Victoria’s child protection services gives children to paedophiles and rapists

The mainstream media drew attention to a recent posting by Anthony Lees, under his YouTube channel Spanianfrom the ‘Into the hood’ series, where this time the crime ridden outer western town of Melton was the focus of the trials and tribulation of criminals living there.

While the media focused on the ‘trivial’ matters of some individuals, a more serious matter was aired, which was deliberately(?) ignored, that being paedophilia.

The boy whose face was blurred recounts how paedophiles within the department pass on children to paedophiles masquerading as carers or foster parents within the community.

An agenda on a high priority list of those in positions of government/power is a little taboo called paedophilia. E.g. ‘alleged’ ( – you know ‘cause it was never proven in court) paedophile Lionel Murphy was given the task (by his mates) to look after Family Law, you know taking away children from families, then putting them in foster care, so they can have their pickings…

It seems that the Victorian department for child protection services (DFFH Services) is knowingly(?) supplying children to paedophiles, as seen by the testament of this child:

Another concerning element coming from the judicature, is that the system releases known to re-offend criminals, who then once released continue their crime spree, terrorising the general population.

Would the system react differently of a judge’s, magistrates’ or police officer’s home was invaded an a family member shot or stabbed.

After all the first job of government is to look after its people.

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What is the first job of a government?

The system is not broken, but rather functions exactly, as the law makers, judiciary and MPs intend it to.


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