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UChicago Announces ‘The Problem with Whiteness’ Course

The course is being offered under the college’s Critical Race and Ethnic Studies (CRES) program and the description names whiteness as “a conspicuous problem within liberal political discourse” that has “worldmaking (and razing) effects.”  Source

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Of Course

Kanye West revealed that a producer for Alex Jones connected him to Milo Yiannopoulos, and Yiannopoulos admits that he was the one who then introduced West to Nick Fuentes. West also says that he invited Fuentes to go to Mar-a-Lago with him last week and that former President Donald Trump “had no idea who Nick […]

Pakistan Reverses Course, Bans ‘Joyland’ From Cinemas

The director of “Joyland” condemned the government decision, calling it “unconstitutional and illegal.” Source

CICA on course to the establishment of the Asian Union.

The sixth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) – an international forum uniting the states of the Asian continent with the mission of strengthening relations to ensure stability and security in the region – has ended in Astana. Official representatives of more than 30 states of the Asian region […]

Of Course Ron DeSantis Will Run…and He May Very Well Win


When Champions of Covid Tyranny Admit They Were WRONG, What Should We Do?-Hang Them of course!!!

After a Fair Nuremberg Tribunal Common Law Trial of course. I mean when a mass murderer murders millions of humans, whether that mass murder was done with knifes, government assault weapons, poison, motor vehicles or a loaded syringe is of no consequences. If some homicidal maniac takes a US government M-16 and mass murders a […]

No Change in Australia’s Foreign Policy Course under the New Government

Three and a half months after the change of government in Australia, a country of considerable geopolitical significance in the Indo-Pacific region, the developments in its foreign policy can be fairly accurately summarized, in the words of the above headline, as “no change.” That is despite the attempts (which, in reality, consist of promising words, […]

The Dream Stele: How a Dream Changed the Course of Egyptian History

In or around the year 1400 BC, Menkheperure, an Egyptian prince, took a ride out to the pyramids of Giza. Upon reaching his destination, he did some hunting before eventually falling asleep under the shade of the Great Sphinx. Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Asia Read Later 

ACH (1860) Ryan Underwood – The Frontline Fellowship Great Commission Course

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 27 2022, Andy is joined by Ryan Underwood for a show entitled, “The Frontline Fellowship Great Commission Course.” We discussed: Ryan’s background and his Pastoral Work in the Church; Ryan’s experiences as one of many participants in Frontline Fellowship’s 2022 Great Commission Course; how Frontline Fellowship stands at […]

Nolte: Of Course, Hollywood Romanticizes Guns and Shooting People

Sulu and Wonder Woman want it both ways. They want you and I to live under the tyranny of gun-grabbing while they not only enjoy the artistic freedom to glamorize shooting people.

ACH (1811) Dr. Patrick Slattery And Paul Edward Stevenson – 18 Course Meal

In today’s show originally broadcast on June 7 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Patrick Slattery and Paul Edward Stevenson, for a show entitled, “18 Course Meal.” We discussed: Paul and Patrick’s geopolitical analysis of the conflict between Russia and the West; how the West’s economic sanctions on Russia are actually causing more damage to […]

70 miles long, with 1000s cheering along, the US Freedom Convoy has (of course) been BLACKED OUT by the media

70 miles long, with 1000s cheering along, the US Freedom Convoy has (of course) been BLACKED OUT by the media Posted on March 6, 2022 Mark Crispin MillerRob Williams talks to Claire Dooley and Ariana Victor, two (real) journalists traveling with the truckers (an interview that YouTube instantly took down)No sooner had this video gone up […]

Russia’s new Tsar corrects the course of the Bolshevik Revolution

The old Kremlin bear manipulated the world, and he and his media mocked the US, its politicians, intelligence and media who promote Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, claiming that it is a Hollywood movie. He stated that he would not invade Ukraine and hinted at withdrawing his troops from the borders with Ukraine. However, he manoeuvred […]

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf Vetoes GOP Bill Requiring School Course Materials To Be Posted Online

By Chris Menahan Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on Wednesday vetoed a bill that would allow parents to see what their kids are being taught in school. From CBS Pittsburgh, “Gov. Tom Wolf Vetoes Republican Bill To Post School Course Materials Online”: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would have required school […]

Mass Media: A History — Course Notes

Corbett • 11/02/2021 Following are the course notes for the students of my Mass Media: A History course at Renegade University. If you aren’t part of the class, you can sign up at any time. All of the lessons are recorded and are available for viewing at any time. Sign up here: Or Corbett […]

Bronze Age Coffin and Warrior’s Axe Found In a Pond at a Golf Course!

Archaeologists in England have excavated a rare 4,000-year-old Bronze Age coffin made from a single oak log and complete with a rare warrior’s axe. Unlike all other early Bronze Age warrior burials discovered in Britain, with ceremonial axes, this one was found at the bottom of a golf club pond! The “extremely rare” hollowed-out log […]

9/11 Livestream and Online Course

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / / Odysee James joins you today for a quick update to let you know about a 9/11 Global Livestream that he’ll be taking part in this weekend and a course that he’ll be teaching at Renegade University in November. SHOW NOTES: September 11th Global Live Stream […]

Did a Handful of Greek Cotton Merchants Change the Course of the American Civil War?

The Battle of Antietam, the Civil War’s deadliest one-day fight. Public Domain The Confederates handed the Union a key victory on the “Cotton Front” before a shot was even fired in the American civil war. However, without the agility of the Greek cotton merchants, the alternative supplies may not have been enough, or established in […]

UPenn Has a Course on ‘White Nationalism in the Age of Climate Change’

Anne Berg is teaching a course titled “Extreme Heat: White Nationalism in the Age of Climate Change,” at the University of Pennsylvania this fall. This course in Environmental Humanities will purportedly teach students about the “relationship between environmentalism, rightwing populism and the climate crisis.” The syllabus reads: The glaciers are melting. Heat waves, hurricanes, earthquakes, […]

Former US Diplomats Say Biden Administration ‘Must Act Swiftly’ to Change Course in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is in a state of chaos. In a major military offensive, the Taliban has taken over nine provincial capitals with two falling to the militia on the night of Aug. 10. As the militant group ignores peace negotiations and as their killings of civilians, prisoners, and government leaders increase, a cry for a change […]

Yet another of those ‘rare’ & ‘mild’ adverse reactions right at the clinic (it won’t be the jab of course)

It’s as ‘safe & effective’ as can be says the NZ government, whose Doctors are not allowed to fully inform you of any downside type reactions. Like death for instance. Or stroke or cardiac arrest. If they did, well you might decide not to take it. FYI I’ve added below the full list of possible […]

NASA and ESA to test nudging asteroids off collision course with Earth

Of all the natural disasters that can strike at life on Earth, it is asteroid strikes that have the potential to wipe out life as we know it. Just as the dinosaurs met their fate with the help of a large asteroid some 66 million years ago, humanity would be in serious trouble if a […]

The VX & employment: info on 4 BA pilots dying (not of course vaccine related) & a recruitment firm exec shares some interesting insights on planned staffing replacements

From From Douglas Yates:An anonymous voice recording has surfaced stating that British Airways pilots are dying after the jab. If true, the question may be: To fly or not fly? Reuters reports that BA denies it’s in crisis talks with UK govt while admitting that four BA pilots have recently died. However, BA states the […]

On Pakistan’s Current Foreign Policy Course

The recent attention to Pakistan in describing aspects of the current stage of the Global Game is understandable. As one of the two “de facto” nuclear powers (along with India, Israel’s status, in this case, being labeled “volatile,” Pakistan occupies quite a distinctive place at the world’s gaming table, specifically, in the format of the […]

United Palestinians Have Changed The Course Of History

Above Photo: Reuters. The Palestinian revolt of 2021 will go down in history as one of the most influential events in irreversibly changing the collective thinking in and around Palestine. Only two other events can be compared with what has just transpired in Palestine: The revolt of 1936 and the first intifada that began in […]

Today I saw Syrians dancing and celebrating life, and a return to peace – but, of course, the Western media won’t report that

May 28, 2021  Eva Bartlett Celebrations for the Syrian presidential elections in Douma, eastern Ghouta, Syria, May 26, 2021 © Eva Bartlett 26 May, 2021, -by Eva K Bartlett Although the West has waged 10 years of war on Syria, and there is much destruction, the entire country isn’t in ruins and the pulse of […]

As F-35 problems piled up, Lockheed Martin sent top exec on course to ‘deconstruct’ his ‘white male privilege’

With its trillion-dollar F-35 fighter jet plagued with faults and delays, Lockheed Martin sent an executive in charge of the project away to learn about his “white male privilege.” Welcome to the Woke Industrial Complex. Glenn David Woods is vice president of production at Lockheed Martin for the Air Force’s $1.7 trillion F-35 fighter jet […]

Biden Will ‘Change Course’ If Bipartisan Talks on Infrastructure Bill Stall: White House Adviser

White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond said Sunday that President Joe Biden intends to “change course” if the current approach of bipartisan talks with Republicans on achieving an infrastructure package stall. Richmond’s comments come as Biden and his administration are endeavoring to convince Republicans to accept their scope of what an infrastructure package should entail […]

WHO Declares ‘Pandemic Is A Long Way Far From Over’ (But of course, they haven’t tak en the world over yet)

WHO Declares ‘Pandemic Is A Long Way Far From Over’ (But of course, they haven’t taken the world over yet) David Icke / Richard Willet – Memes and headline comments by David Icke The global pandemic isn’t over yet despite high Covid vaccination rates in some countries, the head of the World Health Organization warned […]

A Course Correction: Astrology Forecast May 2nd – 9th, 2021

May 3rd, 2021 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World On the heels of last weeks’ Super Full Moon, we are now entering eclipse territory when the ripples from these cosmic wild cards can already be felt a month beforehand. For 18 eclipse strategies, get:” Making Eclipses Work for You” May is going […]

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