctor-Turned-Priest Determines How Jesus Died from the Shroud of Turin

A new study published in the journal Catholic Medical Quarterly claims to have discovered the specific cause of Jesus Christ’s death. He died from excessive bleeding caused by a severely dislocated shoulder, the study asserts, an injury he allegedly suffered while carrying the heavy cross upon which he was eventually crucified. The author of this theory and […]

Jesus the Christ Said: THOU HYPOCRITE!!!-Pedophile Pope Talks S#it

The pedophile Pope said:“We had thought that invasions of other countries, savage street fighting and atomic threats were grim memories of a distant past,” Francis told Maltese officials and diplomats on the Mediterranean island nation at the start of a weekend visit.” The history of the “Church of Rome” is one of immoral, illegal wars […]

Jesus the Christ Said Just Go and Sin NO MORE!

Jesus the Christ ran across a Tax collector in a tree-He said it is time to end your crime spree- Return the people’s stolen labor-So that freedom and salvation from evil you can savor- A women brought to him caught in adultery so hypocrites wanted to stone her-He reminded the hypocrites many of them were […]

Entire Prison in Israel to Be Moved to Save Third-Century Jesus Mosaic

An ancient mosaic found among historic ruins in Megiddo in northern Israel has been deemed so historically significant that extraordinary efforts will be undertaken to make sure it is protected and available to be studied. This remarkable mosaic floor was originally installed inside an early Christian prayer house in the third century AD, and it […]


Jesus saves John Hagee moaned as he humped the church secretary-I like sex with you more than my wife he told her as my wife is so sedentary- You make me want to use my holy pole in ways which leave me in a lurch-But God will forgive me and so will the congregation of […]

If Truth Telling Was Popular With The Sheep Jesus Would Not Have Ended Up With His Ass Nailed To A Tree!

A truth teller is not responsible for what the sheep do with the truth or even if they listen to it.The truth must be offered so the sheep can be held accountable when they stand before the record of their life on the other side of the vail. That is one of God’s Laws. When […]

Jesus Interrupts Sermon On The Mount To Deliver 30-Second Ad Read For Patriot-Themed Emergency Food Supply

MOUNT OF BEATITUDES—Local Rabbi and Son of God Jesus of Nazareth gave a fiery sermon where He singled out legalistic religious people and called people to a higher understanding of God’s law and holiness. The multitudes gathered praised the sermon, saying it would go down as “one of the best in history,” though many found […]

Jesus the Christ Said KILL a Baby Raper, But The Vatican Protects It’s Pedophile Priest Who Have Been Raping Little Boys Up The Ass For Damn Near Two Thousand Years!

Pope gives a special private blessing to Mossad Jeffery the child rape pimp and his Mossad child rape madam Pope Acknowledges Thousands of Cases of Priests Raping Children With No Recourse Priest Sex Abuse List: Roman Catholic Church Clergy Members Accused of Sexual Abuse or Sexual Assault Priest Sex Abuse List: Roman Catholic Church Clergy […]

Former Atheist Claims ‘Jesus’ Showed Him The Holocaust Really Happened During A Near Death Experience

( Self-help guru, Howard Storm, has made a comfortable living selling books and giving lectures about his “near death experience” while under anesthesia on the operating table during an emergency surgical procedure — during which, he claims, he asked Jesus how God could have allowed the “Holocaust” to happen: “I asked how God could let […]

‘Jabs 4 Jesus’: Archbishop of Canterbury SLAMS Unvaccinated as ‘Unchristian’

The Archbishop of Canterbury has slammed unvaccinated people in the UK as unchristian, and says those who refuse to take the experimental shot are violating the principle of “loving thy neighbour.” The ‘woke’ Reverend Justin Welby, the top bishop in the Church of England, said that getting jabbed is a “moral issue” which supersedes faith. […]

Unveiling The Star Of Bethlehem Amid The Celestial Tableau Of Jesus’ Nativity

The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ described in the Gospel of Matthew remains one of astronomy’s greatest mysteries. Matthew 2:1-12 explains how magi or astrologer-priests observed the rising of a certain star which imparted that the ‘King of the Jews’ had been born. The star then makes a supernatural maneuver—veering from its mathematically preordained course and going […]

Telling Jews About Jesus

Brother Nathanael Channel, BroVids Telling Jews About Jesus December 18 2021 Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________More +BN Vids! The Jewish Curse Revealed Here! My Flight From Judaism To Christ Here! +BN Classics! My Journey Into The Orthodox Church Here! Why I Left Judaism Here! +BN Vids Archive! HERE!___________________________________Support The Brother Nathanael Foundation!Br Nathanael Fnd Is Tax […]

The Ancient Text That Describes Jesus as a Shapeshifter

It was in March 2013 when reports flooded the headlines about a newly deciphered Egyptian text, dating back almost 1,200 years, which controversially described Jesus as having the ability to change shape. But just as quickly as the story made its way through major news sites around the world, it disappeared and has hardly been […]

Rob Schneider Predicts What Would Happen if Jesus Came Back Tomorrow

Sometimes a joke is funny because it reveals a truth people recognize but are afraid to admit. Take “Saturday Night Live” alum Rob Schneider’s take on what would happen if Jesus came back tomorrow: He would be banned by Big Tech. “If Jesus came back tomorrow all news about his return would be immediately banned […]

The Wicked Child Killers Are the ‘Synagogue of Satan Who Call Themselves Jews and Are Not’-Jesus

Have you heard about Pizzagate and Save The Children? Did you know the whole world is undermined by countless tunnels? Did you know every year eight million children go missing? Did you know many of these children are held captive in the vast networks of thousands of miles of underground tunnels? Did you know these […]

Scholars Confirm Jesus Always Fist-Bumped Apostles After Absolutely Roasting Pharisees

Scholars Confirm Jesus Always Fist-Bumped Apostles After Absolutely Roasting Pharisees ISRAEL—Scholars working in Israel confirmed Monday that after owning the Pharisees with facts and logic, Jesus always fist-bumped his apostles. “Jesus would absolutely STEAMROLL over the Pharisees, DESTROYING them with facts,” said biblical scholar Dr. Clay Parsons. “We’ve known this for centuries. But now, we’ve […]

Astrology In The Bible: Jesus The Fisher King

The Old and New Testaments are often portrayed as being written in isolation, and bearing little or no connection to the beliefs that preceded them. But this view is unlikely in the extreme, as the Israelites were resident in Egypt for many centuries prior to the claimed Exodus and are likely to have been highly […]

Defending the name of JESUS against the Yeshua crowd

Defending the name of JESUS against the Yeshua crowd

Blasphemous Billboard Comparing Trump to Prophecy of Jesus’ Birth Taken Down

(Christian Post) — A billboard installed near the city of Fort Oglethorpe in Georgia featuring a photo of former President Donald Trump and a Bible verse saying, “unto us a Son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders,” has been taken down after backlash. The Washington Post’s political reporter Eugene Scott drew […]

10 Ways Trump Is Exactly Like Jesus

Have you ever noticed how close Trump is to Jesus? It’s uncanny! Bizarre! We consulted over two theologians we found on YouTube, one of whom calls himself the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse, and we asked them to lay out for us all the similarities between our glorious savior Trump and Jesus Christ. Here are […]

Pope Francis Throws Jesus Christ Under The Bus Pandering To ‘Offended’ Rabbis in Israel

Pope Francis has thrown Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul under the bus to placate Jews over “offensive” comments he allegedly made about their ersatz “books of sacred law,” following a demand for clarification from Israel’s top rabbis, Vatican and Jewish community sources said on Monday: Last month Reuters reported exclusively that Rabbi Rasson Arousi, […]

Scholars Confirm For Jesus’s Second Miracle He Turned White Claws Back Into Water

Scholars Confirm For Jesus’s Second Miracle He Turned White Claws Back Into Water ISRAEL—Scholars working in the Holy Land confirmed today that as His second miracle, Jesus actually turned White Claws back into water. After turning water into wine and “really getting the party started” at the wedding in Cana, the Messiah reportedly saw some […]

Study Finds Connection Between Checking The News, Longing For Jesus To Return

U.S.—A new study has found a connection between checking the news headlines and aching for that day when Jesus will return to make all things new. The study found that Christians who read the news suddenly find within themselves a deep desire for another world, one where there is no sorrow or tears or pain […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Got Jesus?

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Jesus on a Motorcycle

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Archaeologists Unearth Connection Cards Jesus Passed Out After Sermon On The Mount

Archaeologists Unearth Connection Cards Jesus Passed Out After Sermon On The Mount ISRAEL—Archaeologists working in Israel have made an incredible discovery: they have found the connection cards Jesus passed out after absolutely brutalizing the crowd with his famous Sermon on the Mount. “It seems Jesus preached his classic sermon and then passed these out so […]

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