American Sheep LOVE to “vote” For Pedophiles, Homosexuals and Treasonous Israel Firster Rothschild’s Hand Puppets

I post some replies on Twitter Litter post done by a controlled opposition Rothschild’s minion pretending to be an American” patriot.
I just sort of try to help him stay halfway honest anyway.

That has got me thrown in twitter Litter jail, shadow banned and my material flagged for limited viewing.

Today he reposted some article saying Biden had been caught in a compromising position with a Tranny back in the 1980s.
Knowing he knows Trump is a pedophile and pimps for Trump while he tries to act like he is against pedophilia, I did two or three replies to that post, then he took the post down because this American “patriot” does not want the Americans sheep knowing how far back baby raper and perverted presidents go in Lincoln’s Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship which Incorporated in 1871 which the Rothschilds took ownership of the corporation in 1913.

In the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union which Lincoln killed in 1861, there were some good Southern Presidents who while not perfect really tried to help the American people.

The yankees being yankees tried to build a communist MassAss centered empire.

Here is some of what I posted this “American Patriot did not want the American people to know.

Lincoln besides being a Marxist (communist), rabidly racist against blacks, a crooked rail road lawyer, a war criminal, a mass murderer, was a closet atheist homosexual.

Skipping down to Woodrow Wilson, in return for the Rothschilds putting him in office he signed the Federal Reserve Act which turned America’s money system over to a Private Not Federal, No reserves and not a bank Usury scam.
He then helped drag America into the Rothschilds pre-planned WW1.

FDR was a Khazarian Jew Rothschild’s bitch who stole the American publics gold under threat of getting thrown into jail, took America’s dollar off the Gold standard and arranged for Japan to kill almost 3,000 Americans at pearl Harbor to drag America into another Rothschild’s pre-planned World War.

He had married his butt ugly lesbian cousin to keep the money in the family and died having sex with his concubine girlfriend.
Whether he raped children or not, had homosexual affairs like his wife, I do not know, but at least when he died having sex it was with a women.

Eisenhower was a no combat coward who never heard a bullet fired in anger who sold America out to Rothschild’s Red Russian Communism and was made president as a reward.
He had a long affair during the war with an Irish girl serving in the British army who was assigned as his “driver”.

JFK could not keep his pants up but was apposed to communist, the Rothschilds, the Rothschilds Usury control of US money, Israel getting illegal nukes, the Rothschild’s anti-American CIA, so they blew his brains out in public.

LBJ was crooked as a barrel of staples and served the Rothschilds by betraying America for Israel, reversing JFK’s plan to do away with the CIA, stop Israel from getting nukes, have the US mint start printing us money again instead of the Rothschilds, and pull American troops out of Viet Nam where Eisenhower had involved them.

Tricky Dicky was known to attend the Bohemian Grove ceremonies were they claim the human sacrifices they do are fake humans, not real humans, but no one not belonging to their club is allowed in to see one way or the other.

Nixon had Watergate.

WaterGate was PedoGate; 70% of Top US Officials Compromised

WaterGate was PedoGate; 70% of Top US Officials Compromised


White House was tied into a major scandal of pimping little boys which was shut up and covered up.

The Franklin Coverup Scandal
The Child sex ring that reached Bush/Reagan Whitehouse

Papa BadBush Sr. was not only a participate at Bohemian Grove, a Skull & Crossbones member, a directer of Rothschild’s anti-American CIA, he was known to be a serial child rapist.


who followed him was known to rape grown women and little girls alike.
Any homosexual activity I have no knowledge of but he too was a Bohemian Grove participate.

Bush Jr dodged the draft during Viet Nam by his daddy getting him a slot in an Air National Guard unit where he was taking too many drugs to pass the drug test.
He was almost smart enough to tie his own shoes and was one of the criminals carrying out Israel’s false flag attack against New York on 9-11.

He had press credentials giving a former call boy so he could sign into the White House and spend the night.

Obama is not a native born American but the Constitutional provision about being native born to be president applied to the American Revolutionaries Volunteer union the closet atheist communist homosexual Lincoln killed in 1861 along with the constitution which would have prohibited the Obombister being president.

Rothschilds can have as their Hand Puppet CEO of the UNITED STATES COROPORATION whoever the hell they want there.

He has been homosexual all his life and his “wife” has a bigger tamale than him.

Trump is know to be a pedophile

and a blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos treasonous betrayer of America for Israel.

Teenage Trump in drag as the date of a known Jewish Mafia lawyer who was also known to be a homosexual pedophile.

Biden’s own daughter admited to herself in her diary Hands Biden had molsested her.

And has a decades long history of feeling up little girls in front of everyone

and wives of other men when the husband is there and the cameras are running.

Today, all three “presidential” candidates are Rothschild’s Blackmailed minions.

And the half of Americans who are ignorant enough to vote for one of them,

think they will kill the Deep State, Rothschild’s control, by voting in a Rothschild’s minion who the Rothschilds have the dirt on which if it were made public would shock and cause even the voting sheep to demand their heads.

The Ole Dog!


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