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Australian Senate to Investigate Excess Mortality

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Some people claim that 60 percent of all statistics, like this one, is just made up out of thin air. All statistics in relation to Covid – numbers infected, infection and case fatality rates, deaths from and with Covid, the number of lives saved by lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, the […]

USA has recorded over 1 Million Excess Deaths among the over 65’s since the FDA “approved” the COVID-19 Vaccine

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON MARCH 31, 2024 • ( 66 COMMENTS ) Shocking statistics, quietly published by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveal over one million excess deaths have been recorded among people aged 65 and over ever since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for the COVID-19 vaccine to be offered to the public. […]

U.S. has recorded over 1 million excess deaths among people aged 65 and older since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines

U.S. has recorded over 1 million excess deaths among people aged 65 and older since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines According to the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics on excess mortality, the United States has recorded over 1 million excess deaths among people ages 65 and older since the rollout of the COVID-19 […]

Australian Senate Vote To Establish Inquiry Into Excess Deaths

Thanks to the efforts of one very determined Australian senator, the Australian Senate has voted to establish a formal parliamentary inquiry into the nation’s excess deaths. It has taken more than a year but the Senate has been given the go-ahead to what is possibly the first inquiry of this nature in the world. BYPASS […]

UK Government Reveals Its Plan to BURY Excess Deaths

This is criminal. The UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) is changing its methodology to BURY excess deaths. This new methodology often makes it appear that FEWER people are dying than expected when the exact opposite is true. Dr. John Campbell explained in a recent video how this new methodology changes 2023’s numbers: Week 21 […]

Two Months After Clown Show UK CDC Admits Sky-High Non-COVID Excess Deaths, Fixes Problem by Redefining Excess Deaths

#VaccineGenocide Two months after the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) finally admitted, as many nations are, that more people are dying than ever before, of causes other than COVID, the ONS has pulled a startling reverse and announced the problem was actually in how deaths were counted. The ONS is the equivalent of the […]

Non-COVID, Excess Deaths in US Since Vaccine Roll-Out Near One Million, Scientists Blame mRNA Shots

Above: Images of COVID mRNA vaccine victims from victims’ solidarity website Real Not Rare. Never-before-performed calculations show that the number of excess, non-COVID deaths in the US since the 2021 release of the mRNA vaccines is 904,000 deaths. These are deaths not caused by COVID, and are over and above the number of deaths which […]

‘The UK Has a Problem’: Ed Dowd Reveals Alarming Excess Death Data in Children

“The UK has a problem,” former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd declared on The Jimmy Dore Show Wednesday. He unveiled that excess deaths among UK children under the age of 14 are up a staggering 22 percent in 2023. Notably, Dowd mentioned that this trend didn’t start until “the magic juice started to be issued […]

Slovakian PM Orders Covid Vaccine Probe As Excess Deaths Skyrocket

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has announced a wide-ranging Covid Inquiry that will investigate the mRNA vaccine, excess deaths, the EU-Pfizer deal and Big Pharma’s ability to control the democratically elected governments. “The Slovak public […] The post Slovakian PM Orders Covid Vaccine Probe As Excess Deaths Skyrocket appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Liz Gunn with UK MP Andrew Bridgen (who was invited to Davos same day as his Parliamentary debate on excess deaths!)

Andrew declined the invitation of course! Hear him speak about the sabotage he has experienced by those who would silence him…Andrew has blown the whistle in the UK Parliament about excess deaths and other matters of corruption for a long time (10+ yrs) and currently now has 16 other MPs on board with the excess […]

‘Experts’ Blame ‘Lifestyle’ For Excess Deaths Among Britain’s Young & Middle-Aged

In a Lancet article coauthored with researchers from Imperial College London, the Department of Health and others, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has admitted that Britain is experiencing an ongoing excess deaths crisis The […] The post ‘Experts’ Blame ‘Lifestyle’ For Excess Deaths Among Britain’s Young & Middle-Aged appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Liz Gunn interviews UK’s Andrew Bridgen & the NZ Data Whistleblower ‘Winston Smith’ on NZ’s excess deaths (MUST WATCH!)

Note: A must hear video. Andrew Bridgen speaks of his 13 odd years as an MP and what he has experienced in uncovering corruption. Like anybody who does this, he does not fare well. He tells how he was a multi millionaire, businessman of the year in 2000. The government he says has now separated […]

Iceland Effectively Bans COVID Vaccines After Post-Vax Excess Deaths Massacre, US Funeral Home Market Jumps 30%

Context: Normally a 1% difference in excess deaths in a country would be notable. Four five and six percent are levels seen during COVID, after COVID deaths had all but disappeared in Iceland. Icelandic daily newspaper Morgunbladid via The Expose: Icelandic Government Quietly (Very Quietly) Removes Covid Vaccines. For now. By Sasha Latypova, November 21, 2023 […]

Excess Deaths among Children continue to rise in the Thousands across Europe following EMAs Emergency Use Authorisation of the Covid-19 Vaccine for Kids

By The Exposé Excess deaths among children across Europe were negative compared to the previous average throughout 2020 and 2021 until the European Medicines Agency (EMA) extended the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) of the COVID-19 vaccine to Children. Curiously, from this point onwards, excess deaths among children across Europe began to rise significantly up to […]

Excess deaths among children continue to soar across Europe following push of COVID jabs for kids

Excess deaths among children continue to soar across Europe following push of COVID jabs for kids Up until the point when the European Medicines Agency (EMA) granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for the use of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” in children, excess deaths among children throughout Europe were negative, new data shows. Then, once the […]

Alarming Acceleration in New Zealand Excess Deaths, Latest Official Figures Up 70% on Last Year

From Our health system is collapsing, but health tsars are in complete denial, desperately trying to hide the deaths and distort the science. This article is also available as a PDF document that you can print, download, and share. An audio version is available here. For the last 90 years, we have been taught […]

CIA is behind Deagel’s 2025 Depopulation Forecast & Official Excess Death Figures in the Millions prove it’s on Target & not just an Estimation

In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery. One such intrigue revolves around, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities and eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025. We can reveal that recent findings appear to link […]

The Veil of Silence over Excess Deaths

Around the world, there has been a deafening silence over excess deaths from governments and the mainstream media, who not so long ago were quite fixated on the daily death toll for Covid.  On October 20th, a 30-minute adjourned debate (20 rejections later) on excess deaths in the UK House of Commons was finally secured […]

MP Andrew Bridgen Debates Excess Deaths in Parliament

October 21, 2023 GOVERNMENT, HEALTH, Spotlight, Tyranny 2 ER Editor:  A talk to the public outside Bridgen gave afterwards — Andrew Bridgen MP gives a speech on Parliament Square pt 1 — Brexit Brian Patriots (@BrianPatriots) October 20, 2023 ******** MP Andrew Bridgen Debates Excess Deaths in Parliament, 20th October 2023 PATRICIA HARRITY for THE EXPOSE Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West […]

Excess Deaths Take Center Stage in First-Ever UK Parliament Debate on the Silent Health Crisis

Originally Published on Vigilant News The issue of “saving lives” has suddenly taken a back seat in the post-COVID world. In the midst of the pandemic, daily death tolls became a familiar feature in media reports, particularly by outlets like the BBC. Yet, the same media outlets have been conspicuously silent about a recent surge […]

AMPS Launches Inquiry into Australia’s Excess Mortality

The colony’s governments, both state and federal, have been lying to the people about the mortality rate, effectiveness and safety of the alleged ‘vaccine’. Australia’s hopelessly corrupt and inept government refuses to investigate so AMPS is investigating excess mortality related to the mRNA jabs. Let’s see if the people will finally be told the truth. […]

UK to Hold Hearings on Historically High, Non-COVID Excess Deaths, High Correlations to Vaccines

New US House Leadership to Strip COVID Vaccine Makers of Immunity? Above: Angry crowd surrounds the car of universal COVID vaccination operative Bill Gates, shouting “murderer!” (Story) For governments and media which breathlessly reported every new COVID death three years ago, an ongoing mass casualty event many times worse is being greeted with deafening silence. […]

Excess Deaths From Cardiovascular Diseases Up 44% Last Year Among UK Citizens Aged 15-44: Report

A new and disturbing analysis reveals that excess deaths from cardiovascular diseases have jumped in the UK over the past several years. Source

Bank of Canada Holds Rate At 5%, As Expected, Sees Excess Demand Easing But Prepared To Hike More If Needed

Bank of Canada Holds Rate At 5%, As Expected, Sees Excess Demand Easing But Prepared To Hike More If Needed In a day when we have seen some unexpected monetary policy decisions, including a surprise outburst from Erdogan who flip-flopped on Erdoganomics and said that Turkey may “reduce inflation with tight monetary policy” something he […]

Excess Mortality Just Got Even Worse: Ed Dowd Drops Alarming New Data

Originally Published on Vigilant News Former Blackrock asset manager and prominent data analyst Ed Dowd recently brought forth worrying data on the Dr. Drew show. Death rates among children in the UK are climbing — and fast. According to yearly excess death data, available at, the years 2020 and 2021 had negative excess mortality […]

World Health Organization (WHO) Affirms Millions of Excess Non-COVID Deaths After Vaccine Roll-Out

Shocking World Health Organization (WHO) data shows an astronomical jump in global, non-COVID excess deaths in mid-2021 and beyond, during the height of the global mRNA vaccination campaign. At the same time reported COVID deaths went flat or steadily declined. Excess mortality is defined as the number of people who die in a given time […]

Japanese Officials Urge Govt To Tell The Truth About Excess Deaths Following Covid Vaccines

Home » Asia, Health, Survival » Japanese Officials Urge Govt To Tell The Truth About Excess Deaths Following Covid Vaccines     Thousands of Japanese citizens died shortly after taking a covid jab, but even though pathologists have determined a causal link between the death sand the vaccine, Japan’s Ministry of Health continues to conduct […]

Scientists ‘Baffled’ Due to Biggest Jump in Excess Deaths in 100 Years

Scientists say they are concerned over the staggering number of excess deaths that has occured since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. Over 174,000 deaths were registered in Australia in 2022 – 12 per cent more than was […] The post Scientists ‘Baffled’ Due to Biggest Jump in Excess Deaths in 100 Years appeared first on News Punch. […]

Insurance industry CRUMBLING amid covid “vaccine” excess deaths and massive investment losses

(Natural News) Estimates suggest that the insurance industry has suffered nearly $1 trillion in losses due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and Operation Warp Speed. Between the claims that are being paid out for all those “excess deaths” and the investment portfolio losses, Peter Halligan suggests that the ballpark of losses across the insurance industry […]

NZ data reveals 5,286 excess deaths in 2022 (2,169 in 2021 & zero for 2020 in fact 160 less deaths overall that year)

From New Zealand suffered a 3,203% increase in excess deaths in 49 weeks throughout 2022 compared to 53 weeks throughout 2020. READ AT THE LINK RELATED: Too many people are dying Source

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