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OB-GYN Drops Alarming Miscarriage Numbers

The miscarriage rate was 80 percent in the Pfizer trials. They knew that.” Dr. Kimberly Biss, who has been involved in thousands of pregnancies, saw miscarriage rates rise “by 100 percent” year-to-year after the COVID shots. What’s even more terrifying is that birth rates are dropping worldwide and correlate closely with vaccination rates. For example, […]

New study reveals microplastics’ alarming journey from everyday items to human organs

Every day, unseen particles from the very containers and bottles we trust for our food and water are migrating into human bodies. The culprits—microplastics—are not just settling in our stomachs but are making their way into organs such as the brain, liver, and kidneys, posing potential health risks that are only now beginning to be […]

Common bandages contain alarming levels of cancer-causing PFAS, which leach directly into the blood

(NaturalNews) A new investigation by Mammavation finds that cancer-causing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are manufactured into the absorbent pad and… Source

CDC warns of alarming increase in syphilis cases in the U.S., especially among women and INFANTS

(NaturalNews) A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals an alarming increase in syphilis cases across America, with a… Source

‘The UK Has a Problem’: Ed Dowd Reveals Alarming Excess Death Data in Children

“The UK has a problem,” former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd declared on The Jimmy Dore Show Wednesday. He unveiled that excess deaths among UK children under the age of 14 are up a staggering 22 percent in 2023. Notably, Dowd mentioned that this trend didn’t start until “the magic juice started to be issued […]

Navy medical officer reveals alarming 937% increase in heart failure among helicopter and fixed-wing pilots post-COVID-19 inoculation

(NaturalNews) Navy Medical Service Corps Lt. Ted Macie, who is an active-duty officer, a Navy health administrator and a medical recruiter, revealed late November… Source

New Zealand Government Data Suggests Alarming Pfizer Death Rate

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL A statistician has come forward with disturbing information that, if correct, will promote doubt on the safety of mRNA vaccination for decades into the future. The whistleblower was involved with building and implementing the New Zealand government database vaccine payment system, a ‘pay per dose system’ that would remit payments […]

Alarming Acceleration in New Zealand Excess Deaths, Latest Official Figures Up 70% on Last Year

From Our health system is collapsing, but health tsars are in complete denial, desperately trying to hide the deaths and distort the science. This article is also available as a PDF document that you can print, download, and share. An audio version is available here. For the last 90 years, we have been taught […]

OB-GYN Drops Alarming Miscarriage Data Before Congress: “I’ve Never Seen This Before”

Originally Published on Vigilant News “I’ve never seen this before,” testified Dr. Kimberly Biss, an OB-GYN who has been involved in 8,000 pregnancies, before Congress in the “Injuries Caused by COVID-19 Vaccines” hearing Monday. “How many of your patients or pregnant women that you know of experience miscarriages after taking the COVID-19 vaccines — or […]

UN report exposes alarming U.S. human rights violations, urges immediate reforms

“Systemic racism and injustice”: UN slams U.S. for widespread human rights breaches. Source

Gaza Carnage Spreads Anger Across Mideast, Alarming U.S. Allies

Antony Blinken had spent much of the past week meeting with Arab leaders to try to ease tensions, but those efforts are now in doubt following the hospital blast. Source

Alarming rise in post-jab “turbo cancers”

From Video Link Story at-a-glance In a September 22, 2023, Highwire interview (video above), Canadian oncologist and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis discussed the alarming rise in post-jab “turbo cancers,” a term coined to describe incredibly rapid-growing cancers in people who have received one or more COVID jabs. One example of this is detailed […]

CDC Drops a Bombshell on Itself, Exposes Alarming Risk/Benefit Analysis

Originally Published on Vigilant News Recently (Sept 12), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new recommendations, advising “updated” COVID-19 vaccines for everyone aged six months and older. This announcement raised alarm bells, as the CDC’s guidance starkly contrasts with other countries like the UK, where Autumn booster vaccinations are recommended for those […]

Excess Mortality Just Got Even Worse: Ed Dowd Drops Alarming New Data

Originally Published on Vigilant News Former Blackrock asset manager and prominent data analyst Ed Dowd recently brought forth worrying data on the Dr. Drew show. Death rates among children in the UK are climbing — and fast. According to yearly excess death data, available at, the years 2020 and 2021 had negative excess mortality […]

Ed Dowd: New Data Shows Vaxx Deaths & Disabilities Accelerating at ALARMING Rate

Ed Dowd: New Data Shows Vaxx Deaths & Disabilities Accelerating at ALARMING Rate Former BlackRock analyst, Ed Dowd joins Seth Holehouse of Man in America with some alarming new numbers which show that the rates of death and disability in the US are accelerating after a period of going sideways for several months, with 850,000 […]

Dr. McCullough Calls Attention to Alarming Cancer Concern for the Highly-Vaccinated

July 20 2023 “Kevin McKernan has examined two vials of Pfizer, two of Moderna, and he found in one of the sets of vials … a cancer-promoting segment called SV40,” reported Dr. McCullough. “So if this is true, and that some of the vials are contaminated with DNA from the manufacturing process, this could be […]

‘Millions May Be at Risk’: Houston Hit with ‘Alarming’ Syphilis Outbreak

Health officials in Houston, Texas, are grappling with a syphilis outbreak among the population. The city’s health department reported Thursday that there was a 128 percent increase in cases of the illness among women in the area and “a nine-fold rise in congenital syphilis in Houston and Harris County.” Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection […]

Report Reveals Alarming Presence of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in US Tap Water

Home » Health, North America, Social » Report Reveals Alarming Presence of Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in US Tap Water     A recent report published by the US Geological Survey has revealed concerning findings about the quality of US tap water. According to the study, nearly 45% of all tested tap water samples in the […]

French Bakeries Are Suddenly Shutting Down At Alarming Rates Due To Energy Prices

Energy costs in France have seen a 500 percent increase recently and this is forcing French bakeries to close up shop. France is considered the cultural home of bread baking. In fact, French bakeries are such a quintessential part of the nation’s history that French President Emmanuel Macron ensured the baguette was given UNESCO heritage status in 2022. Unfortunately, […]

New Bombshell Study From New Zealand Found Alarming Increase Of Myocarditis And Acute Kidney Injury Within 21 Days Of Taking A 2nd Dose Of Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine

New Bombshell Study From New Zealand Found Alarming Increase Of Myocarditis And Acute Kidney Injury Within 21 Days Of Taking A 2nd Dose Of Pfizer’s COVID Vaccine Important points: 25.8-times rate increase of myo/pericarditis. 70% rate increase of acute kidney injury. Summary: A new retrospective cohort study of 4 million New Zealanders aged ≥5+ from […]

German Gov’t Bombshell: ‘Alarming Number of Vaccinated Are Developing AIDS’

The German government has admitted that an ‘alarming number’ of vaccinated people are developing ‘AIDS-like symptoms.’ According to new data released by German authorities, Germany has experienced over 102k excess deaths in 2022, a 276% […] The post German Gov’t Bombshell: ‘Alarming Number of Vaccinated Are Developing AIDS’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

Highly Alarming: Analysis of Vaccine Ingredients by German Industrial Engineer

A German Industrial Engineer has analyzed samples of COVID-19 vaccine batches that cover over 1 million doses. USMortality Jan 13 2023 The German Industrial Engineer Mr. Holger Reißner, a former consultant to the German Federal Robert-Koch-Institute, has analyzed many vaccine charges for its consistency and ingredients. All-Cause Mortality Monitoring – is a reader-supported publication. […]

Top 10 addictions and the ALARMING STATISTICS for the USA

(Natural News) Immediate gratification, over-indulgence, and just plain lack of consumer knowledge has the majority of Americans addicted to and enslaved by health-damaging, mind-numbing compulsions. Are all of these folks brainwashed by Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Hollywood? One infamous is example is how the medical industrial complex conned millions of Americans into […]

Thousands more are dying as EU investigation on alarming increase in children’s excess deaths drags on

(Natural News) The European Union (EU) is still “struggling” to find the culprit behind an eight-fold increase in children’s excess deaths in Europe. The EU was forced to conduct a probe after the independent news outlet Daily Expose published an intensive analysis about the matter. It zeroed in on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) granting emergency… […]

‘This Is a Signal’: People With Jobs Are, All of a Sudden, Becoming Disabled at Alarming Rates

“Employed people are getting disabled at a faster rate than the general U.S. population.” BY VIGILANT FOXSEPTEMBER 21, 2022 How many people have been disabled by the shots? Well, according to VAERS (as of September 9), there have been 14,833 U.S. reports of permanent disabilities after taking the jab. That’s quite a few, and each one is a […]

‘Alarming’: nearly 1/3 in US worry about violence, intimidation at polls

“The fear people are experiencing—especially Black people, Hispanic people, and young people—is a form of voter suppression that needs to be addressed before the election,” said one expert. Source

Alarming Rate of Failure in New Literacy and Numeracy Exams in New Zealand

A pilot program for a new literacy and numeracy high school assessment in New Zealand has revealed the alarming deterioration in education standards, demonstrating an urgent need for education reform, according to an expert. New Zealand’s National Certificate of Education Achievement (NCEA), the qualification for senior secondary school students, is undergoing changes to ensure results […]

DoD Caught Inflating Old Numbers To Hide Pandemic Of Injected & US Gov’s Alarming New PSYWAR Video

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (5/18/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

#BareShelvesBiden Trends As Alarming Number Of People Report Empty Stores

The hashtag “BareShelvesBiden” has been trending on Twitter for the last 24 hours. The hashtag ranked on Twitter’s most trending list as of late Sunday evening. #BareShelvesBiden is Trending — Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 10, 2022 People from around the country tweeted pictures and videos of bare supermarket shelves as Biden’s Supply Chain Disruptions Task […]

Alarming New Study Finds That Everyone Who Gets COVID Will Die At Some Point

ATLANTA—The CDC has announced the results of an alarming new study: everyone who has ever been infected with COVID-19 will die at some point in their life. “Yes, everyone who gets COVID will die,” said a spokesperson for the CDC. “Maybe not immediately, but at some point, in the future. Almost all of those people who die […]

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