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The Walls Are Closing In on Fauci; NIH Director QUITS in Disgrace After Being Found Guilty of Lying About Wuhan

Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has become the latest Democrat to depart the sinking ship following revelations that he lied about funding of gain-of-research in Wuhan, China. “It has been an incredible privilege to lead this great agency for more than a decade,” Collins said in a statement posted on the NIH website. […]

Australia Now the Disgrace of the World: Police Attacking and Pepper-Spraying Young Children for not Wearing Masks!

From by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact News Earlier this month we reported how quickly Australia had descended into tyranny, basically becoming a medical police state with martial law. Even China has criticized their authoritarian measures, and we showed video footage of police arresting the elderly and seniors in parks for simply not wearing masks. […]

Trump Blasts ‘Pathetic, Clueless’ Biden/DHS Over ‘National Disgrace’ on The Border

Appearing on Fox News Tuesday, President Trump warned that Joe Biden’s disastrous border policy is doing irreversible damage to the country. Trump told host Maria Bartiromo that the current administration’s actions in reversing his immigration policies is “destroying our country,” and predicted that tings are going to get much worse. “My policies were working better […]

‘Disgrace’: Rangers’ Tony DeAngelo Dumps Twitter After Trump Ban

New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo deleted his Twitter account and called the social media site a “disgrace,” after the site permanently banned President Trump. The star defenseman now says he will join Parler. According to the New York Post, Rangers coach David Quinn spoke to DeAngelo about his decision but offered no further information. […]

US unrest ‘disgrace for democracy,’ Turkey’s Erdogan says, hopes ‘peace’ will return after Biden’s inauguration

The Turkish president has blasted those involved in the storming of Capitol Hill on Wednesday, which claimed the lives of five people, labeling it a “disgrace.” “This process in the US, which was described as the so-called ‘cradle of democracy’, really shocked all of humanity,” said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a Friday prayer in […]

Exit in disgrace

Will he leave in the middle of the night, embarrassed by his four years of crude, rude, lying, and beyond belief incompetence? Or will he be escorted out at long last by a Secret Service detachment, or possibly by the Capitol police who may have an arrest warrant and extradition order from the state of […]

NZ’s Ruined Rivers are a National Disgrace (CORANZ)

Opinion by Ken Sims, Life member NZ Federation Freshwater Anglers The recently published article showing 65 percent of our rivers are “unswimmable” in a country of just 5 million people, should remind government that that the continuing state of New Zealand’s rivers is a national calamity.It is a disgraceful, shameful reflection on the failure of […]

The US Inability To Count Votes Is A National Disgrace

Above photo: Trump supporters protest outside a vote counting center in Detroit, MI to “stop the count.” New York Times. And Dangerous. Nations far poorer and less technologically advanced have no problem holding quick, efficient elections. Distrust in U.S. outcomes is dangerous but rational. The richest and most powerful country on earth — whether due to […]

Manufacturing Disgrace: Reuters Distorts Chevron V. Donziger

Above photo: Depiction of Steven Donziger in the Intercept (5/20/20). Independent journalist Chris Hedges (ScheerPost, 8/25/20) wrote: The flagrant corruption and misuse of the legal system to abjectly serve corporate interests in the Donziger case illustrates the deep decay within our judiciary and democratic institutions. One of those deeply decayed institutions is the corporate media, as a review of […]

Veterans groups condemn Trump as ‘a national disgrace’ over reports he called fallen soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers’

Image Credit: Kena Betancur/Getty Images Advocacy organizations representing millions of veterans across the United States voiced disgust and outrage late Thursday in response to reports from multiple news outlets detailing how President Donald Trump has repeatedly disparaged American soldiers killed or wounded in war as “suckers” and “losers” in private while publicly presenting himself as […]

The new OPCW report on chlorine use in Idlib is another disgrace: Inconsistent, incomplete, implausible

     On February 4, two days before a UN Security Council meeting on chemical weapon issues, a Syrian army helicopter flew into Idleb governorate which is held by al-Qaeda. Escaping the quite effective air defenses of the terrorists it dropped two chlorine gas cylinders near a militarily irrelevant agricultural warehouse 40 kilometers away from the […]

#ExxonKnew leader Eric Schneiderman resigns in disgrace amid physical abuse allegations

From the New York Times: New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, has resigned, hours after multiple women accused him of being physically abusive. Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State attorney general who rose to prominence as an antagonist of the Trump administration, abruptly resigned on Monday night hours after The New Yorker reported that […]

“It’s a disgrace you’re having a party for a murderer”: Protesters Arrive At Police Fund-Raiser For Killer Cop

About a dozen protesters confronted law enforcement Sunday at a police union fund-raiser for a Philadelphia police officer who was suspended with the intent to dismiss, for fatally shooting, aka murdering, a man running away from a traffic stop. Facing a heavy police presence outside the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5’s office on Caroline […]

The Trump administration’s 3 ‘court Jews’ disgrace themselves

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The Alternative Media with guests Benjamin Fulford and Don Advo

The Alternative Media with guests Benjamin Fulford and Don Advo Hey Alternative Media fans. There was another great show on Saturday night. Benjamin Fulford joined (almost) live from Tokyo, then Dr. Slattery and Attorney Don Advo discussed immigration, trade, history, and current events as well taking callers.   Hour one, featuring guest Benjamin Fulford Hour […]

Weeding out words: Pot sends verbal memory ability up in smoke, new report shows

Commentary by Dr. Patrick Slattery — The article below headlines a study showing that marijuana usage reduces verbal memory. When one considers stereotypical stoner speech mannerisms (think Sean Penn’s character from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”), this should hardly come as a surprise. Of course, if you read down the article, you see that the […]

That’s Embarrassing – Cop’s Wife Caught on Video Stealing Christmas Gifts from Neighbor’s Kids

Lakeland, FL — In a move that is sure to bring shame on an officer’s police department, the wife of a Florida cop was caught stealing the Christmas presents of her neighbor’s children. The alleged thief is 42-year-old Dana Hager, wife of a cop, who was already on probation after being found […]

That’s Embarrassing – Cop’s Wife Caught on Video Stealing Christmas Gifts from Neighbor’s Kids

Lakeland, FL — In a move that is sure to bring shame on an officer’s police department, the wife of a Florida cop was caught stealing the Christmas presents of her neighbor’s children. The alleged thief is 42-year-old Dana Hager, wife of a cop, who was already on probation after being found […]

BREAKING: While OBAMA Boasts About His Disastrous Nuke ‘Deal’, IRAN Just Did THIS… AGAIN

Blaze and Spitfire AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– In a major breach of two UN Security Council resolutions, Iran has executed a new mid range ballistic missile test. They have once again used the President’s terrible nuclear “deal” as an opportunity to test another missile capable of carrying warheads. The evidence is now overwhelming that the deal […]

Rampant Anti-Muslim Sentiments in the Wake of Paris Attacks

Michaela Whitton (AM) : The anti-Muslim backlash in the U.K. in the wake of events in Paris has resulted in the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) issuing a safety alert for British Muslims. Since Friday’s tragic events in Paris, the U.K. has seen a spike in incidents of violent assault and anti-Muslim hatred taking place […]

Another Palestinian executed in Al-Khalil

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces have just executed new Palestinian youths near Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Al-Khalil, West Bank. “The Palestinian was passing near the Mosque, when the Israeli troops called at him and immediately, without pre-warning, shot him,” an eyewitness said. Like our page on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Witnesses said that the […]

The Australian government is a bloody disgrace

Awakening The World … … Every Heart Makes A Difference And The Non-Compli-Dance New times now added for the Americas and Australia/New Zealand. Read more … New David Icke App Now Available Europe … Australia … New Zealand … the United States David Icke’s round-the-world tour between September and December Australia and New Zealand dates […]

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