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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Death Rides With Them

Far-right anti-LGBTQ pastor Jack Hibbs delivered an opening prayer in the House of Representatives today. Scott Lively says that pharmaceuticals and drugs “serve as a form of ‘portal’ that allows demons to influence and torment.” Todd Coconato warns Christians not to engage in yoga, as it represents a false religion. For a mere $25, one […]

Greek Taxi Drivers Overturn And Smash Uber Cars For Offering Cheaper Rides

The incident occurred on the Greek island of Rhodes in response to Uber drivers allegedly charging less than the permitted fare for rides to the airport. Local media outlets Dimokratiki and Rodiak captured the shocking aftermath of the Greek taxi drivers’ rampage outside Uber Greece’s premises in Rhodes. The photos show a VW T-Roc and… […]

11 Other Problematic Disney Rides That Need To Be Closed Immediately

The Walt Disney Company caved to a righteous outcry of public pressure when it gutted beloved log flume attraction Splash Mountain, replacing any reference to its controversial film Song of the South in favor of The Princess and the Frog — a movie starring an African American princess who sings multiple songs in the south. […]

ME FIRST!!!! Ted Cruz rides shotgun with People’s Convoy

Scalawag ME FIRST!!! Cruz who abandoned freezing Texican children and flew to sunny Cancun on the first flight out during last years killer freeze in Occupied Republic of Texas caused by political whores selling out to International Corporations, is riding “shotgun” with the truckers circling Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac while the political prostitutes […]

Amish Man Smiles Smugly As He Rides By Gas Station With $6 Prices

SMICKSBURG, PA—Local Amish patriarch Ezekiel Yoder was seen smiling smugly as he rode his market wagon by an outsider’s gas station where the cost per gallon broke six dollars a gallon. He calmed his horse and observed the chaos at the pump. People were ripping each other apart to throw away their money on high-priced fuel. Thank Gotte he […]

Celtics or CIA? Gulenist Hoops Star Enes Kanter Rides Both Benches

NEW YORK — Despite not even leaving the bench, Boston Celtics center Enes Kanter was the one drawing the headlines in their season opener at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. The 6’10” Turk sported shoes emblazoned with the words “free Tibet.” “Under the Chinese government’s brutal rule, Tibetan people’s basic rights and freedoms are […]

Crowd Lays Down Path Of MyPillows As Trump Triumphantly Rides Donkey Into D.C.

Crowd Lays Down Path Of MyPillows As Trump Triumphantly Rides Donkey Into D.C. WASHINGTON, D.C.—Donald J. Trump was seen riding what appeared to be a donkey in the slow lane of Interstate 95 before taking the 395 North then exiting into downtown Washington, D.C., thus fulfilling the prophesy, “Behold, thy Orange King cometh unto thee, […]

Pegasus Rides Again: The NSO Group, Spyware and Human Rights

They keep insisting they don’t do it. But companies such as the Israeli NSO Group are global vendors for regimes, whatever stripe or colour, for surveillance tools to spy on those they deem of interest.  The 2013 revelations by Edward Snowden that exposed the warrantless world of mass surveillance by entities such as the US […]

More Businesses Give Perks for Proof of Vaccination: Free Donuts and Rides, Dine-In Discounts

Businesses across America are increasingly leaning into the vaccination effort, offering a range of freebies and incentives to customers who show proof of getting a COVID-19 jab. Security experts note, however, that the information on vaccine record cards—currently the only proof of vaccination—contains sensitive information that bad actors could exploit, and so they urge people […]

Another Israeli election looms — and Netanyahu rides high, Gantz is a loser

Yesterday night, what seemed to be a last and desperate attempt to save Israel from another premature election failed. The vote in parliament was about prolonging the deadline for passing of the budget – not for 2021, but for 2020. Tonight (Tuesday) at midnight is the point at which new elections will automatically be set, […]

Israel agrees to fund visually impaired girl’s rides to school days after Haaretz report

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Chicago simian rides horse to near death

The man appointed by Mayor Lightfoot to be Chicago’s “Census Cowboy” rode his horse until it bled to draw attention to a social justice cause. It didn’t have proper shoes for pavement and suffered extensive damage, galloping for miles. It will be put down. — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) September 25, 2020 “YEEEEEEEEHAWWWWW MA […]

The Lucy Stein Gang Rides Into Moscow

September 18, 2017 by Israel Shamir for the Unz Review Can the Putin Fans League win municipal elections in New York City? Not bloody likely, you’ll murmur, and probably justifiably so. However, in the municipal elections last week, pro-American forces captured one third of the seats in Moscow. A great shock, slightly mitigated by the media […]

Koala rides 16km trapped behind wheel until driver hears her cry (PHOTOS)

An unsuspecting koala went on what turned out to be a traumatizing road trip last weekend near Adelaide, according to the Advertiser. The marsupial had apparently crawled under a four-wheel-drive vehicle and was later discovered by the driver.  READ MORE: Oz police rescue dehydrated baby koala from motorist’s handbag (PHOTOS) The man immediately called the koala […]

Europe’s dirty deal with Turkey is making the vulnerable more vulnerable

Europe’s dirty deal with Turkey is making the vulnerable more vulnerable File photo of Syrian refugees trying to cross into Europe for a better life quality The situation in Idomeni in Greece is worsening by the hour as desperation mounts over inhumane European border policies. People are fighting amongst themselves and against the police. Some […]

LOL: Greek Farmer Destroys Invader Tent City with a Tractor

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer April 1, 2016 Pure evil. These racists should allow these innocent victims to live on their land for free, indefinitely. Don’t these Greek racists understand there is a brutal civil war in Turkey? Do they have any ability to comprehend how brutal this Turkish civil war truly is? These tent Moslems are […]

Finland: Sons of Odin are Badass

A gang of vigilantes led by a violent neo-Nazi go on night time ‘migrant patrols’ on the streets of Finland, with some talking of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the wake of the country’s mounting immigration crisis. The self-styled ‘Soldiers of Odin’ march in a mob, wearing bomber jackets with their logo on the back. They have […]

Anglo-American Merchants of Death and Destruction. Multibillion Dollar Weapons Sales to Saudi Arabia

US and UK weapons makers thrive on sales to Saudi Arabia, a rogue state sponsor of regional terrorism, waging naked aggression on Yemen, a US-orchestrated war. Washington is Riyadh’s leading arms supplier. In 2010, the Obama administration approved up to $60 billion in multi-year sales, the largest US weapons deal ever. Naval and missile defense […]

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