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Scientists Create Organic Slave Computers! (What Could Go Wrong?)

A Swiss tech startup has just announced the first “bioprocessor” constructed from 16 “human brain organoids.” Wait until you hear what that means. Source

CUNY encampment felony charges could set a dangerous precedent for Palestine organizing

Ten CUNY students are still facing felony charges from the police raid on City College’s Gaza encampment. If convicted, the ruling would set a precedent for prosecuting pro-Palestinian students and organizers across the United States. Source

Assange and the Whistleblowers That Could’ve Been

In the last four years of our Orwellian New Abnormal, the following thoughts occurred to me countless times: What the world desperately needs is far more brave whistleblowers. What we need is an active and robust WikiLeaks…or far more organizations that perform the vital work of WikiLeaks. The reasons this has not occurred are, of […]

A Supreme Court decision could make it easier for American courts to block ambiguous regulations

I don't think many people really understand what SCOTUS did today with overturning the Chevron deference… I found the best video I could for a quick explanation. Since the mid-80s THAT has been what gave the Administrative State (agencies) the power to govern themselves and… — SaltyGoat (@SaltyGoat17) June 28, 2024 BY RHODA WILSON ON JUNE 29, […]

We carried my mother’s body for miles so we could bury her

My mother was lucky. She had the privilege of being buried in a way that preserved her dignity as a human. We were so proud of this achievement, and we remained faithful to her and her memory.  Source

Russia: U.S. could face FATAL CONSEQUENCES for allowing Ukraine to use American weapons to strike Russian targets

(NaturalNews) Moscow has warned Washington of “fatal consequences” for allowing Ukraine to use American weapons against targets on Russian soil.”I would like… Source

Hungarian official: Brussels could CONSCRIPT European youths as Ukraine death toll rises

(NaturalNews) A government official in Hungary has warned that Brussels could conscript youths across the European Union (EU) to fight in the frontlines of… Source

May 30 – Israel Could be Destroyed

(Sept 2012 – He is just one year off) This page from seven months ago (28-10-2023) is more interesting than today’s headlines, so I repost it as a reminder that the basics don’t change. Makow- I believe in the two-state solution but I fear that Israel is, in the words of banker Louis Marshall in 1914,  […]

Trudeau’s Proposed Hate Speech Law Could Apply Retroactively And Preemptively

Sounds insane Source

Canadian doctor could lose his license for counseling a pregnant woman against seeking an abortion

(NaturalNews) A Canadian doctor is facing charges of “unprofessional conduct” and could possibly lose his license for advising a pregnant woman against having an… Source

Scientists Backtrack, Admit Proposed Virus Experiments Could Have Been Done In China

Scientists Backtrack, Admit Proposed Virus Experiments Could Have Been Done In China Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Scientists with close ties to China and the U.S. government is now saying that risky experiments he proposed—which some experts believe could have led to the creation of SARS-CoV-2—may have been done, deviating […]

Top immunology expert warns that everyone who got COVID-19 jabs could die within a few years

(NaturalNews) One of the world’s top immunology experts is cautioning that individuals who received mRNA COVID-19 vaccines could die within the next five… Source

ICC Could Issue Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu & Other Top Israeli Officials This Week

The International Criminal Court (ICC) could be about to charge Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahi and other senior military officials with war crimes according to reports. Arrest warrants are expected to be issued as early […] The post ICC Could Issue Arrest Warrants For Netanyahu & Other Top Israeli Officials This Week appeared first on […]

“The truth as we know it is over.” “Civil War” star on how it really could happen here.

The biggest movie in the country right now is about a civil war — in America. If you see the film “Civil War” at a theater in downtown Washington, the scenes of the Lincoln Memorial exploding and the White House being attacked are jarring when you exit into the D.C. air. The movie is writer […]

Fauci Could Face Hefty Prison Sentence for Lying AGAIN Under Oath

Dr. Anthony Fauci could face a hefty prison sentence after a newly unearthed video proves he lied under oath to Congress yet again. The video proves that Fauci lied to Congress when he denied previously […] The post Fauci Could Face Hefty Prison Sentence for Lying AGAIN Under Oath appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Unchecked AI could cause social order to collapse and lead to war, top Japanese firms warn

Unchecked AI could cause social order to collapse and lead to war, top Japanese firms warn If governments don’t act soon to regulate artificial intelligence, it could lead to “social collapse and wars,” a pair of top Japanese firms have warned. In a joint statement about the rapid development of generative AI, the owners of […]

David Rodriguez Update Apr 14: “DEW Destruction in Lahaina and What Else Could Be Coming to America”

Juan O Savin joins Nino Rodriguez from Lahaina, Hawaii to survey and discuss the damage. Juan has no doubt that a sophisticated military Directed Energy Weapon was the cause of the damage seen there. Furthermore, Juan says that we don’t have any representation in Congress, so it is up to citizen activists to raise awareness […]

Iran’s Response To Israel Could Drag The US To War If It Continues Backing Tel Aviv

Over the past few days the US Biden administration has contributed to stirring up chaos over Iran’s pledged response to Israeli airstrikes that destroyed its Damascus based consulate. Despite this situation clearly being of Israel’s making, a narrative is being concocted to suggest Tel Aviv is the victim and that Tehran is preparing the equivalent […]

Student debt relief could be lifeline to swing states, young voters for Biden

President Biden is pouring a tremendous amount of political capital into student loan relief ahead of the November election, and experts say the impact in key states could be crucial.   “The swing states are going to be kind of where we look to see the biggest targeted return, states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan,” said… […]

How Donald Trump could ride to Mike Johnson’s rescue

There’s been plenty of speculation about how Democrats might save Speaker Mike Johnson’s gavel as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) threatens to oust him. The better bet right now is that if anyone comes to Johnson’s rescue, it will be the most powerful Republican around. Former president Donald Trump is set to appear with Johnson […]

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