Flags I Have Fought Under

Most of the world’s people understand to one degree or the other, reincarnation.

A minority of people have been indoctrinated with one life, then heaven or hell.

A minority of the beings who understand reincarnation also can trace their lives.
I am one such.

I fought under the banner of the lion with the rising sun behind it.
I fought at Troy.
Fought the Persians as a Macedonian, fought the Goths as a Roman, fought the Romans as a Judean, fought the Romans as a Carthaginian.

As a Viking I lived many lives, when the Roman ‘priest” came to our lands as “missionaries”, saying we must bow to Rome and serve their “god”, In a Holy war I raided Roman monasteries, sacked their churches and made war against a people who would not let us escape their nightmare cult religion.

Normandy became my home.
Screaming I charged the field at Hastings.
I spent two more lives between France and England.

Fought under the banner Crusader’s cross.
Fought the Welsh, fought the French, fought the Scotts, fought against my own kind.

I did not immigrate to America, I chose to reincarnate to America.

I fought the British under the Flag of Washington

and the 13 star American flag.

My next life I fought the invading yankee terrorist under the 11 star flag of the Confederate States of America.
I served with general Robert E Lee when the yankee terrorist invaded my home land.

By the time the 13 star Confederate National flag was adopted, my body was dead.
I did not die in battle.
I was murdered, shot in the back by invading yankee terrorist cowards from hiding while there was no battle ongoing.

I fought under the 48 star US flag in Mexico, in WW1, in WW2 and this life I fought under the 50 star flag.

On my front porch flay the stalking lion banner of my Plantagenet ancestors,

along side the banner of Castile and Leon of my great grandfather Fernando the 3ed who kicked the Mores out of Spain and united the country.

On a flag pole flies my cousin George Washington’s Command flag, 13 six pointed snowflake stars I saw so many mornings during those desperate years when most Americans hid under their beds and informed the British on our movements.

On another flag pole flies the Bonnie Blue, used by the Southern States in the early part of secession and by the Republic of Texas,

being incorporated into the Last flag of the Republic of Texas, a flag which Texican troops fought under in defense of their families and homes against the invading terrorist yankees who had no true God except evil.
And no honor.

I watched the Roman Empire die.
I am watching the USA Empire die.

Perhaps one day, when I have learned all this world has to offer, my spirit will return to the stars from whence it came.

‘The Sea Calls To My Soul From Lives Long Past’

The sea calls to my soul from lives long past-
Echos reverberating from eons ago to the very last-

She calls to me and from time to time I must make the pilgrimage-
To rebuff her distant insistent call seems somehow sacrilege-

Flashes of half forgotten desperate moments bring the smell of the sea-
The burning flames leaping high above the screams of the dying come to me-

I feel the ship settling into the dark water swiftly under my feet-
Wondering if it is now my time, this time, my Creator to meet-

But then again it is a moon lite night with gentle waves lapping upon the sand-
The indescribable feeling which comes with a passionate woman’s moaning demand-

Glimpses of children playing in the emerald foaming surf as it comes crashing down-
They look at me as if to call to one they know, then disappear back into the mist without a sound-

And yes sometimes at night when I look at the ocean of stars shimmering in the purple sky-
They call to me of times in other universes, in far more distant lives gone by!

The Ole Dog!


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