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Donald Trump’s legal team demands lifting of gag order that prevents him from speaking freely about his trial

Donald Trump’s legal team demands lifting of gag order that prevents him from speaking freely about his trial The legal team of former President Donald Trump has asked the judge who presided over his business records falsification trial in New York to lift the gag order on him that bans him from commenting on court […]

Donald Trump says he would not sign national abortion ban if reelected

(The Hill) — Former President Trump on Wednesday said he would not sign a national abortion ban if reelected and such a bill passed Congress. The Biden campaign quickly dismissed him as a “liar,” citing his record on the issue. Trump was asked by reporters in Georgia if he would sign a national abortion ban if it reached his […]

How Donald Trump could ride to Mike Johnson’s rescue

There’s been plenty of speculation about how Democrats might save Speaker Mike Johnson’s gavel as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) threatens to oust him. The better bet right now is that if anyone comes to Johnson’s rescue, it will be the most powerful Republican around. Former president Donald Trump is set to appear with Johnson […]

Biden says Trump will ban abortion: ‘No one trusts Donald Trump’

CHICAGO — President Joe Biden lashed out at Donald Trump’s announcement Monday that abortion should be left up to the states and warned of consequences should Trump win in November. “No one trusts Donald Trump,” Biden said, pointing to how the former president made a “political deal” with the anti-abortion right. The president went on […]

Secret Society Illuminati card game PREDICTED 9/11 terror attack, Donald Trump, Covid-19 and the “Insurrection” riot at the Washington DC Capitol building

Secret Society Illuminati card game PREDICTED 9/11 terror attack, Donald Trump, Covid-19 and the “Insurrection” riot at the Washington DC Capitol building How could anyone have predicted that the World Trade Center “Twin Towers” would be attacked by “terrorists” in the 1990s? Then, how could those same soothsayers predict Donald Trump would charismatically lead millions […]

Donald Trump is in Cahoots With Joe Biden

How DJT Lost the White House Text Donald Trump Is an Actor in a Political Reality Show He had a clear path to overturn the rigged election, and he didn’t take it.  Zionism and Communists are the right and left wings of Jewish Freemasonry.   The role of Zionists like Trump and Bolsonaro is to throw […]

“You’re Fired!” – Donald Trump Issues Prebuttal to Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address

“What’s happened now is a horror show,” declared former President Trump Wednesday before Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, slated for 9 p.m. Eastern. The former president took the opportunity to record a prebuttal to Biden’s speech. The following is a verbatim statement from Trump: Joe Biden is on the run from his record […]

Donald Trump Beats Nikki Haley Again!

Donald Trump has scored a major victory in Michigan’s Republican primary, crushing his nearest rival Nikki Haley yet again on Tuesday Michigan’s presidential primaries for both Republicans and Democrats took place on Tuesday evening. With […] The post Donald Trump Beats Nikki Haley Again! appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Donald Trump secures ENDORSEMENT from No. 2 GOP senator

(NaturalNews) Former President Donald Trump has secured an endorsement from the second-highest Republican in the U.S. Senate.The Washington Examiner reported… Source

Donald Trump calls on Alabama to reverse course after state rules frozen embryos are ‘unborn children’

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (USA Today) — ROCK HILL, S.C. – Facing attacks on the Republican Party’s opposition to abortion rights, former President Donald Trump called on Alabama lawmakers Friday to reverse a state Supreme Court decision that has nearly halted in vitro fertilization in that state. “We want to make it easier for mothers and fathers […]

President Donald Trump Wins The South Carolina Primary

Last Updated on February 24, 2024 President Donald J. Trump won the South Carolina primary on Saturday night in a resounding victory for his frontrunning campaign. Neocon opponent Nimarata “Nikki” Haley has basically no political justification at this point for staying in the race to the detriment of her own party’s presumptive nominee. As of […]

Nancy Pelosi & Jen Psaki Believe Putin Is Blackmailing Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi joined former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s MSNBC show to attack former President Donald Trump on Monday. Pelosi attempted to revive the debunked RussiaGate conspiracy theory, claiming without evidence, that Russian President […] The post Nancy Pelosi & Jen Psaki Believe Putin Is Blackmailing Donald Trump appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

‘Not a good night for Donald Trump’: Why Never Trumpers think he’s really losing

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Donald Trump thumped Nikki Haley in New Hampshire — but anti-Trump Republicans are hardly upset about it. Even after Trump went two-for-two in the early nominating contests, the non-Trump movement sees increasingly positive signs that the former president can be beat in November. Polls and exit surveys from Iowa and New […]

Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner – Is He Proxy President?

U.S. president Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, which we weren’t aware of back in 2016 when Trump first came to power as president. It turns out that billionaire Jared Kushner owns a New York City building called 666 Fifth Avenue. His Company Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies Inc. conducts research into RFID chips, which are meant to […]

‘Prophetess’ Kat Kerr Claims To ‘Get Information’ From Donald Trump Jr. ‘All The Time’

Self-proclaimed “prophetess” Kat Kerr appeared on the “Elijah Streams” program earlier this week, where she claimed to have established a connection to Donald Trump Jr. while also reporting that many of her prophecies have been passed along to his father, former President Donald Trump. “I get information all the time from Don Jr.,” Kerr said. […]

The Totalitarian Mind of Donald G. McNeil

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Do you think we need a Pentagon for public health to wage war on new pathogens? Not likely, and that is based on recent experience. The pandemic planners wrecked our lives. We have yet to recover.  Cities are still suffering from business closures, learning losses and school absenteeism, and rampant […]

Jan 18 – Donald Trump Vows To Oppose CBDC

Please send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comDonald Trump Vows To Oppose CBDC Creation In The U.S. Do you trust him?  Former President Donald Trump pledged, if reelected, to resist any effort by the Federal Reserve to develop a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In a Wednesday campaign speech, Trump argued that such dollar-backed virtual money […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Praetorian Guard of Donald Trump

Time is ticking! Year-end is here, and with our generous 4X-match, your donation to fight back against Trump Republicans will go four times as far! Stand with us to uphold Norman’s legacy in defending democracy, protecting free speech, and safeguarding our rights from an increasingly hostile right-wing. Act now – let’s make 2024 a year […]

Critical Quotes by President Donald Trump


Yuval Noah Harari Makes Surprising Comments About Donald Trump

Yuval Noah Harari, one of Barack Obama’s favorite authors and a frequent speaker at Davos, made some shocking statements in an interview with Steven Bartlett, a British YouTuber who runs the channel The Diary of a CEO. Harari frequently posits the idea that human beings are “hackable” creatures lacking true free will. In a past […]

Dear Freedom Movement: Donald Trump is Not a Friend of Liberty

Trump supporters continue to believe the former President is the only defense against rising techno-tyranny even as he makes it abundantly clear he is not a champion of individual liberty. On Tuesday a divided Colorado Supreme Court ruled former President Donald Trump ineligible for a spot on the state’s presidential primary ballot under the U.S. […]

What Donald Trump’s Ukraine Strategy Could Look Like

What Donald Trump’s Ukraine Strategy Could Look Like Authored by Lt. General (ret.) Keith Kellogg and Dan Negrea via The National Interest, Far from abandoning Ukraine, a second Trump administration would lift restrictions on Ukrainian military aid in order to force a peace settlement… Donald Trump has vowed that in a second presidential term, he […]

WATCH: Comedian Bill Burr’s Wife Flips Donald Trump the Double Bird at UFC 295

Comedian Bill Burr’s wife was not happy to see former President Donald Trump walking to his seat at Madison Square Garden for UFC 295 on Saturday, video from the event reveals. Burr’s wife, Nia Renee Hill, was in the distinct minority with her disdain, because the crowd erupted in cheers and applause when Trump first […]

Donald Trump Jr. Mocks ‘Mitch Glitch’ McConnell

Donald Trump Jr. mocked “Mitch glitch” McConnell during his father’s rally in Hialeah, Florida, Wednesday evening. Source

Watch Live: Donald Trump Speaks in Hialeah, Florida

Former President Donald Trump will speak in Hialeah, Florida, on Wednesday, November 8, while the other Republican presidential candidates engage in their third debate. Source

*** GOP Debate Livewire *** And Then There Were Five Left on Stage As Donald Trump Rallies

There only remain five Donald Trump opponents on the debate stage as candidates meet in Miami for the third GOP presidential primary debate. Source

‘Go Home!’: Crowd Boos Asa Hutchinson for Suggesting Felony Conviction of Donald Trump

Failing GOP presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson was booed Saturday after suggesting that former President Donald Trump will be convicted of a felony. Source

CNN Poll: Donald Trump Dominates in South Carolina with Majority Support, Ron DeSantis Comes in Third

Former President Donald Trump is dominating in South Carolina with majority support, as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slips to third place. Source

Donald Trump Responds to New Gag Order: ‘It Will Not Stand’

Former President Donald Trump responded to the new gag order recently placed on him by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan. Source

I Asked MEP Christine Anderson What She Thinks About Donald Trump: Here’s What She Had to Say

Originally Published on Vigilant News Earlier this week, I interviewed the legendary Christine Anderson, a German member of the European Parliament and one of the few politicians who stood up to the COVID nonsense. I asked her many questions on the topics of COVID tyranny, climate change, bad actors, and more, but her comments about […]

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