Victoria Police – Thug Life – Unlawful Violence

In Victoria, a monumental event occurred in 2021, when the true
colours of Victoria Police have come out, i.e. black uniforms, which
pretty much they are now, from the good ol’ days of ‘office’
blue, but with red armbands with a circle and ‘cross’ insignia at
least in spirit anyway.

Victoria Police are
human rights abusers, act unlawfully, under dictation and with
disproportionate violence but worst of all, women abusers.

There is all this
talk now, or rather an agenda focusing on the male serfs from the
general population abusing women/spouses, where statistically it is
literally no different from decades ago.

BUT there is zero
focus on male police officer’s abuse against their wives/partners,
where statistically it would be alarmingly higher compared the serf

Since the police are
part of the Judicial arm of government, it would be of little benefit
for their brethren in government launching an investigation into
police domestic violence, as it is higher percentage wise compared to
the general population pool, where this would expose a ‘no
confidence’ in government or policing

So, in short
Victoria Police is an organisation that commits criminal activities,
where Covid-19 gave them an excuse or opportunity to carry out
disproportionate violence towards the general population.

Victoria Police is
not an ‘honourable’ organisation, period.

The mainstream media
reported court findings on the 11th of May 2024 of a highly publicised event,

see article:

What is not
mentioned or referred to that being probably the most important piece
of information, that being the actual court case file from the County
Court of Victoria.

See file:

Note the following on the first page: “Body worn camera and Police
statements inadmissible at trial

Anglo-Masonic legal system is corrupt and the courts are corrupt, where there is a LOT of ‘misbehaviour’ in the courts where it is
difficult for the ‘Joe Average’ or the ‘accused’ to recognise or
catch onto the corruption of the judicature.

Unfortunately a remedy
could have been given in the lower Court, but wasn’t, therefore the
matter was taken to the Country Court of Victoria.

Hidden in plain sight? A BIG snake in the background of the County Court of Victoria.

Since this matter
was one of high profile and a matter in the public interest, the
matter was dropped by Victoria Police at the County Court
jurisdiction, so that evidence would not be on file, that would be
damaging to Victoria Police, which is a common tactic used by police
if there is overwhelming evidence against them.

Video footage that
the accused persons had on police easily shows disproportionate
force, and provocation, including ‘plain’ aggravated assault by
police, some of which is available in the ‘public domain’, that
being YouTube or other social media platforms.

The banning of the accused Mr. Nicholas Patterson from computers is so
that he would not post damning footage of the actions of Victoria
Police, basically silencing victims of Victoria Police, basically throwing ‘free speech’ out the window.

BUT can you truly ban someone talking to someone else? 

Maybe the governments of this colony might be working on such a law right now?

Another way Victoria
Police silences victims of their criminal actions is that of an
NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), prior to court or settling any
compensation claim against police.

Victoria Police does
a lot of damage to the community, which is deliberately
under-reported by the mainstream media’s non-existent
‘investigative’ journalists, where only a small percentage of
people have enough courage to sue.

Having access to
resources, information from over a decade ago showed that Victoria
Police was sued on average to the tune of $250,000 per week, meaning
that the Victorian tax payers where footing this bill and not police
perpetrators personally, where the figure is much higher today.

One would have
thought that such an important matter which was held from the 3rd-9th
of April and finalised on the 16th of April, the
Murdoch ‘entertainment’ empire would have reported on it earlier instead of taking
a month to inform its subscribers.

Note: this case
file is “Revised, (Not) Restricted and Suitable for Publication”, BUT
there are MANY cases in the County Courts and High Court that are
deemed not suitable for publication, where some of them are
deliberately hiding the power of the corrupt governments, state and
federal, especially in Constitutional matters.

NEVER forget how Victoria Police assaults pensioners:

NEVER forget how Victoria Police assaulted Corinna Horvath to an inch of her not remembering her name:
“Victoria Police’s Chief Commissioner has apologised and paid compensation to a woman almost 20 years after her nose was broken in an unlawful police raid

20 years to obtain compensation, is this truly ‘justice’ in the colony called Australia?
Some documented ‘facts’ of actions by Victoria Police during ‘Covid’ in 2021



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