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Jesus or…Amazon…Loves You

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL “Jesus Loves You. Jesus is there for you when you need him,” reads a children’s book at the Barnes & Noble bookstore almost four years after lockdowns descended on this country and all over the world. With what children and teens endured these last few years, the book might as […]

Everyone Loves A Generous Government Until They Have To Pay For It

Not only does everyone love getting “free money” from the state, they also love hearing the fantasy repeated endlessly that debts are no problem… Source

White House and Congress HATES America But LOVES IsraHELL

Year 2002 quote Americans are the new Palestinians. The Ole Dog! Source

The Solawave Wand (That Even Pedro Pascal Loves) Is BOGO Right Now

We all wish we could press a button and make our skincare concerns vanish, but sadly we haven’t gotten to that part of the future yet. So what can we do in the meantime? Lasers, for sure, and more recently, the benefits of LED (light emitting diode) light. NASA’s been studying the benefits of LED […]

Seems Israel LOVES Murdering Children Using Hamas as the Pretext to Mass Murder All

The Mystery of Israel – SOLVED! Comment:  All terrorist groups work for gov’ts.  Hamas Works FOR Israel to fulfill Israel’s AGENDA. This film exposes something so nefarious, so evil, so mind-blowing that many will find it hard to believe. Yet it is true. The shocking secrets unveiled by this incredible documentary will shine a blazing […]

(Not) Everybody Loves Chocolate

Everybody loves chocolate, right? Well, not everybody, at least not to the same degree. As Felix Richter reports, according to Statista Market Insights, there’s a huge gulf in chocolate consumption around the world. While the cocoa-based treat is very popular in large parts of Europe and in the United States, many people in Asia prefer other […]

Zuck Loves Commie Bucks: Facebook Desperately Wants to Sell VR Headsets in China

In an attempt to tap into a vast new market, Facebook (now known as Meta) is in discussions with Tencent, the world’s largest video game publisher, to introduce its Quest VR headset to China. Mark Zuckerberg’s company reportedly faces an uphill battle in selling its wares in the communist country.

Washington Loves War Criminals

It is generally accepted in government circles as well as in the media that covers Washington politics that both major political parties now embrace foreign and national security policies that are both aggressive and brutally conducted, essentially products of the so-called neoconservatives, or neocons for short. Ron Unz has recently written a lengthy 6500 word […]


Ever look at New Zealand’s PM and think, MAN! That’s one butt ugly woman? Well you are half right anyway. That is one butt ugly TRANNY! EVER NOTICE DRESSES AND DICKS JUST DO NOT GO WELL TOGETHER? Whats up with the Ratschilds loving trannies and raping little children” Must be their Demonic bloodline! The Ratschilds […]

This Birkenstock Boston Dupe Is My Fave Fall Shoe (TikTok Loves It, Too)

The Birkenstock Boston has been busting moves all over street style roundups and TikTok, and I, for one, want to slide into (get it?) the action—aka the versatile, 90s-throwback, crunchy-cool clog—myself. Slotted into the “granola chic” section of my personal style, Birkenstock Bostons are surprisingly comfy AF and sit right on the line between a […]

‘You Stupid Idiot Dog!’ Says Man Who Loves Dog

INDEPENDENCE, MO — A local man once again showed his undying affection for his beloved dog by unleashing a torrent of hateful insults. Neighbors could hear the man shouting angrily at the faithful canine companion he attentively takes care of every day. “You stupid idiot dog!” Tim Kelly yelled while taking his yellow lab, Chewbacca, […]

The most outrageous Trump scam – that he ‘loves America,’ fosters greatness and serves the public 

How exactly does voter fraud, election-denial, insurrection, inciting mob violence, wacko pardons, illicit fundraising and espionage confirm love of country or a whiff of greatness?  Recently, a close friend/activist talked to an articulate, fellow organizer who happens to be a neighbor and Republican. So naturally Trump’s unavoidable misadventures come up – and no need to […]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Satan Loves Communism

Oklahoma state Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson warns that “godless commies want to take over the world … by manipulating the weather.” Curt Landry explains the spiritual significance of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago. Shane Vaughn declares that “Satan hates AMERICA because HE LOVES CONTROL (COMMUNISM) and America stands for INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.” Misogynistic racist incel Nick […]

Magic Johnson LOVES Greece: “I had a life changing experience, eye-opening to gain so much biblical context!” – See the photos

NBA legend Magic Johnson is enchanted by the beauty of Greece and is always willing to show it. The former ace of the Los Angeles Lakers seems to have become one of the biggest fans of the Mediterranean country, which he constantly advertises through his posts. The 67-year-old American former basketball player, together with his… […]

ACH (1803) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #73 – Misery Loves Company

In today’s show originally broadcast on May 30 2022, Andy presents “The Limeys” with his co-host Mallificus Scott for a show entitled, “Misery Loves Company.” We discussed: how the public disgust at a school shooting in the UK resulted in guns being taken off the people in the 1990’s; the importance of Memorial Day; the […]

Bill Gates Funds WHO, CDC & GAVI; He is Mr. EVIL! He LOVES All These Epidemics So He Can Make MONEY on His Vaccines. Money Junkie!

Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Koo VK Odysee BitChute News Communism Corporate Government Human Rights Immigration Islam LEO/Military RAIR Interview Religious Persecution Social Issues Subversive Groups Quick Takes Communism Corporate Government Human Rights Immigration Islam LEO/Military Social Issues Subversive Groups Regions Africa Asia Pacific Eurasia Europe Germany France Spain Italy Sweden Belgium Hungary Denmark Netherlands Greece UK […]

‘I Feel Full of Life Again’: Radio Host Loves Shen Yun’s Divine Message

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—After urging his friends and listeners to attend, radio personality Michael Olson returned for a second time to see Shen Yun Performing Arts, the premier classical Chinese dance and music company, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. A storyteller, journalist, consultant, and agriculturalist—among other talents—Olson is the syndicated host of Food Chain […]

Right Wing Round-Up: Everybody Loves Brandon

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Deleted Government Report Celebrates How Public Loves to “Conform”

A deleted government report exploring how to make the public alter its behavior to accept the new ‘green economy’ reveals how COVID-19 restrictions have created a population with a “deep set reverence” for authority and a “powerful tendency to conform.” The report was inadvertently published by the British government before being hastily pulled down, but […]

⁣The Same Gay Choir That is “Coming for Your Children” Also Loves the ‘Vaccine’

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir, which recently sang about how sodomites are coming for our children, had previously been shilling for Covid shots. By the way, their “music” is really bad. link Share now! Source

Biden Boasts RINO Mitch McConnell ‘Loves’ Democrats’ Big Government Agenda

President Joe Biden boasted Wednesday that Sen. Mitch McConnell is hopelessly in love with the Democratic Party and their far-left Big Government agenda. “Mitch McConnell loves our programs,” Biden said in response to a comment in Illinois about the “tough fight” ahead regarding the trojan horse infrastructure propsal. “Did you see what Mitch McConnell said?” […]

Australia loves its Jews, but nearly one in five question their loyalty, new survey shows

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

The Dangers of Geoengineering to ALL Life on Earth (Bill Gates Loves It and Is Blocking Out the Sun With Harvard Scientists)

by Admin · March 21, 2021 The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary Source

VIDEO: Netflix Cartoon Mocks NRA with ‘Blasphemous’ Jesus Who Loves Guns, Sex

An adult cartoon on Netflix imagined Jesus Christ as a gun-loving Messiah to mock the National Rifle Association and gun owners. The show “Paradise P.D.” released its third season March 12 to promote gun control. Newsbusters describes it as a “liberal fever dream” by “attacking gun rights” and being” blasphemous against Christianity, featuring a video of […]

Dear Delusional Americans: America Loves War! (Proof From American Delusions)

1798-1800 France Undeclared naval war against France, marines land in Puerto Plata. 1801-1805 Tripoli War with Tripoli (Libya), called “First Barbary War”. 1806 Spanish Mexico Military force enters Spanish territory in headwaters of the Rio Grande. 1806-1810 Spanish and French in Caribbean US naval vessels attack French and Spanish shipping in the Caribbean. 1810 Spanish […]

TikTok’s ‘Jew Who Loves Trees’ wants you to take Tu b’Shvat seriously

Tobin Mitnick may be a comic actor, but his interest in trees is no joke. Mitnick has been documenting his love affair with trees since September on TikTok, the viral video app, where he goes by the mantle “A Jew Who Loves Trees.” He’s racked up more than 110,000 followers there by posting short videos […]

Everyone Loves Shakshuka

It was late June and one of those perfect Israeli Summer days, with clear blue skies. My friend Judy and I were strolling through the old and beautifully restored Sarona Market. The old stone buildings built by the German Templars in the late 19th century and early 20th century were bathed in a gorgeous golden […]

Everybody loves JNF-USA’s virtual breakfast for Israel

Jewish National Fund-USA’s (JNF-USA) annual Breakfast for Israel will enter the virtual world this year with thousands of supporters from coast to coast expected to join the complimentary event in support of the land and people of Israel and Jewish people everywhere.  In honor of Giving Tuesday, the breakfast will feature a day-long dollar-for-dollar match […]

Pope Francis Loves Sexy Women in Bikini on Instagram

    There may soon be a social media manager opening at the Vatican after the Pope’s Instagram account was caught ‘liking’ a photo of a Brazilian bikini model in a sexy schoolgirl outfit. According to reports and alleged screenshots purporting to show the social media faux pas, none other than Pope Francis gave his […]

Another Cuckservative Loves Trump & Blacks

Conservatives love black penis. English Bitchute Spanish Bitchute English Telegram Spanish Telegram World Truth Videos Gab

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