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New Sheriff of Victoria, Julie Brown – SHOW US YOUR (LAWFUL) APPOINTMENT!

The authorities of this colony have a long history of using force, intimidation, violence and threats of incarceration against the good people of whatever state you live in. Victoria Police do it and were called out for it, in a recent County Court of Victoria case. The so called ‘Sheriff’ and other ‘employees of the […]

Victoria Police – Thug Life – Unlawful Violence

In Victoria, a monumental event occurred in 2021, when the true colours of Victoria Police have come out, i.e. black uniforms, which pretty much they are now, from the good ol’ days of ‘office’ blue, but with red armbands with a circle and ‘cross’ insignia at least in spirit anyway. Victoria Police are human rights […]

Nick Patterson has all charges withdrawn by Victoria Police.

Today Victoria Police dropped all charges against Nicolas Patterson and Adam Roob after a scathing response by Judge Gaynor in the County Court of Victoria in regarding the video footage police provided where Judge Gaynor described police action against Patterson and his friends as unwarranted violence. judge Gaynor went on to proclaim police statements on […]

Victoria Police lose Supreme Court defence for reprimanding officer for refusing Covid-19 jab

Australia’s mainstream media was very quick to inform the general population of how Victoria Police officers have been reprimanded/stood down for not participating in the Covid-19 jab, whereas the judiciary was exempt. Well what about the follow up? As there is a followup! On the 13th of March, there was a court hearing, in not […]

Victoria Police lose Supreme court case defence for reprimanding police officers who refused the COVID-19 vaccinations.

The mainstream media are silent to the fact Victoria Police have failed to defend a claim against them by an employee who refused to take the life shortening COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination that has maimed and killed countless people was the subject of the case of Simon Peter Shearer who was successful in beating charges […]

How to lodge a land valuation objection in Victoria

To submit your objection, you will need the following information from your council valuation and rate notice: assessment or property number site value (value of land) capital improved value (value of building(s) and land) net annual value – (a minimum of 5% of the capital improved value) issue date The date of valuation is 1 […]

Banned debt collection practices in Victoria

Certain debt collection practices are banned in Victoria. These include:  entering or threatening to enter a private residence without lawful authority using any threat, deception or misrepresentation to obtain consent to enter a private residence refusing to leave a private residence or workplace when asked to do so exposing or threatening to expose a person […]

Victoria Police officer allegedly searched for vile child abuse videos

A senior Victoria Police officer who allegedly sought out horrific online videos depicting drugged and unconscious girls being sexually abused has fronted court. A senior Victoria Police officer has fronted court on child abuse material charges. A senior police officer allegedly sought out horrific online videos depicting drugged and unconscious girls being raped. Sergeant John […]

Victoria’s child protection services gives children to paedophiles and rapists

The mainstream media drew attention to a recent posting by Anthony Lees, under his YouTube channel ‘Spanian‘ from the ‘Into the hood’ series, where this time the crime ridden outer western town of Melton was the focus of the trials and tribulation of criminals living there. While the media focused on the ‘trivial’ matters of […]

Pro-Ukraine war hawk Victoria Nuland QUITS as Russia gains ground and NATO’s military efforts falter

(NaturalNews) Another Washington, D.C., deep stater is leaving her post as the war in Ukraine teeters further in the direction of a Russian victory.U.S. Deputy… Source

The Real Victoria Nuland: US foreign policy official retires after decades of fomenting conflict and destruction

On Tuesday, the State Department announced that she will be retiring from her role “in the coming weeks.” “Toria’s tenure caps three and a half decades of remarkable public service under six Presidents and ten Secretaries of State,” a statement from Secretary of State Antony Blinken read. “What makes Toria truly exceptional is the fierce passion she brings to fighting for what she believes in most: freedom, democracy, human rights, […]

FLASHBACK: Sen Ron Johnson talks with Victoria Nuland about destroying the Nord Stream pipeline before the US blew it up.

Biden blew up NordStream and Olaf Scholz knew in advance. Just listen to this. It couldn’t be more — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) February 26, 2024 Source

Court Services Victoria – Cyber Incident

Statement from the Chief Executive Officer of Court Services Victoria, Louise Anderson: On Thursday 21 December 2023, Court Services Victoria (CSV) was alerted to a cyber security incident impacting Victoria’s courts and tribunals.   The cyber incident led to unauthorised access leading to the disruption of the audio visual in-court technology network, impacting video recordings, audio […]

Victoria Police falsifying flight data?

Victoria Police commits criminal offences every single day, period. The ‘problem’ there is to catch them out, where that is only just one hurdle. The next problem is that if one (i.e. the serf) wants to take action, there are a few more hurdles to overcome. The courts are corrupt and they’re corrupt to the […]

Victoria Police – template letter of empty threats (Enforcement warrants and seven-day notices)

Enforcement warrants and seven-day notices. “DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER” or rather should it be ‘IGNORE THIS LETTER’? Some citizens or rather ‘sovereign citizens’ or the ‘free man’ on the land may interpret this letter as an offer to contract, but the reality is quite different. You’ve already ‘contracted’ with your friendly police force, hence you […]

Victoria Police – template letter of empty threats

DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER or rather should it be ‘IGNORE THIS LETTER’? Some citizens or rather ‘sovereign citizens’ or the ‘free man’ on the land may interpret this letter as an offer to contract, but the reality is quite different. You’ve already ‘contracted’ with your friendly police force, hence you are the proud recipient […]

Victoria sees spike in number plate theft as thieves target suburbs statewide

From Cranbourne to Sunshine, these are the suburbs where motorists should be on high alert for number plate thieves. See the latest crime figures for your area. Victorian motorists are being urged to park their cars in locked garages and install anti-theft screws following a spike in number plate thefts post-pandemic. Police have recorded upwards […]

TV Doctor Who Was A Killer Jab Pimp “Vaccination Expert” Dr. Alfredo Victoria Dies Suddenly (CODE FOR THE KILLER JAB GOT HIS ASS) at 42

A popular Mexican TV doctor who regularly appeared on “Mexico Today” as a “vaccination expert” TO PIMP THE mRNA KILLER JABS alleged to be a “vaccine” for a non existent virus died suddenly from a myocardial infarction, according to reports. Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno was only 42 years old when he died in his sleep […]

Victoria Nuland: Russia must be Made to Pay War Reparations to Ukraine

During a speech at the US-Ukraine Partnership Forum in Washington on Thursday, Victoria Nuland, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, said that the American authorities are in discussions about using the Russian central bank assets frozen by the West to rebuild Ukraine after the conflict between Kiev and Moscow ends. The reconstruction […]

Victoria Police Protective Services Officers Employment Suitability Testing

See 52 page Candidate Information Booklet: Source

Victoria Police Employment Suitability Testing Candidate Information Booklet

See 56 page document: Source

Victoria Police recruitment

Victoria Police are on a recruitment drive in 2023 for 500 new officers in 2 years… A percentage of officers resigned during the pandemic, as they were not comfortable in assaulting the general population based on unlawful policies. To obtain training of the calibre shown in the illustration above, being a wife basher helps tremendously. […]

Victoria Police covering up child abuse in Mildura?

Victoria Police have been covering up crimes of people in positions of authority, especially their ‘bosses’ you know those in government, since their inception in 1853. NEVER forget that the colony’s criminals (albeit better behaved ones), instead of ‘honourable’ people, were recruited by the government to become police officers, where they have evolved into a […]

Queen Victoria’s Dog Was Stolen from Chinese Emperor and Mockingly Called ‘Looty’

What at first glance appears to be an unexceptional dog, actually started out its life in the household of the Chinese emperor before being looted by the English during their sacking of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

ANZ Banking Group v State of Victoria Bankrupcy case (12-Dec-2022)

See link to above matter: See Order from 31-Jan 2023: Document source: Source

Victoria police choose to pursue Nick Kyrgios over failure to wear a helmet on an electric scooter

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios is facing a please-explain from police and potential fines for riding an electric scooter while not wearing a helmet and with a passenger aboard. Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has confirmed that highway patrol will look into a photo showing Nick Kyrgios on a scooter in Melbourne without a helmet with his… […]

Government Gazette Sheriff of Victoria

At law, the sheriff of any Australian state is an officer of it’s Supreme Court, and therefore must be gazetted as such. Some people may even claim the now there is no such need, where a reference to the lawfully enacted legisation would be appreciated in the comments section of this post. The position must […]

Victorian Election, Victoria the secretive Police State

Victorians are living under a Chinese influenced ‘dictatoship’ led by Daniel Michael Andrews, where the state’s police force acts under his dictation. Andrews is criminally rorting the public purse with his rigged ‘money for mates’ tenders which also includes family members. The ‘best’ part about this Andrews is allegedly a public servant, where his actions […]

No ‘State of Emergency’ for Victoria, government lies

The people in goverment lie to you every single day. Politicians, public servants, premiers, ‘chief’ health officers lie via press conferences live broadcasts or in print media articles. MANY people are not aware that Australians live in a fascist state that would make Mussolini proud. The colony’s governments are not transparent, there is no seperation […]

Victoria Police Corporate Plan 2022-2023

Victoria Police, a ‘corporation’ or ‘business’ with a ‘trading name’ of “VICTORIA POLICE” is telling you it’s prospectus for the financial year of 2022-2023. MANY people consider this label of the police being a business/corporation/trading entity (POLICE DEPARTMENT (VIC)) a ‘conspiracy theory’, where even if you confront an ’employee’ at a road side stop, you […]

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