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Billionaire Marc ‘It’s Time to Build’ Andreesen Is a NIMBY

On Friday, The Atlantic reported that Silicon Valley billionaire and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen went out of his way to try and derail an effort by Atherton, California to allow just over 100 multifamily housing units in the town over the next decade. Atherton, where Andreessen lives, is the most expensive zip code in the […]

San Francisco: State of Emergency Declared over Monkeypox

The City of San Francisco, California, declared a public health emergency Thursday over the Monkeypox outbreak as cases of the viral disease continue to rise in the U.S. Source

Shen Yun’s Message Is Important to Save the Free World, Says Theatregoer

SAN FRANCISCO—Shen Yun Performing Arts has a very important message. There is another side to the wonderful Chinese people that people need to know, John Mitchell said. Mr. Mitchell, an executive director of Arden Wood, had come to see Shen Yun at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. […]

‘I Feel Full of Life Again’: Radio Host Loves Shen Yun’s Divine Message

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—After urging his friends and listeners to attend, radio personality Michael Olson returned for a second time to see Shen Yun Performing Arts, the premier classical Chinese dance and music company, at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. A storyteller, journalist, consultant, and agriculturalist—among other talents—Olson is the syndicated host of Food Chain […]

Shen Yun ‘Gives Me Hope for the Future,’ Priest Says

SAN FRANCISCO—Shen Yun welcomes new and returning audience members everywhere the show tours, but Jim Sullivan is a truly loyal patron who has come back for the spectacle every year for the past four years. “I love the show. I see it every year. I think it’s absolutely amazing. It’s really one of the most […]

San Francisco Drug Overdose Deaths Nearly Triple COVID

SANTA CLARA, Calif.—San Francisco continues to face a drug overdose epidemic. The number of overdose deaths nearly tripled that of COVID deaths in 2020. The city’s data reveals there were a total of 713 overdose deaths, compared to 261 COVID-19 deaths in 2020. “Bad is an understatement. I would say it’s horrific, it is negligent, […]

Day Of The Dead Protest In Front Of Nancy Pelosi’s House

Above Photo: Leon Kunstenaar / Pro Bono Photo. Many groups in march and rally for Medicare for All in San Francisco. The coffin they carried was fake, but the “68000” painted on it, the number of deaths suffered in the U.S. this year because of lack of health care, is all too real. In a […]

Elon Musk Warns Austin, Texas, to Avoid Becoming a ‘San Francisco Copycat’

The city of Austin, Texas, might be liberal, but it has yet to become the fecal-infested drug den that is San Francisco. Tesla CEO Elon Musk hopes it stays that way. On Sunday, Elon Musk responded to a Fox News report detailing the aftermath of Austin’s decision to defund its police department in response to […]

San Francisco Residents Hire Private Security to Stave Off Crime: ‘We Don’t Feel Safe in Our Neighborhood’

At least 150 residents in San Francisco’s Marina District have hired private security as crimes in the area have caused significant concerns among community members. “We don’t feel safe in our neighborhood,” Marina resident Katie Lyons told CBS SF. “And we have an alarm, we have cameras on our property, but we want the extra […]

In San Francisco, ‘A Fish Rots From the Head Down’

Commentary As a public servant who worked for 33 years in seven different San Francisco City and County departments and as a former elected city official, I can assure you that corruption and misuse of public trust does not happen unless it is either promoted by or overlooked from the top. The top in this […]

California District Attorney Warns of Anti-Cop and Anti-Victim Agenda | District Attorney Todd Spitzer

California District Attorney Warns of Anti-Cop and Anti-Victim Agenda | District Attorney Todd Spitzer Los Angeles and San Francisco are taking a relaxed approach to crimes, and California is reducing the sentences of over 70,000 inmates. My guest is Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, who also served as the chair of the California Assembly […]

San Francisco Parents Rally for Five Full Days of In-person School

Parents of children in the San Francisco Unified School District held a rally Saturday to demand five full days of in-person school instruction, rather than the hybrid model that the teachers’ union and the district have accepted for school reopening. Public education is a public right. reopen the public schools of San Francisco safely and now. […]

Youth climate activists will not stop fighting their climate case – even after 9th Circuit Court second rejection

The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just rejected, for the second time, a lawsuit arguing the federal government is accountable for fueling the climate crisis.  According to EcoWatch, the litigants claim the government is responsible for maintaining an energy system that causes global heating, and that in doing so the government has violated the […]

Asians Angry After they Get Beaten by Blacks Randomly on the Streets of San Francisco

    Civil rights groups in California’s San Francisco Bay Area are demanding action following a recent surge in attacks on Asian Americans which have left one person dead and many others badly injured. The attacks, reminiscent of the ‘knockout game,’ typically happen during daytime – including one against a 91-year-old Asian man in Oakland’s […]

San Francisco Committee Changed School Names Based on Wikipedia and Wild Accusations

The San Francisco Board of Education voted to rename 44 of the city’s schools, claiming that prominent figures from American history, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Paul Revere, were tied to racist incidents. The committee based their decisions on Wikipedia and other wildly inaccurate information to source its claims. Committee chairman Jeremiah Jeffries, along […]

San Francisco Officials Create Placement System to Force Diversity in Public Schools

The San Francisco school board voted earlier this week on a plan for assigning students to elementary schools that limit parents’ choices in order to make campuses “diverse.” The “zone system” is “designed to generally reflect the diversity of the city as a whole, and student assignments should ensure each school is equally diverse,” the […]

California high schoolers face anti-Semitic harassment for 2nd time this term

JTA — A US school district near San Francisco has taken action after Jewish students faced anti-Semitic harassment on social media for the second time this term. Jewish students in the Tamalpais Union High School District said accounts on Instagram and TikTok followed them and posted offensive messages, including posts that denied the Holocaust, discussed […]

San Francisco to pay Black Women $1000 a Month if They Get Pregnant and Outbreed the White Devils

    Partially taxpayer-funded program provides “an unconditional monthly income supplement of $1,000” to black and Pacific Island women only as San Francisco mayor’s London Breed came up with the idea to outBreed those white devils from hell since her name is “Breed”. On Monday, the San Francisco mayor’s office announced the launch of a […]

San Francisco Mayor Deflects on Pelosi’s Salon Scandal: She Is Fighting ‘Terrorist’ and ‘Dictator’ Trump

San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) refused to overtly condemn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for visiting an area salon for a wash and blowout despite local coronavirus restrictions, telling ABC7 that “we have a dictator who is running this country and Nancy Pelosi is at the forefront fighting against this person everyday.” While she […]

Pelosi’s San Francisco: 70% Increase in Drug Overdoses Last Year, More than a Death a Day

The Department of Public Health released a report on Monday that showed deaths from drug overdoses increased 70 percent last year in San Francisco, a staggering statistic that represents more than one death a day in that city. The report said 441 people died of an overdose in 2019 compared to 259 in 2018. And more […]

Maskless Nancy Pelosi Goes to San Francisco Hair Salon Despite Coronavirus Restrictions

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) visited a San Francisco hair salon for a wash and blowout despite local coronavirus restrictions — a move the salon owner called a “slap in the face.” Fox News obtained security footage showing the maskless Speaker walking through San Francisco’s eSalon on Monday, August 31. Salons throughout the city have been […]

Israel to send firefighters to help battle California blazes

Israel will dispatch a team of firefighters to California to help the US state battle the largest fires in its recent history, the Foreign Ministry announced Friday. The Israeli delegation, organized together with the Public Security Ministry, is set to depart Sunday and will be in California for two weeks. Alongside the firefighters, experts on […]

California Senator Introduces Bill to Legalize Gay Pedophilia, says its Anti-Semitic to Oppose it

    San Francisco state Senator Scott Wiener has introduced a new bill to decriminalize adult men having sex with boys and he and his allies in the media are smearing all opposition as “homophobic” and “anti-Semitic.” LGBT activists have pushed reasonable notions of equality to its limits with obscene perversions. State Sen. Scott Wiener, […]

Pope Benedict XVI Calls On Rothschild, Strong, Soros, & Rockefeller To Show Solidarity For The Poor!

“God can conquer the heart of a person with many possessions and lead him towards solidarity and sharing with the poor and needy, so that he can enter into the logic of giving”, said the Pope commenting on today’s Gospel reading which…

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