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Biden’s Crime Chief Had Screaming Red Flags on His Financial Disclosure Form; Senators Ignored Them

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Held the Confirmation Hearing for Kenneth Polite to Head the Criminal Division of the Justice Department What happened on July 20 with the 56-44 vote in the Senate to confirm Kenneth Polite (pronounced Po-leet) to head the most powerful criminal law enforcement office in […]

New York Times: People Who Fly “Disturbing” American Flags From Their Trucks Are Trump Supporters

The New York Times has declared that people who fly “disturbing” American flags from their trucks are guaranteed to be Trump supporters. Last month, NY Times editorial board member Mara Gay declared that the sight of American flags deeply disturbed her: “I was on Long Island this weekend … and I was really disturbed. I […]

Where the Gay Flags Aren’t Flying

The BBC is continuing to insist its employees wear electronic social distancing tags that emit a loud beep whenever they get within two meters of another person despite numerous safety, privacy and noise complaints. The proximity sensors were introduced in January to “help maintain safe social distancing” but employees say they have become nothing but […]

US soldiers place flags at Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day

Over 1,000 members of the United States Army place miniature US flags in front of around 260,000 headstones across Arlington National Cemetery ahead of Memorial Day, as part of a yearly tradition honoring members who died while serving in the military. Source 00

Israeli Flags Burned and Synagogues Attacked in Germany

German police have arrested several people of “Arabic appearance” following attacks on synagogues in North Rhine-Westphalia, including incidents where suspects burned Israeli flags in front of temples. Police responded to reports on Tuesday that people were burning Israeli flags outside of two synagogues in Münster and Bonn. Members of the public had reported seeing a […]

Canadian ‘Morality Police’ Investigate ‘Nazi’ Protest Flags Found Outside Health Care Facilities As ‘Hate Crime’

Multiple Canadian protest flags fashioned with swastikas have been found in Windsor, Ontario near health care facilities, with two more discovered earlier this week: The flags are designed to look like the Canadian flag, with two bands of red and a white centre. But instead of a red maple leaf over the white, the flags […]

Joe Biden Anchors Transgender Flags at the White House to Celebrate ‘Day of Visibility’

    President Joe Biden will display transgender flags at the White House on Wednesday to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, according to an official. White House Director of Political Strategy and Outreach Emmy Ruiz announced Biden would display the pastel pink and blue and transgender flag at the White House. “Imagine being a trans […]

Boston Celebrates Greek Bicentennial with Illuminations, Flags

Boston’s iconic Museum of Fine Arts glows in blue and white and the Greek flags are flying now to commemorate the Greek bicentennial. Credit: Yorgos Efthymiades Boston, Massachusetts, a hotbed of philhellenism during the formative years of Modern Greece, celebrated the Greek Bicentennial this week with illuminations, flag-raising ceremonies and other events. Credit: Yorgos Efthymiades […]

Was there a shooting in a Texas Six Flags?

Police officers were called to the scene of the Six Flags amusement park in Arlington, Texas on Friday after several users on Twitter reported seeing someone shooting a gun at the famous attraction, but police have seemingly yet to find if this was a true report or not. The Arlington Police Department (APD) reportedly confirmed […]

Sheriff’s spokesman replaced on shootings case; Biden orders flags to be flown at half-staff

On Thursday, FBI Director Christopher Wray also said it didn’t seem that race motivated the killings, but pointed to the ongoing investigations for a final determination. The bureau, he said, is involved “in a support role.” “While the motive remains still under investigation at the moment, it does not appear that the motive was racially […]

The Mother of All False Flags

The Mother of All False Flags Stephen Lendman / Stephen Lendman The Mother of All False Flags by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) State-sponsored 9/11 held the dubious distinction until garden variety seasonal flu/influenza was renamed covid last year by US-led Western dark forces. Analyst Doug Casey called the new reigning mother […]

Students arrested in Turkey over Mecca poster with LGBT flags

Their arrest late 30 January came after top Turkish officials slammed the poster, displayed at an exhibition in Turkey‘s most prestigious Bogazici University. For weeks, students and faculty have been protesting the Turkish president‘s appointment of a new rector with links to his ruling party and clashes have broken out with police. Read more Interior […]

Joe Biden Inauguration Will Replace Live Crowds With A ‘Field Of Flags’ – silencing the people

They tell us that Joe Biden received more votes than the first black president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama. In fact, they want us to believe that creepy Joe Biden, a man with less personality than a cadaver and who conducted a lazy and uninspired campaign from his basement, received more votes than […]

Qatar to allow rainbow flags at 2022 World Cup despite strict anti-LGBTQ laws

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Qatar Foreign Minister Flags Movement on Resolving Gulf Row

Qatari Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani is seen during talks between the Afghan government and Taliban insurgents, in Doha, Qatar, Sept. 12, 2020. Photo: Reuters / Ibraheem al Omari. Qatar’s foreign minister said on Friday there has been movement on resolving a bitter diplomatic dispute among the […]

When False Flags Go Virtual

Imagine this: you wake up to the blaring of your alarm clock and immediately reach for your smartphone to scroll your Insta feed before getting out of bed. But instead of the usual delightful and informative Instagram posts, today you’re greeted by a “server not found” error. Deciding that it’s too early in the morning […]

False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called “war on terror” set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions. Now the stage is being set […]

Episode 388 – False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed For the past twenty years, the world has been in the midst of a so-called “war on terror” set in motion by a false flag attack of spectacular proportions. Now the stage is being set for a new spectacular attack to usher in the next stage […]

Twitter Flags Trump Tweet Claiming ‘He’s Immune To Covid-19’ As ‘Potentially Harmful Information’

Twitter has flagged a tweet from President Trump for violating its rules and “spreading misleading or potentially harmful information.” Trump declared that he was now “immune” to the coronavirus and incapable of spreading it to others in a tweet on Sunday. “A total and complete sign off from White House Doctors yesterday. That means I […]

The Red Flags of Amy Barrett

Every (((liberal))) media outlet praised Amy Coney Barrett in such exalted terms that leave no room for doubt, she is the perfect anti-RBG. So I focus on red flags exclusively in order to balance the perception. Unfortunately her entire history in a concise comprehensive writing is not a matter of 5-seconds googling, and even if […]

When False Flags Go Viral

If you’re reading this column, it’s highly likely you’re familiar with “false flag” terrorism. You’ve at least heard the term before, right? As I’ve had cause to note in my work in the past, the 2013 Atlantic Wire article, republished by Yahoo! News under the headline “What is a ‘False Flag’ Attack — and Was […]

Video: Portland Rioters Roll out Guillotine, “Execute” American Flags

Black Lives Matter and AntiFa-linked rioters in Portland, Oregon used a guillotine to perform mock executions on American flags and a stuffed teddy bear outside a Police Bureau building Saturday night, the latest in a nearly constant 3-month string of violent left-wing demonstrations in the city. Footage shot by Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene) shows a large […]

Portland Rioters Bring Guillotine, Burn American Flags

Far-left rioters in Portland, Oregon, brought a guillotine to a violent protests over the weekend, according to police. “Someone rolled a mock guillotine with a stuffed bear into the street (photo). The bear and multiple U.S. flags were burned. Paint balloons were launched at officers, as well as green lasers,” Portland police said in a […]

Portland Antifa Rioters Are Now Burning Bibles, US Flags and Animals In The Street

Far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland slaughtered a pig and set its head alight, as well as burning US flags and stacks of Bibles as violent riots in the city pass the two month mark. The latest Antifa tactics helps make it very clear which side Antifa is on and all who […]

GERMANY – Israeli Flags Hung in Major German Cities Are Taken Down and Thrown Away

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Michigan School Says Trucks With Confederate Flags Were ‘Potentially Threatened’

From The Daily Sheeple A high school in Michigan was closed after students parked their vehicles outside the building for two days. Some of the trucks were adorned with American or “thin blue line flags,” but the Confederate flags caused school officials to shut down the school after they received “unsubstantiated threats” against the trucks. Don’t […]

Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in ‘Burn Israeli Flags’ Friday

The 7-year-old, blonde and rosy-cheeked due to the sun, arrived at the rally with her dad at noon and went to ‘Malaka’; one of four other protest locations along the Gaza-Israeli border, which is set to end in mid-May on the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, in which nearly 700,000 Palestinians were displaced from […]

The Salisbury Chemist: False Flags for Newbies

Dmitry Orlov 21st Century Wire Britain is in a media frenzy over the recent poisoning of the former Russian intelligence service colonel turned British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, England. British PM Theresa May demanded that Russia explain itself, claiming that they were poisoned using a nerve agent called “Novichok” (Russian for […]

Michael Collins Piper: Israel’s Use of False Flags in Global Terrorism

The Piper Report September 22, 2010 – The use of ‘false flag’ operations by Israel and its Mossad has been documented repeatedly since the Jewish State first came into being. What follows is an overview of some other notable instances in which Israel utilized ‘false flags’ in its international criminal endeavors.… Michael Collins Piper […]

Mainstream Media Recognises False Flags, UFOs, Massive Inequality & More!

Mainstream Media Recognises False Flags, UFOs, Massive Inequality & More! Redacted Tonight Lee Camp explains that lying to kids about Santa Clause then indoctrinating them into the lie when they’re older sets the stage for large-scale societal acceptance of falsehoods. Correspondent John F. O’Donnell joins Lee at the desk to discuss the recent fate of […]

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