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Ukraine first, Iranian diaspora second and Dutch people maybe the last!

TEHRAN – Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte along with some other officials of the country, including Minster of Justice and some members of the Parliament, had a meeting on March 16 with one of the most infamous Iranian diaspora members, Masumeh Alinejad Qomi Kollaei, aka Masih Alinejad, and made some remarks in regards to recent […]

ME FIRST!!! Ted Cruz Who Escaped to Sunny Cancun While Texican Children Froze to Death, Who’s Wife Is Pro Over Run Western World With 3ed World Illegal Invasion Terrorist, Blasts Fellow Political Whore Biden For Bailouts Of Corrupt Banks

ME FIRST ted Cruz who ran to sunny Cancun like the coward he is from the Killer Freeze in Texas a couple of years back AS THE Occupied Republic of Texas ship the TEXAS GOES DOWN, SCALAWAG SHIP’S OFFICER CRUZ TAKES THE FIRST LIFEBOAT FOR HIMSELF,HIS LUGGAGE AND PLENTY OF BLANKETS TO KEEP HIS CHAMPAGNE […]

Big banks offer First Republic a $30 billion lifeline to prevent imminent collapse

(Natural News) As a crisis of confidence from customers and investors heats up, First Republic bank is getting a lifeline from its rivals. Some of the biggest banks in the nation have joined forces to help the struggling lender with billions of dollars to boost confidence in the bank and help it meet customer withdrawals. […]

Banking Crisis Worsens: Swiss Bank is First “Too Big to Fail” Bank to be Bailed Out as Saudis Withdraw Support

Banking Crisis Worsens: Swiss Bank is First “Too Big to Fail” Bank to be Bailed Out as Saudis Withdraw Support by Brian ShilhavyEditor, Health Impact NewsSwitzerland’s second largest bank, Credit Suisse, which has been experiencing bank runs and plummeting stock valuations since the end of 2022, became the first SIFI (systemically important financial institution), or […]

The Banking crisis: Swiss Bank first ‘too-big-to-fail’ bank to be bailed out as Saudis withdraw support

Always been inevitable hasn’t it? For those who have been watching decades. EWR From Health Impact News Switzerland’s second largest bank, Credit Suisse, which has been experiencing bank runs and plummeting stock valuations since the end of 2022, became the first SIFI (systemically important financial institution), or “too big to fail” bank, to crash today […]

Bank collapse contagion? Customers line up to take their money out of First Republic Bank

(Natural News) Customers of First Republic Bank in Southern California are lining up outside bank branches, eager to withdraw their funds in the wake of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). SVB’s collapse has raised fears that First Republic could suffer a similar bank run that could lead to its own demise. Analysts have […]

First-Ever Official Apology for COVID Vaccine Mandates

March 5, 2023 • by Igor Chudov A Powerful, Sincere and Emotional Apology Worth Watching Originally Published on Igor’s Newsletter I believe we have just seen the first-ever sincere and complete apology for vaccine mandates coming from a government official. (if I am mistaken, and it is not the first one, let me know. Danielle Smith […]

French First “Lady” loses lawsuit after being accused of secretly undergoing gender reassignment surgery


“First Daughter” or a new trend of DPRK propaganda?

After mentioning the daughter of the DPRK leader at a military parade and other events marking the 75th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army on February 8, 2023, the author was asked to explain whether the reasoning of some experts that the girl had already been appointed Kim Jong-un’s successor was correct. Recall that on […]

France’s first lady fails in transgender lawsuit


For First Time in History, Lindsey Graham is Right. But We Will Never Attack Mexico, Because The Entire Democrat Party is Owned by the Mexican Drug Cartel

WAYNE ROOT: For First Time in History, Lindsey Graham is Right. But We Will Never Attack Mexico, Because The Entire Democrat Party is Owned by the Mexican Drug Cartel Source

Train collision: New videos of the first moments of the tragedy – “One train has crashed into another”

A shocking new video of the first few minutes after the train collision in Tempi was released Thursday morning. Video recorded by a passenger on the fatal Intercity62 shows the inferno that broke out after the trains collided with someone saying “there’s been an explosion, one train has crashed into another”. In the same video,… […]

Latvia confiscated hundreds of cars from drunk drivers: The first are now on their way to Ukraine

Latvian authorities have vowed to hand two dozen confiscated vehicles from drunk drivers every week for delivery to Ukraine. Source

First Greek-speaking Adventist Church established in Cyprus

Although the Seventh-day Adventist Church has had at least one church group in Nicosia operating for many years, three language groups meet separately to worship each week in the Cypriot capital despite there being no building in which to meet. On the members’ behalf, reported ANN, the Trans-European Division (TED) received the 13th Sabbath overflow… […]

Colchester Vase is First Proof of Gladiator Tournaments in Roman Britain

New research has revealed evidence that gladiatorial combat took place in Roman Britain in the late second century AD. Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

South Africa’s first 3D printed low-cost house (Inspire Africa)

On this episode of Inspire Africa, Jerry Fisayo-Bambi and the africanews team bring you innovation stories from Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa. First, we hear the story of the Nigerian teenage tech prodigy John Oseni. Oseni, a computer programmer has developed a number of softwares in Fintech using his programming skills. We hear about his […]

Scientist Who Created World’s First Covid Vaccine Found Dead In His Apartment

A top scientist responsible for developing the world’s first registered combination vector vaccine against Covid-19 in 2020 has been found strangled to death in his apartment. Andrey Botikov, a senior researcher at the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, was strangled to death with a belt in his apartment in northwest Moscow, according to […]

An Underwhelming First Day at CPAC

Perhaps organizers of the Conservative Political Action Conference haven’t liked the coverage of their event this year, or perhaps the event is in as much disarray as those news reports say, but whatever the case, CPAC appears eager to keep critical media out, relegating reporters to a corner of the ballroom from which they can’t […]

Egypt FM visits Syria, Turkiye for first time in decade

Egypt's Foreign Minister has visited Syria and Turkiye today in the first of such visits in a decade, signalling greater chances of normalisation and the resumption of diplomatic relations. Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, today met with his Syrian counterpart, Faisal Mekdad, and President Bashar Al-Assad in the capital, Damascus, reportedly in order to discuss […]

First Public Display of 16-meter-long Papyrus Found in Saqqara Casket

The exciting discovery of a 16-meter-long (52.5 ft) ancient papyrus found in a sarcophagus in Egypt’s Saqqara region has now been unveiled. A papyrus of this size and quality had not been discovered in over a century.  Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Writings News History & Archaeology Read Later  Source

Tennis – Saudi Arabia sends first female team to ITF event

Women's sport in Saudi Arabia reached a new milestone this week as the conservative Kingdom sent their first female team to an International Tennis Federation (ITF) event, Reuters reports. The Asia/Oceania pre-qualifying event of Billie Jean King Cup Juniors, hosted this week in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is the first time Saudi Arabia has been represented […]

Seattle Becomes First US City to Ban Caste-Based Discrimination

Seattle has made history in the U.S. by banning discrimination based on the ancient Hindu caste system, which activists argue encourages inequality, segregation and exclusion among South Asians.  On Tuesday evening, Seattle became the first American city—and the first in the world outside South Asia—to add caste-based discrimination as a form of outlawed prejudice, joining […]

NZ’s new PM Hipkins uses ‘globalist speak’ in his first speech to Parliament

Getting off on the right foot Hipkins (who let’s face it wouldn’t be PM if he weren’t a globalist puppet) is spouting their ‘build back better’ rhetoric we’ve been ‘treated’ to since the announcement of the (not) WEF’s great reset that will leave we underlings owning nothing whilst they continue to swan about in personal […]

San Francisco Braces for First Snow Since 1976 as More Winter Storms Arrive

San Francisco could see light snowfall on higher elevations near the city — and even flurries within city limits — as another winter storm arrives for the latter half of this week, once again defying expectations of a dry winter. Source

Israel delays bill to freeze mortgage rates for first-time buyers

Israel will delay passing a new law that would freeze mortgage rates for first-time home buyers, Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said on Sunday, as the proposed legislation faces opposition from the country's central bank. Smotrich and the head of parliament's finance committee, Moshe Gafni, said in a joint statement they would hold off for a […]

Turkey-Armenia gate opens for first time in decades to allow aid

A border gate between long-feuding Turkey and Armenia has been opened for the first time in 35 years to allow aid for victims of the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey, state-owned Anadolu news agency and a diplomat said. Turkey's special envoy for Armenia, Serdar Kilic, tweeted photos of trucks passing through the Alican checkpoint at […]

In National First, Australia Uses Environmental Law to Reject New Coal Mine to Protect Great Barrier Reef

In National First, Australia Uses Environmental Law to Reject New Coal Mine to Protect Great Barrier Reef By: Olivia Rosane Updated: February 10, 2023  Edited by Irma Omerhodzic The Great Barrier Reef. Grant Faint / Getty Images The Australian government on Wednesday rejected a proposed open pit coal mine that would have been located less […]

Results of Kenyan Dig Suggest Africa’s First Toolmakers Were Not Human

A multi-year series of excavations at a site near Lake Victoria in Kenya unearthed a collection of Oldowan stone tools that are likely the oldest ever found on Earth, dating back to the Pliocene epoch (between 5.3 and 2.5 million years ago). Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News Evolution & Human Origins Human Origins […]

Medieval Gatehouse Likely Witnessed First Action of English Civil War

Pock-marked with bullets that likely came from the muskets of Parliamentarian troops bound for the very first battle of the English Civil War, the remains of a medieval gatehouse have been uncovered in England. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Europe Read Later  Source

The First Nosejob In Modern Human History

The First Nosejob In Modern Human History Sushruta has been regarded as one of the pioneers of surgery. He performed procedures with crude surgical instruments that paved the path for today’s operations. However, his existence is shrouded in myth and mystery. Sushruta belonged to a rich heritage of learned scholars and practiced and taught surgery […]

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