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The Ongoing Fight For Medical Truth & Transparency

April 2nd 2024 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account of self-preservation is over. The weight of what you know vs. a license, a job, etc., […]

Medical Leadership Cannot Escape the ‘Misinformation’ Trap

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL On March 25, 2024, the online Medpage Today published an article written by the Presidents of the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. In it, they make the claim that:  Online misinformation about vaccines harm (sic) patients, undermines trust in science, and places additional burdens on our […]

‘Torture, Medical Negligence’ – Detainee Accused to Be Hamas Spy Killed in Israeli Prison

March 16, 2024 By Palestine Chronicle Staff   The number of Palestinian detainees killed since October 7 as a result of torture and medical negligence has risen to 13, according to a joint statement by the Commission and the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club.  Palestinian citizen of Israel, Juma Abu Ghanima, was killed in an Israeli prison, five days […]

Medical test company’s ‘serious and systemic failures’ led to cyber-attack, watchdog says

Australian Clinical Labs hack alleged to have resulted in more than 200,000 health records and credit card details being published on dark web OAIC alleges significant failures by ACL to protect customer data from the hack by a group known as Quantum. Photograph: Wietse Michiels/Alamy Medical testing company Australian Clinical Labs had “serious and systemic […]

American medical system adopting woke DEI protocols that put patients at risk

(NaturalNews) As bad as it already is, the landscape of modern medicine in the United States is getting worse due to the rapidly spreading virus of “diversity,… Source


PANDEMIC OF HERNIAS! Caused By COVID-19 Bioweapon & Weaponized Covid ‘Vaccines’ Submitted by The Hernia Coach SOTN Exclusive Let me first describe my background and experience as a Hernia Coach for context. I was Board Certified in Integrative Medicine early in my career as a Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Counselor.  I eventually became a […]

My medical colleagues in Gaza are exhausted, and terrified of what is to come

When I left Gaza two weeks ago, my colleagues at the European Hospital in Khan Younis were already overwhelmed. Now, they are terrified Israel will invade the hospital and kill patients like they did at nearby Nasser Hospital. Source

DC Medical Examiner Will NOT Discard Remains of Babies at Center of Abortion Scandal

DC Medical Examiner Will NOT Discard Remains of Babies at Center of Abortion Scandal Source

My Medical School Dismissed Me Over Dissent

This original essay series is my attempt to tell my story. I was suppressed because of the widespread ideological possession among those in power. This pernicious problem stretches far beyond my life. Note to readers: we are proud to release the first part of an exclusive essay series by Kevin Bass on his suspension from […]

Ex-Pharma Insider Warns of Looming Government-Funded ‘Medical Disaster’

More American tax dollars are destined to be spent on a “medical disaster.” Enter Ozempic, a diabetes and weight loss drug that is “going to be the highest-funded drug by the US taxpayer in history.” Ozempic has some severe problems, according to ex-pharma insider Calley Means: 1. Gastrointestinal issues and stomach paralysis: • “The drug […]

AI-powered medical devices could enhance detection and differentiation of skin cancers – but could also give false readings

(NaturalNews) On January 16, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new, non-invasive skin cancer detection device that is powered by artificial… Source

The ‘Re-Education’ of New Zealand Medical Doctors

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL During 2020-2023, professional regulatory associations became de-facto wardens of the more authoritarian Covid-19 nation-states, which included New Zealand. The Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) was one such body which, like a duck to water, moved firmly and swiftly to ensure that doctors complied with Covid-19 and vaccine policies, or […]

ICYMI: Denver Health Medical Staff Receives First Live Ebola Vaccine that “Sheds” for the First Time in History (VIDEO)

ICYMI: Denver Health Medical Staff Receives First Live Ebola Vaccine that “Sheds” for the First Time in History (VIDEO) Source

How the Medical Establishment is Working to Facilitate the Depopulation Agenda

19 jan 2024 Dr. David Ayoub MD explains how the medical establishment through certified documentation is working hand in hand with the global cabal to facilitate the depopulation agenda. Radio Liberty Conference 2005, Aptos, California. “…this pandemic that’s goingto come, they’re trying to build the infrastructure to do mass vaccinations in a very, very short […]

MEDICAL MADNESS: TikTok doctor says obesity should be “normalized” because “it’s okay to be fat”

MEDICAL MADNESS: TikTok doctor says obesity should be “normalized” because “it’s okay to be fat” A physician at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles with a popular TikTok channel says that one of her goals is to “normalize” being fat. In a recent TikTok post, Dr. Nicole Vangroningen told her followers that “it is okay to be […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 101: The collapse of Gaza’s health sector the “worst man-made medical disaster in modern history”

As the confirmed death toll from Israel’s assault on Gaza reaches 24,000, the U.S. is reportedly “frustrated” Israel continues to ignore calls to limit its attacks. Hamas releases video of three Israeli captives, saying fate will be revealed today. Source

Ten New Year’s Resolutions to Restore Medical Freedom

As 2023 staggers to its conclusion, leaving behind a world of brutal wars, tenuous economies, corrupt governments, and tyrannical elites, perhaps the most unsettling aspect of the year’s end is a strange silence. Some things always generate plenty of noise. The 2024 US Presidential election promises to be even more hysterical than the last two. […]

Australian Medical Regulator Finally Relaxes Covid Gag Order

A directive to health practitioners barring criticism of the Covid vaccines and rollout has finally been dropped by Australia’s medical regulator, AHPRA. On 9 March 2021, AHPRA and the National Boards published a joint statement to help health practitioners “understand what’s expected of them in giving, receiving, and advising on and sharing information about COVID-19 […]

Needleless vaccines are here… medical poisons can now be delivered via ultrasound

(NaturalNews) Public willingness to get injected with who-knows-what from vaccine needles is waning. Thus, scientists are now developing needleless vaccines that… Source

Sweden is Preparing its Medical Ambulances for World War 3

In response to the escalating global tensions and the potential for World War III, the Swedish government is taking proactive measures to expand its medical transport capabilities. Concerned about the impact of a potential outbreak of war, the government has tasked several authorities with coordinating transports to ensure the nation is adequately prepared. The National […]

Matthew Perry Drowned While On Ketamine: Medical Examiner

“Friends” star Matthew Perry died after taking a large dose of ketamine and drowning, according to a Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s report released Friday.  Perry, who drowned in a hot tub at his L.A. home in October, was 54. The report said “the acute effects of ketamine” was the cause of death and listed […]

Navy medical officer reveals alarming 937% increase in heart failure among helicopter and fixed-wing pilots post-COVID-19 inoculation

(NaturalNews) Navy Medical Service Corps Lt. Ted Macie, who is an active-duty officer, a Navy health administrator and a medical recruiter, revealed late November… Source

The longer Govt, mainstream media & the medical community ignore the death data in plain sight, the clearer it is they are CORRUPT

Notably the NZ govt is keeping up a stunning silence on this (even continuing with the ‘safe & effective’ mantra) especially in light of the recent revelations from the Govt’s own data analyst whistleblower! For a list of links on topic go HERE Medicare death data proves the COVID vaccines are killing people. No more […]

OPERATION COVID-19: When Big Medical colluded with Big Pharma to murder and/or severely injure us all.

JON RAPPOPORT I’m told the study is being held back from journal publication. You can find it here. “Adverse events following COVID-19 mRNA vaccines: A systematic review of cardiovascular complication, thrombosis, and thrombocytopenia” — PubMed ( The Study: Background and objectives: Since publishing successful clinical trial results of mRNA coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines in December […]

What is Medical Freedom, Exactly?

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms. ~ Socrates The phrase “medical freedom” has become common usage in the wake of the Covid-19 catastrophe. But like many buzzwords and neologisms, “medical freedom” is perhaps ill-defined or even undefined. We all know more or less what it means in […]

Merritt Medical Hour: Brad Miller says people’s patriotism has been WEAPONIZED against them – Brighteon.TV

Merritt Medical Hour: Brad Miller says people’s patriotism has been WEAPONIZED against them – Brighteon.TV Former Army officer Brad Miller has lamented the fact that people’s patriotism has been weaponized against them. He expressed this sentiment during a recent episode of the “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV. “What has happened is [that] we’ve had people … in […]

U.S. medical and public health institutions are complicit in genocide

On November 3, 2023, Georges C. Benjamin, the executive director of the American Public Health Association, the largest organization of public health professionals in the United States, released a statement on the “public health implications” of what they named the “Israel-Hamas War.” Released almost one month after the escalation of the Israeli settler colonial regime’s […]

Under siege: Gaza’s medical heroes plead for ceasefire as hospitals crumble in conflict

Gaza’s medical emergency: a struggle for survival amidst conflict As the devastating conflict in Gaza continues, the region’s healthcare system faces an unprecedented crisis. Dr. Mohammed Ghneim, an emergency room doctor at Dar Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, has become a frontline witness to the catastrophic impact of war on civilian health. For four […]

Jordan airdrops urgent medical supplies to field hospital in Gaza Strip

According to Jordan’s King Abdullah II, his nation air-dropped medical supplies to a Jordanian military field hospital in the Gaza Strip on Monday. He posted on X, formerly Twitter, saying that his fearless Air Force personnel air-dropped, at midnight, urgent medical aid to the Jordanian field hospital. “This is our duty to aid our brothers […]

Mark Trozzi–Corrupt Medical…

Mark Trozzi–Corrupt Medical establishment Prosecutes Courageous Honest Doctor Today is November 10th 2023, and I face the hardship of a CPSO hearing to decide their “punishment” for me in recognition of my three years dedicated mission work to research, inform and protect people against the covid-crimes-against-humanity including the misrepresented genetic experiments that have killed and […]

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