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The Great Taking: How the Banksters Plan to Steal Everything From Everyone (If they can)

From Dr Mercola Video Link Story at-a-glance You’ve heard of The Great Reset? Now delve into The Great Taking, described by former hedge fund manager David Webb as a system put in place by central bankers to take everything, from everyone. “It is about the taking of collateral (all of it), the end game of […]

A ‘Revelation of The Method’ (Just how you are duped by those who would control you)

From CoronavirusPlushie @ Rumble The term, ‘Revelation of the method’ was coined by the late James Shelby Downard, to explain the alchemical processing of a society by its controllers. Revelation of the method is when they tell us through books, publications, movies and news releases what they’re doing. In their minds, if we don’t recognise […]


FREEMASONS WORSHIP LUCIFER Marriage to 32nd degree that’s why 99.9% of masons don’t get out of the first 3(blue degree) – stage. Queen Elizabeth’s father Freemasons open a lodge at Buckingham Palace Ancient Satanic Torah found in Turkey Here’s what the JEWS have to say about THEIR ownership of Freemasonry! THE JEWISH TRIBUNE, New York, […]

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