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CBC’s ‘Government-Funded’ Twitter Label Changed Slightly After Public Broadcaster Protests

After being labelled on Twitter as “government-funded media,” the CBC is now listed on the platform as being about 70 percent publicly funded following protests by the broadcaster that the federal government does not fund it in whole. “Canadian Broadcasting Corp said they’re ‘less than 70% government-funded,’ so we corrected the label,” wrote Twitter-owner Elon Musk […]

CBC’s ‘Government-Funded’ Twitter Label Changed to Show Portion of Funding After Broadcaster Complained

The CBC’s Twitter label has been changed to show a portion of its funding is provided by the government, after the public broadcaster complained about its “government-funded media” label. “Canadian Broadcasting Corp said they’re ‘less than 70% government-funded,’ so we corrected the label,” wrote Twitter-owner Elon Musk on the platform on April 17. CBC is […]

Five years on, Gaza’s Great March of Return changed people’s lives

Five years ago today, Palestinians in Gaza launched the Great March of Return. Israel brutally suppressed the demonstrations, leaving many of its participants amputated. But those who joined the March would do it all over again. Source

The Casper Adjustable Bed Base Changed My Life

You may be good in bed—but this stuff will make you (sleep) even better. I’ve slept in conditions you people wouldn’t believe. For years, the horrible beds, couches, chairs, and bus stops where I counted sheep didn’t provide much rest at all, amounting to little more than a stiff back, tired legs, and an unquenchable […]

9 Ancient Leaders Who Changed the Course of History

The annals of history are filled with tales of great leaders who have left their mark on the world, shaping the course of human events through their actions, decisions, and vision. From conquerors who built vast empires to statesmen who brought peace and stability to their nations, these ancient leaders were the architects of their […]

How Russia’s War In Ukraine Changed Europe

Experts explain how Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade one year ago has had long-lasting effects on the continent. Source

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Television

If you are a millennial or have lived through the 90s, there is a high chance that you have experienced the golden era of TV. You might think that it is not true, but considering the long ad breaks, and the content that stood the test of time, you can compare it to the content […]

7 Child Monarchs from History and How They Changed the World

When we think of a king or queen, more often than not we conjure an image of someone who is a little… advanced in years.  Read more Section:  News History Famous People Read Later  Source

MAGA Pastor Shane Vaugh Wants Election Rules Changed Because Republicans Keep Losing

With Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock defeating Herschel Walker in Georgia’s recent run-off election to give Democrats a 51-49 majority in the U.S. Senate, MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn is demanding that states implement Electoral College-style systems to ensure that Republicans don’t keep losing elections just because more people vote for the Democrats. “The only way we […]

170 patients that changed everything

Jeyanthi Kunadhasan Pexels Jeyanthi Kunadhasan 8 December 2022 Few people realise that the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA)of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine/BNT 162b2 was granted on the efficacy data of 170 patients. The 162 who received a placebo and 8 patients who were vaccinated formed the basis of the 95 per cent efficacy claims. There has […]

Something has seriously changed in Australia

READ HERE: Australian Health Officials Reject 3rd COVID Booster for All Ages   Source

Fetterman on Why He Changed from 2018 Opposition to Fracking: I Supported it in 2017

During a portion of an interview aired on Tuesday’s edition of “CNN This Morning,” U.S. Senate candidate and Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D) responded to a question on what caused him to change his 2018 opposition to fracking given Source

Good News | Meet the Nobel Prize winners: This is how they have changed our lives

This week’s Good News bulletin brings you everything you need to know about the people who won the Nobel Awards, the people who – as well as contributing to the significant progress of humanity – can also give us a lesson in humility and determination. Good News is highlighting the Nobel prizes, though they don’t […]

The Dunblane School Massacre That Changed Gun Law in Britain

The Dunblane School Massacre That Changed Gun Law in Britain Sam H Arnold May 26 The class targeted in the shooting One event always comes to mind whenever the news carries stories of school shootings. The Dunblane Massacre was Britain’s worse mass shooting. This tragedy inspired a nation to lobby hard to change gun laws […]

The Dream Stele: How a Dream Changed the Course of Egyptian History

In or around the year 1400 BC, Menkheperure, an Egyptian prince, took a ride out to the pyramids of Giza. Upon reaching his destination, he did some hunting before eventually falling asleep under the shade of the Great Sphinx. Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Asia Read Later 

COVID-19 Vaccines Didn’t Work, so CDC Changed the Definition of Vaccines

In early 2020 when the public first learned that a novel virulent virus was making people sick in China and around the world, it made sense to institute public health measures to protect against it. But, instead of encouraging doctors and scientists to look for ways to treat the virus and ways to keep sick […]

Shock Poll: 8 in 10 Think Biden Laptop Cover-Up Changed Election

A whopping 79 percent of Americans suggest President Donald Trump likely would have won reelection if voters had known the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop—that it was real and not “Russian disinformation,” as intelligence officials aligned with Joe Biden falsely led the public to believe, a new national poll reveals.

A Cycle Has Changed Inside Russia (Video)

READ HERE:   Source

CDC FRAUD: Emails confirm that CDC officials fraudulently changed the definition of “vaccine” to force needless mRNA injections onto the population

Locking people down in their homes, taking their jobs, and threatening their livelihoods was never enough. To force the population to take part in needless genetic experiments, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) also had to change the definition of “vaccine” and “vaccinated” to manipulate more individuals to comply with their ill-gotten authority. Newly uncovered […]

Italy drought: Compare satellite images to see how Po River has changed in two years

The Po River valley in northern Italy is in the grip of its worst drought for 70 years. These pictures help show just how bad it has become. Source

How Herbal Tea Changed My Life

From Doug Wolkon, owner of Kauai Farmacy shares his personal healing journey drinking fresh Kauai-grown herbal tea Ten years ago my wife Genna and I moved into a rental house in Kilauea, Kauai with our three-year old son. He was running circles around me during the day; and at night, I would fall asleep to his […]

CNN’s Bash: McCarthy ‘Right’ — Dems Changed the Standard to Majority Deciding Who Can Be on Committees

CNN anchor Dana Bash said Monday on “OutFront” that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was “right” about the Democrats changing the standard practice in Congress to the majority telling the minority who can serve on committees. Burnett said, “So, Dana, final question is widely believed the GOP will shut down the committee if it regains control […]

Christian’s Prison Term Changed to Death Sentence in Pakistan

Zafar Bhatti. (Morning Star News) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – A judge changed a Christian’s life prison term under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws into the death sentence last week, while the Pakistan Supreme Court granted historic bail to another Christian held on similar charges, sources said. Zafar Bhatti, 56, who has languished in jail since 2012 […]

Two years later: nothing has changed in West Asia

January 05, 2022 By Aram Mirzaei It has been two years since the murders of Martyrs Soleimani and Al-Muhandis at Baghdad airport. A lot has happened since then, but nothing has changed in the region. Still the same US occupation of Syria, and regular Israeli airstrikes on Syria. Still the same threats of “pre-emptive” attacks […]

Mom Beats Infertility, and Now 4 of Her Surviving Quintuplet Preemies Are Thriving: ‘It Changed Us’

An Ohio couple, who were once high school sweethearts, became pregnant with quintuplets after a two-year battle with infertility. A terrifying journey ensued, including losing one newborn and several close calls. After 385 days in the NICU, the proud parents finally reunited four happy, healthy babies at home. Hannah and Jake Merton, aged 22 and […]

Despite rhetoric, U.S.-Saudi Arms deal shows that little has changed

After Saudi agents murdered Jamal Khashoggi and chopped up his body in 2018, Joe Biden said that the country’s government had to “pay the price” and be treated like the “pariah that they are.” Back then Biden was merely a presidential candidate, but now that he’s in The White House things have predictably shifted. The […]

Facebook changed its hate speech detector algorithm after finding 9 of 10 instances involved anti-white hatred

Home » Injustice, North America, Social » Facebook changed its hate speech detector algorithm after finding 9 of 10 instances involved anti-white hatred     Facebook has once again proven that it, like every other major social media platform, is nothing more than a propaganda tool aimed at destroying America as founded because its staff […]

Jim Raptis: The Greek Who Changed the Face of Australia’s Gold Coast

Jim Raptis has transformed Australia’s Gold Coast. Illustration: Greek Reporter Jim Raptis, a designer and architect, born on the island of Evia in Greece, changed the face of the most cosmopolitan region of Australia — the Gold Coast. He came to Australia with his family in 1954, as a young boy and lived in Ingham, […]

Insecurity shadow over Vienna talks: Place of Iran talks changed amid protests fears

Insecurity shadow over Vienna talks: Place of Iran talks changed amid protests fears – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Angry protests in Austria over the re-imposition of new restrictions due to a rising wave of new COVID-19 infections have cast doubt on the European country’s ability to play host for the next rounds of Iran talks. An […]

CDC Had Definition of Vaccine Changed So Clot Shot Could Be Pushed Illegally

Tim Brown /  September 13, 202111SHARES  Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp If you recall, Webster’s changed their definition of “vaccine” earlier this year to deceive the people into believing the gene altering shots are actually providing immunization, which they are not. Now, the unconstitutional propaganda outlet known as the Center for Disease Control have quietly altered their definition of “vaccination.” However, […]

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