Top 6 MOST PREDICTABLE ways the Democrats could STEAL the 2024 election

The Communist-led Democratic Party in Washington DC is no longer trying to hide their agenda for the upcoming election, for the nation’s demise, and for their plan to run everything with absolute power, forever. Of course, it is currently “illegal” to protest any election that a Democrat wins, but if a Republican wins, that can be contested daily for 4 years straight on every major network, website and in the streets with violent protests (think BLM and Antifa here).

Will Resident Biden serve Obama’s 4th term in the “White” House? If so, it certainly will NOT be because 80 million U.S. citizens voted for it

From 2020 through 2024, every Democrat in America, thanks to the Mass Media Complex, regurgitated the term “Trump-Russia Collusion” over and over and over again, while waiting for evidence that never ever came. Talk about conspiracy theories gone wild. Ironically, after the Biden-CCP collusion for the POTUS steal of 2024, no American was allowed to so much as utter the words collusion or fixed election, or share any hint of election denial, or face life imprisoned in a DC gulag, where you are abused, beaten, starved, chained, masked, force-vaccinated and get your eyes gouged out.

Get ready for another scamdemic, where every American is told to “shelter in place” for a “couple of weeks” (half-a-year) and “flatten the curve” by wearing a bacteria-breeding masks and getting vascular-clotting “vaccines” that cause sudden death syndrome. All this while 40 million Biden-pre-marked ballots are created in communist China and delivered in unmarked vans to the polling centers in every swing state at 2am the morning after the POTUS election.

Prepare your home and your loved ones for some horrific event that will shut down the internet, the polling centers and the entire upcoming POTUS election, as the Democrats prepare to postpone (indefinitely) their loss in November, by simply never having another election in this country again (or at least until they know 100% they’ve got it rigged for themselves). Have plenty of quality storable food, water, weapons and ammunition for an EMP explosion, nuclear war or staged 9/11 style event that helps the Biden Regime declare a “national emergency” to put off their sure election loss in November.

The Democrats are not trying to hide the fact they that will do anything and everything to prevent Trump from winning in November, including imprisoning him (for crimes he did not commit, like insurrection incitement), bankrupting him, murdering him or simply tarnishing his reputation using the Democrat-controlled Fake News Complex.

Now the Democrats are simply declaring that they will not certify the election should Trump win. Isn’t that treason, to announce they will basically deny democracy and overthrow the government, and to declare it ahead of time?

So then, without further adieu, here are the top 6 most predictable ways the Democrats will try to steal the POTUS election this coming November.

#1. Resurrect and regurgitate the Trump-Russia collusion delusion from 2020

#2. Start another plandemic and have 40 million falsified mail-in ballots prepared, plus use the Dominion vote flipping machines again to top it off in all swing states

#3. Stage some horrible event, like a nuclear explosion or EMF bomb that shuts down the internet for months, indefinitely “postponing” the election (meaning there will never be another one)

#4. Simply arrest Trump and then “suicide” him in prison, just like Epstein

#5. Don’t put it past the Left and globalists to actually try to put Trump 6 feet under before November

#6. Refuse to Certify the Election if Trump Wins

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