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Biden’s Iran policy not sustainable: Responsible Statecraft

TEHRAN – In a commentary on May 12, Responsible Statecraft criticizes the Joe Biden administration’s policy of “no Iran deal, no crisis”, suggesting that such an approach is not sustainable. Source

Meet 5 AAPI power players shaping politics and policy in America

Asian American and Pacific Islanders are the nation’s fastest growing racial or ethnic group in the country. And with that exploding growth comes expanding influence. So as we celebrate AAPI Heritage Month, POLITICO is recognizing contributions and impact from Asian power players in local, state, federal and even international levels. Here are five Asian American […]

The Big Failure of the US Policy of “Decoupling” from China

When the Trump administration announced a policy suggesting a “decoupling” from China in the sense that the world’s two biggest economies will no longer do business together, his idea was to turn “America into the manufacturing superpower of the world, consequently ending its “reliance on China once and for all.” This was thought to be […]

Bowman, Sanders and 12 reps demand Biden ‘shift policy’ over Israel’s ‘systemic violence against Palestinians’

Historic Congressional letter demanding cutoff in aid to Israel over human rights violations won broad support from progressive groups and even some liberal Zionists — and an attack by AIPAC. Source

Finland: Immigration, EU policy and climate goals are biggest roadblocks to forming new government

Politicians from Social Democrats, Greens and Swedish People’s Party tell Euronews about the process to negotiate a new, stable, government coalition for Finland. Source

China’s New Premier Reiterates ‘Opening-Up’ Policy at International Forum, But Outside World Skeptical

China’s new Premier Li Qiang reiterated the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s new “reform and opening-up” policy at the Boao Forum a few days ago. However, observers believe that the CCP’s fundamental policy and economic situation won’t experience significant changes as long as the CCP is around, despite the leadership’s change in tone. Li Qiang […]

‘LGBTQ+ Rights Are A Core Part of Our Foreign Policy,’ National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby Says

Advancing “LGBTQ+ rights” is a “core part” of America’s foreign policy, National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby announced during a press conference at the White House on Tuesday. Source

Does the Saudi-Iran agreement reflect the change in China’s foreign policy?

The agreement signed between Saudi Arabia and Iran under Chinese auspices on 6 March aroused much interest in the Arab world, the Middle East and the world in general. It came after a diplomatic break between the two countries in 2016, with a statement that confirmed: “It is a response to the Chinese president’s initiative […]

WEF Says US Must Implement ‘One Child Policy’ For White Families

The World Economic Forum has announced a controversial new policy that should have everybody who opposes eugenics up in arms. Klaus Schwab’s WEF is now calling for the US to impose a strict ‘one child […] The post WEF Says US Must Implement ‘One Child Policy’ For White Families appeared first on News Punch. Source

Beware the Tricks and Trickery from the Fools of Foreign Policy

Before I begin, let me say that we are all tired of rehashing the extent and character of western propaganda via corporate or elite-controlled media and channels. But we must be vigilant in calling them out, and in forcing through the dissenting view on Russia and other key subjects. With that, I give you another […]

Biden’s policy on Israeli extremism is– Kiss Netanyahu’s ass

The Biden administration is determined not to criticize the extremist Israeli government even in the wake of settler terrorism licensed by officials. It wants no daylight between Democrats and Republicans on Israel. Source

Iran is developing an active foreign policy

In their assessments of Iran’s foreign policy after the 1979 February Revolution, experts often tend to have a one-sided and biased perception of Tehran’s diplomacy. In particular, a certain stereotype has emerged, according to which Iran, as the main Shiite Islamic state by religion, is the flagship of world Shiism, strives for absolute hegemony in […]

EU pursuing Trump’s failed sanctions policy against Iran: FM

Monday, 20 February 2023 7:17 AM  [ Last Update: Monday, 20 February 2023 7:34 AM ] Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (L) and European Union foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell. Iran’s Foreign Minister Amir-Abdollahian has censured the European Union’s new round of sanctions on the Islamic Republic, saying the 27-member bloc is sticking to former US president Donald Trump’s “ineffectual” policy […]

EU must step up military support for Ukraine, says foreign policy chief

The EU should quickly increase and accelerate its military support to Ukraine, the bloc’s foreign policy chief said on Sunday, Anadolu reports. “All the European leaders here said yesterday that Russia cannot win this war, that Ukraine has to prevail,” Josep Borrell told the Munich Security Conference. Urging the leaders to “go from the words […]

Pence rails against ‘crazy’ transgender school policy

Pence rails against ‘crazy’ transgender school policy lead image Source

Hamas praises Jerusalemites for confronting Israeli demolition policy

Hamas has praised Palestinian residents of the occupied city of Jerusalem and their collective efforts in confronting the Israeli attempts to demolish their homes. It called on Palestinians in the neighbourhoods of Silwan, Jabal Al-Mukaber, Khan Al-Ahmar and all of towns in occupied East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank to be more united in […]

The Arab world is shifting towards a policy of healthy aging

The world is currently experiencing an aging population, which will necessitate increased government spending in the coming decades to ensure an acceptable standard of living for older adults. As a result, officials and policymakers must adapt to shifting priorities by focusing on a comprehensive strategy for healthy aging. An in-depth examination of the Arab World Demographic […]

Switzerland Weighs Break With Centuries-Old Policy Of Neutrality

Switzerland Weighs Break With Centuries-Old Policy Of Neutrality by Tyler Durden Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023 Via Responsible Statecraft A group of Swiss lawmakers has moved forward a proposal to allow countries to give Swiss-made weapons to Ukraine, in a move that would soften Switzerland’s centuries-old policy of neutrality toward foreign conflicts. “The majority of the […]

The Paris policy is becoming increasingly unpopular in Africa

Following Britain’s exit from the European Union, France appeared to have certain opportunities to strengthen its position on the international stage, such as shifting the balance of power in Europe and bolstering Paris’s position in the Franco-German tandem. First, while Germany remained the EU’s economic leader, the Fifth Republic had more options in the political […]

Louis CK Explains His Open Border Policy to Joe Rogan: “Let Everybody Pour In”

Louis CK, who just happens to have jewish ancestry, wants to intentionally destroy the US to punish White Americans.  Source

Trump unveils new education policy loaded with culture war proposals

Former President Donald Trump is unveiling a 2024 education policy plan, one focusing heavily on the culture war components that have animated conservatives. The plan, shared in advance with POLITICO, calls for cutting federal funding for any school or program that includes “critical race theory, gender ideology, or other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content […]

YouTube’s Policy on Hacking Videos Makes Everyone Less Safe

There are certain cybersecurity mistakes we seem destined to repeat over and over and over again: forcing people to change their passwords at regular intervals, for instance, which research has shown does not make accounts more secure, or acquiescing to online ransom demands, or punishing people for figuring out clever ways to compromise computer systems […]

The relaunched US-India Trade Policy Forum

During an official visit to the US from January 9-11 by an Indian delegation, headed by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Shri Piyush Goyal, a scheduled meeting of the US-India Trade Policy Forum (TPF) was held in Washington DC. It is also sometimes referred to as “Strategic Dialogue” since, within the framework of this […]

Jewish supremacy is state policy, says Netanyahu

American Jewish leaders are right to be worried. As Benjamin Netanyahu peels away at the façade that has maintained support for the occupation state within liberal Jewish constituencies in the US and elsewhere, they are discovering that their democratic image of Israel is but a figment of their imagination. Any remaining doubt about Israel's identity […]

Coalition Of Private Companies Release ‘Policy Blueprint’ For State Government Officials To Push For Digital ID

The manic drive to establish digital ID for everyone is now focussed on state and local entities, with preference to start by enhancing driver’s licenses. The globalist legal firm behind this consortium has a 100 year track record of promoting global governance Source

‘Disastrous’: SCOTUS upholds Title 42 migrant policy during court fight

“As a Covid control strategy, a humanitarian policy, and a border policy, Title 42 has not only failed but caused irreparable harm on a massive scale.” Source

SYRIZA: Mitsotakis’ policy can be described as deceptive and plunder

Spokesperson of the main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Nassos Iliopoulos, said on Thursday that “Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ policy can be described with two words: Deception and plundering.” While speaking to Thessaloniki radio station “Sto Kokkino”, he said that “Kyriakos Mitsotakis claimed that he is supporting the citizens with 10 percent for purchases, equal to the rate… […]

Appeals Court Dismisses Challenge to CT’s Policy of Allowing ‘Transgender’ Boys to Play in Girls’ Sports

(ABC News) — A federal appeals court on Friday dismissed a challenge to Connecticut’s policy of allowing transgender girls to compete in girls high school sports, rejecting arguments by four cisgender runners who said they were unfairly forced to race against transgender athletes. A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in […]

NGOs pay politicians to promote globalist policies, policy expert reveals

(Natural News) Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) use tens of billions of dollars to influence officials in promoting globalist policies such as Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Green New Deal, Great Reset and others. This was revealed by Tom DeWeese during a recent interview with the New American Magazine‘s Bill Jasper. DeWeese is the founder and president of the… […]

US expands visa restriction policy related to Sudan

The United States is expanding its current visa restriction policy to hold to account military or political actors who undermine or delay the democratic process in Sudan, Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, said on Wednesday, Reuters reports. The policy will cover “any current or former Sudanese officials or other individuals believed to be responsible for, […]

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