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Acting Senior Sergeant QUITS Victoria Police to break her silence on Covid enforcement

“The only reason that protests are illegal is because Daniel Andrews made it so,” said Mitchell. [embedded content] A senior member of the Victorian Police Force has quit over ethical concerns related to alleged political influence by the Daniel Andrews government and a declining relationship between serving officers and the general public. Footage of Victorian Police officers […]

Premier of Victoria: “If You Don’t Get the Vaccine You Can’t Work, It’s That Simple”

You can opt not to take this deadly and dangerous vaccine, but then you and your family will starve and become homeless. It’s up to you, says the terrorist regime. What should be done with people such as this? (It’s a rhetorical question, as we all know.) Link Share now! Source 00

Victoria Police try to BAN media from filming their violent conduct

Wednesday, 29 September 2021 [embedded content] No comments: Post a Comment Blog Archive ▼  2021 (265) ▼  September (51) PRIME MINISTER STARMER? THE NEXT BLAIR? 369 YouTube Bans Anti-Covid Vaccine Videos Fauci | Trailer | National Geographic USA: Orthodox Jews protest against State of Israel… Utrecht locals rally in support of restaurant SCOTTISH PENSIONER STARVES […]

Victoria Australia Premier Dan Andrews to Lock Out the Unvaccinated from the Economy and Society

“There’s gonna be a vaccinated economy and you get to participate in that if you are vaccinated.” Andrews’ proposed “vaccinated economy” triggered outrage online, with critics describing the plan as “psychopathic,” Andrews as a “dictator,” and urging Aussies to not comply with the rules. They are trying to starve us into submission. link Share now! […]

Victoria Premier Warns That The Unvaccinated Will Be ‘Locked Out’ Of Australia’s Society

The Australian state of Victoria will “lock out” unvaccinated people from participating in society, Premier Dan Andrews has announced. Andrews said that residents who refuse to get the jab are to be shut out of sporting events, restaurants, travel, cinemas and should also be refused access to healthcare. He said he had given his commitment […]

Victoria premier extends statewide lockdown, again, as Aussie police granted power to covertly HACK citizens’ phones & alter data

Victoria’s premier has announced that a statewide lockdown will remain in place until most residents are vaccinated, just days after Australia adopted new legislation giving sweeping surveillance and spy powers to police. Draconian measures covering the entire southeast Australian state will only start to be eased once 70% of the population receives at least one […]

Victoria Records 2 Cases of COVID-19 From Family Returning From NSW

Two members of a Melbourne family have tested positive after returning from NSW on red zone permits. The state’s COVID Commander Jeroen Weimar said three of the family of four from the City of Hume arrived on July 4 by air and the other returned by car on July 8. They all initially tested negative, […]

1,100 Children Graves in Canada found, Queen Elizabeth II and Victoria statues toppled, 7 Churches lighted

A defaced statue of Queen Elizabeth II lies after being toppled during a rally outside the provincial legislature in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, July 1, 2021. © Reuters / Shannon VanRaes Statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria were torn down by protesters in Winnipeg, Canada. The latest acts of protests followed a spree of attacks on […]

Queen Victoria, Elizabeth II statues defaced during Canada Day protest

Statues of Britain’s Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II were torn down outside Manitoba province’s legislature in Winnipeg on Canada Day on Thursday. Queen Victoria, who was monarch during the colonial era, was left covered in red-painted handprints with a sign that read: “We were children once. Bring them home”, while a smaller statue of […]

Victoria’s First Undercover Cop was Greek-Australian

Nick Cecil, Greek-Australian cop, before going undercover with Victoria’s police force. Credit: Greek Reporter Illustration What does the history of gambling in Victoria have to do with Greece? In a name, 89-year-old Nick Cecil. Cecil, a Greek-Australian, was Victoria’s first undercover cop. In his heyday, he tackled the illegal off-course gambling industry when it was […]

MAX IGAN – “VICTORIA HAS FALLEN” (PlannedIllusion video interview) Also available at To support PLannedilLusion and ensure that even after the Bitchute purge this channel can still provide online web content consider a donation: Subscribe for exclusive content : In this episode:We host the legendary Australian activist and geo-political commentator MAX IGAN from THE CROWHOUSE.Max and Jimuphy unpack the plight […]

Victoria’s Secret To Replace Angels With Fattest Woman Of All Time: Your Mom

NEW YORK, NY—In a massive coup for the clothing giant, Victoria’s Secret stunned the fashion world today by announcing they will no longer use thin models and will instead use the fattest woman of all time: your mom. “When you are seeking to redefine the very meaning of the word sexy, you swing for the fences,” said CEO Janet Daniels. […]

Nation’s Teenage Boys Suddenly Much Less Interested In Finding Victoria’s Secret Catalog In The Mail

Nation’s Teenage Boys Suddenly Much Less Interested In Finding Victoria’s Secret Catalog In The Mail U.S.—Reports from across the nation indicated that teenage boys are suddenly much less interested in sneaking to the mailbox and taking out the mailers and fliers from Victoria’s Secret in the mail before their parents get to them. The change […]

Victoria’s Labor Government Announces $250 Million for Businesses in Its 7-day Lockdown

Victorian businesses forced to shut during the state’s fourth lockdown will be given a A$250 million lifeline, although there is no support for out-of-pocket workers, the state government announced on Sunday. The $250 million package includes $190 million in $2500 grants for businesses, $40.7 million in $3500 grants for liquor licence and food certificate holders and $20 million for event […]

Victoria Records 4 More Local Covid-19 Cases

Four new COVID-19 cases have been uncovered among a family in Melbourne’s north, sparking a search for the source of the outbreak. Health Minister Martin Foley confirmed two more people had returned positive coronavirus test results, on top of the two cases revealed earlier on Monday. Health authorities were alerted to the unfolding cluster when […]

AGL Withdraws Plan To Build Gas Terminal in Victoria

Energy giant AGL has formally withdrawn its plan to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal in Melbourne just weeks after the Victorian Labor government rejected the company’s proposal. “The Victorian Minister for Planning found AGL’s proposed project to have unacceptable environmental effects,” an AGL spokeswoman said in a statement. “As a result, AGL has […]

Victoria’s ‘Big Idea’ Pays Off In Housing For People In Need

Victoria’s ‘Big Idea’ Pays Off In Housing For People In Need Above photo: Saanich Coun. Colin Plant, who chairs the CRD board, at Hockley House in Langford, a six-storey rental building with 120 new affordable homes. Darren Stone, Times Colonist.  Canada – Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and councillors Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday were met with […]

Secord: NSW should follow Victoria parliament recommendation to create a criminal offence prohibiting display of Nazi symbols

Browse > Home / News / Secord: NSW should follow Victoria parliament recommendation to create a criminal offence prohibiting display of Nazi symbols March 3, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article NSW Parliamentary Friends of Israel deputy chair and NSW Shadow Treasurer Walt Secord has called on the Berejiklian Government to “stop stalling […]

Victoria Nuland Had A Hand In Every US Intervention In The Past 30 Years

Above photo: Victoria Nuland listens to questions during a press conference after talks with Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic in Belgrade, July 13, 2014. Darko Vojinovic | AP. Queen of Chicken Hawks. As the Senate prepares to confirm Nuland for Under Secretary for Political Affairs, a reflection of her last 30 years in government shows […]

‘Be respectful’: Victoria government asks media not to hound asthmatic whose use of nebulizer caused snap Covid-19 lockdown

Victoria’s top quarantine official asked that compassion be shown to the corona-infected asthmatic believed to be the source of an outbreak at a Holiday Inn hotel that prompted a strict five-day lockdown in the Australian state. “No one ever wanted this to happen and I am sorry that this has been played out the way […]

Victoria headed for new 5-day ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown as state bans public gatherings & limits travel

The Australian state of Victoria will enter a new five-day lockdown due to the discovery of a new cluster of Covid-19 cases, its premier said. The capital, Melbourne, endured one of the world’s harshest lockdowns last year. “On the advice of our public health experts, the whole of Victoria will move to circuit-breaker action from […]

Queen of Chicken Hawks: Victoria Nuland Had A Hand in Every US Intervention in the Past 30 Years

President Joe Biden’s nomination of Victoria Nuland for Under Secretary for Political Affairs, the third-highest position at the State Department, is a dangerous sign. Nuland exemplifies the neoconservatives who have led American foreign policy from one disaster to another for the past 30 years, all while evading any shred of accountability. As a top-level appointee, […]

Victoria, Australia, makes it Illegal to Not affirm Gender Dysphoria

    Once signed by the Victoria governor-general for royal assent, new legislation passed by the Victorian parliament in Australia will prohibit anything other than full affirmation for child transgenderism. Known as “Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition,” the bill will make it illegal to try to change or suppress a person’s perceived sexual orientation […]

Biden Appoints Chief Ukraine Coup-Plotter Victoria Nuland

Above photo: Victoria Nuland, center, watches cadets of the Ukrainian police academy receiving training from American policemen in Kiev, Ukraine, May 16, 2015. Sergei Chuzavkov | AP. Nuland was the driving force behind the 2014 insurrection that overthrew the Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych in Ukraine and is now set to serve as Biden’s Under […]

Former Mount Scopus captain now president of the Law Institute of Victoria

Browse > Home / News / Former Mount Scopus captain now president of the Law Institute of Victoria November 25, 2020 by Henry Benjamin Read on for article Tania Wolff was the school captain at Melbourne’s Mount Scopus in 1988 and last week she was endorsed as president of the Law Institute of Victoria. Tania […]

Yossi Goldfarb Elected President Of Zionism Victoria

The 82nd Annual Assembly of Zionism Victoria took place on Tuesday evening 17th November. More than 150 delegates attended the online event that marked the end of Sharene Hambur’s successful five years at the organisation’s helm. Demonstrating the broad support for the work of Zionism Victoria, the Assembly welcomed messages of support from Deputy Chief of Mission at the Israeli Embassy Ron Gerstenfeld, and from […]

Doctors In Australia Demand An End To Victoria Lockdown

500 doctors in Australia have penned an open letter demanding that the government immediately rollback harsh lockdowns for the sake of residents and their mental wellbeing. The doctors warn that Victoria’s strict coronavirus lockdowns are “disproportionate and unscientific” and demand that State Premier Daniel Andrews lifts the use of such draconian measures They join opposition […]

Doctors in Australia demand end to Victoria lockdown

    Warning Victoria’s strict Covid-19 lockdowns are “disproportionate and unscientific,” 500 doctors in Australia have penned a letter urging the government to reconsider – joining opposition to policies even the WHO backtracked on. The Australian state’s coronavirus control measures – some of the strictest seen outside of Wuhan, China, at the start of the […]

Police State Victoria is ramping it up, arresting elderly persons & raiding fruit & veggie markets

More arrests including a 69 YO. Some of these kinds of events are actually acted. It’s difficult to tell but the clue is they openly advertise for crisis actors and employ them to create false flags. Ole Dammegard is an expert in that field having researched them globally for 3 decades. Check out his work. […]

Victoria, Australia Police And Backers – A Picture Says A Thousand Words

The Victoria, Australia Police Department has made a lot of headlines lately after being caught several times brutalizing its citizens in the enforcement of the government’s draconian COVID-19 policies. Maybe it is time to take a closer look at the Victoria Police and some of their backers. To begin, some information from the OnlyMelbourne site: […]

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