A Short (sort of) History of the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union, The Marxist Mandatory Military Dictatorship Lincoln replaced the Volunteer Union With, and the UNITED STATES FOR PROFIT CORPORATION Lincoln’s Communist Dictatorship has Become

I read less and less “news” as time goes by.
The stupidity of the American sheep makes it easy to peddle unadulterated USAD grade #1 PIG SHIT to them and have them gobble it down and demand more.

Washington DC has worked hard to make Americans stupid.
I recall looking at an eighth grade graduation exam from the 1800s many moons back.
It was HARD.
The person who could pass it would be better educated than some bozo today with a masters or doctorate degree from an American university today.

Forcing mandatory attendance to “government” indoctrination centers called “public schools” is one of the first planks of the Communist Manifesto which outlines how to make people slaves to a communist dictatorship.

Lying in “public schools” in America started a long time ago.
In American public schools captive children are indoctrinated with the lie the yankee “puritans” came to America for “religious freedom”

This is total horse shit.

The “puritans”

started a civil war in England, murdered the king, made everyone wear black cloths like the Taliban do in Afghanistan, tried to wipe the Irish from the face of the earth.

The “puritans” tried to make everyone in England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales “worship” and believe in their criminally insane cult religion.

In due time they lost, the Crown won.

But before that happened, two groups from England came to America.

In the south settled folks trying to get away from the ‘puritans” evil and insanity in England.
Such as George Washington’s ancestor.

When the “Lord Protector” turned out to be the worst tyrant of all

Landing in the north at MassAss was a group of “puritans” who grew tired of folks in England fighting back against being controlled completely by criminally insane bloodthirsty greedy religious fanatics, so they got on the Mayflower and infected America with their evil.

Once in America where they “came for religious freedom”, they took right to murdering peaceful Quakers who practiced an non violent type of religion which the control freak puritans did not want the Quakers to have the freedom to practice.
And after the puritans murdered them, the quakers did not need their land anymore so the Puritans might as well take it don’t you know.

The “puritans” took to killing the indigenous Indians, and when a handful of their own females decided they could think for themselves, refused to be controlled cradle to grave, “puritans” called em witches, gave them sham trials and murdered their asses!

Breeding like the rats they were, yankee “puritans” invaded New York, a dutch colony where the Dutchmen had instead of trying to steal land from Indians, bought land from the Indians.
The yankee “puritan” kept invading New York until their numbers were greater than the Dutch, set up a “democracy”, and voted themselves all the Dutch folks land and wealth.

In due time 1776 rolled around.

The Southerners who immigrated to America to get away from the evil of the Cromwellian criminally insane religious fanatical control freak yankees, held their nose and allied themselves with the witch burners for a common cause.

After seven years of war in which only about 3 precent of Americans were involved on the American side while the rest hid under their beds and informed the British on George Washington and the few soldiers who did not desert, while his men froze, marched barefoot in the snow, lacked proper food, pay or weapons while the continental congress made themselves and their buddies rich, while George Washington’s personal protection detail of American soldiers took British gold to murder Washington themselves, Washington and a handful of Winter Soldiers with the help of France finally won for Americans a chance to govern themselves.

Washington turned down the chance to be king, did not want to be president, but took the post out of sense of duty.
After two terms he went home to his farm and by 1799 was dead.

In 1812 those who envisioned an American Empire started a war with England to try to steal Canada from Britain to add to the Empire.

US history books should be filed under F for Fiction in libraries.
US history books will tell you the War of 1812 was fought because England was taking yankee sailors off of yankee ships to man their British war ship.

Yes the Brits were kidnapping yankee sailors from yankee ships to man their war ships as a British war ship was a fate worse than death, a hell hole where the food was bad, conditions were bad, the men were treated horribly so no one wanted to serve on them.

But that is not why the war was fought.
The war was fought to try to take Canada for the American Empire the Empire builders were working on.

During that war, the yankee ship owners were against the war as they were forbid by the central government from trading with Britain.
It was costing them money not to trade with Britain, so they did so anyway while US was at war with Britain.

The yankee sailors being taken off their ships could easily be replaced and the rich yankee ship owners did not care about the poor yankee sailors kidnapped by the Brits.

During time of war, the New Englanders threatened to secede from the Union.
As you can see, secession was understood to be the right of a country called a state in the American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union.

When the British came down from Canada and tried to burn the Central government’s capitol, the MassAss yankees refused to send their troops to help the rest of Americans to try to stop it.
A freak rainstorm put out the fires while the self righteous threatening to secede yankees stayed home.

Jumping to the so called “civil war which was not a civil war

but an illegal invasion of countries called states which had legally seceded

as MassAss had threatened to do a couple of generations before.

First a “Civil War” is one in which two or more groups fight to take possession of the same government or seat of power.
Like when the puritan yankees following Cromwell in England slaughtered thousands to try to force their wet dream of a control freak government on the the majority of the English, Scotts, Irish and Welsh who wanted noting to do with their insanity.

In this case as the yankee states gained more votes in the central government they passed import and export taxes designed to steal southerners wealth, use the central government to transfer it to yankees states so the yankee states could party on the Southerners money.

When the communist (called Marxist back then) closet homosexual atheist rabidly racist against blacks Lincoln was narrowly elected as president

the import-export taxes were doubled on the Southern people and the commie Lincoln threatened to invade and occupy any state which refused to collect southern money and send it to yankeeland.

Originally only seven states legally seceded as they did not want to live under communism,

but when Lincoln wiped his ass on the Constitution and called for illegally invading a foreign to the US Union nation, the Confederacy, four more states seceded.

Two more states were getting ready to secede so Lincoln invaded them, arrested (kidnapped) their elected government personal, put his goons in charge to keep them from seceding.
These were Missouri and Kentucky.

The war crimes, outright murders done to Missouri civilians, the gang rapes of their women and children, the stealing of everything worth anything by the mad dog Kansas Red legs Lincoln set lose on the people is a horrifying tale unto it’s self.

The yankee lie they did all this to “end slavery is one huge yankee lie to try to hide their evil and war crimes from history.

America’s (US yankee) 1st Black Death Camp *The Devils Punchbowl, Natchez, MS

In the beginning of the war US yankee troops fought more or less conventionally and the laws of war were more or less observed.
But as it became evident even with a 3 to one superior ratio in troops and the South illegally blockaded by the US Navy, they could not beat the South Lincoln and his war criminals moved to outright terrorism against civilians.

All copied of this book seems to have been sold with no reprint happening but one might be able to find a used copy somewhere.
It is a hard read because of the evil done to southern children, women & old folks exposed in it.
Probably why it has not been reprinted.

When General Lee took the Confederate Army into yankeeland, he issued General Order # 73.

Basically he praised the restraint of the Southern Soldier in yankeeland, but threatened to have arrested and shot any soldier who tried to take revenge on yankee civilians for the yankee US military’s terrorism against civilians in the South.

General Robert E Lee’s General Order Number 73

War Crime Yankee Death Camps for Southern Prisoners of War.

The yankee “history” books caterwaul about the yankee POWs who died in the Confederate POW camp of Andersonville.
After the war was over, the US gave a sham trial to the Commanding office of that camp and hanged him.

What the yankee fictional history books fails to mention is the yankee POWs in Andersonville got the same rations as the Confederate soldiers guarding them.
They were all starving because the US military had purposely destroyed farms, farm animals, crops to starve the Southern Civilians into submission.

The US Navy had illegally blockaded Southern ports so the South was without medicine.
The Confederate government which was hard pressed for real money offered US/DC to pay the yankees in gold for medicines too be used for the yankee POWs in Andersonville and to allow the yankees to make sure none of the meds were being used for Confederates to allow only yankee doctors to administer the meds.

US turned them done as they did not give a shit about the yankee POWs and furthermore wanted them starving and dying of disease so they could use their deaths for political propaganda.

The commanding office of Andersonville wrote letter after letter to the Confederate government begging for food and meds for the POWs but all Confederate soldiers and civilians were without meds and on starvation rations, there simply was no food or meds to be had in the South thanks to the War Crimes of the US yankees.

The Yankee death camps for southern POWs on the other hand was a planned starvation and die of disease plan which was carried out while the yankees had plenty of warm clothing, foods and medicines.

“Did Wirtz, the commandant of Andersonville prison, ever do anything as inhumanly brutal as was inflicted on Confederate prisoners in Camp Douglas?”
—Sgt. T. B. Clore, Camp Douglas survivor

“The Chicago doctors who inspected the prison in 1863 called Camp Douglas an “extermination camp.” It quickly became the largest Confederate burial ground outside of the South.

What George Levy’s meticulous research, including newly discovered hospital records, has uncovered is not a pretty picture. The story of Camp Douglas is one of brutal guards, deliberate starvation of prisoners, neglect of the sick, sadistic torture, murder, corruption at all levels, and a beef scandal reaching into the White House.

As a result of the overcrowding and substandard provisions, disease ran rampant and the mortality rate soared. By the thousands, prisoners needlessly died of pneumonia, smallpox, and other maladies. Most were buried in unmarked mass graves. The exact number of those who died is impossible to discern because of the Union’s haphazard recordkeeping and general disregard for the deceased.

Among the most shocking revelations are such forms of torture as hanging prisoners by their thumbs, hanging them by their heels and then whipping them, and forcing prisoners to sit with their exposed buttocks in the ice and snow.

The Confederate Camp Andersonville never saw such gratuitous barbarity.”

Kelly Pucci explores the dark history of this historic prison, located only three miles from the Chicago Loop, that was used as a POW facility during the Civil War.

“Thousands of Confederate soldiers died in Chicago during the Civil War, not from battle wounds, but from disease, starvation, and torture as POWs in a military prison three miles from the Chicago Loop. Initially treated as a curiosity, attitudes changed when newspapers reported the deaths of Union soldiers on southern battlefields. As the prison population swelled, deadly diseases–smallpox, dysentery, and pneumonia–quickly spread through Camp Douglas. Starving prisoners caught stealing from garbage dumps were tortured or shot. Fearing a prisoner revolt, a military official declared martial law in Chicago, and civilians, including a Chicago mayor and his family, were arrested, tried, and sentenced by a military court. At the end of the Civil War, Camp Douglas closed, its buildings were demolished, and records were lost or destroyed. The exact number of dead is unknown; however, 6,000 Confederate soldiers incarcerated at Camp Douglas are buried among mayors and gangsters in a South Side cemetery. Camp Douglas: Chicago’s Civil War Prison explores a long-forgotten chapter of American history, clouded in mystery and largely forgotten.”

“This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.

This work is in the “public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the work.

Scholars believe, and we concur, that this work is important enough to be preserved, reproduced, and made generally available to the public. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant.”

This was not a one time thing for the US, as I have already shown after the war was over the US Military mass murdered 20,000 African American women and children in death camps in the devil’s Punch Bowl area.

The reason the black men were not in the death camps is because they were doing hard brutal unpaid slave labor for the US Military.

As I will get to further on, the No Combat Coward Treasonous to America Dwight Eisenhower would use the same formula to mass murder German POWs and Civilians in his Rhine Meadow death camps in Germany after the war was over.

Lincoln and the self righteous puritan war criminals attacked the South for legally seceding as the War Criminal puritan yankees had threatened to do in time of war, no less a couple of generations earlier.

The American Revolutionaries Volunteer Union was killed along with the Constitution in 1861.
Neither any longer exist.

Lincoln replaced the Volunteer Union he killed wit a Soviet Styled Marxist (Communist in today’s English) Mandatory Military Dictatorship.

In 1871, deep in debt his dictatorship which was thinly disguised as a constitutional republic bowed to the International Bankers and INCORPORATED.

The CORPORATION has gone through several changes, but remains a INTERNATIONAL FOR PROFIT CORPORATION.

After the illegal invasion of the South was over, a ten year “reconstruction” US Military occupation of the South was done.

At the end of the “reconstruction” period, the still occupied South was forced to write “State constitutions” exactly as the carpetbagger yankees told them to write them, then “State governments” filled with treasonous scalawags and yankee carpetbaggers were “readmitted” to a Mandatory Union they had never been members or part of.

The yankee US occupation Military has never left their occupation duty in the South.
Some 159 years later, all the Southern countries called Sates along with Missouri and Kentucky remain illegally, Criminally Militarily occupied by Lincoln’s Communist CORPORATION.

George Washington was in favor of bringing the Indian Nations into the Union as Equal participates, but the yankee prefers mass slaughter and subjugation.

Native Americans found out illegal aliens disarming your people lead to this.
Uncle Sugar pissing on your mass grave.
Wounded Knee, N.D.

After the yankee US had finished slaughtering the Native Indians and breaking every treaty and promise Washington DC had made to them, US moved on to World Conquest.

In 1887 US stole Hawaii from the Hawaiians.

Hawaii’s “Bayonet Constitution”

The following year US used a false flag to start a war with Spain so the US could steal Spain’s Pacific and American based colonies for the US.

DC sent a US War Ship, the USS MAINE to Havana Harbor when Cuba was under Spanish rule, blew the USS MAINE up with American sailors on board, had all the newspapers start caterwauling Spain had murdered Americans by planting an explosive on the outer hull of the MAINE,

Modern diving equipment has allowed the wreck to be examined proving the explosion was from inside out, and not outside in, meaning US blew their own ship up to get the war they wanted.

Spain was starving Cubans was a propaganda used to help whip Americans into the war spirit.

Course after the Cubans kicked the American mob running Cuba out in the late 1950s, US has been trying to starve the Cubans into submission ever since.

US “freed” the Philippines from Spain with the Philippine people helping fight Spain.
But then they discovered they had only traded one slave master for a different slave master as US refused to leave e and let the Philippine people have their country back.

When the Philippians revolted against their new slave master, US slaughtered the hell out of the Philippines.

US “freed” the Philippine people from Spain.
But when the natives asked for self rule, USA had to kill the hell out of the ungrateful Philippine natives

By 1913 the Khazarian Mafia run by the Rothschilds had used bribes and blackmail to take control of the US/DC cabal from the puritan yankees.

The Rothschilds had their bribed and blackmailed political prostitutes in DC approve the ‘FEDERAL RESERVE ACT’ which would have been a violation of the constitution if Lincoln had not killed the constitution in 1861 and ‘UNITED STATES ‘ was a for profit corporation by this time.

This private crime cabal

is not federal, has no reserves and is not a bank.
It is a Mafia which after they got rid of the gold standard in 1933, the silver standard in 1964, and defaulted on US Currency used in international trade being redeemable in gold, is just paper and now also digital Fiat Currency made up out of thin air and backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value.

The only difference in US Fiat Currency and Monopoly paper currency is the owners of the Monopoly game does not have a well armed military to force people to use their paper Fiat currency.

The Rothschilds

had Britain instigate World War One for them.
Germany was dragged into a war they did not want

The Germans were winning and from a position of being the winner at the moment offered to just allow the the British and all other sides to just stop killing each other and go home.
Germany graciously offered to not even make Britain pay Germany for what the war had cost Germany.

The Rothschilds who have controlled the UK since the Battle of Waterloo

Told Britain hold on.
The Rothschilds offered to use a False Flag to drag America into WW1 to save Britain from defeat in the war they instigated for the Rothschilds in return for Britain stealing Palestine for the Rothschilds..

Britain agreed.
The agreement was called the Balfour Declaration.

Back in America, the US was claiming Neutrality in the war.

1: The state or policy of being neutral, especially nonparticipation in war.

2: The state or quality of being neutral; the condition of being unengaged in contests between others; state of taking no part on either side; indifference.

While claiming neutrality the US was arming Brainin to the teeth with weapons and war material to kill Germans.
A HUGE violation of claiming neutrality.

The HMS Lusitania, sister ship of the Titanic, was in New York Harbor.
In violation of the Neutrality laws US loaded it full of weapons and war materials.
This was also a violation of the Admiralty Laws forbidding war materials to be loaded on a Passenger ship.

Germany took out full page adds in major American News Papers telling Americans not to sail on the ship as it was illegally carrying contraband war materials to murder Germans with and was a legitimate target to be sunk.

The US “government” assured Americans it was completely safe to sail on the ship.

Off the coast of Ireland where he knew German U Boats were sinking British ships, Winston Churchill who would go on to do massive war crimes against civilians in World War 2, was Lord of the Admiralty, had all the Lusitania’s military escort ships pulled off her, left her sitting there like a chicken to be plucked.

And the Germans “plucked” that “chicken”.

One Hundred Twenty four Americans which the US had made sure was on the ship as war bait died.
The US and the Rothschild controlled MSM papers in America started screaming like a gang raped vestal virgin about the “evil” Germans killing those Americans US sent to die in order to whip up American support to enter the Rothschild’s pre-planned European usury banker’s war.

WW1 wa a depopulation slaughter house where aged generals who did not understand the ramifications of new weaponry sent millions of cannon fodder soldiers charging into the interlocking fire of crew served modern machine guns.

“Suicide In The Trenches

I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of rum,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you’ll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.”

Siegfried Sassoon

A generation later the Rothschilds had Britain once again instigate another Usury Banker’s pre-planned World War.

This time the Americans understanding the evil WW1 was to America wanted nothing to do with an other Rothschild’s pre-planned European Usury Bankers war.

The Usury bankers had purposely crashed the comity in 1929.
Easy credit was made available.
The stock market was manipulated to dazzling heights.
Americans borrowed and borrowed and bought and bought stocks.
On paper there were more American millionaires than anytime in the history of America.

Then the bankers withdrew 1/3ed of the money supply from circulation.
They used this to deny new loans to Americans.
Then the bankers crashed the stock market, gobbled up all the real property and companies Americans had put up for collateral on loans to buy stocks.

Americans then went through a multi year depression when Americans starved to death, many lost everything.
The recovery would have been much sooner but the Rothschild’s minion FDR who was president forced communistic (socialist) tax and spend programs on America which kept the recovery at bay.

To get elected a 3ed time FDR had to swear to the American people he would keep America out of the Rothschild’s European usury Bankers war of World War Two.
He never meant to.

Again US claimed Neutrality.
Again US in violation of Neutrality laws was arming Britain to the teeth.

In order to try to get into the war, FDR had US Naval ships doing convoy runs with British ships carrying contraband war materials to murder Germans in the hope Germany would sink a US ship and give FDR cover to declare war against Germany.
When the Germans refused to do so, FDR turned to antagonizing the Japanese who had a mutual defense treaty with Germany.

FDR started doing economic sanctions against Japan starving them of the resorted needed to continue their empire building in the Pacific.

Not saying Japan was a nice bunch in what they were doing but one must realize the Japanese invasion of China was financed and instigated by the same Rothschilds FDR was serving.

FDR had the seventh fleet moved from California where the Japanese could not reach it, to the occupied Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii where the Japanese could reach it.

FDR had orders given which kept the ships docked at pearl without steam to maneuver and their ammunition locked below decks.

On the airfields he had the planes parked in circles to make easy targets.

Both the British and the Russians had broke the Japanese codes, both had warned of the coming attack.
FDR kept that information from the Navy Admiral and Army General in command at Pearl.

When a local paper ran a story about the coming attack, the US military had the front page torn off the papers before allowing GIs to read the paper.

Contrary to propaganda, the Japanese did not keep radio silence, they were chattering away all the way over.

At the time battle Ships were mostly obsolete except when used as floating artillery batteries.
FDR made sure the US aircraft carriers which were the cutting edge of naval warfare at the time, were out to sea when the attack came.

Close to 3,000 Americans were sacrificed to give FDR cover to drag American into yet another Rothschild’s European Usury Pre-planned Banker’s war which Americans wanted nothing to do with.

The Navy Admiral and Army general were scapegoated with the blame for the disaster which FDR set up.

They both spent the rest of their lives BEGGING to be Court Marshaled as then they could have presented evidence they had been set up for a False Flag designed by FDR to drag American into another war.
They were never allowed to do so.

When FDR got congress to declare war three days later, he agreed with the European politicians to put war against Japan on the back burner and go after Germany which did not want war with America, but was forced to declare war on the US based on their mutual defense treaty with Japan.

The US was till occupying the Philippines they stole from Spain back in the last century.
Japan attacked.
MacArthur begged for men, ammo, suppies and food.
FDR kept telling him it was on the way while telling the inner circle sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

In other words, FDR lied about sending help to the US men in uniform in the Pacific so he could make war on Germany which had not attacked the US military.

All the men who died without proper weapons and supplies in the Pacific were abandoned by a US “government” who saw them as useful idiot pawns in a political game.
All the Americans who died on The Bataan Death March, all the US soldiers starved to death in Japanese POW death camps, all the Americans murdered outright in Japanese Death Camps, were abandoned by politicians in Washington DC who did not give a damn about Americans or America.

Right away FDR and his Red Russian Communist USSR agents which where numerous in the US “government” and military began to take from Americans to give the Red Russian Khazarian Jew Mass Holocauster Stalin all sorts of weapons, money, tanks, trains, planes to fund his takeover of eastern Europe to force communism on those who died not want it.

The red Russian Khazarian Jew FDR called the Red Russian Khazarian criminally insane mass murderer Stalin “Uncle Joe”.

When in late 1944 General George S Patton

was preparing to cross the Rhine and put and end to the European war, Washington DC and the treasonous Red Russian No Combat Coward Jew “general” Eisenhower stopped Patton by diverting his gas, ammo, food and everything else to British field Marshal Go Slow & Get A Lot of Men Killed Montgomery’s failed fiasco of Operation Market Garden invasion of Holland.

This insured the war would continue giving the Red Russian Jews of the Red Army time to gobble up the three countries still between them and Germany.
This was necessary as if Patton had been allowed to end the war in 1944, there could not have been the Pre-planned “Cold War” which led to there being the Pre-planned Korean and Viet Nam wars in which America’s wealth was squandered/transfered into Rothschild’s and minions pockets, and Americans died as cannon fodder.

Towards the end of WW2 in Europe, General Patton woke up to the treason many generals and US/DC politicians were doing against America for the benefit of Rothschild’s evil twins, Red Russian Khazarian Communism/Zionism.

He warned against allowing the Russian Jew Communist to take over all of Eastern Europe.

Because he stood up for America against the treason of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION against the American people, because many Americans wanted him to run for president, because he intended to resign his commission, return to America and fully inform the American people the evil the US and high raking members of the US Military had done against the American people, the UNITED STATES had him murdered.

Treason, murder and little men walking in the shadow of those greater than themselves plant the seeds of guilt leading to hatred in little mens souls.

General Bradley’s hate against Patton grew through the years and ate at him like a cancer.
Much of Bradley’s success was because of Patton and Bradley along with the No Combat Coward Ike sold out to the Rothschilds.
Bradley’s hate was that of guilt at betraying his people and country while George Patton did not.
Patton paid with his life for not selling out, Bradley died a thousand deaths every day.

“A Coward Dies A Thousand Deaths”, Julius Caesar.

Korean War.
After Korea was liberated from Japan, Koreans thought they would get their country back.
There was a plan for there to be a general election covering both North Korea and South Korea with whoever won uniting the Country.

The US made sure those elections did not happen.
The US saw that death squads murdered any Koreans working towards unification.

Because of this North Korea could be used to start Rothschild’s pre-planned Korean War.
Many Americans died in the war, many times more Koreans and Chinese died in the war and it proved or settled nothing.

The US used the war to destroy every major North Korean city.

The number of civilians in the North murdered by terroristic bombing of civilian cities by the US will never be known.

Next was Viet Nam.
Viet Nam was a French colony.
During WW2 the Japanese took over.
The Vietnamese fought the Japanese and learned a lot about guerrilla warfare.

After WW2 the French tried to make slaves of the Vietnamese people again.
The Vietnamese people said “doin’t think so”.
France and Viet nam fought a war from 1946 till 1954 when the French pulled out after the massacre at Dien Bien Phu of French troops.

President Eisenhower starting sending US “advisers” to help the South Viet Nam government.
When JFK was elected president, one of the things he was doing towards the end of his term was to bring the troops home and get America out of the quagmire of Viet Nam.

But then the Rothschilds (CIA/Mossad) murdered him and LBJ who took over went full blast into total war in Viet Nam.

As an excuse Washington DC manufactured an non event called the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
This is where US made up a lie that North Viet Nam “gun boats” had “attacked a US Naval ship snooping around North Viet Nam waters where they had no damn business being in the first place.

Using this as an excuse US wagged a war until 1973 when they finally backed out.
South Viet Nam which was always a corrupt government anyway fell to North Viet Nam in 1975.

Some 58, thousand Americans and some 3 million Asians paid with their lives for Washington’s political bull shit which made tons of money for the big corporations controlled by the Rothschilds and their minions.

When I was off doing my war, my father in law died and was buried by the time the Red Cross found me out in the desert.
When I did come home, I went to the Ft San National cemetery with my wife and her sisters to visit her mother and father’s grave.
While they were talking I started walking and reading grave stones.
I was amazed at the number of Viet Nam Vets who had died shortly after or a year or two after returning home.

Doing some research I found the 58 thousand who died in country was a drop in the bucket to the number who could not separate themselves from the horror of that war, drank, doped themselves to death or committed suicide.

There has to be a special place in hell for Political whores who start wars and send young kids to kill, die and destroy their lives so the political whores can get rich and gain power.

‘A Dead Statesman’

“I could not dig; I dared not rob:
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?”

Rudyard Kipling.

When Papa George BadBush was president, Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno was president of Panama and the CIAs boy for doing drug running through his country.

He got greedy, decided to just go in business for himself and keep all the illegal drug profits instead of sharing with the CIA, Bushes, Clintons and such.

The US military invaded his country, killed a bunch of Panamanians, kidnapped the president of Panama, gave him a sham trial and locked the elected president of another country up in a US prison.

Next can Desert Shield/Storm.

Saddam, Hassan was the CIA’s boy in Iraq.
US wanted a war in the Middle East to start the process they have now about finished of total bopmbing the Middle East back to the Stone Age and installing Mossad run puppet governments in these countries.

Kuwait was illegally stealing some of Iraq’s oil so Saddam asked the US State department permission to invade Kuwait and thought he was given permission.

Madam Albright said:
What Middle Eastern countries do between themselves is of no concern to the US.

So The CIA’s boy invaded Kuwait.
The US started screaming like a gang violated vestal virgin about the horror of the new “Hitler’s” evil.

US bribed and blackmailed other countries to join a “coalition” to give an appearance of legitimacy to the UDS’s war.
The US with a well trained !st world military bombed Iraq back into the Stone Age and then went in on the ground slaughtering the Iraq 3ed world military troops.

The US had several reasons for wanting the war.
The state of the destruction of the Middle East.

To steal more money from tax slaves in their countries to transfer to the pockets of the Rothschild & minions weapons companies.

To use up old ordnance which shelf life was nearing it’s end.

To try new weapons systems in a real war situation.

Saddam saw the hand writing on the wall and announced his troops were ceasing fighting, leaving Kuwait and returning to Iraq.

The Serial Child rapist former head of the Rothschild’s anti-American CIA Papa BadBush ordered US & allies war planes to slaughter the now non fighting retreating Iraqi troops which was an International war crime.

This slaughter became known as the Highway of Death.

Papa BadBush only called off the slaughter when world opinion turned against him for what he was doing.

The US then had a meeting with the Iraqi Revolutionary Guard where they encouraged the Iraqi people to overthrow Saddam and implied if they did US would back them up.

The revolt was led by Shi’ites and Kurds.
The US wanted the Sunni Islamics in charge so they stood back and allowed Saddam to slaughter the shit out of the Shi’ites and Kurds who believed the US’s bullshit and lies and revolted.

Thousands of little children, women, old men were chased into the mountains where they were starving and dying of exposure while the US did nothing.
Finally when world opinion again grew too much against Washington allowing this to happen, US started air dropping Military Meals Ready to Eat to the dying Iraqis.

In 2001, Israel and Rothschild’s minions in Washington DC did a False Flag attack on New York which came to be known as 9-11.
This was blamed on radical islamics.

This bull shit was used to “justify” a US invasion against Afghanistan which had nothing to do with the controlled demolition of three buildings and a missile being shot into the Pentagon.

In 2003, Colon Powell waved a glass bottle of yellow powder around announcing US had proof Saddam was manufacturing weapons of Mass Destruction.

The hypocrisy of the US political whores was lost on many.
The ‘government” with not only the largest stockpiles of Weapons of Mass destruction in the world but also the only “government” which has ever used nuclear or Atomic if you will, weapons on humans,

the Bitches who suck Jew dick of the Khazarian Terrorist in occupied Palestine which has an estimated 300 illegal nukes built with plans and materials stolen from the US, they threaten to blow the world up with if anyone tries to stop them raping, robbing and holocausting everyone around them,

putting economic sanctions on Iraq over alleged “weapons of mass destruction” which led to at least a half million Iraqi children starving to death or dying of disease.

Madeleine Albright / “60 Minutes” 500,000 dead Iraqi children “worth it”! Clinton’s sanctions

The bombing once again of Iraq back to the Stone Age, and the 2003 illegal invasion of Iraq by the US Military.

History has proved there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, it was all made up lies, but US got to have a puppet “Iraq” “government” execute Saddam, Us got to steal all Iraq’s gold,

US had illegally occupied Iraq from 2003 to the present even though the replacement Iraq government have passed laws telling the US to get the hell out of Iraq.

US has helped Saudi Arabia and Israel mass murder Yemen people for years and years.

Us finally left Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban.

Us illegally invaded Syria, has illegally occupied parts of syria for years, steals Syrian’s oil and food crops, trains terrorist to try to overthrow the Syrian government and assist Israel’s ISIS terrorist from illegal; occupation bases inside Syria.

US is currently sending all of the American tax slaves currency they can to Rothschild’s private fiefdom in illegally occupied Palestine along with all the weapons of mass destruction and bombs Israhell can use to holocaust tens of thousands of little Semitic Indigenous Palestinian descendants of the Babical Judea’s children.

Currently US is sending shit loads now fiat currency they borrow at Usury rates from the Rothschild’s Not federal, No reserve4s and Not a bank along with shit loads of weapons to use to depopulate the Ukrainian people to make way for zionist Jews to take over Ukraine.

The Red Russian Jew Putin is assisting the depopulation of Ukraine.

This mass slaughter of Ukranians disguised as a war could not be happening if Washington DC had not spent 5 billion American tax payer dollars in 2014 overthrowing the duly elected government of Ukraine and replacing it with a hand puppet queer as a 3 dollar bill red Russian jew who was a vulgar comedian before he was put in charge of exterminating Ukrainians.

Currently the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Mongolian mongrel Khazarian


Babylonian Talmud

End of Times Death Cult members running US/DC

are overrunning the occupied countries called states with millions of 3ed world criminals

while they make war on the American people

and try to finish bringing America to her knees.

Every “governor” of every sub corporation of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION called a state government which in reality is an occupation administration unit, is a Red Russian Jew or blackmailed by the Red Russian Jews.

Every US presidential canadate which is offered is owned, bribed and or blackmailed with Mossad Jeffery Child Rape Videos and will suck Rothschild’s dick while doing treason against America/Americans.

Any vote for any political whore from any party is a vote to finish bringing America all the way to her knees and keep the Rothschilds as the slave master of a 3ed world shit hole plantation.

Any American who votes in any of these elections is either evil or so stupid they would be mentally challenged to pour rancid horse piss out of a Texican’s cowboy boot with the instructions to do so printed in capital letters on the bottom of the heel.

One more thing.
The last American veterans who fought or died for Americans freedoms was wearing butternut and gray and marching barefoot!

The Ole Dog!


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