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International court pushes back on ‘threats’ as it weighs Israel-Hamas arrests

The International Criminal Court (ICC) pushed back against “threats” Friday as it faces intense pressure following reports of possible arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas officials over their conduct in the Oct. 7 attack and war in Gaza that has followed. A number of pro-Israel U.S. lawmakers and the Biden administration have urged the ICC… […]

Family of Slain Christian in Pakistan Receives Death Threats

Farhan Ul Qamar was killed on Nov. 9, 2023. (Morning Star News courtesy of family) LAHORE, Pakistan (Christian Daily International–Morning Star News) – Muslim relatives of the alleged killer of a 20-year-old Christian in Pakistan are threatening the victim’s family with death if they do not drop charges, sources said. Muhammad Zubair initially confessed to killing […]

Rochdale byelection death threats

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Iran Issues Retaliatory Threats against USA

If even one United States-linked bomb hits Iranian soil in the coming days, Tehran is promising to retaliate against American military targets all throughout the Middle East. As the world waits to see how President Biden responds to the killing of three U.S. soldiers by Iranian-backed militias in Jordan, Iran is drawing a red line […]

Maine, Colorado officials face threats after Trump barred from ballots

Following Trump’s potential exclusion from 2024 ballots in Maine and Colorado, election officials face unprecedented threats, spotlighting the fragile state of U.S. democracy and the perilous path of political discourse. Source

Hezbollah Says Israeli Threats Worthless, Presses on with Border Strikes

December 31, 2023 A senior Hezbollah official stressed on Sunday that the Israeli threats against Lebanon are worthless. The remarks have been translated into actions throughout the last day of 2023, as the resistance fighters pressed on with strikes against Israeli sites at the border with occupied Palestine. In statements published by Hezbollah Military Media, […]

Victoria Police – template letter of empty threats (Enforcement warrants and seven-day notices)

Enforcement warrants and seven-day notices. “DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER” or rather should it be ‘IGNORE THIS LETTER’? Some citizens or rather ‘sovereign citizens’ or the ‘free man’ on the land may interpret this letter as an offer to contract, but the reality is quite different. You’ve already ‘contracted’ with your friendly police force, hence you […]

Victoria Police – template letter of empty threats

DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER or rather should it be ‘IGNORE THIS LETTER’? Some citizens or rather ‘sovereign citizens’ or the ‘free man’ on the land may interpret this letter as an offer to contract, but the reality is quite different. You’ve already ‘contracted’ with your friendly police force, hence you are the proud recipient […]

Panicked New Zealand authorities issue threats and arrests after whistleblower leaks data connecting COVID-19 vaccines to excess mortality

Panicked New Zealand authorities issue threats and arrests after whistleblower leaks data connecting COVID-19 vaccines to excess mortality A recent data leak that shows just how damaging COVID-19 vaccines are to human health has sent New Zealand authorities into damage control mode. The whistleblower, 56-year-old Barry Young, was arrested after authorities said that he illegally […]

Watch: US Navy Drone Boat Fires ‘Kamikaze Drones’ In Exercise Amid WW3 Threats 

The US Navy revealed it had recently conducted a live weapons firing exercise in the surrounding waters of the Arabian Peninsula using an unmanned vessel equipped to deploy loitering munitions – drones designed to self-destruct upon striking a target – which successfully eliminated a mock enemy target.  The exercise was called “Digital Talon” – and performed by the US […]

Fauci says threats from ‘extreme radical right’ justify his taxpayer-funded chauffeur and security detail

Every time Anthony Fauci leaves home, he is driven by a publicly funded chauffeur and escorted by a fully staffed U.S. Marshals taxpayer-funded security detail. Despite claiming that he is retired from government work, the exorbitant costs of his lifestyle are paid for by the American taxpayer, through a secretive arrangement that has yet to […]

Death Threats, Closed Playgrounds: QAnon Queen Wreaks Havoc in Small Town Canada

Tensions are growing in a small Canadian town after a cult took over an abandoned school and followers of the so-called “QAnon Queen” sent death threats to local officials. On September 13, the small quiet town of Richmound, Saskatchewan, had its world turned upside down when Romana Didulo—a woman who has convinced a sizeable group […]

The MMR vaccine and threats to quarantine perfectly healthy children


Mexican Pop Star Peso Pluma Postpones Tijuana Show After Death Threats from Drug Cartel

Mexican pop star Peso Pluma has postponed his show in Tijuana after threats against him from the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel. Source

Doctor censored by Biden administration calls out scheme of threats and ‘coercion’

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Biden Set To Give A Speech About ‘Threats to Democracy’

Joe Biden is planning to deliver a major speech about the ongoing threats to democracy according to reports. Multiple outlets have mentioned the Presidents upcoming speech which is set to take place in Arizona but […] The post Biden Set To Give A Speech About ‘Threats to Democracy’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Mike Huckabee and Other Right-Wing Leaders Escalate Threats of Electoral Violence

Analysis Former Arkansas governor and failed presidential candidate Mike Huckabee made a striking prediction on a recent episode of his Trinity Broadcasting Network show, warning that if former President Donald Trump fails to win the 2024 election because of his criminal indictments, “it is going to be the last American election that will be decided […]

Pastor Shot after Receiving Islamist Threats in Pakistan

The Rev. Eleazar Sidhu was shot in Jaranwala, Pakistan on Sunday, Sept. 3, 2023. (Akmal Bhatti for Morning Star News) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A pastor was shot and wounded by hardline Muslims on Sunday evening (Sept. 3) in Jaranwala, Pakistan a week after Islamist slogans were written on the walls of his church building, […]

Japan Seeks Record Defense Budget Amid Threats From China, North Korea

Japan Seeks Record Defense Budget Amid Threats From China, North Korea Authored by Andrew Thornebrooke via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Japan’s defense ministry is submitting a record spending request as part of a larger plan that will double Japan’s total defense spending over five years. Members of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) bring […]

Hamas: Israeli Threats Will Not Mitigate Resistance Power

 August 27, 2023 The Palestinian Resistance Movement of Hamas issued a statement which confirmed that all the threats issued by the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and other Zionist officials will not manage to mitigate the power of the resistance. The statement added that Netanyahu’s threat to assassinate Hamas Deputy Chief Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri and the […]

Rising political threats take U.S. into uncharted territory as 2024 election looms

DENVER — This week’s confrontation that ended with FBI agents fatally shooting a 74-year-old Utah man who threatened to assassinate President Joe Biden was just the latest example of how violent rhetoric has created a more perilous political environment across the U.S. Six days earlier, a 52-year-old Texas man was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in […]

Trump risks legal threats with public outbursts

When it comes to criminal cases, many lawyers advise their clients not to speak publicly about their cases. But most clients are not former President Trump. As Trump’s legal problems continue to pile up, the former president has remained outspoken on social media and in public, attacking prosecutors, judges and potential witnesses, all while speaking […]

Myanmar’s Bagan Temple City Faces Modern Threats (Video)

Myanmar’s ancient temple city, Bagan, with its mesmerizing array of over 3,000 temples, stands as a testament to its rich history dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Videos Read Later  Source

Most Major “Threats” These Days Are Based On Lies: False Flag Terrorism is a Great Example

Arjun Walia Mar 9 2023 Set Your Pulse: Take a breath. Release the tension in your body. Place attention on your physical heart. Breathe slowly into the area for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. Click here to learn why we suggest this. “The statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation […]

Swiss Rap Concert Evacuated After Jihadi Terror Threats

A rap concert in Geneva was evacuated after the venue received terroristic threats, from a man linked to jihadist networks.  Source

FBI whistleblower training now includes module on ‘insider threats’ aimed at staff, agents who contact Congress

(Natural News) The FBI is now combining annual “whistleblower” training with a module on “insider threats,” in what appears to be a clear message to anyone within the bureau who has been providing details to members of Congress about corruption within the agency. As reported by UncoverDC, “this is the first time FBI training has combined […]

Ukraine war: ‘Global catastrophe’ threats, ‘corruption’ at Ukrainian MoD, Berlin tank stance slammed

All the latest from the war in Ukraine. Source

US and Israel ‘biggest threats to security’ across Arab world: Arab Opinion Index

An overwhelming majority of Arab citizens say they oppose normalization with Israel, believing instead that the Palestinian cause concerns the entire region January 20 2023 ByNews Desk-  The US and Israel have been named the “biggest threats” to the security of the Arab world by citizens from across West Asia and North Africa, according to […]

Dendias’ message to Turkey: Threats do not intimidate us

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias sent a clear message to Turkey that “threats do not intimidate us” and that “to the threat of war we oppose the documented citation of our arguments, which are based on the International Law and the International Law of the Sea” in an interview with Parapolitika. He also underlined that… […]

US State Department responds to latest Turkish threats

The United States Department of State responded on Monday to the latest threats by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who threatened a missile strike on Sunday night, by expressing its regret over provocative statements and urging a de-escalation in the region. “At a time when unity is needed most among our Allies, the United States… […]

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