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Wisconsin advances bill mandating Asian American history studies in schools 

A bill mandating that Asian American history be taught in Wyoming state schools inched closer this week after a state Senate committee voted to advance the bill. The state’s Senate committee on Tuesday voted 6-1 to advance the legislation, SB240, which would mandate teachings on Asian and Hmong Americans for grades K-12 in the Equality State.  Current state… […]

Modern-day “Pirates of the Caribbean” make off with an American-own yacht, hijack victims feared dead

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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An American Job

On his radio program today, religious-right pseudo-historian David Barton stated that fellow Christian nationalist Ryan Walters, who currently serves as Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction, is “now running for governor.” Does Barton know something that nobody else does? John Zmirak says the purpose of the new documentary “God & Country” is to “scare Christians […]

Squatting is a widespread problem that’s flooding American neighborhoods with heightened criminal activity

(NaturalNews) Squatters are increasingly taking over homes across the nation in a trend that is bringing crime to previously safe neighborhoods and leaving… Source

American Red Cross Begins Deferring Blood Donors Who Had Covid Vaccine

The American Red Cross is now asking blood donors if they ever received the Covid mRNA vaccine as the fallout from the disastrous vaccine roll out continues spreading through society. Blood donors who answer yes […] The post American Red Cross Begins Deferring Blood Donors Who Had Covid Vaccine appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

American Totalitarian “Crypto Dollar” May Come Before the Election

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) threaten to replace the cash we use with programmable, trackable, and censorable tokens controlled by governments. Your financial choices could be suppressed, and privacy eliminated. Based on what I’ve learned and experienced directly, this could happen before the 2024 election. The best way to stop it is through direct action, […]

American society is spinning out of control: What you need to do now to prepare for massive civil unrest and violence

(NaturalNews) It doesn’t take any brilliant analytical mind to discern that American society is losing its rudder and that there are powerful forces seeking to… Source

The Global Deep State: A Fascist World Order Funded by the American Taxpayer

This financial tyranny persists whether it’s a Democrat or Republican at the helm. Source

Prince Harry says he’s ‘considered’ becoming an American citizen

Prince Harry says becoming an American citizen is “something that’s crossed my mind.” “I have considered it, yeah,” Harry said in an interview Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” when correspondent Will Reeve asked whether he had thought about applying for citizenship since relocating to the U.S. “American citizenship is something that’s crossed my mind, but certainly… […]

Behar Predicts Putin Invasion & Military Draft for American Teens if Trump Wins Election

This week on ABC’s “The View”, Joy Behar told her co-hosts that if Donald Trump is re-elected president, Putin will invade Europe and the US will bring back the draft, sending 13 and 14 year […] The post Behar Predicts Putin Invasion & Military Draft for American Teens if Trump Wins Election appeared first on […]

Anyone Who Thinks The American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union the united States of America survived Lincoln & Existed After 1861 Probably Waits In the Pumpkin Patch With Linus

Any American Sheeple who are trying to save the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union the united States of America and the Constitution, both which Lincoln and his puritan yankee marxist killed in 1861, probably wait in the pumpkin patch with Linus on Halloween for the coming of the “Great Pumpkin”. The Ole Dog! Source

Military whistleblowers claim UFO successfully disabled American nuclear warhead during routine test

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Armed Forces reportedly possesses a video depicting an unidentified flying object (UFO) disabling a nuclear warhead during a routine test,… Source

The Desperate Failing Plan for a New American Century

feb 7 2024 _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account of self-preservation is over. The weight of what you know vs. a license, a job, […]

The last American war

The U.S. supports Israel unconditionally because it sees the entire Western project in the Middle East at risk today in Gaza. While it may seem these our darkest days, it is also clear that the U.S. and Israel are bound to fail. Source

US Militaries Mission, Send American Kids to Die For Israel

Secret Drone Ops Run From US Base In Jordan Where 3 Soldiers Killed, more than 40 Wounded. The US base in Jordan where troopers were killed and a bunch wounded in a recent attack runs drones which identifies freedom fighter’s against zionist war crimes against their people who are then targeted for murder by US […]

Rand Paul Vows To Block Ukraine Aid: “They’re Scamming the American People”

Senator Rand Paul has vowed to block the emergency funding bill that includes over $60 billion for Ukraine aid due to the fact that the Ukrainian government are “scamming the American people.” “I think we should stay here as long as it takes,” Sen. Paul told CNN on Friday. “If it takes a week or a month, I’ll force […]

American Red Cross providing migrants with maps, making it easier for illegals to violate the border and flood into the USA

(NaturalNews) The American Red Cross is being accused of aiding illegal immigrants to cross the border by providing them with maps and guides, and even medical… Source

Biden’s LNG export ban an “outrageous attack on American energy,” says House Majority Leader Steve Scalise

(NaturalNews) House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) released a scathing rebuke against President Biden this week, calling the big guy’s recent ban on… Source

AMERICAN LAWFARE GOES GLOBAL! Ex-Pakistani PM Imran Khan sentenced to new jail term after the US Govt coerces Pakistani military and courts to convict him….

…and harshly sentence him for the fabricated ‘crime’ of  his wanting to  meet with President Putin for Ukraine War peacemaking purposes.  ___ Source

PLAIN STUPIDITY: Pharmaceutical front group American Academy of Pediatrics condemns natural breastfeeding, calling it “ethically problematic”

(NaturalNews) Is it bad for modern medicine to promote breastfeeding as the optimal way for a mother to feed her baby? According to the American Academy of… Source

Everything points to a Zio-Anglo-American false flag operation in Jordan to blame Tehran as a pretext to attacking Iran.

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The Hypocrisy Oath: The double standards of American health institutions on Gaza

American health institutions were quick to condemn the October 7 attacks, but those same institutions remain silent over Israel’s genocide in Gaza after 105 days. Source

If American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union Still Existed & Texas Were Still A State, US/DC Would Not Have Right To Tell Texicans Not To Defend Texas’s Borders

If the manic depressive rabidly racist against African Americans closet homosexual atheists Marxist yankee puritan Lincoln had not killed the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, which he did in 1861, and if the occupied Republic of Texas had not legally seceded in 1860 from that Volunteer Union which the Republic of Texas Voluntarily joined in 1847, […]

Two Latin American states ask ICC to probe Israel’s WAR CRIMES against Palestinians

(NaturalNews) Two countries in Latin America – Mexico and Chile – have asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) to probe possible war crimes committed by… Source

American democracy ‘in danger’ – Trump

Rothschild owned and operated minion Donald Trump has argued against assertions his reelection to the Big White Cat House in Sodom & Gomorrah on the Potomac would be a risk to the US way of life, telling supporters in the US state of New Hampshire on Saturday that it is Hands all over little girls […]

These voters will pick the next president. They’re frightened about American democracy.

Sitting around folding tables in an arts center just off of the small town’s Rockwell-esque Main Street, the voters painted a bleak picture over the next hour: A largely negative view on everything from trusting that their votes and their neighbors’ votes will be fairly counted, the speed it takes to get results and that […]

An Advanced Species Trying To Figure Out Why American Sheep Still “VOTE” In Rothschil’d’s Corporations Illusion of Elections


The American Psychological Association Wants (More) Federal Funding To Curb Online “Misinformation”

Another organization getting on the speech control bandwagon. Source

Killer Jab rollout spurred a 55% increase in disabilities among American working women

The current estimate I have been seeing is 17 million dead humans Holocausted by the Killer Jabs. The number is probably much higher. With millions and millions the walking dead just waiting for that heart attack, stroke or turbo cancer to take them out. Folks I personally know, friends and extended family who took the […]

American Soldiers Are Being Put In Danger For Israel

Authored by Brad Pearce via The Libertarian Institute, Since the October 7 attacks restarted conflict between Israel and Hamas, U.S. troops have been under fire all over the Middle East. Thus far, most attacks have been deflected with minimal damage, but it is only a matter of time before one gets through and causes a serious loss of […]

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