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In US, Illegal immigrants can steal your home while you are on holiday


They’re Going to STEAL the Election

Mar 10 2024 “And we know they’re going to steal the election because they’re now saying so out loud.” _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over If you are a doctor or medical professional and you are reading this and aware of what is happening, the time for you to stay silent on account […]

Top 6 MOST PREDICTABLE ways the Democrats could STEAL the 2024 election

The Communist-led Democratic Party in Washington DC is no longer trying to hide their agenda for the upcoming election, for the nation’s demise, and for their plan to run everything with absolute power, forever. Of course, it is currently “illegal” to protest any election that a Democrat wins, but if a Republican wins, that can […]

Tucker Carlson: “They’re Going to STEAL the Election”

Tucker Carlson issued a chilling warning following Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address Thursday evening. Carlson declared, “Joe Biden can’t win in a fair election. Joe Biden will lose in November. He cannot win. That’s the thing that nobody in any media wants to say out loud. In a fair election, Joe Biden cannot […]

It’s probably best for a Rusky pilot not to steal a helicopter from the Russian military before killing his comrades and then land it in Ukraine unless he want to be shot several times before being run over by a car.


Source who revealed how taxes steal for the rich rewarded with five years in prison

“If you can prove it, you should not be subject to incarceration.” Source

Hungarian nationalist party wants to Steal Lands from Ukraine if Russia Wins the War

Hungary should lay claim to Ukraine’s westernmost region of Transcarpathia if Ukraine faces dissolution due to its conflict with Russia, proposed right-wing lawmaker Laszlo Toroczkai, leader of the ‘Our Homeland Movement.’ Toroczkai referred to the territory once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and later under Soviet control after World War II. Transcarpathia, now part of […]

Romanian nationalist party wants to Leave NATO and Ally with Russia so they can Steal lands from Ukraine

The leader of Romania’s right-wing nationalist party, Claudiu Tarziu, made a controversial proposal in a speech delivered in Iasi on Friday, suggesting that Romania should abandon its NATO membership and collaborate with Russia to partition Ukraine. Tarziu asserted that Romania’s true sovereignty could only be achieved by reclaiming its historical borders, even if it meant […]

You Will Own Nothing – Because They Will Steal Everything– David Rogers Webb

by Greg Hunter Posted by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World @ Substack David Rogers Webb (DRW) is a financial expert and former global money manager who lives in Sweden.  Recently, DRW revealed the game plan of globalists like Klaus Schwab who publicly predicts, “You will own nothing . . .”  According to DRW, this […]

Failed State — Lebanese Banks Steal Reader’s Money

“Run by an unholy, mostly undeclared, coalition of warlords, businessman and clerics, this trinity has recently orchestrated what could be defined as the only government-sponsored Ponzi scheme the world has ever witnessed. Citizens’ (and Expats’) bank deposits – the majority of which in the form of lifelong savings, mine included – have evaporated overnight.”  “Prior to […]

The Great Taking: How the Banksters Plan to Steal Everything From Everyone (If they can)

From Dr Mercola Video Link Story at-a-glance You’ve heard of The Great Reset? Now delve into The Great Taking, described by former hedge fund manager David Webb as a system put in place by central bankers to take everything, from everyone. “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of […]

Armed suspects steal a UPS truck in Prince George’s County in broad daylight

(NaturalNews) A doorbell camera caught an armed carjacking of a UPS truck last month in Prince George’s County, Maryland.A UPS driver was out delivering… Source

David Rogers Webb – How the Cabalists Will Steal Our Property (2)

SOME FACTS BEHIND THE WEF BOAST “2030 OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY”  Webb asks “How might it come to pass that you will OWN NOTHING, as so boldly predicted by the WEF?” but he has already answered that question.  Webb showed exactly how the Talmudists intend to achieve this.  by Patrick O’Connell  ( Webb lists […]

Video: St. Louis Man Accused of Trying to Steal Baby Before Breaking 82-Year-Old’s Arms

A St. Louis man was caught on surveillance video allegedly trying to grab a baby from a mother’s arms during what police described as a string of “random attacks” on strangers, the Daily Mail reported on Sunday. Source

The REAL plan comes out: Forced RELOCATION of 2+ million Palestinians so Israel can STEAL more land (Gaza)

(NaturalNews) The war in Gaza was never about just protecting the Jewish right “to exist.” It has always been about expanding stolen Jewish territory in the Middle… Source

Did We Steal America from the Indians?

Very thought provoking article. Short answer: not really     Jeff Fynn-Paul, Not Stolen: The Truth About European Colonialism in the New World, Bombardier Books, 2023, 386 pp., $17.26 (paper) The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Canada, opens every public lecture with this: In the spirit of respect and reconciliation, we acknowledge that Perimeter […]

The Democrats’ ‘Steal’ Curtain: Trump Team Arrives in Colorado to Fight Efforts to Keep Him Off the Ballot

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team arrived in Colorado on Monday for the five-day trial that will decide his eligibility to be on the state ballot. Source

How Easily Can Cops Steal Your Stuff, and Other Hard Questions For the Supreme Court

Police departments use civil asset forfeiture to seize millions of dollars’ worth of property every year. In Culley v. Marshall, the justices will decide whether to help them get away with it. Source

Chinese government-backed hackers steal 60,000 emails from State Department employees by exploiting a Microsoft engineer’s device

(NaturalNews) Hackers linked to the Chinese communist government have exploited a Microsoft engineer’s device to breach the inboxes of at least 10 Department of… Source

What It’s Like to Own the Cars That Became a Viral Sensation to Steal

Sonja Jordan loved her 2017 Kia Soul. She knows it’s a cliché, but she called the Soul her “first adult purchase.” It was the car she drove to every job she’s ever had, the first place she held her cat Betty after she found her, and it was the car she drove across the country […]

Chicago: Robbers Shoot 86-Year-Old Man, Steal His Truck in Broad Daylight

A gang of alleged robbers shot an 86-year-old man outside his Chicago home Saturday morning around 10 a.m. then stole his truck.  Source

Tucker Carlson Makes Chilling Prediction on How the Democrats Will Try to Steal the 2024 Election

Originally Published on Vigilant News Political commentator Tucker Carlson has issued a grim prediction about the future of American politics and foreign policy. During a recent interview with comedian Adam Carolla, Carlson said the Democrats are well-positioned to clinch victory in the 2024 elections through a series of underhanded and desperate tactics. His warning came […]

Lawfare with Tom Renz: Biden to bring back COVID-19 lockdowns to STEAL the election – Brighteon.TV

(NaturalNews) The administration of President Joe Biden is expected to bring back full Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdowns beginning this fall to meddle with… Source

AI can now steal your passwords with almost 100% accuracy — here’s how

By Jacob Roach August 7, 2023 SHARE Digital Trends Researchers at Cornell University have discovered a new way for AI tools to steal your data — keystrokes. A new research paper details an AI-driven attack that can steal passwords with up to 95% accuracy by listening to what you type on your keyboard. The researchers accomplished this by […]

I witnessed firsthand how settlers steal Palestinian land

Israel’s High Court evicted families from Masafer Yatta in May 2022 after declaring the area a “firing zone” for exclusive military use. Israeli settlers have since established herding outposts there on the army’s watch. Source

U.S. lawmakers introduce bill that allows government to STEAL Russian assets and give them to Ukraine

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The U.S. government, under Joe Biden’s handlers, is doing its level best to make as many global enemies as possible because doing so fuels the endless wars they so desperately want so they can continue feeding trillions to their beloved military-industrial complex.”A bipartisan group of US lawmakers introduced a piece of … [Read […]

California Advances Bill To Help Shoplifters Steal

Shoplifting in California may get a lot easier, after the state Senate passed a controversial bill on May 31 that would make it illegal for store employees to confront thieves. Source

Far-Right ‘Stop the Steal’ Activist Ali Alexander Is Back on Twitter

Ali Alexander—the far-right leader of the so-called “Stop the Steal” campaign—had his Twitter account restored Monday. Alexander’s account had been banned just days after the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. A spokesperson for Twitter told Newsweek that his account was permanently suspended for violating rules on banning evasion. But under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter has restored […]

‘Stop The Steal’ Activist Ali Alexander Says He’s a Time Traveler, ‘The Father of Dragons,’ and ‘A Lot Like Jesus’

As 2022 came to an end, the House select committee shut down its investigation into the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, that violently sought to prevent the certification of President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. In addition to recommending that criminal charges be filed against former President Donald Trump […]

Twitter Files prove FBI lied to Big Tech to steal elections

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A whole lot is coming to light via the Twitter Files, including mountains of evidence implicating the social media platform for things like censorship, blacklisting, and child pornography. You can also add election meddling by the FBI to that list, according to the latest drops.We now know that the FBI interfered with […]

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