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Principal Of NYC School That Closed To House Illegals Slams Parents For Complaining

As we highlighted last week, angry parents protested their children being sent home from James Madison High School in order that some 2000 illegal immigrants could sleep in the gymnasium. Some parents were even asked to stop filming as the illegals arrived, in an attempt to downplay the situation. Now, The New York Post reports […]

Death Threats, Closed Playgrounds: QAnon Queen Wreaks Havoc in Small Town Canada

Tensions are growing in a small Canadian town after a cult took over an abandoned school and followers of the so-called “QAnon Queen” sent death threats to local officials. On September 13, the small quiet town of Richmound, Saskatchewan, had its world turned upside down when Romana Didulo—a woman who has convinced a sizeable group […]

All Philly Liquor Stores Closed After Mass Looting

(ZH) Update (1450ET): The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that all Philadelphia Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores are closed on Source

Chronic Absenteeism Worse in States That Closed Schools Longer

A new preprint is out from a professor at Stanford, that analyzes the Chronic Absenteeism rates from before and after the pandemic. The paper analyzed mask mandates, enrollment changes, and the percentage increase in Chronic Absenteeism at a state level. Below is a chart that shows the increase between the 2018/19 School year, and the 2021/22 School […]

Blinken: Spy Balloon Chapter ‘Closed’ if China Doesn’t Do It Again

During a portion of an interview with NBC News on Monday that was aired on Monday’s broadcast of “NBC Nightly News,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that because “We did what we needed to do to protect our interests” Source

FBI Cannot Provide Evidence from 4 Closed Clinton Probes Due to ‘Irretrievable Data Loss’

A recent report from the Justice Department reveals the FBI conducted four criminal investigations into Hillary and Bill Clinton, which were closed by the bureau prior to the 2016 presidential election. Now, Republicans are calling for the reopening of these probes. Unfortunately, according to the FBI, reopening the investigations is impossible due to an irretrievable […]

What The Vaccine Industry Says Behind Closed Doors About Vaccines

Apr 7 • 39M What The Vaccine Industry Says Behind Closed Doors About Vaccines Going ‘undercover’ to find out how the vaccine industry answers tough questions about COVID vaccines. 35 min ago Yesterday I had a chance to sit down with a good friend of mine, and our channel, Dr. Madhava Setty. He recently attended […]

11 Other Problematic Disney Rides That Need To Be Closed Immediately

The Walt Disney Company caved to a righteous outcry of public pressure when it gutted beloved log flume attraction Splash Mountain, replacing any reference to its controversial film Song of the South in favor of The Princess and the Frog — a movie starring an African American princess who sings multiple songs in the south. […]

Steve Bannon Says That John Fetterman’s Use of Closed Captioning Makes Him ‘A Cyborg’

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, suffered a stroke earlier this year. While doctors say that Fetterman is recovering well and has “no work restrictions and can work full duty in public office,” the Senate hopeful still struggles with auditory processing, especially when it comes to interpreting spoken words, […]

Iran will always be in danger if Safeguards probes are not closed, Raisi says 

TEHRAN – Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Thursday stuck to his position regarding nuclear talks with world powers, saying he saw no point in a deal that did not close investigations by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on claims of undeclared nuclear sites. “How can we have a lasting agreement if these probes are […]

Vietnam welcomes first tourists since borders were closed due to COVID-19

More than 200 foreign tourists arrived on Vietnam’s largest Phu Quoc island on Saturday, the first to visit the Southeast Asian country after nearly two years of border closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fully vaccinated travelers from South Korea will spend their holidays in hotel resorts without a mandatory 14-day quarantine. They were […]

Pfizer should have been closed down in 2009

This is how Pfizer was convicted of a $2.3B settlement for health fraud in 2009 Video: Pfizer’s Covid jab trial researchers in Texas ‘skewed data, didn’t follow-up with patients who had side effects and failed to test people with symptoms’, BMJ investigation claims Pfizer “vaccine”: kill 200 to ‘save’ one? The history of […]

Navy’s Underground Leaking 20 Story Jet Fuel Tanks Must Be Closed Down

Above photo: An interior view of one of the Red Hill tanks.  US National Security Requires It. Photo by US Navy of inside of one of the 20 massive jet fuel tanks inside Red Hill, Oahu, Hawaii. Hawai’i – While the U.S. Navy continues to argue that U.S. national security requires that its 80-year-old leaking […]

Beijing Confirms Strict ‘Closed Loop’ For 2022 Winter Olympics

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese organizers have confirmed participants in next year’s Winter Olympics will be strictly isolated from the general population and could face expulsion for violating COVID-19 restrictions. Vice mayor and Beijing 2022 organizing committee official Zhang Jiandong told reporters Wednesday that those taking part in the games beginning Feb. 4 must remain in […]

Has Macron Closed Algeria’s Skies for France?

Emmanuel Macron, the eighth president of France, during his four and a half years in the Elysee Palace has shown himself to be a very active politician, and sometimes even very controversial as are his numerous public speeches. After becoming President of France, Macron refused the annual traditional interview on the day of the national […]

Closed Borders Are Paralysing the Country

Commentary There are signs in public attitudes and statements by at least some of Australia’s political and business leaders that the national mood is becoming less accepting of restrictions to eliminate or contain COVID-19—and increasingly aware of the costs of trying to do so. This shift is undoubtedly being helped along by a vaccination roll-out […]

Tel Aviv and Washington: What happens behind closed doors

For many years, and perhaps decades, the very special and exclusive relations between the US and Israel remained a mystery for which experts could not provide a real explanation. Many focused on the concept of the functional role that Israel plays in serving US interests in the Middle East, while others believe that Israel could […]

COVID as a Bioweapon, Hard Questions from Behind Closed Doors

Analysis of the worldwide COVID pandemic by a team of former intelligence officials from a number of nations has been ongoing for since January 2020. Findings are reported to clients under the highest security. Even the names of the clients are highly classified. A number of things are tracked and assessed using open-source material primarily […]

Australian Border Will Be Closed for a Long Time: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warned that Australia would be closed to the rest of the world for a long time, with the Treasurer noting that the border will remain shut until at least 2022. “I don’t see an appetite for that at the moment,” Morrison said in an interview with News Crop on Sunday. “I think […]

2017 oil spill closed three desalination plants for three days, official reveals

The senior Environmental Protection Ministry official charged with coordinating the response to last month’s oil disaster revealed that a previous, much smaller spill, in 2017, had forced the closure of three desalination plants for three days. Some 75 percent of Israel’s drinking and industrial water is supplied by five desalination plants on the Mediterranean coast. […]

Hungary announces new restrictions, schools & non-essential shops closed amid Covid-19 third wave fears

Budapest has announced a series of new measures to stem the spread of Covid-19, noting that despite inoculating people quicker than the EU average, these efforts aren’t enough to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. “If we didn’t close now, the opening would be postponed,” Gergely Gulyas, the prime minister’s chief of staff said on Thursday, […]

Australian AG outs himself as target of rape allegations in 1988 case that police consider closed after investigation

Australia’s top law official, Christian Porter, has confirmed that he is the target of a historic rape claim which was extensively covered by the media. He emphatically denied that the accusations are factual. Attorney-General Christian Porter came forward on Wednesday to reveal that he was the minister accused by an unidentified Adelaide woman of raping […]

Europe’s closed borders push migrants to make dangerous Alpine crossing into France

As borders within Europe become increasingly difficult to cross due to pandemic restrictions, some migrants and asylum seekers that entered Europe through the Balkans are trying to reach France by hiking across the Alps from Italy. The Italian-French Alps can represent the last difficult border crossing in migrants’ arduous journey. But hiking across them, especially […]

Tom Cotton: Joe Biden Is Keeping U.S. Closed for Americans, Leaving Border Open for Illegal Aliens

President Joe Biden’s administration is getting blasted by lawmakers, local officials, and critics for advocating lockdowns and restrictions for Americans during the Chinese coronavirus crisis while seemingly opening the nation’s borders to illegal aliens who can flout Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. As Breitbart News has extensively reported, the Biden administration has resumed the […]

Snow lovers turn to new wintry pursuits as lifts in France remain closed

The closure of ski lifts in France due to the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t deterred snow lovers from visiting the mountains and finding alternative outdoor thrills, with many swapping their piste skis for snowshoeing or cross-country versions. As a result, many resorts are still managing to thrive, including the Plateau de Beille in the Pyrenees, where […]

Israel to keep schools closed until at least Thursday as COVID numbers remain high

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Israel Closed for Business, Except for the Business of Vaccines

(The Media Line) — In a week when Israel closed all of its land border crossings and shut down international air travel, the imminent reopening of the country’s education system, tentatively scheduled for the beginning of next week, is in serious doubt as the coronavirus and its various mutations continue to spread through the population. […]

Case closed against Shin Bet agents accused of assaulting Palestinian terror suspect

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D.C. Turns Into Baghdad for Inauguration; Red Zone, Military Checkpoints, Bridges Closed

Just days before the Biden inauguration, the nation’s capitol has been transofmred into a military zone like Baghdad. Armed U.S. troops are now manning checkpoints to enter and leave downtown Washington, D.C. Red Zone and Green Zone perimeters have been created. Bridges into D.C. from neighboring Virginia are to be closed in the coming days, […]

Washington’s National Mall to be closed for Biden inauguration ‘to ensure safety,’ says National Park Service

The iconic National Mall in Washington, DC will be closed to the public for a week for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, the National Park Service (NPS) said, amid security concerns in the wake of the Capitol attack. Vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians will be banned from all memorials, attractions and facilities in the area between the […]

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