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From all rivers to all seas, ALL human beings deserve to be free

Elon Musk, an anti-free speech technocrat, has banned the phrase, “from the river to the sea” on X / Twitter. It’s worth noting that the phrase merely means freedom for the Palestinian people. It is not a call for violence. It is, in fact, a call for human dignity for the Palestinian people who have […]

“Green energy” mining is polluting rivers and farmland at an unsustainable pace, leaving 23 million people exposed to toxic waste

(NaturalNews) A new study published in Science takes a closer look at what “green energy†mining has done to the rivers, the floodplains, the aquifers, and the… Source

More than 800 tons of agricultural pesticides leach into world’s rivers each year, research finds

Image Credit: Pesticide Action Network A new study led by researchers from The University of Sydney has found that agricultural pesticides leach into the world’s rivers and oceans each year at an alarming rate, damaging a variety of ecosystems. Every year, agricultural operations around the world use more than three million tons of pesticides, but […]

Major Rivers Around the World Have Dried Up and Nobody Knows Why

Something nefarious appears to be going on with the world’s water supplies as lakes and rivers seemingly everywhere dry up due to drought, in some cases, but for unknown reasons in others. We warned you that several portions of the Mississippi River have had to be shut down due to record-low water levels, but you […]

Major rivers all around the world experiencing drought at the same time: WHY?

(Natural News) Something nefarious appears to be going on with the world’s water supplies as lakes and rivers seemingly everywhere dry up due to drought, in some cases, but for unknown reasons in others. We warned you that several portions of the Mississippi River have had to be shut down due to record-low water levels,… […]

BARGE-POCALYPSE unfolding as rivers DRY UP, leaving farmers and coal producers with no transportation

(Natural News) Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, now there’s a “barge-pocalypse” unfolding that you might find rather disturbing. This is a problem with massive global implications that very few people saw coming because barges don’t exactly attract a lot of attention. But they are critical for efficient […]

Iran won’t give up ‘single drop of water” from border rivers, FM says 

TEHRAN – “We will not give up a single drop of the Iranian nation’s share of historical and border rights,” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian says. Source

Huge hail pummels parts of SE Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle while rivers of hail engulf Spain

Huge hail pummels parts of SE Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle while rivers of hail engulf Spain Date: July 8, 2022Author: Nwo Report Posted BY: Strange Sounds After the eerie green sky engulfed South Dakota on July 5, 2022, a supercell thunderstorm dropped hail larger than softballs in southern Sioux County, Nebraska Tuesday evening. Severe […]

50% of U.S. Lakes and Rivers Are Too Polluted for Swimming, Fishing, Drinking

50% of U.S. Lakes and Rivers Are Too Polluted for Swimming, Fishing, Drinking Olivia Rosane Mar 29, 2022 19:54PM EDT A steel mill on Indiana’s Grand Calumet River. Cavan Images / Getty Images Fifty years ago, the U.S. passed the Clean Water Act with the goal of ensuring  “fishable, swimmable” water across the U.S. by […]

Divided Rivers:  Twin Teardrops upon Mother’s Face

Riverine nostalgia in post-partition Bengali music  Since river valleys and riverbanks have perennially been the life-giving source of all flourishing human civilizations around the earth throughout history (Indus-Ganges, Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Mississippi, Amazon and a great many more), it is quite natural that when politically and colonially engineered partitions of the homelands of people residing generationally […]



Flooding in central China turns streets to rivers, kills 12

At least 12 people died in severe flooding Tuesday in a Chinese provincial capital while tens of thousands were forced from their homes. Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province, was hit by 20 centimetres of rain from 4 to 5 p.m., the official Xinhua News Agency said, citing the Henan weather agency. According to Chinese […]

Thousands of Dutch Urged to Leave Their Homes as Rivers Flood

Lifeguards walk through a flooded street, following heavy rainfalls, in Valkenburg, Netherlands, July 15, 2021. (Piroschka Van De Wouw/Reuters) AMSTERDAM—Thousands of people in the south of the Netherlands on Thursday were urged to leave their houses quickly to escape floods as rivers were on the brink of bursting their banks. Several towns and villages along […]

Crop Circles 2021 – Eclipse Crop Circle, Wooton Rivers, Wiltshire

» Wait… What? – That is EmbarrassingToday at 12:21 am by PurpleSkyz » Crop Circles 2021 – Eclipse Crop Circle, Wooton Rivers, WiltshireToday at 12:10 am by PurpleSkyz » Fauci Is Innocent! Biden Isn’t Creepy – Breaking News!Yesterday at 7:23 pm by PurpleSkyz » CERN Physicists Observe Nonzero Mass Difference between Charm Meson and Its AntiparticleYesterday at 10:52 am by PurpleSkyz » RING OF […]

Rivers Ravaged by Sand-Mining Mafias

Disturbing reports have been appearing from several parts of the country of rivers ravaged by sand-mining mafias to the extent that the very survival of some of the smaller rivers serious harmed in this way has been threatened. Much of this mining  is clearly illegal and controlled by powerful local mafias who do not hesitate […]

Stunning Nasa images reveal ‘rivers of gold’ in Amazon for the first time

A stunning and rare picture of a “gold stream” running through the Amazon rainforest, shared by Nasa for the first time, has exposed the dark side of illegal mining of gold in Peru. The picture that appears to be of “rivers of gold“ running through the Amazon rainforest in Peru’s Madre de Dios state is […]

NZ’s Ruined Rivers are a National Disgrace (CORANZ)

Opinion by Ken Sims, Life member NZ Federation Freshwater Anglers The recently published article showing 65 percent of our rivers are “unswimmable” in a country of just 5 million people, should remind government that that the continuing state of New Zealand’s rivers is a national calamity.It is a disgraceful, shameful reflection on the failure of […]

New Zealand: Billion-Dollar Soils Washing Into Rivers

New Zealand: Billion-Dollar Soils Washing Into Rivers April 19th, 2018 Via: Newsroom: We’re losing soil at an alarming rate, but there are some gaping holes in our knowledge about why and where from, reports Eloise Gibson You can’t grow a lot of food without […]

BIZARRE: Al Gore says there are "flying rivers" caused by global warming

(Natural News) Upset by his narrow loss to Republican presidential nominee George W. Bush in 2000, then-Vice President Al Gore found solace not in challenging Bush four years later, but in becoming the biggest hawker of ‘global warming/climate change’ there ever was. It’s paid off for the former VEEP — literally. As […]

Roads turned into rivers, mass blackouts and hundreds of islanders are evacuated as Cyclone Gita slams Samoa (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

     Residents in Samoa hope the worst is over as tropical cyclone Gita moves away from the island nation after wreaking havoc. Power has been cut and more than 200 people have been evacuated from their homes after major flooding, which include main roads in the capital city of Apia. A category 2 cyclone warning […]

Episode #209 – ‘By the Rivers of Babylon’ guests Mike Robinson, Vanessa Beeley

Episode #209 of SUNDAY WIRE SHOW resumes on Nov 5th 2017 as host Patrick Henningsen brings you this week’s LIVE broadcast on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) – covering all the top news stories both at home and internationally… LISTEN LIVE ON THIS PAGE AT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULED SHOW TIMES: 5pm-8pm UK Time | […]

The Mekong and the Battle for the ‘Mother of Rivers’

Crop circle season is on and investigators are Wiltshire bound

     For several months each summer, Monique Klinkenbergh gets up at dawn and heads to the tiny Wiltshire airport to climb into her ultralight aircraft. It’s important for her to get in the sky as quickly as possible, as the sun rises over Southern England’s rolling hills and lush green farmland, because hunting for crop […]

Whistleblower Nurse Warns Of Forced Flu Shots In US Hospitals

A whistleblower nurse has described her experience inside a hospital that has taken orders to unknowingly force vaccinate patients with the flu shot. In the video below she describes how The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has redefined the term “Biologics” being used in hospital consent forms to include vaccines. “Since the Affordable Care Act came […]

‘Terror more likely than tech failure’: 5 things we know so far about missing EgyptAir plane

Follow LIVE UPDATES on search for EgyptAir flight missing over Mediterranean 1. THE AIRCRAFT On MS804, EgyptAir operated an Airbus A320 – a narrow-body airliner, considered safe and reliable in the industry to serve short- or medium-haul destinations. According to the Airbus’ statement, this 13-year-old plane was delivered to EgyptAir in 2003 and has accumulated […]

IME weekly trading value rises by 17%

TEHRAN (ISNA)- 621,163 MT of commodities worth over $274 million were traded in Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) late April with the value and volume of trading experienced a growth of 17% and 11%, respectively. According to the report from the IME International Affairs and PR, on the domestic and export metals and minerals pit of […]

China & Russia’s Hypersonic Gliders Can Penetrate US Missile Defenses

China and Russia have both successfully tested their offset hypersonic gliders which they claim are capable of penetrating the American THAAD system (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense). The U.S. plans to deploy the THAAD anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea to counter threats from North Korea. Chinese military experts consider the tests a “warning to the […]



Water Crisis Fears In New Delhi After Canal Sabotaged In Protests

Delhi is on the brink of a severe water crisis after a key supply was cut during protests over jobs in a neighbouring state. Much of the water supply to the Indian capital was cut off after members of an influential Indian caste sabotaged a canal during protests over job quotas. A representative from the […]

Specter Of Geoengineering Haunts Paris Climate Agreement

Print Friendly Above Photo: From To avoid challenging the fossil fuel profiteers, the Paris negotiators bet on untested and dangerous geoengineering technologies. Although the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) Agreement was described by negotiators and the media as ambitious and historic,[1] the document is actually little more than a statement of intent that confirms the target set […]

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