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Dr. Charles Hoffe: In My Practice 2/3rds Of All Cancer Diagnosis is Stage 4 Since The Vaccine Rollout

“These cancers are aggressive and seem very resistant to treatment.” LIONESS OF JUDAH MINISTRY APR 21 READ IN APP Dr. Charles Hoffe: As a family doctor a small percentage of cancer patients would be diagnosed with stage 4. Now … Read the rest Source

USA has recorded over 1 Million Excess Deaths among the over 65’s since the FDA “approved” the COVID-19 Vaccine

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON MARCH 31, 2024 • ( 66 COMMENTS ) Shocking statistics, quietly published by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveal over one million excess deaths have been recorded among people aged 65 and over ever since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for the COVID-19 vaccine to be offered to the public. […]

IOF disclose number of commanders killed in Gaza since October 7

March 7, 2024 Source: Israeli media Israeli occupation soldiers carry the flag-draped casket of a dead Israeli soldier during his funeral in occupied al-Quds, Tuesday, January 23, 2024. (AP) By Al Mayadeen English The Israeli army is facing considerable challenges in filling leadership positions as it grapples with the loss of numerous commanders, as per […]

Housing Starts Collapsed In January – Biggest MoM Decline Since COVID Lockdowns

After single-family home starts plunged in December, analysts did not expect much of a bounce back in January as rates remain high and some regions were affected by weather. Analysts were way off. Housing Starts puked 14.8% MoM in January (vs unchanged exp), but December’s 4.3% MoM decline was revised up to a 3.3% MoM […]

Non-COVID, Excess Deaths in US Since Vaccine Roll-Out Near One Million, Scientists Blame mRNA Shots

Above: Images of COVID mRNA vaccine victims from victims’ solidarity website Real Not Rare. Never-before-performed calculations show that the number of excess, non-COVID deaths in the US since the 2021 release of the mRNA vaccines is 904,000 deaths. These are deaths not caused by COVID, and are over and above the number of deaths which […]

Futures Rebound After Biggest Rout Since March 2023; Bitcoin Soars

After the worst rout for US stocks since March 2023, which followed hotter than expected CPI prints across the board andsparked fears the Federal Reserve may not cut interest rates as soon as expected, US equity futures and Treasuries rebounded with S&P 500 futures adding 0.6% and rising to 5,000 after the worst inflation-day drop for the index since […]

US Presidents’ Approval Ratings In Their Third Year Since WWII

US Presidents’ Approval Ratings In Their Third Year Since WWII President Biden’s approval rating is the second lowest in modern history for a first-term president. Today, under 40% of Americans approve of his job performance, a level it has hovered around over the last year. According to recent polls, younger Democrats have a lower approval rating of […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 121: Israel kills more than 1,000 Palestinians since ICJ ruling; U.S. bombs Yemen

Israeli forces bomb Rafah, where thousands of Palestinians are displaced in shelters near the Egyptian border, as an Israeli minister wishes to “encourage voluntary emigration” from Gaza. In West Bank, settlers attack Palestinian villages. Source

REPORT: 137 Abortion clinics have been SHUT DOWN since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022

(NaturalNews) A 2023 survey reveals that a total of 137 abortion clinics have been shut down in the United States following the overturning of Roe v. Wade in… Source

A few weeks have passed since the Chabad tunnel scandal broke headlines and no Questions Answered

For some reason, any and all questions about the recent discovery of illegal tunnels burrowed underneath the global headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch sect of Judaism in New York City’s Crown Heights are racist, according to the corporate media. Digging the types of tunnels that were discovered is not only illegal without the proper permits, but […]

21 Israeli Troops Are Killed In The Deadliest Attack On The Military Since The Gaza Offensive Began

The Israeli military says that Palestinian militants carried out the deadliest single attack on Israel’s forces since the Hamas raid that triggered the war. Source

A few weeks have passed since the Chabad tunnel scandal broke headlines, and all questions about it are being called “antisemitic”

When you kill a baby raper, they never rape and destroy another child’s life. The Jew cult’s “religious” writings approves of raping little girls till they are 3 years and 1 day old. The Jew cult’s religious writings approves of raping little boys up the ass till they are 9 years old. The Jews have […]

Tomorrow—January 22, 2024— NATO to hold biggest drills since Cold War with 90,000 troops

From Mark Crispin Miller The US under “Joe Biden” is a rogue state doing all it can for world depopulation, through incessant WAR all over From Russell “Texas” Bentley in Donetsk: I wrote the following article a few days ago. It was published in a somewhat watered down form by Sputnik International News. (MSM is […]

Swiss soccer’s Martin Ogg, 54, has Alzheimer’s; Nigerian actor Zack Orji in coma since collapse; Indian actress Jhalak Dikhhla’s neck tumor; Chinese singer Angie Lau’s “cancer under control” & much more

A thank you to Mark Crispin Miller @ Substack who is methodically compiling those unexplained events lamestream is brushing under the proverbial rug …EWNZ Brazilian rapper hospitalized, F1 driver’s cardiac arrest, journo’s heart attack; German footballer’s “serious health condition”; Italian hospital director (pro-vax) has a heart attack; & much more READ AT THE LINK […]

Israel KILLED more Palestinians in 2023 than in any year since the Nakba in 1948

(NaturalNews) In 2023, Israel killed the highest number of Palestinians since the Nakba in 1948, as reported by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics on… Source

230,000 Settlers Evacuated from Northern ‘Israel’ for First Time since 1948

December 30, 2023 The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that the number of Israeli settlers displaced from north of occupied Palestine has reached 230,000. It is worth noting it is the first time that the northern settlements get evacuated since the establishment of the usurping occupation entity. The psychological and economic repercussions of Hezbollah attacks on […]

17 Rock Bassists and 11 Drummers have died suddenly world wide since May 2023

Very sad. Still, absolutely nothing to do with the ‘safe and effective’ …. From Mark Crispin Miller @ Substack This makes a total of 34 bassists reported to have “died suddenly” since we started posting these compilations in February, 2022. …and a total of 28 drummers reported to have “died suddenly” since we started posting […]

US Attacked 100 Times In Iraq & Syria Since October, Both Countries which US Corporation Illegally Invaded & Is Illegally Occupying

Before I explain how to stop the attacks on US Occupation troops in countries US illegally invaded, a short American History lesson is in order so Americans can understand how their country ended up in the Cluster F##k it is in. 1776 Americans rebelled against England. 1783 the war was won, although it was some […]

Zero Public EV Chargers Built Since Congress Approved $7.5 Billion To Expand Network

Authored by Tom Ozimek via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), President Joe Biden’s 2021 infrastructure bill boasts a $7.5 billion investment in electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and his administration insists the country is “on track” to install over a million public chargers by the end of the decade—but reports indicate that so far not a […]

Bitcoin price, which has risen by more than 150% since the beginning of the year, surges above $42,000

(NaturalNews) A weekend rally has made the price of bitcoin surge above $42,000 for the first time in 19 months, as frenzied speculation in the digital asset’s… Source

The Money Supply Continues its Biggest Collapse Since the Great Depression


FEMA’s Camps & large scale ‘readiness’ drills carried out since the ’80s

From Agent131711 @ substack An update 6/12/23: links to the truthwatch site are not working … I am told there has been an attack on the Website server. My own access was cut right when editing those links…. EWNZ Comment: I recall folk reporting on these scenarios well over a decade back when the internet […]

U.S. arms transfers to Israel: over 70,000 weapons since 1950

Your support fuels our mission. NationofChange, an ad-free and transparent resource for progressive news, thrives on contributions from readers like you. Donate today and keep the voice of activism strong. The United States has been a cornerstone ally to Israel, a relationship underscored by the transfer of over 70,000 weapons since 1950, as revealed in […]

China’s Share Of The Global Economy Is Shrinking At The Fastest Pace Since The Mao Era

By Ruchir Sharma, chair of Rockefeller International In a historic turn, China’s rise as an economic superpower is reversing. The biggest global story of the past half century may be over.     After stagnating under Mao Zedong in the 1960s and 70s, China opened to the world in the 1980s — and took off in […]

10 Of New York’s 72 Billionaires Have Left Due To Taxation Since 2019

Color us not surprised. New York has lost 10 billionaires over just the last four years, with many leaving for the obvious reasons: taxes are too damn high. The move can save “tens of millions” in taxes annually for those moving, according to an exclusive by the NY Post. The Post noted that 62 New York […]

‘Cocoa Mayhem’ Sends Prices To $4,000 Per Ton, Highest Since 1978

‘Cocoa Mayhem’ Sends Prices To $4,000 Per Ton, Highest Since 1978 Cocoa prices Friday topped $4,000 per ton in New York, the highest level since 1978, as the outlook of poor crop harvests across West Africa has been a bullish factor pushing prices higher this week. There is also an increasing risk that El Nino-induced […]

Afghanistan has received $11B in aid since U.S. withdrew troops in August 2021, gov’t watchdog reveals

(NaturalNews) The country of Afghanistan has reportedly received a staggering $11 billion in foreign aid from the U.S. since Washington withdrew from Kabul in… Source

Afghanistan’s Opium Cultivation Dropped by 95% Since the Taliban took Power

Opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has fallen by 95 percent since the Taliban took control of the country, the United Nations’ DEA says in a new report. The cultivation was banned in April 2022 by the Taliban, who announced that violations of the covenant will be punished “in accordance with Sharia law”. Already in 2000, […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 27: Biden calls for ‘pause’ for first time since fighting began

Palestinians are desperate for international intervention to end Israel’s ongoing onslaught and siege. President Biden calls for a pause over concern for Israeli captives, as Gaza death toll surpasses 9,000. Source

Israeli settler violence has been surging across the West Bank since October 7

Since October 7, Israeli settlers and military have been terrorizing Palestinian communities across the West Bank. At least 10 villages in the South Hebron Hills have been displaced through violence, and over 120 Palestinians have been killed. Source

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